We Bare Bears (2015) s04e03 Episode Script

Hurricane Hal

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Classical music.]
It is I, Professor Lampwick.
Now, why am I here, and where are the bears? [Laughs.]
Patience, young scholars.
All will be explained in due time, for tonight, you will learn everything is connected.
This just in, Hurricane Hal is making his way up north.
Let's talk with our specialist, Cindy.
The storm is stronger, and Aah! This may be the storm of the decade.
In other news, southern California's cutest dog has Yo, peeps, check out my sweet kite.
Now, I don't mean to brag, but I think it's safe to say that my kite is the best kite ever.
- Not too shabby, Grizzo.
- Real recognize real.
- Permission to speak freely, sir! - Permission granted.
That kite couldn't fly even if it grew wings.
Hey now, rangers, never underestimate the value of self-made products.
And I'll have you know that my kite is made from the finest paper grocery bag and attached to the strongest, thickest rope.
Oh, wait, wait, watch this.
- Hey, hey.
Check it out, girls.
- Whoa.
That's all.
Ha! That's nothing compared to our arsenal of kites.
Let's show him, Poppy Rangers! Wait, what's so special about Wallace's kite? [Chuckles.]
[Eagle cries.]
- Whoa, did you just draw that? - Rock on, Wallace.
- Yeah, let's go! - Whoo! [Kids cheering.]
- Wait up, Wallace! - [Laughs.]
Huh? [Eagle cries.]
I call dibs on that one! Ha, ha! [Laughter.]
[Thunder rumbles.]
Oh, guess we should've paid attention to the weather report.
Martinez: Calling Ranger Tabes, come in.
Go for Tabes.
We got a mud pit emergency involving two squirrels, south gate very muddy.
Oh, no! Dave and Becky! Rangers, we're gonna have to call it a day.
All: Aw! - But I wanted to fly my kite.
- Everybody inside! Grizz, can you watch the girls while I'm gone? - Aye, aye, Ranger Tabes.
- Thanks.
I can always count on you, Grizz.
This way, girls.
Come on in.
Girl: I worked so hard.
[Thunder crashes.]
Charlie: Whoo-wee! Thanks for helping me find a new door for my house, Pan Pan.
Now I won't freeze in the cold.
You're welcome, but space.
[Thunder rumbles.]
Oh, my phone's getting wet! Quick, get inside my house.
Ho, ho! That storm hit harder than an ice cube.
At least my phone's safe.
Man, looks like this storm's gonna last a while.
- You should stay here till it clears.
- Hmm, okay.
Just until it clears.
[Tapping on window.]
Both: Huh? Look what the storm dragged in.
Hey, buddy.
Let's get you out of the rain.
Huh? W-Wait, that's a snake, Charlie! - Aah! - Ah, he's harmless.
Aah! Please, Charlie! I don't like snakes.
It's finally happening.
My only two friend groups are colliding.
Best friends forever! [Horn honking.]
Best friends forever! [Horn honks.]
Wow, that was so fun! I didn't know you could skate so well.
Ice Bear brings the thunder.
[Thunder rumbles.]
Aah! It's raining! Quick, let's get out of here.
Gotcha! [Snoring.]
Aah! Oh, my gosh, I fell asleep! Oh, looks like everything's fine.
Hmm, wait a minute.
One, two, three, four.
All right, where's Wallace? - Wallace is outside flying her kite.
- What? Wallace! Wallace! It's time to go inside, buddy! - Wallace, can you hear me? - Huh? Oh, hey, bear guy.
Isn't this weather amazing? It's so windy! Oh, wait, watch this.
Girls: Ooh! Uh, okay, t-that's very cool, Wallace, but but we should really get back inside, okay? [Thunder crashes.]
[Girls scream.]
Man, pretty wild storm, huh? [Hisses.]
Aah! And your snake isn't helping! But we're all friends now, Pan Pan, and friends help each other in times of need.
[Tapping on window.]
Huh? Carl! What are you doing away from the missus? Wait, Charlie, that's a wolf! Ah, no need to worry, Pan Pan, he's cool.
- Aah! - Oh, whoa, whoa! Carl, this is my buddy, Pan Pan, and of course you know snake.
Okay, Charlie, seriously, no more animals.
[Tapping on window.]
[Carl whines.]
[Snakes hiss.]
[Thunder crashes.]
The wheels on the bus go round and round Round and round Take it away, Henry! [Bellows.]
- Nailed it! - [Groans.]
All right, everyone out! It's ridiculous how many animals are in this car! Looks like little Pan Pan could use a hug.
[Snakes hissing.]
No, no, no, no! - Wait, wait, wait! Charlie! - Oh, come on, Pan Pan.
Imagine what it's like to be outside in this weather.
[Cellphone pinging.]
Ugh, we can't call a cab.
How are we gonna get home? [Horn honks.]
Oh, come on! We're drenched! [Sighs.]
This isn't looking good.
- Ice Bear is worried about Chloe.
- I'm I'm fine.
Kinda cold.
[Shudders, sneezes.]
Ice Bear has idea.
[Thunder crashing.]
Whoo! Oh, yeah.
Hey, Wallace, yeah, that's enough.
[Wind howls.]
It's not safe! Pshh! Wallace is good out here.
Whoa! Aah! - Oh, no! Mighty eagle! - Wallace, let it go! Now, come on, how about some hot chocolate back at the ol' station? Yeah, okay, it is kind of crazy out here.
Whoa! [Chuckles.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Aah! Wallace! Come back! [Screaming.]
Oh, this is bad! Bear guy, bear guy, your kite! Okay, we got you, Wallace.
Hang in there, kid! [Screams.]
Ooh, lovely.
You have a fine falsetto, Roger.
I think that's deserving of a treat.
How about a fresh, nice, juicy cheesy poof? Here you go.
[Panda shouting.]
Hold on, boys, there's plenty more where that came from.
Quit it, would you? Aah! Oh, we're just having a fun time, that's all.
This isn't fun, this is chaos.
- Oh, come on, now, Pan Pan.
- Ugh.
Wha? Whoa Everyone stop! [Panting.]
Nobody move.
[Dramatic music.]
[Car creaks.]
Oh, beans.
[Seat belts click.]
[Panda screaming.]
Charlie, take the wheel! Do something, anything! Pan Pan, I don't think this is a good idea.
Wow, this is a good idea.
How do we know we're going the right way, though? - Achoo! - Ice Bear has internal GPS.
Also, bless Chloe.
Well, it is definitely nice to be out of the rain.
Oh, hey! Cut it out, man! [Tracks rattling.]
[Dramatic music.]
Wait, what? Aah, aah! A subway tunnel?! - Ice Bear regrets everything.
- We got to go! [Screaming.]
Get me down! [Grunting.]
Whoa! Poppy Rangers, grab the rope now! Girls: Yes, sir! - Diaz! - Parker! - Murphy! - Nguyen! All: Wallace! [Screaming.]
Charlie, this is so bad! Aah! A tree! Steer around it! Whoa, nice save, Charlie.
Ha, ha! Yeah! I'm a natural, huh? - Look, no hands.
- I mean, there's no need to show off.
[Eagle cries.]
It's gaining on us! We got to think of something faster! Whoa! - Ice Bear train.
- Wha? [Music.]
Aah! I'm slipping! I'm slipping! No! [Dramatic music.]
[Thunder crashes.]
Lampwick: Hmm.
Life is strange, isn't it? [Music.]
We cannot predict such things as tragedy bravery uh, well, whatever this is.
But, though we may never understand the events of the world, we can change them.
For it's a fundamental of human and bear nature.
Aah! The will to survive and the will to protect.
We are not alone in this world.
Oh, Pan man! We are all connected by invisible threads, and those threads, well [chuckles.]
they may just save your life.
Aah! [Grunts.]
[Electricity crackling.]
[Music continues.]
[Train screeches.]
Huh? [Both sigh.]
Well, well.
Now perhaps you understand what I mean when I say everything is connected.
All you have to do is look.
- Done! - Done!
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