Totally Spies! (2001) s01e07 Episode Script

The Fugitives

THEME SONG: Here we go we're
getting out on the road
until we stop, and
then we'll shop.
So one, two, three, now,
baby, here we go, go, go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
On a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We're the Totally Spies so
we'll get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
And how may I help you?
Let's see, well for
starters, you can hand over all
the cash you got in this dump.
Nobody move.
[school bell]
So what do you think?
Well, you're outfit
is very bright.
I'm hoping in will remind
that hot new transfer
student of his homeland.
Where is he from again?
OK, here goes.
So Billy-Bob, if you're
not too busy tomorrow night,
maybe you'd like to go
line dancing with me.
Beverly Hills style, that is.
Well, that's mighty
hospitable of you, Mandy.
I'd love to.
I'll pick you up at 8:00.
How dare you steal my look.
Please, I was into
Texas way before you.
Yeah, Mandy practically
invented the rhinestone.
Besides Billy's
made up his mind.
That girl is a fashion
thief, and she is not
going to get away with this.
Terrific, the last
thing I need right now
is another stupid
WOOHP spy mission.
What the--
What's this all about, Jerry?
I think you girls know
what this is all about.
Is this some
kind of sick joke?
That's not us
robbing that bank.
I am very disappointed
in you girls.
Throw These girls is the
electromagnetic holding
tank until we get a
chance to reprogram them.
What do you mean reprogram?
We're going to implant
behavioral modification
chips into your brains.
You'll never have another
aggressive thought
as long as you live.
No, you guys don't--
Get your hands off me!
Jerry, help us!
Sorry girls, it's
out of my hands.
These gaudy electromagnetic
boots are so cyber-repulsive.
Not as repulsive
as getting microchips
implanted into our skulls.
We've got to bust out of
here and find this cheap,
knock-off bank robber so
we can clear our names.
Good luck.
Hang on.
I've got a plan.
Hey, what gives?
You short-circuted the boots!
I can move my feet again.
Great, but we're still
stuck in this cell.
Not for long.
Bet Mandy's shoes
wouldn't do that.
They're escaping.
Code nine!
Code nine!
[music playing]
INTERCOM: Grab them so I
can implant the microchips
into their skulls.
In here.
Quick, grab whatever you can.
We're going to need all
the help we can get.
Just relax, girls.
It'll all be over with soon.
How are we going to lose them?
Time to fly, girls.
How do I make this thing go?
I can't even set
my digital watch.
Just do something!
ALL: Whoa!
I can't believe Jerry
almost microwaved my brain.
We better get out of the air.
We stick out like a sore thumb.
Put us down next
to that warehouse.
I said next to the warehouse.
Something reeks here.
And I don't mean
Alex's flying skills.
Oh gross!
There's our culprit.
Whoa, look!
My hair clip is actually
a high tech frisbee.
That's no frisbee,
it's a mini satellite.
We can use this
to link to WOOHP's
mainframe computer system.
Maybe you can get a closer
look at the surveillance
footage Jerry showed us.
We're in.
Go back.
Watch the Clover imposter.
She left a shred of my
shirt-- oh, I mean her shirt,
on that cactus.
Maybe it's still there.
Too bad we're not
allowed in that bank.
Maybe there's a way
to get inside the bank,
without raising suspicion.
So much for not
raising suspicions.
Just act confident.
That's easy for you to say.
You're not dressed
like a waiter.
You're not a waiter,
you're our driver.
Just look for the shirt piece.
Hello, sir, madam, can
I help you with something?
Oh, we're Just looking at
your lovely financial place,
to decide if we want to
deposit all of our stocks
and municipal things here.
You look very familiar.
Have we met before?
That would be
quite impossible.
You see, we just moved here
from, uh, Sweden-navia.
- Sweden-navia?
- Oh yes.
Very small country.
Very cold.
I found it!
Found what?
I'm sorry, found what.
Oh, our driver
seemed to have found
the lost keys to our limo.
Yes, we simply
must be going now.
The country club awaits.
You forgot your mustache?
Wait a second, they
were the bank robbers.
This is weird.
It almost feels like flesh.
The fabric contains
traces of human DNA.
No wonder it feels like flesh.
Why would someone wear
a shirt made out of flesh?
I can't imagine
that would breathe
very well in warm weather.
She didn't rip her shirt.
She ripped her skin.
There's something else here.
Replitech Industries,
what does that mean?
Let's check out
the WOOHP database.
Apparently they're
the medical lab that
created this creepy material.
I think it's time we
pay Replitech a visit.
I'll drive.
I better cloak the
heli-jet so we can make
a stealthy landing on the roof.
Now that's impressive.
Check it out.
Some sort of force field.
Whatever it is, those birds
didn't set off the alarms.
Must be set to detect any
metal that breaks it's field.
How are we going to
investigate the building
without giving ourselves away?
Why do I always
get the cruddy jobs?
getting a picture.
Ew, what is that?
It looks like someone's
farming humans.
Bring me up!
Bring me up!
What's wrong with Alex?
We've got company.
Hello, girl on
a rope, down here.
Pull me up!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Need a lift?
No, I need a barf bag.
That was close.
Hello, in case no one
noticed, I just got tossed
around like a human yo-yo.
Not to mention getting
grabbed by-- what's this?
Looks like a fingernail.
I have a hunch.
Use the compowder to
check its composition.
It's made of the same
substance as the skin we found.
But get this, the DNA
matches Clover's DNA.
OK, no way.
I wouldn't be
caught dead wearing
that cheesy,
seafoam nail polish.
The intruders
have escaped, sir.
So the spies are on to me.
I underestimated them.
It won't happen again.
So what's the connection
between the DNA,
the robbery, and Replitech?
I don't know, but I hope
we figure it out soon.
The prospect of
spending another minute
in this disgusting
warehouse is like--
WOOHP must have tracked us.
Give it up girls, we
have the place surrounded.
Scatter, quick!
Keep a tight perimeter.
Don't let them get away.
What the--
Sammi, you made it.
Have you seen Clover?
Right here.
Are you feeling all right?
Of course.
What now?
We have to get
back to Replitech
and figure out what is
going on before Jerry
turns us into vegetables.
But how are we going
to break into Replitech?
That place has tighter
security than Fort Knox.
I can get us in.
I mean, I think I saw a
secret entrance in the forest.
OK, it's worth a shot.
How are we going to
get back to the island?
The heli-jet is swarming
with WOOHP agents.
Leave it to me.
They must have
slipped past us.
Pull our agents out.
Where is my Jet?
You don't think Jerry
will miss this, do you?
Oh, Clover, looks like
you chipped your nail.
Must have happened when
the warehouse collapsed.
What exactly are
we looking for?
I know I spotted some sort
of hidden entrance around
here somewhere.
I don't know how
you could have spotted
anything in this dense forest.
OK, so I guess you were right
about the secret entrance.
Hey, wait a second.
I thought you said you
wouldn't be caught dead wearing
cheesy seafoam nail polish.
That's ridiculous.
I love seafoam nail polish.
Love it.
Love it.
OK, take it easy.
I like seafoam too.
Let me go.
You phony.
Who-- what are you?
Impressive, aren't they?
I made them myself.
Nurtured them since
they were little
more than strands of DNA.
Incredible likeness,
don't you think?
And to think that
Clover was upset
when Mandy stole her look.
Now that's really
stealing her look.
Wait a second,
you look familiar.
Macker the Safe Cracker.
It took my hair a year to
grow back after that mission.
As you can see, that
fall took its toll on me.
After I escaped from prison,
I created those clones
using DNA from your hair.
Now I will destroy
your lives the way
you tried to destroy mine.
I will now use my
army of clones to rob
the central bank in every
country in the world,
at the exact same moment.
Of course, everyone
will think you
girls perpetrated the crimes.
Yeah, like you'll
actually get away with that.
Watch me.
To your planes, girls.
If you'll excuse me, I must
get to my command center
in the Alps.
Take them away.
Clover, you're alive!
Yeah, me and 100
cheap knockoff Clovers.
Did you see those
things up there?
Totally, that's why we've
got to get out of here
and stop Macker.
But how?
Good thing I decided to go with
diamond-tipped spurs after all.
Let's get to the Alps
before it's too late.
There's Macker.
Looks like he's
using the transmitter
to control the clones.
How are we going to
take out the transmitter?
We'll have to figure
out something and fast.
It's already started.
Get into position, ladies.
It's almost time.
OK, so maybe you
have our looks.
Let's see if we have our moves.
Now's the time, girls.
What's going on?
Why aren't you
robbing the banks?
What do you think you're
doing to my beloved clones?
Let go of my hair.
Girls, wait.
Get away from us, Jerry.
Girls, it's OK.
We realized that you were only
trying to clear your name.
Oh, I guess we're
lucky you figured it out
before you gave us lobotomies.
I hope your girls will
accept my sincerest apology.
You'll be collecting your
pension by the time you're
done making this up to us.
No snowballs!
Girls, wait, listen, I'm sorry.
Now that we've taken care of
those stupid clones, it's time
to win back Billy-Bob.
And expose Mandy for
the thief that she is.
Don't you think
that's kind of harsh?
Well, that's what she is.
But she won't have a chance
to steal this new outfit.
Um, I don't know how to break
this to you, Clover, but--
Oh, poo.
That must be where I
got my design ideas.
I guess Mandy's not
a thief after all.
I can't believe I'm
saying this, but I
think I owe her an apology.
You thief!
Oh, hey girls, I'd like you
to meet my new steady gal, Alf.
Isn't she so original?
Steady gal, but
Billy-Bob, I just designed
this new outfit for you.
Whoa, well honestly,
I never really
liked that whole cowgirl look.
That's why I left Texas.
This is so your fault.
Whatever, you need
to hire a new stylist.
[theme music]
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