True Jackson, VP (2008) s01e05 Episode Script

104 - Telling Amanda

"True Jackson, VP" was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
which means our new business line will be available on or before the fourth quarter.
That's all I have for now.
Any questions? Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I'm sorry? Did we only mean work questions? Sorry.
You know, we never really do talk about our personal lives, do we? We should try that.
Who wants to start? Anyone? Anyone at all? How about you, True, plans? Taking in some theater? Actually, it's pot luck Friday.
My family does it once a month.
Everyone makes something and brings it over.
It's pretty awesome.
You'll get your turn, Amanda.
Go on, True.
I'm making my super secret chocolate pudding pie.
Don't ask me the secret.
It's a deal.
Well, that sounds terrific.
Amanda, you've been chomping at a bit to talk? I haven't really.
But if you must know, I'm spending time with my boyfriend.
You have a boyfriend? Don't sound so surprised.
Oh, I didn't mean it bad.
I just didn't know you had one.
Well, it's relatively new.
He's been out of town quite a bit on business, international finance.
Is he nice? He owns homes in Aspen, Montana, and New York.
Is he nice? He's a peach.
Meeting adjourned.
I'm the one who adjourns the meeting.
Sit down, Kopelman.
Meeting adjourned.
How about you, Mr.
Madigan? You have anything fun planned this weekend? I'll probably spend the weekend freaking out.
I'm having an audit next week.
Isn't that when the government tries to find out how much money you have so they can take half of it? Yes.
I'm having my accountant in today to help me add up all my money.
You should have Lulu help you.
She is great with numbers.
Really? Yeah.
If there was math in the olympics, she'd take home a bunch of medals.
And if there were a category for boring, I see you getting the gold.
Amanda, you're being awfully snarky this morning.
But it's sort of delightful, no? from my head to my toes it's all real and you know fresh and cool it's just what I do t-r-u-e-j-a-c-k-s-o-n-v-p working at a grown-up job I never really knew I could work this hard used to sit at home and watch tv now I'm in an office as the new vp I'm always setting trends with my two best friends when things get out of hand we have a plan we're just messin' around and we're makin' new ground for the whole wide world to see if you see us in town you know what's going down 'cause I'm the new vp (I'm the new vp) Oscar, what's wrong? Oh, it's nothing, really.
I've been trying to find this book I loved as a little boy, and it's absolutely out of print.
I searched everywhere.
What's it called? "quibbly dibbet.
" it's about a boy who can fly.
Whenever I felt sad, I'd read that book and it helped me get through things.
When I get sad, I like to read the phonebook.
It's like a yearbook for the whole city.
Sometimes, I call two people with the same name and make them talk to each other, "Melvin Lin, meet Melvin Lin.
" well, good luck finding that book.
Oh, by the way, I can't stay late today.
I told my little brother I'd take him to that new movie about the ghost that goes to camp.
"camp spooky"? Yeah.
It stinks.
I've seen it three times.
That's okay, I can't stay late either.
It's pot luck Friday.
Making your super secret pudding pie? You know it.
You guys coming over? Yeah.
My mom said I can come by after our dinner.
Me too.
Knock, knock.
Who's there? Amanda.
Amanda who? What's happening? You know who I am.
It's a knock-knock joke, you know? We didn't have time for knock-knock jokes when I was a youth.
I was too busy being seen but not heard.
I have a small assignment for you.
That don't look so small.
We need to make sure that all of these orders have been delivered, which means calling every single store where our designs our sold.
Let me know if anything is outstanding.
I think you're outstanding.
Too bad you're not outstanding in traffic.
She's so snippy.
But it's sort of delightful, no? Psst.
Oscar, do you hear something leaking? That's me.
Come here.
Keep this quiet, but Amanda doesn't really have work to do.
She just said that because her boyfriend is coming.
Amanda has a boy not even.
It's just not fair.
I know, right? Why don't I have a boyfriend? No.
It's not fair for True to have to do all of Amanda's work.
I'm just trying to find out if you guys have received shipments from mad style.
True, I need to talk to you.
I'm sorry.
You said what? I said I need to talk to you.
No, not you.
No, not you.
Hello? What is it? Amanda has a boyfriend.
I know.
Well, did you know she's only making you do all her work so she can be all girlfriendly? She did what now? There you are, Lulu.
I was wondering if you could help me.
See, I have a tax thing, and True mentioned that you're a math whiz.
It's True.
Give her two numbers.
Do you think you could help me? Boom.
I'll take that as a yes.
My accountant is coming in today but he's always a little distracted.
He only works for me during the summer.
What does he do the rest of the time? I'm not really sure.
I think he mentioned that he has a toy factory up north.
Who's your accountant, Santa claus? Boom.
I'm not really sure I like this catchphrase of yours.
Try this one, hedgehog.
Hey, Ryan.
Where were you? Down the hall.
Do you know Ella in accounting has cable? I was watching that movie about the ghost who goes back to High School.
"spooky academy?" I thought you hated it.
Oh, it's terrible.
I've seen it eight times.
Little help.
May I I'm Chad Brackett.
Tell Amanda I'm here.
I believe she's on a call right now.
I'll wait.
I've got a silver 360 downstairs, park it where the birds don't poop.
I don't park cars.
Oh, really? Now, do you park cars? No.
Who's the doof? I'm thinking it's Amanda's boyfriend.
What? I'm Amanda's boyfriend.
Oh, wait.
That's only in my head.
Kitty cat.
I'll just go get my bag and then you can take me to lunch.
But I'm paying half.
Don't try and stop me.
Oh, Chad.
You scamp.
Yello oh, hey.
How are you doing? Today? Yeah.
Yeah, I think I can make that work.
Why don't we say finique in 15 minutes.
I'll take the red convertible, paint it yellow, and put a roof on it.
Bought a car just like that.
It's how Chad Brackett rolls.
It is what it is.
Shall we? Shall we what? Have lunch, remember? Oh.
Oh, you thought I meant today? No.
No, I can't do it today.
I have a meeting, international finance.
I know, it's pretty impressive.
Well, you're not disappointed, are you, Kitty cat? No.
Of course not.
I'll call you in two hours.
Don't you go getting any prettier.
What did I say? Did you hear that? He's meeting someone for lunch.
So? So, it sounds pretty fishy.
I mean, who has lunch at 12:30? I'm sure it's completely innocent.
No, it's not.
That doof is up to something, and I know what.
He's an operative for the CIA.
Ryan, you think everyone is a spy.
Jamison, the science teacher.
That guy's totally a spy.
How do you explain him knowing all those chemicals? And the bus driver from last week? Spy.
I mean, who drives around the city all day? Look, if you don't believe me, let's investigate.
What do you mean, like follow him? Exactly.
He said he was going to finique.
I don't know.
I've got all this work to do.
Have it your way.
Come on, double lu.
I can't.
I told Mr.
Madigan I'd help him add up numbers.
Guess I'm the lone wolf on this mission.
Ah, no worries.
What could possibly go wrong? Okay, I trust you.
No, I don't.
My accountant will be here in a second.
I brought my calculator.
So did I.
Ah, thanks for coming, Nick.
Nick? Nice to meet you, Lulu.
I never told you my name.
It's on your necklace.
I've asked Lulu to sit in with us since she's a bit of a math prodigy.
I'm also pretty good at state capitals, except Delaware.
Don't know, don't care.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, it's probably the Mrs.
Just wondering when I'll be home.
Anyway, shall we start? Yes.
I've made a list of your deductions, and I've checked it twice.
Madigan, can I please speak to you in the hallw? Mr.
Madigan, do you know who that is? It's my accountant.
Come on.
White beard, big belly, toy factory, do I have to draw you a map? That's Santa claus.
Lulu, if that is Santa claus, why would he spend half the year being my accountant? I don't know.
Lots of people have summer jobs.
Look, we have a lot to cover.
We really shouldn't keep him waiting.
The weather in here is frightful, so I put on my sweater.
Can I speak to you in the hall again? Hey, phone guy, you have a reservation for brackett? See, Ryan? Just a guy in a restaurant, nothing fishy about that.
Let's go.
Or let's wait and watch.
Do you see anything? I can't see anything behind these cattails.
Cattails? But I'm allergic to Oh.
Kitty cat.
That doesn't mean anything.
Maybe she's a business associate.
Maybe she's a friend.
Maybe she's a spy.
Would you stop it? I wish we could hear what they were saying.
I'm on it.
No, Ryan.
You know where I was yesterday? A little place called Paris.
You ever heard of it? Of course, you have.
It's in Europe.
Pepper, sir? For what, our bread? We are known for our fresh pepper bread.
I knew that.
Please, continue talking as if I weren't here.
Guess how many sit-ups I did today? Million.
True story.
I think we have enough pepper there, guy.
I don't mean to be rude, but which one of us is the pepper expert, huh? I do mean to be rude, and I'm asking you to get the pepper thing away from me.
Please, sir.
Don't touch the pepper.
Get your manager out here.
I'm gonna own this restaurant.
I'm sorry, my manager's in the kitchen.
But if you want me to oh.
That does it.
Give me this.
Let go.
No, you let go.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Ryan, I think you have some food on your shoulder.
Oh no, that is not food.
Oscar, can I ask you a question? Um-huh.
What would you do if you knew a bad secret about someone? I'd probably keep it to myself.
What if it affected someone you know? Oh, then, I'd probably tell them.
What if you knew it would hurt their feelings? Oh, then, no.
But they should probably know? Would you wanna know? My mom won't let me go on dates.
I don't actually know what we're talking about.
Oh, well.
Thanks for listening.
Lulu, you won't believe what just happened to us.
Me first.
Mine's way bigger.
What is it? Mr.
Madigan's accountant is Santa claus.
Okay, what's yours? We just saw Amanda's boyfriend with another girl.
Not even.
I don't know what to do.
I mean, I don't wanna hurt Amanda's feelings, but if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't want him feeding breadsticks to another girl.
Honesty is the best policy.
Whoa, it is a good policy, but is it the best? I'm a big fan of lying.
How are you coming with the paperwork? Not even close.
Can I speak to you for a minute? Okay.
Well, I don't know how to say this so I'm just gonna come right out and say it.
Well, you see 47, 46 your boyfriend's messing around on you.
With a super hot blonde.
A moderately hot blonde.
Anyway, we just had to tell you.
I hope you're not mad.
I'm not mad.
I'm furious.
Isn't that the same thing? No, furious is mad times three.
That was his sister.
He hasn't seen her in six months.
What did you do, follow him out of here? Well, sort of.
I'm really sorry.
No, I'm the sorry one; Sorry that Max ever invited you into my world.
Now, if you're done snooping, I think we both have a lot of work to do.
She was mad.
Times three.
No, it's about a boy who can fly.
No, he you know what? Forget it.
I'll never find it.
Oscar, do you think it's possible that Mr.
Madigan's accountant is Santa claus? Well, I don't know if I don't really believe it's okay, you don't have to answer.
I'll see you next year, Oscar.
And be good for goodness sake.
I'll try.
Where did this come from? "quibbly dibbet"? Santa claus? Amanda, I finished all this work.
What do you want, a cookie? For real? Yeah.
You know I always hand out cookies and treats that I bake myself in my office kitchen.
True, you want me to hold the elevator? That'd be great.
Good night.
You know what, Oscar? Go on without me.
That wasn't his sister, was it? I don't even know if he has a sister.
It was cruel of you to tell me.
It would've been cruel not to tell you.
You know what I mean? Not really.
I'm only 15.
Amanda, it's not really my place to say, but maybe you're picking the wrong guys.
I mean, my dad would never lie.
Are you trying to fix me up with your father? Gross.
I'm just saying you deserve better.
Oh, maybe you're right.
Just so hard to find a man who drives a nice car, knows how to dress, and makes a lot of money.
Who cares? I mean, my dad may not have much but he's the best.
Yeah, I think we already established that.
I'm not interested.
You might wanna leave before I call Chad.
I'm gonna be using several words that aren't in your vocabulary.
I probably should.
I haven't even got started on my super secret chocolate pudding pie.
Amanda, would you like to come to my house for dinner? I think not.
You cannot sit alone in an empty office while there's a homemade piece waiting for you.
Do you want me to call my momma 'cause she'll come down here? No, really hi, mom.
We'll be having one more for dinner.
Yeah, "spooky" was the absolute worst.
Oh, don't say I didn't warn you.
I may go again tomorrow.
I'll come too.
Man, I hate that movie.
True was right.
Her dad is pretty great.
What are you eating? Pudding pie.
It's my third piece.
Sort of earthy, like a chocolate swamp.
It's also making my gums feel funny, and a buzzing sound in my ear.
What? What? What is it? Look, True is our best friend.
And she can do anything.
Except cooking.
Especially pie.
But everyone's eating it.
No, just pretending.
No one wants to hurt her feelings.
Who wants more pudding pie? I do.
You know it.
Amanda, I know you're up there.
Chad? How did he find her here? Spy.
Hey, no one throws up on me, I'm Chad Brackett.