Top Shot (2010) s02e01 Episode Script

Sharpshooter Surprise

Marksman ready! Go! In 2010, a competition began unlike any before 16 marksmen put to the test until one became top shot.
That's it! Iain, you have just made history! I think I'm ready to be America's next top shot.
I'd like to be your next top shot.
I'm America's next top shot.
Thousands applied to be a part of the next competition But only 16 were chosen.
And now a new season begins.
The caliber of this cast is incredible, and they're here, and they earned their way on this show.
I'm big.
I'm mean.
If you can't make your shot, I'll be in your face, screaming, angry.
Competition shooting, tactical shooting -- I'm a world-class pistol shooter.
I'm an athlete.
I'm a thinker.
I'm all that.
I love shooting against bigger, stronger, tougher men.
Chris r.
I'm a good old country boy trained in the cotton fields of the Mississippi delta.
I've been preparing all my life.
No ifs, no ands, no buts -- just shut up and shoot.
This season, the weapons are bigger.
The Thompson submachine gun.
The m1a.
The Barrett m82a1 .
50-caliber rifle.
The competition is tougher.
It's a foot race, brother.
Go! And the challenges are harder than ever before.
Holy Only one will make history.
Who will win the $100,000 prize And the title of "top shot"? Captioning provided by welcome, everyone, to season 2 of "top shot.
" I'm Colby donaldson.
Literally thousands of people applied to be here.
You 16 were chosen 'cause you have displayed extraordinary skills using a wide range of weapons, but only one of you is gonna walk away with the $100,000 prize and the title of top shot.
I hope you're ready because this competition starts right now.
Follow me.
Meeting Colby and hearing that, you know, we're kicking things off right away is intimidating.
I don't know what to expect.
Walking up, we saw a tent to the side.
We saw the U.
cavalry stuff sitting over there.
And I think it's gonna be awesome.
We are gonna test your marksmanship skills right out of the gate with a challenge.
All 16 of you will compete head-to-head.
There will be no practice.
Exactly 150 years ago, the civil war was about to begin.
The union army was putting together the first sharpshooting regiment.
To get into this elite group, marksmen had to pass a test.
Well, today, you're gonna face that same challenge -- same size target, same distance, same exact weapon.
You will be shooting the sharps falling breech-load rifle.
Because of its increased accuracy and range over earlier rifles, the sharps is considered the first U.
military sniper rifle.
Out on the range is one 10-inch bull's-eye at a distance of 200 yards.
Each of you will have a single shot To get closest to the center of the bull's-eye.
Digging it.
I'm digging it.
Back then, if a shooter missed the target, he didn't make it into the regiment.
So, what's at stake today? The two of you who hit closest to the center of the bull's-eye get to pick your teams.
Ooh! Let's get to it.
When I pick your name out of the ammo box, you'll step up to the firing line.
First up Athena.
You'll be the first one to shoot.
Whoo-hoo! I'm a competitive pistol shooter.
I have been competing for 19 years.
Who doesn't want to see a little Asian chick kick butt? Marksman, ready Go! Athena, your shot struck the black target at 7:00.
Let's keep going.
Next up, jermaine.
Marksman, ready Set Go! All right, jermaine, you hit it 5:00, the center of the bull's-eye.
Next up, Joe.
Marksman, ready Go! Joe, you and jermaine are closest to the bull's-eye.
Next up, Chris tilley.
As far as competitions that I've won, it's hundreds.
I'm most known for the nationals and the junior world championships.
Chris, not close enough.
Next shooter.
The other Chris -- Chris Reed.
Shooting is more than just a hobby for me.
We feed all of our friends and family and neighbors and kind of sustain our life that way.
Shooting has played a big role in my life, basically just keeping me centered, keeping my mind occupied and giving me somewhere to channel all my energy.
Joe serafini and Chris Reed are both in the lead.
Next shooter, Daryl.
Next up, Brian.
I love the history of combat, whether I'm doing it in Afghanistan, Iraq, all the way back to spartan society or the mongol hordes, things like that.
I've always loved battles.
You're up.
Shooting is my whole life.
Everything I do really revolves around guns.
It's a full-time gig.
God didn't create all men equal.
Smith & Wesson did.
And that's what it's about -- shooting.
Can you hit your target? Your shot -- 5:30, 2 inches from the bottom of the board.
I'm here to destroy the competition.
I love competing, and I want to go destroy the other 15 people in the house and, you know, stick it to them.
Okay, now we have ourselves a horse race.
George, about 2:00, You, Chris Reed, Joe serafini are all right in there, neck and neck.
I consider myself a pure amateur.
I'm kind of a dangerous combination because I've got physical skills, as well as mental skills.
I'm pretty much good at everything I try.
Jay, you hit that dead center in the bull's-eye.
Whoo! It felt really good to hit the bull's-eye.
When Colby said, "ad center," you know That made it even better.
Huh? You think that's luck, or you think he's that good? I think for sure he got lucky.
Really? I don't think it was a-a consistent shot.
I bet he couldn't do it twice.
All right, next shooter.
I've got a ton of plaques on the wall.
I've got a lot of gold medals on the wall.
I consider myself the greatest shooter in the world, to be perfectly honest with you.
At this point in the challenge, Jay, Chris Reed, you guys are in the lead.
All right.
The only shooter left is Kyle.
So that means, Chris Reed, Jay lim, you guys will be choosing teams.
Okay? So, you guys can all head back to the house, where you will be staying for the duration of the competition.
I'm sure there will be some lobbying going on tonight.
I'll see all of you tomorrow.
You can head out.
Being elected team captain right off the bat is probably not the best position to be in.
But at the same time, it gives me a little more control.
I shot my best shot and beat out and I'll take it.
I'm not necessarily saying I'm the team captain.
Just making one shot doesn't make me the leader off the bat.
It just says, you know, he can shoot.
Sweet! Chris t.
We just got in the house.
People were trying to get the feel for the environment and trying to settle in.
Good to meet you.
Jay? I'm Joe.
Nice to meet you.
My skill placed me in a good position, and it's, you know, kind of a little difficult position because I got to pick the teams.
I mean, if you were a superhero What would be, like, your thing? My thing? It would be the hk416 and a sig 229.
When I was younger, I was on the U.
national shooting team for running game target.
What do you do now? Now? I have five kids.
I'm 2-time national champion in 3-gun.
Holy What's 3-gun? Nobody else is interviewing everybody else, and I'm going into -- I know what everybody does.
Is there any particular person that you would want on your team? The best shooters.
So I can not only build my team, but also understand how I'm going to have to deal with these people.
It's up to you, man.
It's up to you guys.
I didn't hit that target.
Thank God.
I haven't been interviewed by Jay lim, so I guess I'm not gonna be on his team.
You didn't get interviewed? You didn't see the Dr.
Phil session going on? Jay is obviously using strategy based on who he's gonna pick, but he's taking it to a level that I think most people in a competition like this would look at as awkward.
It's like I told you, man, if he's so worried about picking teams and all that Just pick his team, man.
I'll take what's left.
I've heard Jay's strategy, and he's kind of going around interviewing people, and he's just got a different way of doing things.
I really don't have anybody that I have to have on my team.
I think everybody here made it for a reason.
I'm just gonna pick the best team that I think I can.
Improvise, adapt, and overcome.
Yeah, you know, that's all you can do.
Let the shots fall where they may.
Well, top of the morning to you, shooters.
Good morning.
How are we? Good.
Let's pick some teams.
You want to? All right.
All right, let's do it.
Chris Reed, you can head over to the red flag.
You'll be picking for the red team.
Jay, you'll be picking for the blue team.
I made a list, and I'm just gonna go straight down.
If Chris picks one, I'm just gonna go with the next one.
If Chris picks another one that's on the list, I'm just gonna keep going do.
Jay, since you're the only one who actually hit the bull's-eye yesterday, you get to go first -- who's your first pick? Chris tilley.
Chris tilley.
Go ahead and make your way over there, Chris.
Chris came with a lot ocredibility.
He happens to be the top handgun guy here.
He's a proven shooter.
Chris Reed, go ahead and make your first pick.
My first pick is George.
George reinas.
You are on the red team.
All right, baby.
Chris r.
George is an air force sniper.
I'd like people that are experienced with multiple weapons.
Next pick is Daryl.
Daryl Parker.
You're on the blue team.
Joe serafini.
Ashley spurlin.
My next pick is gunny.
Brian zins.
My next pick is jermaine.
This is definitely turning out to be a team decision -- lots of consulting going on.
Chris, who's gonna be your fifth team member? It's gonna be John.
John guida.
Kyle frasure.
Kyle frasure.
Big Eric.
Ooh! Maggie.
Jamie, pride of the Navy, making his way to the red team.
Only two shooters left.
Jay, who's your final pick? My final pick is Travis.
Travis marsh, you're on the blue team.
Athena, you will be on the red team.
Nobody wants me.
Love it.
These are the teams.
Your team colors are underneath your benches.
I'll give you a second.
You can go ahead and get dressed.
I think we have put together a good team, and I'm kind of excited to see how everything works out with us.
I did get most of the guys that I wanted, and I think it's a really solid spread of talents.
Now you look like teams.
Take a good look at your teammates.
You will have to rely on each other if you hope to make it out of this thing without being eliminated.
Now that we have the teams decided, let's get to how the competition's gonna work.
First, you will have a team challenge.
Losing team must vote two of its members to compete head-to-head in an elimination challenge.
You lose that, you're going home.
Speaking of challenges, the first team challenge starts right now.
Follow me.
I am looking forward to the next challenge and just moving forward and start eliminating some people.
Coming up on "top shot" You can have a 1-yard target or a 1,000-yard target.
When you put time on it, you're gonna make that shot hard.
That thing's invincible.
So,we walk up to the challenge.
It's like foggy, almost a dreamy -- something you'd see in a monster movie.
When we walk up there, we're seeing billiard balls.
You got the platforms on the ground with each billiard ball painted on there.
This is the kind of stuff that I would never get to do anywhere else if I wasn't on "top shot.
" Well, you've shown us how well you shoot a civil war-era rifle cold.
Now let's see how you do with an iconic pistol.
For the next challenge, you will be using a .
45-caliber colt 1911.
Standard-issue sidearm of the American military from 1911 to 1985.
Saw wide action inorld war I, world war ii, the Korean war, and the Vietnam war.
In fact, the 1911 was used by the U.
military longer than any other firearm.
On the range behind me, you'll see we got a nice little game of pool set up for you today.
There are solid balls numbered 1 through 8 set up from 25 to 50 feet beyond the firing line.
Teams will take turns.
You'll start 30 yards behind the firing line.
On my go, you'll run to the shooting station.
Take one shot at the first ball.
Then you'll run back.
The next shooter will go.
You will shoot the solid balls In ascending order.
Sound easy? You're wrong.
There are striped balls placed directly in front of those solids.
Standing on a small platform, you will have to shoot around the stripe to hit the target.
The shots get harder as the numbers get bigger, with the 8 ball being the most difficult.
Everything about this challenge is designed to see who here can adapt and who can't.
The entire team will continue to shoot until all the solid balls are hit.
We also have some heavy fog moving in, which is gonna make the targets hard to see.
You're about to begin your first team challenge on "top shot.
" Everybody ready? Yeah.
Let's do this.
Red team, you guys are shooting first.
You can head to the starting line.
Can't say that I wasn't nervous to go first, but I was more than willing.
You know, I'm the team captain, so I stepped up, and I figured I'd get it kicked off, set the pace.
Tear it up, bud.
You got it.
Here we go! Marksman, ready Go! Chris Reed first up for the red team.
First shot is a hit! Red team's on the board! Chris has got to head back, tag his teammate.
Joe serafini second on the course for the red team.
You got to find the correct number.
Stay on the shooting platform at all times.
Red team, two for two! Put the gun on safe.
Joe's heading back to tag the next team member.
We're good.
We're good.
Eric making his way to the firing line.
He missed.
That's fine.
Next on the course for the red team is George.
George misses.
Jamie misses.
Athena misses the 3 ball.
John guida misses.
Those pool balls weren't just right out in front.
Some were hidden.
I had to run the 30-yard gauntlet there before I got up, so it did pump the heart a little bit.
You got the fog and then the rain on top of that.
All those factors adding in is gonna make it even harder.
Brian zins unable to hit the 3 ball.
Chris Reed's back on the course for the second time.
Another miss for the red team.
There it is! Eric hits the 3 ball! Red team moving on.
George gets it done! Booyakasha! Chris r.
Everybody kind of settled down.
At that point, we didn't feel like we had anything to lose, so I think it kind of took the edge off.
John explodes the 5 ball! Nice shot! As I proceeded to run, that's when I really felt the pull through my hamstrings.
You know, I was just in so much pain, but I had to make it back across that rope so I could send our other teammate up there.
Brian kills it! Two balls remaining for the red team.
Chris Reed -- he's on the 7 ball.
Chris drills it! Red team finding their rhythm.
As if it weren't challenging enough, the fog has officially moved in, and now it's beginning to rain.
Joe finding the 8 ball.
Misses! George misses.
Brian got it done! Come on, gunny! Brian also fighting an injury.
This challenge is not over until you cross the finish line.
That's it -- time! We're done.
However it turns out, baby, we're done.
We told each other before we got started, you know, if somebody misses, makes a bad shot, don't worry about it.
We've got a lot of opportunity to make it up, so just don't beat yourself up about it and keep focused on the job on hand.
Blue team, it's your turn.
You can head to the starting line.
When I was watching the other team do it, I said, "this is gonna be easy.
" I picked Chris to go first for his pistol-shooting ability.
Here we go, blue team.
Marksman, readyGo! Chris tilley first on the course for the blue team.
Loads up the 1911.
Misses with his first shot.
Oh, my God.
It's cool.
It's cool.
I was very surprised Chris t.
Missed that first shot.
He was specifically picked for this team for his pistol shooting.
Daryl comes up to the firing line.
Daryl misses the 1 ball.
You can have a 1-yard target or a 1,000-yard target, and when you put time on it, you're gonna make that shot hard.
Maggie -- third shooter for the blue team.
Blue struggling to get off the ground in the beginning.
Jermaine next up for blue team.
That's it! Jermaine explodes the 1 ball! It took the fifth guy to hit the closest target.
At that point, it was a race.
Kyle hits the post.
Jay next up for the blue team.
Yeah, good.
Jay strikes the 2 ball! Travis marsh on the course, Misses! We're now in our second round.
Daryl smashes the 3 ball! Maggie misses the 4 ball.
Ashley kills it! Go to 5.
Go to 5.
Blue team making this a competition.
Jermaine's on the 5 ball, leaning way off the side of the platform.
He misses.
Kyle strikes the post holding up the stripe -- not even close.
I like depending on myself.
My whole team not performing is a little tough.
Oh! Jay misses! Chris tilley hits the post! No matter who you are, people start feeling that negativity.
Once that 1 ball flustered everybody on our team, it was very hard to rebound from that.
That thing's invincible! Jermaine hits the 6 ball! Travis misses the 7.
Finally, the blue team! One ball left.
Ashley dusts the 8 ball! You got to make it past this finish line.
Run! That's it -- time! It took Ashley, me, Daryl, and jermaine to pretty much get all of the balls.
That was a little bit embarrassing.
We were surprised that Chris and Maggie didn't hit more targets.
I mean, that's why they were in the front of the order.
I had a lot of problems in this challenge.
I shot six shots and landed nothing.
You had four of us that missed all the solid shots.
I'm very pissed off at myself right now.
I'm very disappointed in the way I performed.
Come on, blue team.
All right.
Good job, y'all.
Tough, wet challenge today, huh, guys? Red team, you finished the course in 12 minutes, 26 seconds.
Blue team, you finished the course in 23 minutes, 15 seconds.
Red team, you guys win.
You're safe from elimination.
You can head back to the house.
Today's challenge was definitely a real eye-opener and a kick in the behind for all the competitors.
Well, you guys now have a few hours to decide who you're gonna send to the elimination challenge.
You can head back to the house.
I'll see you at the nomination range.
We couldn't hit the broad side of a fricking barn! It was just flat-out ugly.
I had no other words for it except for it was fricking ugly! Coming up on "top shot" Welcome to the nomination range.
The people who were supposed to come through on this challenge didn't come through.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
I don't take responsibility for the team's loss.
The people who were supposed to come through on this challenge didn't come through.
We have to pick two people.
My original thought was, we'll just do it on performance.
Someone got 1.
I hit the 3 ball.
The only thing we could decide upon was performance.
So the four of us that had hit targets were kind of out of the running.
You guys don't deserve to be out there, huh? You know, you guys pulled it through.
We sucked.
The four people who are in the running for elimination are Kyle, Maggie, Chris, and Travis.
The only problem is that we have four people at the bottom.
You know what I mean? So It's the first competition.
Everybody kind of likes each other, but far as I'm concerned, I've got two pistol shooters -- they didn't hit anything.
I would do the two pistol shooters just out of strategy.
As a team, we'd come back with one pistol shooter.
All right.
I can't say that I'm used to coming in at the bottom end of the pack, but I'm just gonna have to wait and see if I'm voted into elimination.
Then I'll just have to do my best.
Showed up at the nomination range.
The ground was scorched.
The fog is rolling in.
It's dark.
It's dark mud.
All our names are there on some targets.
We're in some horrible-looking place of, like, lost souls or something.
Nobody wants to be there.
Blue team, welcome to the nomination range.
As losers of the first team challenge, you must now decide which two of you will face off in the elimination challenge.
Let's talk about the challenge today.
There's a few of you that had goose eggs today, huh? Chris, you were the first one chosen, which tells me Jay thinks pretty highly of your shooting.
Any explanation for why your performance was subpar today? Uh Couldn't tell you.
Just didn't perform, just wasn't into it.
You weren't ready for it or I didn't take it as serious as I needed to.
But there were a lot of missed shots out there today.
Too many.
When we saw the challenge, that it was a pistol challenge The odds were stacked in our favor.
We had two professional shooters.
We have two instructors.
We shouldn't have lost this one.
All right.
Well, let's get to the vote.
You'll see on the range behind me, you each have a target wi your name on it.
When I call you up, you will cast your ballot with a bullet by shooting the target of the person you want to nominate.
You cannot vote for yourself.
All right, let's begin.
Jay, you're up first.
Chris said, "I just wasn't into it.
" That's not how you win.
If he is good, he's gonna survive.
And if he does survive and he proves himself, great.
He's back on.
Kyle, you're next.
I'm voting for Travis marsh because he didn't perform.
I voted for Kyle 'cause in my mind, I thought he was the weakest link.
That was a good shot.
Yeah, nice work, man.
I wish it was earlier.
So, at this point, Kyle, Chris, and Travis all have one vote each.
Chris did not perform when we needed him to perform.
He is a world champion pistol shooter.
Marksmanship is very black and white, and we needed him to hit the target, and he didn't hit the target.
In the end, I didn't want to vote for any of those guys, but I had to make a decision, so I picked Travis.
So, that's two votes -- Chris, two votes -- Travis, one vote for Kyle.
Chris, you're up next.
Chris t.
I wasn't the only one that let the team down, obviously.
I'm gonna have to pick -- pick Travis, actually.
Travis, so, at this point, you're in the elimination challenge, regardless of how the next two votes go.
Why do you think they voted for you? Because they think I'm the weakest shooter here.
We'll see.
Well, it is now your turn to vote.
Come on up.
Our best shooter, our number-one shooter shooting first on the target is Chris t.
I think Chris t.
Deserves to go home.
So, Travis, you and Chris will face off in the elimination challenge.
Ashley, there's no need for you to vote.
Well, it's all out there in the open.
Travis, I can already tell you're a little bothered by what went on today, and you know exactly who voted for you.
I can forgive, but I never forget.
They hurt me.
They hurt me.
You know, but it's a game.
So game on.
Travis, you and Chris will face off in the elimination challenge.
I'll see you two tomorrow morning at practice.
All of you can head back to the house.
Coming up on "top shot" You'll be firing a Smith & Wesson .
44 Magnum.
You jerk a .
44 mag, it's gone.
Forget about it.
Morning, guys.
Good morning, sir.
Chris and Travis, welcome to your practice session for the elimination challenge.
Today you'll be firing one of the most powerful and accurate handguns ever made, a Smith & Wesson .
44 Magnum.
Issued at the tail end of 1955, this powerful 6-shot double-action revolver was primarily known only to hunters, handgun enthusiasts, and law-enforcement personnel until 1971.
That's the year the movie "dirty Harry" came out.
And Clint Eastwood's police inspector Harry Callahan made the .
44 Magnum a household name.
After the film, the popularity of the gun soared, and today, you'll use the Magnum to try to stay in the game.
So, I guess the question is, which one of you feels lucky? You will each be given Because of this gun's large bullet and load, the recoil is significant.
I strongly suggest you focus on managing that.
Here to help you prepare for the challenge and to get a little more familiar with this hand Cannon is .
44-Magnum expert bill Davis.
Bill's gonna train with each of you separately.
Travis, you'll go first.
Chris, you can come with me.
You'll practice later.
The .
44 mag is straight up a badass gun.
The Smith & Wesson has a right-hand twist on the rifling of the barrel, which means the recoil would be to the rear and up to the left.
The vast majority of shooters will overcompensate for recoil by jerking the trigger.
You're jerking the trigger.
Yes, I am.
You jerk a .
44 mag, it's gone.
Forget about it.
Next few shots I was on money, so I'm ready.
Much better.
Travis is very fast with a handgun.
I think he's got a real shot at winning this thing.
The .
44 is not gonna be an easy gun to shoot.
This .
44 has a long barrel.
The sight radius is huge.
So when you start transitioning that from target to target, that's definitely something you need to be aware of what's going on.
I got the impression from Chris during the practice session that this was all in a day's work for him.
He might be a little cocky, he might be a little overconfident because he is a handgun shooter.
If there is anything that will sabotage a shooter, that's overconfidence.
In the team challenge, I didn't compete well.
I'm trying to put it behind me and just trying to start fresh and do what I know how to do.
I've always been competitive in doing something.
It's a revolver -- .
44 revolver.
When I was 14, I had an opportunity to get out of school and start being homeschooled Good stuff.
And really focus on the shooting.
And my dad and I, we really started hitting the circuit together a lot.
That's something that definitely made me who I am, you know? This is what I do.
I go and I compete and get to meet pretty neat people, and I love it.
When I was young, I thought I was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I went to the junior Olympics.
I won that.
I blew my chance for the Olympics.
I partied my tail off in college.
I took the great talent that I had and didn't do anything with it.
Now I have the opportunity to do something with it.
I want to let my family know that I'm still a great shooter.
My kids can go, "yep, that's my dad.
" Just go out there and do what you do best, man.
That's what I do every time.
Every time that I go to a stage and I'm really nervous, usually I perform off of that.
When there's a real clutch situation, I usually perform.
I would say I'm probably right where I need to be.
Good luck.
Appreciate it.
I'm trying to get myself mentally focused today to redeem myself.
It's what I need to do to prove to them and prove to myself that I'm supposed to be here.
Chris has these national championships.
Do you want to step up and say, "I can go up there, and I can smoke this guy"? You should blow this challenge away.
This challenge seems like it's gonna be tough, and it seems like Travis has a bit more confidence.
Chris t.
As I walked up to the challenge, I saw these ropes stretched out, and the first thing that came to mind was moving targets.
It was very unique -- nothing I've ever seen before.
I was very interested in seeing what kind of cards I'd been dealt here.
Welcome, everyone, to the first elimination challenge.
In a matter of minutes, one of you guys will be the first marksman sent home.
Here's how the challenge is gonna work.
You will take turns shooting.
are 8 targets suspended on tracks leading towards the firing line.
On my go, you will turn around.
The targets will be moving randomly towards you at different speeds.
In addition, each track has a stop on it.
When the target hits that stop, it'll fall to the ground and be out of play.
Whoever hits the most targets wins And stays in the competition.
The loser will be eliminated.
So, there's a lot to think about here strategically.
The first thing that popped in my mind is, you know, "I'm not gonna have all day to aim.
" Chris, you'll be shooting first.
You can step to the firing line.
Chris t.
It's one of those things you got to really have a plan and stick to it 'cause if you get frazzled here, it could unravel real quick.
It's on the line now.
Coming up on "top shot" Go! You turn around, you don't know what's going on.
You got these things coming at you different speeds.
Come on.
Do I feel lucky? Right, I feel lucky, punk! It's nerve-racking.
It is time for the elimination challenge.
The marksman who hits the most advancing targets stays in the hunt for the $100,000 prize.
And to sweeten the pot just a little bit, the winner of each and every elimination challenge this seasosososn is gonna get a $2,000 gift card to use at bass proho.
Sweet! Oh, man! Not too shabby.
All right, Travis, so that you do not have an unfair advantage, we're gonna have you step away from the course while Chris shoots.
Marksman, ready SetGo! You turn around, you don't know what's going on.
You have no idea which one's gonna be fast, which one's gonna be slow.
First shot a miss! I didn't actually have a very good sight picture, but I broke the shot anyway.
It's nerve-racking.
Second shot hit! Another hit! Three hits! Four hits! That's a total of five hits.
Nice shot.
Chris steps up to the plate, and he's able to get five out of the eight shots.
It looked like a good run.
Travis has got one thing on Chris -- that guy is a go-getter, and he wants it.
Do I feel lucky? Right, I feel lucky, punk! I am ready to go! Marksman, ready SetGo! Okay, short, short, short.
Those are my first three shots.
First shot a miss! Second shot a miss! Wait a second -- is that gonna hit? At this point, am I gonna have time? Third shot hits! One target hit! Come on.
Another miss! Second target hit! That's a total of three hits on the orange targets.
Chris, you hit five targets.
Travis, you hit three.
Go! You got these things coming at you different speeds.
Once you miss a shot, your mind gets out of Point at target, squeeze trigger, shoot shot.
Turning point on me, when it hit me When they "clink, drop," as soon as they drop, my heart just dropped.
Congratulations, Chris.
You're the winner.
Here is your bass pro shops gift card.
Rejoin your team.
Chris t.
I'm still in the competition.
I'm a competitive shooter.
That's what I do.
I try to at least be in it to the end.
Travis, my friend, you've officially fired your last shot.
I'm sorry, but you have been eliminated from "top shot.
" I'll give you a moment to say goodbye to your teammates.
Now I'll be going home and see e wife and kids and Cry a little bit maybe.
I'm hurt to leave.
I don't want to leave.
This was awesome! This was flat-out awesome! Keep your eyes on target.
Take care.
You bet.
No, I don't want to leave.
No I'd definitely like to be here a little bit longer.
Without a doubt.
On the next episode of "top shot" Team challenge enters new territory.
For the first time on "top shot," we're letting contestants shoot at each other.
Jay's need to lead puts off some of his teammates.
You see how all your shots are on the right side of the target? Off the paper.
No way.
So you got to go way left.
He thinks he's the team captain.
Just get out of my [Bleep] Zone.
And the elimination challenge goes automatic.