We Bare Bears (2015) s03e33 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Crow cawing.]
Young Grizz: Ooh, sweet! It's the first road sign we've seen in a week, guys! Just 150 miles left to go! If we power walk, we can make it before winter! [Panda panting.]
What?! I can't go on for that long, Grizz! This is how the pioneers died! Ugh! Why can't the world just give us chocolate?! [Sniffles.]
Don't worry! We'll make it to Colorado, Pan Pan! And then we'll eat barrels of chocolate! White chocolate, artisan chocolate we're gonna eat so much, we'll explode from sweetness! It's a brother's promise! [Chuckles.]
It'll be a dentist's nightmare.
- Onwards for chocolate! - Yeah! Crow: Caw! [Screams.]
[Crow cawing.]
Young Grizz: Whoa! A bunch of bunnies! - Competent bunnies! - Crow: Caw! [Bunnies squeal.]
Caw! Caw! [Gasps.]
They're in trouble! Come on! Vigilante justice! Uh, guys, we we shouldn't get involved! [Screams.]
[Crow cawing, bunnies squealing.]
Caw, caw, caw! [Chittering.]
Ah, no! Aah! Aah! I'm neutral! [Screams.]
[Crow cawing.]
Hyah! Be gone, foul creature! [Cawing.]
Young Grizz: [Grunts.]
Take that Super boulder attack! [Crow cawing.]
That's right! I hereby banish you from this land! That's enough, Grizz! What if it gets angry and comes back?! But it totally attacked you and those bunnies! I should have chucked that corn cob at it, too.
Huh? [Screaming.]
Huh? [Music.]
Whoa! Is this a crown? - Have we been knighted? - Ugh, get off shoo! [Cooing.]
Ugh! These bunnies kind of stink! No, thank you.
Uh, I think he's telling us to leave now.
Nonsense, Panda! 'Cause I can speak some rabbit! He says they're grateful for help! [Squeaks.]
What, was that? [Squeak.]
Oh! He wants to repay us! And And want to show us their real home! [Drums beating.]
[Soft music plays.]
[Grizz munching.]
Ugh! Smells even worse in here.
Grizz, don't you think we should get going soon? Remember the chocolate festival? You promised.
Just take it easy, Pan.
We're their honored guests! Ooh, a date! - Wow, Grizz.
- [Rhythmical thumping.]
Ah! Huh? [Music.]
Ooh! He's the elder! [Munches.]
You can tell from his eyebrows.
- What is this? Is this entertainment? - No, Pan! He's going to tell the story of the bunny tribe! [Chittering.]
Young Grizz: "Long ago, the bunnies of the valley lived in harmony growing bountiful food, peacefully for generations.
Until one day, the crows came enough to block out the sun!" Not them again.
[Bunnies squeak.]
Aah! Hey! Young Grizz: "They terrorized all of bunny-kind, stole the food, and we spiraled into despair! But, suddenly, one day, three bears appeared!" Hey, that's us! "They vanquished them with a mighty pebble and saved all of bunny-kind in the valley!" [Tapping.]
[Playing upbeat tune.]
[Cheerful squeaks.]
Uh, Grizz, I think we've been here long enough.
Oh, All right! You want to dance? Let's go! [Music continues, bunnies squeaking.]
Whoo! Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Mm.
Hey, what? Oh.
Ah, food for the road! Thanks, Gramps! Wish we could stay, but we've gotta be on our way.
Time for chocolate finally! [Squeaking.]
[All squeaking.]
Welp, good-bye! [Bunnies squeaking.]
Aagh! Get off! Why are they freaking out, Grizz?! [Bunny squeaks.]
Oh, man! He says the crows are coming back, but this time with their whole entire army flock - just like in the pictures! - What?! That's way too many! [Grunts.]
Come on, guys.
We gotta go! But we can't just leave them defenseless! Just look at them! [Whimpering.]
Uh, uh, uh - They look fine to me! Come on! - Don't be like that, Panda.
But you promised we'd get to the chocolate festival, Grizz! Forget about these bunnies! We've always been on our own, and we're fine! Why can't they be the same? So there! Let's go, little bro.
Come on, Panda, they need help.
Hmph! Well, fine! I choose life! And chocolate! Hmph! Get off! No, let him go.
We'll catch up to him later.
[Bunny squeaks.]
Huh? [Whimpers.]
Hmph, right! Saving these bunnies is more important right now! Okay, let's see what skills you have.
[Bunnies squealing.]
Maybe that wasn't the right approach.
Let's see, what other skills do bunnies have? Digging, hopping, crafting, I guess? I think I got an idea! [Music.]
Heh, heh! We're ready for you, crows! [Wind howling.]
[Martial drums beating.]
[Crows cawing.]
Thank you, Corporal.
Okay, pull! [Grunting.]
[Dramatic music plays.]
Young Grizz: [Grunts.]
Yes, yes! Got it! [Crows squawking.]
It worked! [Bunnies squeak happily.]
We did it! No! No, no, no! We need another pumpkin! [Crow caws.]
[Crows cawing.]
Let's get out of here! [Crows cawing.]
They're probably getting eaten by crows right now.
Not my fault.
I'm right.
[Car approaches.]
A car! Hey, hey! All: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Oh, hey, brothers.
- Looks like a bear.
- Pick him up! Hey, hey! Hi, there! Are you going to the festival? Oh, yeah, man.
We're heading there right now! We're going to eat chocolate till we explode! - Yeah! Want to join? - Really?! Yes! All right! Me and my two bros over here are gonna get there no matter what! We even ditched a fourth brother! Yeah! Because chocolate is more important than family.
[Crows cawing.]
[Bunnies squealing.]
Young Grizz: There's too many! What do we do, Mr.
President? [Squeaking.]
We don't have nukes! Huh? [Screams.]
Caw! Don't eat their food eat me instead! - Young Panda: Brothers! - Huh? Bunnies! I've come back! I'll never ditch my family! I'll never not help someone in need! [Crow caws.]
Oh! Aah! [Bunnies squeak.]
Ow, oof! [Thuds.]
- Panda, you came back! - [Groans.]
What did I miss? Well, we tried to build a scarecrow.
- But then we sort of goofed.
- Caw, caw! [Bunnies whimpering.]
Guys, get off! This is no time for a bunny hug.
Wait a minute.
"Bunny hug.
" That's it! Hug me.
Hug me! Everyone, hug me! Love me! Hug me! Embrace my bosom! Hug me, hug me! More, more! Love me! Hug me! Everyone, hug me! [Music.]
More, more! Hug me! Hug me! [Music.]
Whaaat!? [Music.]
I am become Bunny the destroyer of crows.
Fear me! Fear me! [Music.]
[Crows cawing.]
Leave this land and never retu-u-u-urn! [All roaring.]
[Slow motion yell.]
What the heck is that?! [Music.]
Drive faster, Freddy! Faster! [All screaming.]
Now onwards! Onwards to Denver! Aah.
Aah [All screaming.]
[Heavy thud.]
Panda, you did it! You're a hero! Young Grizz: A little more, a little more.
Yep, got it! [Music.]
Welp, looks like you guys are well protected now! [All cheering.]
- [Laughs.]
Whoa! - We'd love to stay longer! But we promised to get to the festival, no matter what! So long! We love you! Be brave! [Bunnies cheering.]
- I'm sorry I left, guys.
- No worries, little bro.
Everything worked out in the end.
Those bunnies are going to be just fine! [Wind howls.]
[Bunnies shrieking.]
Whoa! [Grunts.]

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