We Bare Bears (2015) s03e32 Episode Script

Charlie's Halloween Thing

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Spooky music.]
[Thunder claps, wolf howling.]
[Spooky music.]
Boo! [Laughs.]
Happy Halloween! Did I scare you? Ah, of course I did.
But if that didn't do the trick, maybe ol' Charlie could treat you with some scary stories.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a minute.
I promise, these stories ain't for babies.
Now, come on.
The first story started on a night just like this, when three bear brothers got a special delivery.
- Grizzly: Ah! Adorable! - Panda: Oh, so cute! - Where'd you get these, Pan? - Oh, I found them online.
Ah! They look just like little us-es! [Giggles.]
Huh? What's the little heart for? It's says, "Put your essence into the heart locket and your oso adorable will become beary special.
" E-Essence? Like our blood? Eh, maybe just hair will work.
Oh, yeah.
So, we take a hair - [Doing!.]
Ow! - Place it in the heart locket Ice Bear: Put locket of love inside.
With care.
Oh, I'm so plush and cute! I love you, little Panda.
Little Panda: I love you, too! Whoa! The website didn't say anything about them talking.
Little Grizzly: I love to make friends and eat snacks.
Yeah, that's pretty accurate to my essence, I guess.
Little Ice Bear: Ice Bear loves hugs.
Hug me.
Ice Bear would not say that.
This is not Ice Bear's essence.
Little Grizzly: I looove picking my nose.
Little Panda: I like dressing up as a cat, [whispering.]
when no one is looking.
Well, these are obviously defective.
Oh, yeah, no, totally defective.
Well, I guess we'll just send them back in the morning.
- How 'bout some grub? - Ice Bear will make casserole.
Oh, sweet.
I'm down for that.
Oh, hey, guys this time, can we make it vegetarian? I hate picking out all the chicken and [Sizzling.]
- Ooh, boy smells so good! - Thanks, brother.
Huh, thought I grabbed silverware.
Uh, could you grab me a fork, please? Ice Bear got you covered.
Huh? [Indistinct whispering.]
Lil Panda? That's weird.
How'd you get out of the [Gasps.]
They're gone! What the heck? Where did the dolls go? This doesn't make any sense.
- What's going on? - The other dolls are missing What? We just put them away.
Maybe they're under the table or something.
- Hmm.
You find anything? - Nothing.
- Ice Bear found lost controller.
- Ooh, been looking for that.
Uh, wasn't Lil Panda just sitting on this table? - Yes, yes, he was.
- Ice Bear leaving.
- Yep, I'm with him.
- I'm gonna give Tabes a call.
She's good with this kind of creepy stuff.
[Phone ringing.]
Tabes: Speak.
This is Ranger Tabes.
Never mind, Tabes.
Talk to you later.
[Phone beeps.]
I didn't know they could do that.
It's kind of cute, but also creepy.
Little Ice Bear: It's time for dinner.
Let's eat.
Little Panda: Spoonful of sugar? Little Grizzly: Let's spread some cheer.
Not cute! Not cute! All: It's time for dinner! Let's eat.
- Little Grizzly: 'Sup, bro? - Ahh! Little Ice Bear: Ice Bear forgot his fork.
Ice Bear hungry.
Where are you? Ahh! Little Panda: I found you! Miki-chan, no! [Laughs.]
I love playing hide and seek! [Grinding.]
Little Ice Bear: Ice Bear thinks we got off on wrong foot! Ice Bear wants to break the ice! [Winding down.]
Let's get cook Whoa.
[Panda screams.]
Stay away, stay back! Little Panda: Ready or not, here I come! Ahh! Oh, you saved me.
Is it dead? That's cheating.
You're no fun.
- Not dead.
Not dead.
- Aah! Hold on! There's got to be an off switch or something.
Heart is off switch.
Ahh! What the ow! Hyah! Oh! The heart! Ha, ha! Hug me, hug me! [Winding down.]
Hug me I think that did it.
Aah! Ice Bear not taking chances.
- Grizzly: Help, help! - Grizz! Ah! Guys, he's me, but stronger! Get off of him! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
Ha! Gah! I thought we were bros, lil bro.
I mean, I loved you! Little Grizzly: I do love you, bro.
To pieces.
Ah! I know karate, bro.
I'll kick your face off.
We can't hold him long! Play time is over! Wait, no my essence! Time to return the favor.
Oh, man.
I'm never buying anything off that website again.
Oh, yeah, brother.
[All gasp.]
Hey, fellas.
I got your phone call.
It's you, Tabes.
[Laughs nervously.]
Yeah, we had a little thing earlier, but, uh, everything's fine now.
Well, I heard you talking about dolls, and I wanted to show you Little Tabes! Little Tabes: Let's serve some [Menacingly.]
Pretty scary stuff, right? [Laughs.]
Well, that ain't nothing compared to the next story.
This one's about a real strange creature a 10-year-old girl who goes to college.
Ooooooh! [Wolf howling.]
Interestingly enough, the common mythology is that being bitten by a lycanthrope will turn you into one.
Then how do you get released from this curse? - Anyone? - Yes.
In ancient times, it was believe that werewolves - are vulnerable to silver objects.
- [Coughing.]
Nerd! [Stifled laughter.]
Class! Yes, that's right.
Very nice, Chloe.
Yeah, very nice, prodigy.
I mean, we're in college, for Pete's sake.
These guys are still acting like they're in junior high or something! Ugh! Yeah, but you were never in junior high.
I know what it's like! I've seen these type of kids on TV.
Now, now, they're just jealous that you're smart.
Yeah, Chloe, just be a bigger person.
And once you're a bigger person, you can beat them up.
Baaah! On that note can I have your ice cream if you're not gonna finish it? - Sure, go ahead.
- Oh, you the best, Chloe! [Chomp!.]
Ahh! - Grizz, you bit me! - Oh, shoot, I'm so sorry! I didn't see your hand! It was hiding behind that ice-cream scoop! No worries.
It's just a scratch.
- Oh, are you sure you're okay? - Yeah, don't worry.
I'm gonna go wash it off.
[Faucet squeaks.]
Huh? Ahh what the! Ah, aah! [Screams.]
My nose! [Screams, grunts.]
Uhh my hands! Ahh! Got to go, guys! Bye! See ya! [Door opens, slams.]
What's up with her? Ice Bear senses spookiness.
- Susan? - Here.
- Daniel? - Yep.
- Kyle? - Present.
Chloe? [Growls.]
Hm? Chloe? [Clears throat.]
I mean, "Present!" Whoa, what's up with your hand? Stop it! Ahh! Whoa! Check out her ears! [Gasps.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
Boy: Oh, you have no idea how awesome you are right now, Chloe.
Really? [Indistinct chatter.]
Hmm Huh.
Can't believe Chloe invited us to get boba on a weeknight.
Maybe she finished studying early or [Dance music plays.]
Whoa! What's going on? Crowd: Go, Chloe! Go, Chloe! Go, go! Go, Chloe! [Cheering.]
- Hey! - Chloe, what happened to you? I turned into a werebear after you bit me! Now, everybody loves me and wants to party with me! - Whoa, really? - Come on! Let's go have some bear times.
Ice Bear ready to have Ice Bear times.
Chloe: Hey, guys! Meet my fam.
- Wassup, fellas.
- This is my dad.
Wait, what? No, no, no, no.
I just bit her hand and she turned into a werebear.
W-We're not technically related, although I view her as family.
Ice Bear not ready to be father.
I'm thirsty! Me want boba.
Chloe, where are you going? Oh, Master Bear? Can you bite me, too? Yeah, I want to be cool like Chloe, too! [Growls.]
Ahh! [Growls.]
Seriously, dude, come on.
Just bite me right here.
[Chloe growling.]
Help! Ahh! Ow! Help me! Chloe! Aw, her feral bear instincts are kicking in! Out of my way! Chloe, stop! - Grab her arms! - Ah! Hold still, Chloe! [Growling.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! [Clatter.]
- What do we do? - Call the popo or something! Oh, yeah.
Uhh [Screams.]
[All screaming.]
Professor: Stop! [Music.]
What a shame.
My own student, turned into a beast.
[Growls, roars.]
Ha! Didn't I teach you, Chloe? No werewolf can withstand silver.
Ah! Chloe! Don't hurt her! - Chloe! - Chloe, you okay? Oh, Chloe.
Please, do something! What have you done? You monster.
Ice Bear does not forgive.
Do not worry, bears.
Pain is good.
It means the evil inside her is reacting to it.
What does that even mean? Um, Chloe? [Grunts, roars.]
What? Impossible! What kind of wolf bit her? - Hey.
- Wait, what? So, she's not a werewolf? Um, maybe more like a werebear, to be exact? Ohh well, in that case, I can't really help.
I only specialize in werewolves.
Can't help ya.
Uhh thanks? [Growls.]
Huh? Hey, look she's full bear now.
What do we do? She has class tomorrow.
- "H.
" - Rawr? Oh, well.
Close enough, right? Charlie: Ooooooooh! Well, thanks for giving ol' Charlie's stories a listen.
So, what'd ya'll think? [Clicks.]
Ooh! Candy! Happy Halloween! [Munch, munch.]
[Furious typing.]
- Done! - Done!
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