Totally Spies! (2001) s01e05 Episode Script

Child's Play

[music playing]
[music - moonbaby, "here we go"]
We're getting on the
road until we stop.
And then we'll shop.
So one, two, three, now, baby.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
On a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We're "Totally Spies" so
we get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
[music playing]
[alarm sounding]
[crowd wailing]
[bell ringing]
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo.
[music playing]
[bell ringing]
ALEX: No way.
SAM: So then what did you do?
CLOVER: The only thing I could.
SAM: No way.
ALEX: You're so cool.
[car honking]
[birds chirping]
ALEX: What is it, Clover?
Hey, are you OK?
I'm more than OK.
I'm in love.
Caitlin's brother?
We really have to
get her a blindfold.
CLOVER: Why, hello.
So good to see you.
- Hey, Clover.
How would you love
to give me a ride home?
I can't.
Got to go to the mall.
Nice skirt.
Where'd you get that?
I got to get my kid sister
a birthday present today.
[music playing]
Kid sister?
I bet his kid sister wouldn't
wear something like this.
My mom wouldn't wear
something like that.
Maybe you should just
be yourself, Clover.
Be myself?
Rick's a senior, as in he's
used to sophisticated women.
But if a person doesn't
like you for who you are--
You guys, we're
in the spy business.
Reinventing ourselves
is what we do.
[funky music]
Girls, we have a worldwide
problem on our hands.
Vital members of society have
stopped doing their jobs.
They're only interested
in playing with toys.
You're kidding, right?
I'm quite serious.
This chaos will
turn into pandemonium
unless we nip it in the bud.
And so your mission is to
go undercover as buyers.
Finally, a mission
I can relate to.
As we speak, there's a
Toy Fair going on in Taiwan.
Perhaps you can find a
clue there as to who's
behind this bizarre phenomenon.
I've assembled some
gadgets for you.
There's the Magnabelt.
Yeah, that's a little
too Elvis for me.
The TAD, or Tracking
Accessory Device.
It can be activated
by your Compowders.
Infrared Heat Detector
Glasses, the Manicure Kit
with Press-On Sticky
Fingers and Laser Nail File.
Oh, does it have
cherry blossom red in it?
And electric blue.
And lastly, the
Ejectabean Bracelet.
Careful with that one.
It's still in development.
And by the way, I like
your new look, Clover.
Very sophisticated.
My mother has a
suit just like it.
[hip-hop music]
[asian music]
Look at all the toys.
SHOPPER 1: Did you
see how wonderful
the Vladimir Kozyrev line was?
SHOPPER 2: You really have
to see that Vladimir line.
SHOPPER 3: Vladimir
Kozyrev is the most popular
booth at the convention.
Guess we know where to start.
[music playing]
I'd say we're definitely
in the right place.
Welcome to the Vladimir
Kozyrev booth, ladies.
We hear your toys
are all the rage.
What my associate
means to articulate is
is that we've observed
a positive reaction
to your toy line.
- Yeah, they're all the rage.
I've never heard of
Vladimir Kozyrev before.
Are his toys in stores yet?
No, we're a brand new company.
No one's had a chance
to play with them?
is our big debut.
I see.
Why don't you take
some toys, ladies?
- Hey.
- What?
Go on.
open them.
You'll see their appeal
instantly, really.
Maybe later.
Right now we need to
make a phone call.
[dramatic music]
[funky music]
PHONE): Hello, ladies.
How's the toy fair?
We're sending some
samples your way, Jer.
They're from the Vladimir
Kozyrev Toy Company.
The rep said the
company's brand new,
but the packaging's
ancient, like from the '70s.
Not only that.
All the toys in
the WOOHP playback
were from their toy line.
Good work, girls.
I'll let you know
what we find out.
[asian music]
Let's go over the
mission while we're
waiting to hear from Jerry.
Better yet, let's
go over how I'm
going to impress Rick while
we're stuck in stupid Taiwan.
Taiwan's not stupid, Clover.
It's exotic and interesting.
Good angle.
Why didn't I think of that?
Hi, Rick.
It's Clover.
Oh, nothing much.
I'm just calling from exotic
and interesting Taiwan.
That was fast.
Jerry says there's no record
of a Vladimir Kozyrev company
CLOVER: Way, way.
Well, somebody has to
be making these toys.
Sam, are you OK?
Rick, I'm going to
have to call you back.
This is so sixth grade.
Yeah, Sammy.
Cut it out.
Make me.
Leave me alone now!
Do something, Clover.
Make her stop acting
like a-- like a kid.
What do I look
like, her mother?
Well, in that outfit.
You behave, young lady, or
you're going to your room.
[hip-hop music]
ALEX: We better tell
Jerry what's going on.
Oh, look, everyone.
It's Clover.
Red rover, red rover,
send Clover over.
Oh no!
Not Jerry, too!
We have to figure out
what's up with these toys
before Jerry, and
Sam, and everyone else
are stuck like this forever.
[cars honking]
[jazz music]
It's just the
same old stuff we
saw when we were here before.
The Barkaroo!
Oh, oh, Megatronic
Action Hero.
The Beauty Queen, yeah!
It's Mommy's doll.
They have Mommy's doll.
Hey, my mom had
one of those, too.
The Little Ann.
She said it was the hottest
thing when she was a kid.
It doesn't even light up.
Let's see who manufactured
this baby, the Little Ann.
[dramatic music]
[jazzy spy music]
Trespasses are
headed for the alley.
Get rid of them permanently.
I don't suppose that's
the welcoming committee.
[wheels sputtering]
[cars honking]
Jerry was right.
Chaos is turning
into pandemonium.
Time for a manicure.
Do you really
think there's time?
Because that electric
blue is awesome.
Press-On Sticky Fingers.
[engine revving]
[jazzy spy music]
That must be the info
on the Little Ann doll.
Says it was manufactured by
the Little Ann Toy Company
in Russia in '74.
They stopped production
a few years later.
Didn't you say the
packaging on the Vladimir
Kozyrev line was from the '70s?
See who owned the
Little Ann Toy Company.
Vladimir Kozyrev.
Of course, they're
one and the same.
He's still using his old
factory to make these new toys.
Guess we know
where we're headed.
[electronica music]
[dog barking]
A lot of security
for a toy factory.
We need to get inside.
Oh, look.
I want one.
What's that?
[delicate music]
Sam, Stop.
Simon didn't say.
Simon Says stop, Sam.
[dramatic music]
Intruder alert.
Intruder alert.
Who put these here?
They're for the next shipment.
Rodney, help me
get these inside.
Hey, there's a
malfunction in this doll.
Then trash it.
Grab another two
for the next shipment.
High five.
The TAD says Sam's in here.
This is almost as
big as your closet.
Sam, quick, get out of there!
Simon says get out
of there now, Sam!
[electronica music]
That was fun.
What else can we play?
[dramatic music]
I wonder why they
don't close the boxes.
I'll go ask.
I have a better idea.
Let's play I Spy.
Like we don't
do that every day.
Me first.
Me first.
I spy with my little eye
something that is big.
A computer.
You're good.
I bet that beam
has something to do
with everyone acting like kids.
ALEX: We just have to figure
out what the computer chip is
and reprogram it.
CLOVER: I can't log on.
Password's usually obvious
because they think no one will
go for the obvious, like, toys.
OK, Little Ann?
Obviously he doesn't
know the rules.
- Now what?
Works for me.
At least it'll slow
them down while we--
We have intruders.
Take that.
Last one out is a rotten egg.
[disco music]
Hello there.
What are you thinking?
Revenge, of course.
Children who once
adored my Little Ann
have grown up and forgotten
the joy, the simplicity.
They only interested
in high-tech gizmos
and silly electronic toys.
Dude, I think she was
talking about the outfit.
Now, about this
whole revenge thing,
it won't bring back
the Little Ann.
Of course it will.
Adults across the
world will be forced
to remember the joy
of the Little Ann
as soon as I regress them to
the children they once were.
Oh please, oh please,
oh please, oh please,
can I go with you, please?
Now, why can't you have
an attitude like that?
Hop aboard, my little elf.
Sam, Simon says no.
You'll never get
away with this!
[pop music]
On second thought,
maybe he will.
Once those beams hit us, we're
doomed to a life of immaturity.
Rick will never
know the joy of me.
Hey, it's not my fault.
Push me.
Now, where'd they go?
[laughter] Little
Hey, little boy, I'll give
you a lollipop if you untie me.
Well, OK.
[disco music]
No sign of Vladimir's sleigh.
The TAD!
Sam's just ahead of us.
He threw her overboard!
We got to catch her!
Hang on for hyper speed.
He tricked us.
It's just a doll.
Kozyrev's dolls aren't turning
people into kids anymore.
Now he's using them
as an evil army.
We're too late.
Maybe not.
What does Vladimir care
about most in the world?
Bell bottoms?
The Little Ann,
his pride and joy.
We've got to beat
him at his own game.
I don't get it.
The old switcharoo.
Don't you mean Barkaroo?
Try to stay with me.
We put the computer
chip from the Barkaroo
into the Little Ann.
It's so obvious, he'll
never suspect a thing.
I'm on.
Hey, don't be mean.
My Little Ann.
This is the last one, Vlady.
If you throw me
over, she goes, too.
[delicate music]
My Little Ann.
What do you want to
do today, Little Ann?
Vladimir, you have to
go back to the factory
and make things right.
I don't want to
I want to play.
You do it right now,
mister, or you're grounded.
Vladimir's in trouble.
All right.
[pop music]
[bell ringing]
No way.
ALEX: Way.
Clover, did I
really act like a kid?
Only slightly more than usual.
Hi, Rick.
I have two tickets to the opera.
Would you care to join me?
- Opera?
[record scratch]
Clover, what happened?
You look like my mom now.
Hey Rick, are we still going
to the street fair tonight?
Sure, Mandy.
Nice outfit.
PTA meeting?
Excuse me, professor.
Could you tell me where the
administration office is?
Being mature is so overrated.
[music - moonbaby, "here we go"]
[music playing]
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