Totally Spies! (2001) s01e03 Episode Script

The Get Away

[music playing]
THEME SONG: Here we go,
we're getting on the road
till we stop, and
then we'll shop.
So one, two, three, now
baby here we go, go, go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
On a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go, here we go.
We're "Totally Spies,"
so get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
This is Professor
John Paley, diary entry,
Thursday, 08:00 hours.
I'm baffled.
Every volcanologist considers
this a dormant volcano.
But if that's true, then why--
What on earth?
Well, what on earth?
[flames roaring]
[music playing]
[school bell]
Uh, that was,
like, the perfect end
to our harshest mission yet.
For sure.
After what we've been through,
school will be a breeze.
ALEX: Ah, good thing tomorrow
night is the big dance.
I so need to unwind.
MANDY: Um, don't
think that yet, girls.
This afternoon is
the track meet.
And having you three on our
team makes me glad I'm not.
The track meet!
We forgot!
[running footsteps]
[music playing]
[music playing]
[music playing]
ALEX: [sigh]
Oh, I hope I can
move by tomorrow,
and I hope the dance
will help us forget
the way we blew the track meet.
Oh, don't say dance, Alex.
It makes my feet hurt more.
Let's just relax.
[music playing]
[water splashing and screams]
Well, so glad you
could drop in, ladies.
Like we had a choice.
Jerry, tell me you're kidding.
I mean, we just got
back from the most
intense mission we ever had.
We are wiped,
trashed, tweaked.
How can we when you're about
to send us on another mission?
A mission to relax.
You're no asset to WHOOP
when you're stressed,
so I'm sending you on vacation.
All right, let me guess.
This is a bulletproof
covering we use for escaping
from a jungle prison.
This is a towel you use for
drying off after a swim.
I bet this is a high speed
drill, and a tube of blasting
gel to blow out a wall?
No, a beach umbrella and
sunscreen to stop a sunburn.
And before you ask, that's
a nose clip for swimming.
Oh, that's the gadget
emergency kit, a precaution.
You won't need it.
Let me get this straight.
You're sending us
somewhere to have fun?
JERRY: How does Hawaii sound?
Too good to be true.
All right, I have
just one question.
When does our flight leave?
In one minute.
Just step in here.
This elevator's kind of small.
Does it take us
right to our plane?
Oh, there's no plane.
A cruise missile is much faster.
Bon voyage, ladies.
SAM: Jerry!
CLOVER: I never fly by missile!
I'm totally claustrophob--
[missile blasting]
[music playing]
JULIE: Hi, I'm Julie,
your WHOOP travel agent.
You must be Sam,
Clover, and Alex.
I have your vacation all set!
Uh, Julie, could you
be not quite so perky?
I can't believe it.
We're really in Hawaii!
This is like my
ultimate fantasy trip!
Up the beach, we
have hula dancing.
If it'll get you to dial
down the perkiness, I'm there.
My kind of dance
is the towelonga.
Or you could just lie
back and work on your tan.
Now that's my kind of work.
[hula music]
I want action,
like tomorrow night
when we rock out to the
finest band in Beverly Hills.
Ultra Loud Zone.
[surf boards clattering]
[shriek] See
COREY: Whoops!
My board got away from me.
My name's Alex.
Who are you?
I came here to study volcanoes
with my college professor,
which is totally
cool because Hawaii
is my ultimate fantasy trip.
Mine too!
I love the food, the
people, the music.
Though I'm not much
at hula dancing.
Well, my favorite dance is
one you might never heard of.
It's called the towelonga.
Mine too!
This is almost like destiny!
Who's your favorite band?
Oh, wow.
That's tough.
There's thousands
to choose from.
But I'd have to say
my favorite is Ultra--
Loud Zone!
[heart throbbing]
Are you doing anything later?
Professor Paley was
supposed to bring
me up to his camp at
that dormant volcano,
but he never showed.
Hey, want to catch a wave?
Oh, sure.
Hey, surfing is the
only life for me.
[waves crashing]
[nervous laugh]
I just got to go tell
my friend where I'll be.
[music playing]
Clover, you got a minute?
I need you to tell
me how to surf!
How big do these waves yet?
Oh, three, maybe four.
Four stories?
Here we go.
ALEX: [scream]
Come on, Alex!
Corey, I have a confession.
I never surfed anything
bigger than a 35 foot wave!
Hold on, Alex!
[flames roaring]
Clover, give me a hand.
Get me out of here!
We're coming, Alex!
Get in.
[waves crashing]
Anyone injured?
I have critical
split end damage.
And Corey's gone!
He stood right there and
vanished in a burst of fire.
It was like a volcano erupting.
This doesn't look
like sand to me.
It's obsidian, volcanic glass.
Is there anything
you don't know?
Corey said his
professor flaked
out and never showed
for his field trip
to study that volcano.
You're saying
there's a connection
between the missing volcano prof
and Corey going up in smoke?
I got a bad
feeling about this.
I'm calling Jerry.
Jerry, this is Sam.
Hello, Sam.
Are you there?
I-- I don't read you.
Are you-- sorry.
Forget it.
Your com powder got wet.
We'll try ours.
Maybe there's something
in the kit we can use.
Computer Spy Manual.
Type in volcano.
Let's see what comes up.
WHOOP has a volcano
research lab in Iceland.
Maybe they can
answer our questions.
Where it's, like, all icy?
Corey needs our help.
Alex is right, Clover.
We have a duty to
check this out.
Julie, we have
to get to Iceland.
Oh, no problem.
I'll arrange it.
I swear, if she
doesn't stop grinning.
Not again!
[music playing]
ALEX: Can somebody
please scratch my neck?
Get your toe out of my eye!
[missile blasting]
This is so cold!
What are you doing in
Iceland dressed like this?
[teeth chattering]
(SHIVERING) Could we discuss
this over a hot grande decaf
soy latte?
Dr. Sorenson, we need
to know if you've
had any reports of volcanic
eruptions in Hawaii.
we had one yesterday,
and one earlier today.
Both were near a
dormant volcano,
so we assumed they
were false alarms.
If there were
eruptions, we'd have
heard from our volcanologist
there, Professor Paley.
ALL: Professor Paley?
He's been missing
since yesterday.
And his mega cute student
Corey vanished earlier today.
Now I know we have
a bug in the system.
You're sure the
eruptions aren't real?
My dear, if all
of these volcanoes
were to erupt at
once, it would mean
massive global destruction.
So it's safe to
go back to Hawaii?
Well, if people are
disappearing there,
I wouldn't call it safe.
You're not thinking
of going back?
[music playing]
[wind blowing]
How did they get
these things in the kit?
Pass me the binocular shades.
I don't see any sign of Paley.
Can we just go home now?
Wait a sec.
I see something down there.
Looks like glass.
Watch your step!
Oh, Clover.
I owe you big time.
You guys OK down there?
[rocks tumbling]
Didn't think you'd
pay me back so soon.
Forget the "he
went home" theory.
He wouldn't leave these.
Look, a camcorder!
Hey, let's make a video of us.
No, don't!
It may have recorded a clue.
Let's rewind and see
what he was doing.
What on earth?
There was an
eruption, and Professor
Paley vanished just like Corey.
One problem, Alex.
If this was all
molten lava yesterday,
how can the rocks look
totally the same today?
Let me see.
Alex, walk out there.
Is this where he was standing?
See this crack?
It's so obvious.
This is a trap door.
[rocks tumbling]
You're all right!
Alex, get out of
here before they
catch you like they did us!
I'll be back for you, Corey!
We just hit volcano central.
It looks like that humongous
laser keeps the lava cooking.
I bet his place is wired into
every other volcano on earth.
What kind of freak
came up with this?
That would be me.
Dr. Hephaestus is the name.
Global devastation is my game.
Forgive me if I startled you.
Meeting people is so awkward.
Let's try this
again from the top.
[music playing]
Stop them!
Ow, my foot!
Don't mess with our vacation!
Put that down before
someone gets hurt, like you!
[fire roaring]
DR. HEPHAESTUS: Ah, ah, ah.
Careful, girls.
Volcanic fire ruined my
face, as it will yours.
My machine can erupt
every volcano on earth.
And when the world
is covered in lava,
you all will look like me.
You have serious issues, doc,
though I'm sure it's nothing
a little facial wouldn't cure.
You know, I can relate.
That week I had a pimple,
I was a major witch.
True, but we still
loved you anyway.
Your evil plan won't
succeed, Hephaestus.
Not if we have anything
to say about it.
ALEX: Uh, I guess we don't
have anything to say about it.
We're almost in the lava, and
this heat is trashing my hair.
Maybe my com powder's dry.
Ah, forget it.
Sam calling Dr. Sorenson.
Are you all right?
Well, we're kind of hung up,
Dr. S. Can you reach Jerry?
I'm a little busy myself.
Every volcano on earth
is starting to blow.
We have to do something!
Molten lava's about
to cover the world.
Not to mention our hair.
Alex, give me your nose clip.
[music playing]
You go, cowgirl.
Seize them!
I knew he'd say that.
Split up!
[guns blasting]
[music playing]
[guns blasting]
Now tell me where the keys
are so I can let my friends out!
I got your keys right here.
Help us trash that
volcano machine!
We have to turn this off now.
[glass breaking]
The lava's almost
to our level.
Hot foot alert!
Hey, I smell garlic.
This is hot, as in spicy.
It's definitely not lava.
It's marinara sauce!
JERRY: That's right, ladies.
SAM: Hephaestus!
There is no Hephaestus.
SAM: And your henchmen
are really WHOOP agents?
And Corey is really goofy.
You're not trying
to destroy the world?
What's going on?
It was all part of the test.
Everything was fake?
This phony volcano was once
an arch villain's hideout.
Now I use it for our
annual field test.
You were testing us?
Did we pass?
Uh, no.
The lava got you before
you could "save the world,"
so you all have to
undergo retraining.
Corey, you were in on this.
My-- my name is Maury,
not-- not-- not Corey.
So your favorite dance
isn't the towelonga?
Your beach bag was bugged.
I don't even dance.
What is this, Jerry?
Extra credit?
This is real.
We blow the track meet, I
fall for a dork, and now this.
There's an actual volcano
under your fake one,
and it's erupting!
[music playing]
[stones crashing]
We'll never be able to
move all that stone in time.
We're trapped!
Get back.
That's real lava.
This is too ironic.
Look out!
[stones crashing]
If only we could
fly through there.
SAM: That's it!
Alex, your parachute's back
in the emergency kit, right?
Yeah, but what
can we do with it?
Make a hot air balloon!
If we can stretch the
chute across the crack.
Leave it to me.
[music playing]
Everybody hold on tight.
[volcano erupting]
Well, we made it,
thanks to your girls.
You showed real resourcefulness.
You still going to flunk us?
No, you pass
with flying colors.
Now, how about a real vacation?
I've heard of guys
being two faced,
but Maury was ridiculous.
Let's forget Hawaii
and just enjoy the dance.
I wonder what theme they picked.
[hula music]
Not that!
Anything but this!
[hula music]
They seriously
need to get a life.
[hula music]
[theme music]
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