Totally Spies! (2001) s01e06 Episode Script

The Eraser

[music playing]
THEME SONG: Here we go,
we're getting on the road
till we stop, and
then we'll shop.
So 1, 2, 3, now, baby,
here we go, go, go.
Here we go!
Here we go!
On a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go!
Here we go!
We're "Totally Spies"
so get on with the show.
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go.
[music playing]
[clearing throat]
Ladies and gentlemen, the
Bora Bora Resort Hotel
is proud to welcome the
recipients of the Achievements
in Science Award.
Enjoy your retreat.
[waves splashing]
SCIENTIST: They're beautiful.
I've never seen
anything like that.
SCIENTIST: It's a new species!
They're beautif-- oh!
What's going on?
Where am I?
MAN: [evil laugh]
[music playing]
forget, students,
Monday is school picture day.
Let's all try to look our best.
I am so not ready
for picture day!
Tell me about it!
I totally don't
know what to wear.
Should I smile this year,
or go for the classic pout?
MANDY: Hello, pathetic wannabes!
I am getting my hair done by
Maurice Maurice, the greatest
stylist in the world!
Only a master such as he can do
justice to my beautiful locks.
MANDY: [laughs]
My hair!
Thank goodness.
Sam, you-- you--
you saved my life!
I saved your hair, Mandy.
My hair is my life!
I am forever in your debt.
From now on, we are friends.
I'll pick you up tonight
to go to that new dance
club, best friend.
Uh, no.
No need to thank me.
See you at 8:00, BF.
Or we could go to a movie,
or get something to eat.
Or how about a latte?
This would be
like the best time
to get pulled away to WOOHP.
JERRY: Hello, ladies.
That was perfect timing.
Thanks, Jerry.
JERRY: Well, you're welcome.
I have something to show you.
10 of the world's
top scientists were
at a conference in Bora
Bora when something very odd
SPIES: Bora Bora?
CLOVER: Those are so cute!
ALEX: Ew, those are so gross!
JERRY: Yes, well,
those cute gross blobs
erased the scientists'
memories completely.
WOOHP needs you to find out who
is behind this and stop them.
This could potentially have
dangerous global ramifications.
Now, let's get your equipment.
This is MUCA, multi-use
cranium apparatus.
Everything you need to
sustain yourself underwater.
Do you have one in fuchsia?
Nuclear powered jet boots
for underwater propulsion,
waist restrainers
containing titanium
grappling hooks,
a repellent spear
pistol, and infusion exploders.
And LIAB 9000,
Lab in a Briefcase
for on the spot analysis.
And you'll need to bone
up on your marine biology.
We have to study?
Last but not least, super
cycles, voice activated.
Each cycle recognizes
your own particular voice.
Simple commands such as
go, faster, et cetera.
You tell the bike what
to do, and it does it.
Allow me to demonstrate.
[engine whirring]
SPIES: Cool!
[fan whirring]
They're very sensitive.
SPIES: Stop.
Now, there's no time to lose.
You must leave right--
- Wait!
I can't go!
- Why not?
I left my new
sunglasses at home.
Clover, please.
You didn't expect me to
go to a tropical island
without my new
sunglasses, did you?
Come on, Clover.
[helicopter engine]
MANDY: Sammy.
- Huh?
Hey, girl!
Ready to hit the dance club?
Uh, Mandy.
I-- I-- I can't.
I've got to visit my--
my-- the sick aunt.
I hate sick aunts.
But OK, I can help.
Any relative of yours
is a relative of mine!
She's got, uh, uh,
monkey nucleosis.
Very rare and very contagious.
I wouldn't want you to get it.
Got to go!
[door slam]
[music playing]
Now, this is where
the attack took place.
Working undercover as
tourists is the best.
Cool it, you guys.
We're supposed to be
investigating here.
Who says you can't tan and
investigate at the same time?
Ew, blob juice.
- Don't!
- [shriek]
That's evidence.
Huh, the blobs aren't organic.
They're made.
Somebody manufactured
these things.
We'll send this to WOOHP
for further analysis.
Now let's check out
those scientists.
SCIENTIST: Who are you?
SCIENTIST: Where am I?
Hi, my name's Clover.
I'm taking biology this year.
When you get your memory back,
you can help me on my mid-term.
Uh, who's biology?
Mr. Hannigan, I will
only say this once.
$1 billion must be left at
Black Death Cove by tomorrow
morning at dawn.
If not, I promise
you will regret it!
SPIES: [gasps]
This is the most horrible
thing I could ever imagine.
MANDY: Hey, Sam!
No, that is the most horrible
thing you could ever imagine.
What a totally
amazing surprise!
I needed to get a tan
for the school pictures.
I look like a mime.
And this is my favorite tanning
beach in the whole world!
Where's Auntie Monkey Nucleosis?
Auntie who?
Oh, yeah.
Uh, she-- she got better.
Now we don't have to take
care of that cranky loon.
We can hang out together,
because that's what
best friends are for, right?
So what exactly are you
all doing here, Sam?
The hotel hired us
to give dance lessons.
[music playing]
Yee haw!
This is the
lamest thing I have
ever seen in my entire life.
Mandy needs her beauty sleep.
Night, Sam.
Meet me at the bazaar
tomorrow morning.
We'll go shopping.
Just lose the losers.
See ya.
You better get
rid of your friend!
She is not my friend.
You know, I have a
prom coming up, and--
SAM: Clover!
Come on.
[music playing]
OK, we wait here with the
money till somebody shows up.
Just let me know when
the bad guys get here.
The bad guys are here.
Only two of them?
This should be easy.
Too easy.
SPIES: [gasps]
[music playing]
This is so bad for my skin!
SAM: Come on.
Let's get him!
Oh, I mean go!
We'll never catch them.
Let's speed it up.
1, 2, 3--
SPIES: Faster!
[music playing]
SPIES: Supersonic!
[engines revving]
[brakes squealing]
Turn around.
Go the other way!
Woo woo woo!
Not you!
[music playing]
[music playing]
[car horns]
SAM: What the--
[car horns]
There it is!
This chase is over, buddy.
I don't think so.
Are you all right?
I've been looking
all over for you.
Look at these
fabulous things I got!
I am going to look
gorgeous in these.
Who-- who are you?
She got blobbed!
What is going on?
- Huh?
Uh, we were just
playing a game.
It's called who are you?
Who are you?
Sam is really good at it.
Well, I want to play too.
Uh, sure.
You can play the next round.
But you have to
play it on jet skis.
Round two is on jet skis.
So go rent a jet ski, and
we'll meet you at the marina.
Jet skis?
ALEX: Ciao!
CLOVER: Jerry, Sam got hit by
a blob and lost her memory.
Don't let her
out of your sight.
She's safest with you.
Listen, I have new information.
We analyzed the blob
residue and traced it
to a man named Lester Crowley.
A janitor?
Well, he was a
janitor at the Brooks
Marine Biology Institute.
He wanted to be a scientist.
Evidently, he tried some
experimenting on his own.
At night, he secretly worked
on a cure for memory loss
using sea creatures.
He was discovered,
fired, and arrested.
[glass breaking]
He escaped and disappeared,
stealing millions
of dollars worth of equipment.
You need to find him fast.
Good luck.
Marine biologist wannabe, huh?
I think I know where we
should start looking.
[music playing]
I wish someone would
tell me what is going on.
OK, your name is Sam.
Am I a man?
No, you're a girl.
Switch on helmet subs.
CLOVER: Are you sure these
are made for water landing?
ALEX: Of course they are!
CLOVER: The Lester Crowley
Underwater Research Institute.
I think this is it.
Now, how are we going to get in?
Subtle, no.
Effective, yes.
Hey, what am I supposed to do?
SAM: Can I go home please,
wherever my home is?
This is not fun at all.
[machine whirring]
That's our man!
We will now implement
the final phase.
I will unleash my vengeance
upon the world, and then
utter chaos!
I will hold the world's
memories in my hand.
We have to sneak back out,
get reinforcements, and then--
SAM: Hey!
You in the white coat.
Do you know who I am?
Seize them!
Was that a bad thing to do?
like intelligent young girls.
I think you'll enjoy a
demonstration of the hatching
process of my blobs.
After hatching, they search
for the closest human brain
and suck the memory out.
I must go, but I do hope
you enjoy the demonstration.
Is this, like, an
initiation into a secret club
or something?
[music playing]
[music playing]
[helicopters running]
[helicopters running]
[jet ski engine]
I can't believe I'm saying
this, but thanks, Mandy.
What is going on here?
Uh, we're still
playing who are you?
Wow, this is a
really elaborate game.
SAM: Excuse me, but this
game is way out of control.
What about Mandy?
No time to worry about her.
She's safe below.
And more importantly,
she's not following us.
Preparing approach
to New York City.
[helicopters running]
Gee, you'd think he'd have
a bunch of guards in here.
Hey, I was right.
SPIES: Whoa!
[music playing]
[glass breaking]
I don't feel so good.
What are you doing here?
Uh, do you have any
of those little bags?
I think I'm gonna barf.
OK, Crowley.
It's over.
Turn the plane around.
OK, tell me right now
exactly what is going on!
We've got to destroy
the rest of those blobs.
If we can jam the machine,
we might be able to.
Can't reach the switch.
I need something long.
MANDY: My hair!
Sam, help me!
CLOVER: It's gonna blow!
[glass breaking]
Excuse me, spy girls?
I know you're busy tying up
the bad guy and everything,
but who exactly is
flying this plane?
What about me?
ALEX: OK, I saved you.
But I do not want you
as my best friend.
Got it?
OK, Crowley.
We've got to restore
Sam's memory.
Where's the thingy
with all the memories?
Sam, do you know who you are?
Duh, I'm Sam.
We're spies for the
World Organization
of Human Protection.
You know, WOOHP.
You two look tired.
Yeah, well, it's been
kind of a long day.
You're back!
So have we found
out who's behind this?
Did WOOHP get anything
from the blob residue?
Hi, Mandy.
Did we-- what is
she doing up here?
Oh my-- my gosh,
you're all spies!
I cannot wait to tell
everyone about this at school!
Girls, we got a problem here.
I don't think so.
MANDY: My hair!
[school bell]
I'm glad we erased
part of Mandy's memory
so she doesn't remember
we're you-know-whats.
Yeah, it's so great to
have the old Mandy back.
Why are you girls
even bothering
to get your pictures taken?
You'll never look
as gorgeous as me.
Are my perfect teeth in focus?
Monkey boy!
You are shooting
perfection here!
Work with me!
Ugh, I knew I should have
brought my own photographer.
SPIES: Cheese!
[theme music]
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