We Bare Bears (2015) s03e34 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Italian music playing.]
[Pigeon coos.]
Grizzly: Ah, so tasty.
Five stars fo' sho'.
Panda: Oh, man, we ate so much spaghetti.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear.
Pasta Bear.
Ah, I can't wait to chomp down - on those leftovers when we get home.
- Leftovers? Grizz, you know that was a buffet, right? Well, it said, "All you can eat.
" - So I took all I could eat! - Okay.
Man, what a beautiful day! The sun shining, the birds are chirping Huh? Oh! Aww, heck, y'know what? [Grunting.]
Forget about home I'm hungry right now.
But But, Grizz, we we just ate.
- I know.
- Okay.
Well, catch you later then.
Okay, see ya! [Music.]
Oh, yeah.
Mmm! [Slurps.]
- Man: Ack! Shoo! Get away! - Huh? It's my sandwich! [Pigeon coos.]
Scram, you rat with wings! [Scoffs.]
[Pigeon coos sadly.]
Well, that kind of rudeness is uncalled for.
Hey, li'l buddy, I'll share my lunch! C'mon coo! Coo! Yeah, that's it! Come on over.
Here it's not bread, but it's still a carb.
[Pigeon cooing.]
Aww! Look at you go! Ohh, who could ever be mean to such a cute face? Ahh, there's plenty more where that came from, friend! Whoa! [Chuckles.]
Hey, ya got a li'l nub leg there, huh? I'll call you Nub.
Nubsy uh Oh.
Brenda! [Chuckles.]
Oh, Brenda! You got some sauce on ya.
Ahh, the dulcet tones of an angel.
Huh? Oh! Friends! [Chuckles nervously.]
Welp, the more, the merrier! Some for you [Music.]
[Pigeons slurping.]
and you.
[Pigeon slurping.]
Meatballs for everybody! Ahhh! Mmm.
Mmm! [Both slurping.]
Mmm, so good! [Gasps.]
Hey, you! Whaddya think you're doing?! Can't you read, ursine?! No feeding the pigeons! - They're pests.
- Uh, it's not what it looks like.
I-I wasn't feeding them.
Uh [Muffled.]
We were just hanging out.
[Dramatic music plays.]
Welp, carry on then you strange bear.
Phew! Man, what is wrong with people? What a dumb rule.
You're not pests, you're friends! And I promise I'ma stick by you no matter what.
Now c'mon! Our day is just getting started.
Pigeon party fo' sho'! [Upbeat music plays.]
Yo I'm so glad I met you guys.
You're my best friends.
As the days go by, I count on my, count on my Let me tell you 'bout my best friends On my best friends You're my best friends [Rapping.]
# Best friends # You never know where they come from These friends you find with a trail of bread crumbs These days, a good friend is hard to find I would have found you sooner if I learned to fly Other birds peck the bread that I leave behind Spaghetti is the way that I caught your eye You reach me from the air, I reach you on the ground As long as there are statues, I can find you around As the days go by, I count on my, count on my Let me tell you 'bout my best friends On my best friends You're my best friends As the days go by, I count on my, count on my Let me tell you 'bout my best friends On my best friends [Echoing.]
# You're my best friends # Best friends [Electronic breakdown.]
# We don't speak the same language # But it's easy to see That we're the best friends that friends can be Some say the best things in life are free I say the best things come with two wings and a beak As the days go by, I count on my, count on my Let me tell you 'bout my best friends On my best friends You're my best friends As the days go by, I count on my, count on my Let me tell you 'bout my best friends On my best friends This is Craig, Tanya, Steve-O, Pumpkin, Socks, Jermaine, and of course Brenda! - Brenda and I go way back.
- That's, uh, that's cool, Grizz.
Just make sure they don't get too rowdy, okay? Ice Bear won't clean up after birds.
Ah, don't worry.
I got it.
Oh, and get this I'm even starting to pick up some of their language.
[Brenda cooing.]
Um, yeah.
Oh, y-you just bought a new hat! [Cooing continues.]
Uh, a used hat, then? [Cooing continues.]
- Brenda wants talk in private.
- Oh, Brenda! Of course, of course pardon us, bros.
Pigeons, pigeons, they're so coo You eat everything, and I do, too [Pigeons cooing.]
[Door closes.]
I mean, at least it's not a burrito.
Okay, so, what's on your minds, friends? Y'all know you can tell me anything.
[Pigeons cooing.]
Huh? What's this, now? Aww! More of your friends? W-Wait a second, they're trapped? Unbelievable! Ahh! Why does everyone have a thing against pigeons, huh?! I mean, if they only knew you like I do, they'd know how cool you are.
Is there anything I can do to help? Huh? [Pigeons cooing.]
Man, you guys type faster than I do.
Huh? [Whirring continues.]
When did I get a printer? Oh! A map! All right, that settles it.
Let's go save your friends! For pigeonhood! [Hard-rock music plays.]
Okay, let's see here uh, that way! [Pigeons cooing.]
Is this right? Huh? Maybe in here? Hmm.
Wha! - Hi, there! - Ugh! [Pigeons cooing.]
So the map ends here.
Uh, you sure your friends are captured here, Brenda? [Brenda coos.]
Well, okay.
If you say so.
Dead end.
What now? [Brenda cooing.]
Oh, that's great idea, Brenda! All right, friends.
Do the thing.
[Pigeons cooing.]
I love the thing! Hup! Ha! All right, where's the bad guys? I'll mess 'em up real quick, like whacha, whacha! Aah! [Grunts.]
That hurt.
[Pigeons cooing.]
Huh? [Pigeons cooing.]
Oh, no! Brenda's friends! You guys are really trapped in here! Okay, don't worry, bros.
I'll get you outta there.
Ha! Ha! All right, new friends! You're free! Step into freedom! [Dramatic music plays.]
Uh, what's up with the bandanas? [Alarm sounding.]
Ah! Huh, wha? [Music.]
State prison? State prison?! Huh?! [Gasps.]
The Pigeon Cartel?! [Dramatic music playing.]
- I just committed a crime.
- Woman: This is the police! - Aah! - We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up! Hey! We see you up there! Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
This is for real.
Huh? [Pigeons cooing.]
Brenda? What's going on!? I thought we were rescuing your friends! What are you doing with the Pigeon Cartel?! [Brenda cooing.]
Brenda, no! You're one of them?! [Pigeons cooing.]
Wha no, wait! You can't just leave me here! Brenda! Tanya! Pumpkin! Jermaine! I-if you leave me here, I'll report all of you! I know all of your names! [Pigeons cooing.]
[Brenda coos menacingly.]
Huh? Uh ah! On second thought, I didn't see anything! [Pigeons cooing angrily.]
Ah! No, wait, please! Not the thing! Aah! No, no, no, no, no, too high! Too high! Aah! Whoa! Please spare me! I have a family back home! Reporter: Breaking news at 7:00.
This just in, a massive prison break tonight.
Police have identified him as Grizz.
Aah! Someone help me! - Man: Put your wings where I can see 'em! - Huh? [Music.]
Come peacefully or we will take appropriate measures.
Blow these suckers outta the sky.
Gah! [Yelling.]
Oh, no! I'm slipping! Gah! Aaaah! [Brenda coos.]
Aaaah! [Music.]
Gah! Brenda! You came for me! You care! [Brenda cooing, strained.]
That's it, girl! Keep flapping them wings! You can do it! [Electronic music playing.]
If we stay in our car, we don't have to do anything.
Huh?! [Grunts.]
[Brenda cooing meekly.]
We've captured the fugitives, 10-4.
I'm innocent guh.
[Police radio chatter.]
You're lucky to be alive, son.
Not many get to live after interacting with the Pigeon Cartel.
Um, Officer, what's gonna happen to that pigeon over there? Huh? Oh, that one? Oh, she's getting locked up for good this time.
We're looking at about six years which is their entire life span.
[Brenda coos sadly.]
- [Gasps.]
No, Brenda! - Let it go, Grizz! It's just a pigeon! [Cooing continues.]
[Mellow music.]
[Brenda cooing.]
Hey! [Coos.]
You got a visitor, Brenda.
All right, you got 15 minutes! Guarding birds for a living I hate my job.
Hey, Brenda.
Sorry you're in prison.
Um we still cool? [Brenda coos.]
Oh, uh, here, I got this for you.
I know how much you like spaghetti, so I went back to good ol' Luigi's for your favorite.
[Cooing agreeably.]
Aw, don't worry about it.
That's what friends are for! And you and I we're friends forever, Brenda.
No matter what.
Even jail.
Try this.
Yeah, you like that, right? Oh, I'll be here every Tuesday.
- # As the days go by, I count on my, count on my # - Okay, I can come more often.
Here, you gotta try this.
You can have cheese, right? - Are you lactose No? - # You're my best friends # - It's so good.
- # You're my best friends # - Done.
- Done!
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