Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - David! - Give me the money and you can "rock me", because I already have everything.
Got it? David, can you please concentrate? Give me the money.
Nine and ten.
All right.
And here we have: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
We have ten thousand more.
So that makes a total of 424,000.
- Okay.
Did you count these ones? - Yes.
- And you'll get - Two hundred and twelve thousand.
- Right.
- Look, this isn't fair.
We should share it out equally.
Who's that? Hide it all.
- Quick.
- Damn! - Hello.
- What are you doing here? Your mother said you came by some cash on the sly.
- Wait a moment.
Listen! - I'm going to kill her Who was that? Wrong house.
- Get the money, go.
- Go.
The money you have is of no use to you.
You're still ruined.
Oh, fuck.
You're ruined! Oh, God.
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Why did you call him? Oh, darling, see we're having an affair.
I thought you were heartbroken.
You get over the last one with the next one.
So it goes.
Gimme a break.
But it's his fault they robbed a highly valuable painting from us.
And he put a camera in our house, twice! For the record, the second time was unintentional.
- Let's listen to him, it can't hurt.
- Sure.
Sure, man, let's listen to him.
I can't believe this.
All right.
Imagine that the What's your name again? - Me? Fran.
- Fine.
Get up, please Up, please.
Imagine that Fran magically finds three coins.
Bravo, bravissimo.
Thank you very much.
And that with these three coins he decides to buy something he has been dreaming of, which is - Can we have another volunteer? - A hyper-realistic inflatable doll.
- David! - Very well, an inflatable doll.
Then, Fran goes happily to the sex-shop, to buy one of these realistic dolls that makes you feel as if you were with a real woman.
Right, you naughty boy? But what Fran doesn't know is that meanwhile there is somebody in the tax office who smells a rat.
But we have no records of Fran earning so much money.
How can he afford such a nice doll? - I don't want it, I'll return it.
- No! Too late, against the wall! Check the house from top to bottom! And you, put on your pants.
What will you say to the tax collectors? That the money has appeared as if by magic? No! That'll call too much attention.
They'll want to seize your accounts, and contact Eduardo.
So, what should we do? - Imagine that Fran - No.
No? Let's imagine someone else Imagine that - that Àlex - Don't touch me! Fantastic.
Àlex magically finds three coins.
And wants to spend them Hiring a lawyer, instead? On a villa on the Costa Brava? But since she doesn't want to go to jail, she calls her friend Fran, who has turned his passion into a profession and has opened a sex-shop.
He likes his vices, he does! Then, Fran and Àlex put this money into the sex-shop.
How? With fake purchases to the value of three coins.
Miss, please.
Thank you very much.
- What? - The coins.
Oh, fuck.
The coins.
Attention! Show me what's in your hand, please.
They pay their taxes, and convert those two coins into clean money.
And this is called, ladies and gentlemen money laundering.
He's so knowledgeable! He tells it as it is.
So, we need Fran to open his sex-shop, right? - Mother, please.
- Metaphorically speaking, sweetheart.
And he's to invoice 300,000 euros the next day? No.
You'll attract attention.
We need a company that has been operating for some time, that has a sales distributor and is managed by a trustworthy person.
- That's very difficult.
- Yes.
Wait a moment.
No, of course not.
- Yes.
- No, my aunt's haberdashery.
- But she closed it when she retired.
- No, the Electropipes.
That company still exists? Yes, I felt terrible for shutting it down.
- Well, then that's the solution.
- Wait a moment.
We need stock so that the transaction is credible.
- Do you have more Electropipes? - A couple of them, in the room.
And when you were all excited at the beginning and ordered 4,000 more, and you didn't sell even one? Do we have to go into so much detail? Where are those pipes now? Gone.
Gone how? What does that mean? They have to be somewhere.
Of course.
Lola has them.
Who is Lola? The groupie? - That girlfriend you had? - The hot one? What's Lola doing with them? Well, she helped with the business, took care of the accounts, and when we broke up, she had them.
Then it's solved.
You'll go and ask her, end of story.
She must be in "Kurcijistan" or Cape Verde, or who knows where.
- She's always traveling.
- Maybe she's back.
- Can you find her? - No.
- Why? - Because I deleted her number.
I wanted to forget about her.
But didn't you break up when she fucked your friend? - Who did she fuck, Culebra? - Koala.
Who is Koala? - The one who went to school with Cangrejo.
- That was Sardina.
- No.
- Wait a second guys, please focus.
- Man.
- Do you have your friend's phone number? No, I'm no longer friends with Koala.
I'm telling you, that woman will be somewhere in the ass end of nowhere.
- Well, call her.
- No.
- Why not? - No.
- Call her.
- I won't! - Why can't you call her? - Because I don't want to.
Nando, this is the only option we have.
- Call her.
- Please.
- Allô, Allô? - You're such a pain.
And a WhatsApp? Wait a moment.
Hello, good morning.
Hi, how’s it going? Good? Sorry, do you know if there's a girl here by the name of Lola? Who maybe has a caravan on this campsite? Ohh, I don't know.
There are lots of people here.
Give me more details about her.
Sure, man, she is treacherous, unfaithful and given to conspiracies.
- I see.
- Sound familiar? Well, maybe you better ask Xiqui, she knows everyone here, and you can find her over there.
Thank you.
Didn't know where she was.
I look around, and I see that it is right next to me.
Then, I get closer, trying not to make noise, and suddenly I see that the snake is hanging off the strap of my camera.
Hanging off me just so, as if it were a necklace.
Look, like Clàudia.
- The snake? - A snake, like this thick.
Well, I reach out, trying to touch her.
And just when I'm about to do so The snake turns her head and stares at me.
- Like that gentleman? - Which gentleman? That one.
Yes, exactly like that gentleman.
In fact, that gentleman, if he looks closely at you, can hypnotize you just like snakes do.
He did it to me onstage.
Fifteen years ago.
I'll finish the story later.
No! Yes! Stories are much more fun when you pick them up again them.
Go, bye! I love it like that! Very good! - Bye! - You liked it.
Bye! Bye.
Have you known these worms long? Since today, this morning.
I see.
Are you going to hug me or not? Yes.
Of course.
By the way, you haven't even thanked me.
Thank you for what? Dude For the inflatable dolls.
Oh, I have to thank you.
Look, hon, until not so long ago, for Àlex, you were like a table or a tree, got it? An object without a dick.
What? Yes.
Now, when she thinks about this morning, Àlex will see the image of my older brother, Fran, fucking.
- Excuse me? - Yes, believe me.
Right now, you are in another league.
You're in the Champions League.
One of these days, when thinking about him fucking, she'll think: "What if this doll were me?" - The beginning of a great love story.
- Yes? You're a pervert, David.
No, Fran, she's right where you want her.
l slotted you a pass and you just have to put it in the net.
- Good, Nando will come and - There is more important work to do.
What are you doing? Don't touch it, don't touch my laptop.
Brother, information is power.
Man! - That's illegal.
- Her photos are public.
Well, really, she's pretty hot.
- Jeez, what a tiny bikini.
- Come on, stop and help me with this.
Dude, she has a boyfriend.
His name is Dídac, he's a DJ and he's pretty loaded, dude.
Here you have everything you need to conquer her.
To find out what kind of man Àlex is into.
We will watch him closely, find out what we can do - If you want to do it, of course - Come on, David.
Calm down.
I just want to help you, you're 24 and you're still a virgin.
I'm sorry.
I've been repairing the engine all morning and it's in bad shape.
- How are you? - Well.
What are you up to? Fancy a beer? Okay.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- How did you find me? - What? Well, I came for What is that? I did a lot just like this one.
I put Loctite on a balloon to paste this.
You used my Electropipes to do that? I sold them on the streets in Vietnam for 25,000 dongs.
Look, Lola.
Look, if we are fair, half of the money belongs to me.
If 25,000 dongs is one euro.
I spent it on rice with vegetables.
What? You sold them for a euro? Listen, they are worth at least 15, Lola.
Nobody wanted the Electropipes.
I looked for the merchant who gave us that big order at the beginning, okay? To try to load them off on him.
He hadn't sold a one.
- Not a one.
- You could've given them back.
But you told me not to go near you ever again.
But did you come to see me for the Electropipes? What? No, I didn't.
What? God, you are a poor liar.
As usual.
I got a good opportunity to sell them, that's all.
I'm sorry.
All right.
I shouldn't have come.
I'm sorry.
Nando! Wait, wait a moment.
- Take it.
- A stone? It's from the stage of the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.
No, really? Yes, I went there in 2006.
I sent it flying with a firecracker.
The police almost caught me.
I don't know, I thought you would like to have it.
The last Elvis concert? What are you saying? This stone heard Elvis singing for the last time live Are you serious? Forty years ago.
It's crazy, isn't it? Somehow here, in this stone the King's music is still vibrating no matter how much time has passed, you know? Lola Just like you and me.
- Lola - What? No.
- You know it's true.
- I don't.
I can't, no.
Why not? You know you can Yes, you can Miss, would you be so kind to pick a card, please? The man comes from the potato We have a volunteer, fantastic.
- Remember that card.
- I see.
Put it back wherever you like.
Fantastic! It's a special trick.
Not a card trick, but a mouth trick.
With my tongue, I will find the letter you picked.
How disgusting, really! Jesus.
Bravo, bravissimo.
Your card was the Queen of Spades.
Mine was the eight of clubs.
What? - What could have happened, dear? - I do not understand.
I've never failed.
I've never failed.
- Holy shit.
- It was the Queen of Spades.
- Hey, champ.
- Hey.
Goddamn it.
We were cleaning up the room, dude, I forgot, sorry.
- It's okay, I finished it myself.
- Perfect, dude, good job.
What I have to tell you, you can't tell anyone.
- Okay, Dídac, Àlex's boyfriend.
- Yes.
He's cheating on her with another girl in New York.
No! Does she know? No I don't know, I don't think so.
Look, I saw it in this picture.
Yes or no? It's hard to see it, but Well, one must be a bit of a freak, an obsessive stalker to see it, - but - You went through her Facebook.
Well, what should I do? Shall I tell her shall I not, or? I don't know, but you don't want to be the bearer of bad news.
Sure, so I'm not telling her, right? No, what you do is make a fake profile and send it to her.
- But that's wrong.
- No? It's perfect, Fran.
You're going to sit on a sure-fire plan and do nothing? What's more, you'll be doing her a favor and one for yourself.
I see.
You just have to send it.
- No, it's not that simple.
- Wow! Oh! Momma! The James Bond cop is here again.
- Miquel.
- Àngela.
Here you are.
- Yes.
- One more time.
- Yes.
- Is there something up? No.
No, I don't know.
Yes, I mean yes, no, yes Yes, I mean yes, I came - I came because - Yes? What? It's just you know what's happening? Since you came to the neighborhood, I I had a normal life.
Do you know what I mean? - Well - A normal life.
I'm not following you all that well, but tell me, go on.
Yes, I didn't take any confiscated instruments, I didn't have anyone in the official car, understand? Nor Nor Nor did I think about other women while fucking my girlfriend.
- Miquel, please.
- You know? I Àngela! Is anything wrong? What are you doing here, Miquel? No, it's because It seems that the house alarm went off.
- No, it's a false alarm.
- Yes, false alarm.
- Yes, of course, it was, but it's not.
- Yes.
Jesus, all day playing tennis.
- She's always stalking us.
- I see.
- Look, Miquel, listen to me - Yes, look, the thing is that I - I - I would like to ask you something, okay? One moment.
You know what's going on? That I cannot stop thinking of what happened yesterday, do you know what I mean? Tell me that you do.
Tell me that you thought about me, please - Okay Well, actually - Tell me.
- I've been a bit busy - I see.
What's the matter? It smells like death in here.
What do you mean, death? Don't you smell it? You mean this smell? But not of death, man.
- It must be the damp, right? - No.
Not that.
There's a dead rat or something, not joking.
- Let's see.
Jesus! - Miquel.
- What? - Listen to me now.
- What? What's the matter? What? - Miquel, we have to stop what we're doing.
What? But I know, but it's not a good time.
- You are married and - But And I really like you, but you know how this neighborhood is, there are no secrets.
- Àngela, but - I know, and I'm sorry, Miquel.
But you have got to go.
- Please, it's the best thing to do.
- No, I But I don't think I can do that right now, you know? I Yes, you can.
I'll look for the dead rat, okay? I'm sorry.
- Listen.
- What? And in the end, were you bitten by the snake of the camera? No, that was all a lie, but children love that story, just like you do the story of the stone.
- Isn't that true? - Sorry.
- Fuck.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
- Do you always have to be such a liar? That's why we're so cool together, we get one another.
I saw you leaving and I had to stop you.
I've missed you so much.
It's true.
- Okay.
- It's true.
- I'll have a quick shower.
- Okay.
Want to join me? If you do, we'll have to fit in like Tetris.
I'll wait for you here.
Do you have the pipes? No.
She sold them.
Oh, shit! And how is Lola? Lola is different.
Good different or bad different? Different.
Did you sleep together? Any other failed businesses that can help us? - No.
- Well, we have a problem.
We have two.
There is a huge motorhome coming into the garden.
Nando! What are you doing? - Lola.
- Didn't you want your fucking pipes? - Damn! Holy shit! - Screw yourself! Screw yourself! Where did you get them? The sales agent with that first order never moved them.
Thank you.
No, don't thank me.
That way I know I will never see you again.
- Lola - You're an asshole.
- You left without saying anything.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
- I swore I would never go back again.
- It was you who came to see me.
- I had to.
I needed the pipes.
And the sex was out of obligation too? - Fuck.
- Hello! - Everything okay? - Fine.
And you, lady, don't you have anything better to do? Honestly? No.
We can go in.
Listen, you can tell me about yourself, that we more or less don't Of course, I wanted to leave, but you didn't want me to.
You made that joke about a pebble.
- I didn't want to lose you again.
- You shouldn't have slept with my friend.
That was nine years ago.
Come on, nine years.
I made a mistake, I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry if I hurt you.
Yes, and very badly.
Well, look, if it still hurts, it's because we got along very well and you miss me.
Hey, don't freak out, Lola.
Nando, man! Who are you? Look at yourself.
Where did all your dreams go? You live with your brother's family because you're an amazing guy.
- But it's not your family.
- No, you have no fucking clue, Lola.
And what will you do the day Àngela finds another partner? Will you still be there sleeping on the couch? The children are growing up.
What will you do when they leave and you haven't made anything of yourself? Nando.
I have traveled a lot.
I've had to meet many people to find out that what we had was special.
You and I are special.
What do you want? Come with me.
- What? - Come with me, we will travel the world.
- No.
- Yes, we will start from scratch, why not? You're still in time to decide who you are.
You only have to get out of here.
Come on, now is our time.
What is stopping you? Nando? Everything alright? Yes, so Lola finally she brought the Electropipes by But she's leaving.
I saw that coming.
Thanks, Lola.
Bye, Lola.
Come on, let's bring them in.
- Are you alright? - I'm perfect.
- Dammit! Oh, shit! - What's the matter? - Go ahead, I'm coming.
- But Goddamn it.
What are you doing? Fixing this shit.
Go away, please.
- It's broken.
- Yes? And who broke it? Elvis? Don't worry.
I know you want me to leave.
- I see.
- May I fix the caravan? - Of course.
- Don't worry, I'll fix it and leave.
Go back to your pipes and your fake family Is something the matter? And what are you looking at? Okay, okay.
Mom told me to help you with the boxes.
Well, okay.
Come on.
- Everything alright? - Perfect.
Listen, Nando, may I ask you something? Tell me.
When she cheated on you, would you rather not have known? What? That.
That, what? If you hadn't found out, maybe you would still be together, right? - Would you rather not have known? - I would rather she hadn't cheated.
I see.
If you didn't know, it'd be like she hadn't done it.
Yeah, but she did.
So you would prefer someone to tell you? I guess so, yeah.
What is Lola still doing here? I don't know.
But you don't see how this chick acts like the sexy mechanic with me.
My boy! What, have you sent it or what? - Yes.
- Have you gone mad or what? How can you meddle in a relationship this way? But, but, it was you who told me.
The cheek of him.
So, we have 4,000 of these Electropipes.
And we want to launder 400,000 euros? It's 424,000.
Well, yes.
I thought that the 24,000 would be my commission.
He is trying to pull our leg again.
See? Come on, darling.
Don't be that way, daughter.
- I think he deserves it, the know-it-all.
- Yes.
- Go on, handsome.
- Thank you very much.
So, we must sell each pipe at 100 euros.
That's the price we'll set for the online store.
- Well, I'm going to meet the fake buyers.
- Where are you going with that? We have to advance the money to the fake buyers, 110 euros per pipe, - so that they make a little profit.
- Fine.
We'll go together.
No, no.
That's not possible.
These people don't want to see new faces.
- You saw what happened with the painting.
- You got tripped up too.
No, but I know these ones.
If they see me coming with you, we can forget about it.
Let him do it because Raül is experienced in this, please.
That's why he's the best lawyer, I guess.
But he's a sewer rat, mom, don't you see it? He acts like his mother is his secretary.
And what about you? If helping a poor helpless mother is considered being a rat, I'm a rat.
All right.
What do we do if he disappears? - Do we report him to the police? - No.
Look, wait, I know you have reasons to distrust me, but I just want to do my job, I promise.
Look, as a token of my goodwill, I'll leave my 24,000 there on the piano.
Yeah, of course, we're stupid, you're taking 400,000 with you.
We have to trust someone blindly after all, right? We know that you trust everyone, but in the end, you get conned.
Really, daughter, sometimes you are so nasty.
Now, why did you say that? You like to piss people off too - That's the truth.
- I trust him.
If you cheat on us, I will follow you wherever you go, and I will not let you escape.
It's just that Start preparing the packages.
Twenty pipes per package.
At 5pm the orders will start coming in.
Damn! Damn! Shit, where did it go? Damn! I can't.
Hey, you! Can you help me? Please, the one behind the cabin.
Hello! - I was watering the plants.
See - I see.
I didn't see you.
- How are you? - I I'm David.
Oh, no, but this doesn't help me.
And you, can you help me? Sara, please.
How do you know my name? When you were born, Nando only talked of you.
You don't know how jealous I was.
Let's see.
Great, help me here? - In return for a fresh lemonade.
- For what? For your little hands to fix the engine.
And then will you leave? Yes, of course.
I don't like lemonade, I'd prefer five euros.
Okay, we'll see.
Can you help me? This is very difficult to wash out.
I think you should wash it with soap.
Try the lemonade, you'll like it.
Well, that's it, this is It's not great.
I'll buy this pick off you for five euros.
No, this pick is not for sale.
It has sentimental value for me.
Okay, take it.
Surely Nando would like you to have it.
Thank you.
Were the gigs good? Man, the group was shit but Nando was a beast onstage, I had a crush on him.
- He has songs about you too.
- Yes.
- You shouldn't have left him.
- I didn't.
You slept with his friend.
Things aren't that simple.
No? Look.
When your father left, your mother was very sad.
You had just been born and Nando felt the need to help out.
He stopped playing with the band, going out with friends, - traveling with me - And you cheated on him.
- He wasn't the cool Nando anymore.
- Nando is very cool.
Very much, but before, he was the coolest.
You must let him go back to his life, he deserves it.
The lemonade was disgusting.
PRODUCTS "electropipes.
com", which I made in a HTML course.
It will not work, I'll tell you that now.
Raül must be taking an airplane to Honolulu now.
- In Castelldefels, of course, man.
- Well.
And here we will see the orders.
ORDERS There aren't any.
Listen, would you be more positive, please? Give people an opportunity, man; otherwise, do it yourself.
- Listen, we must have faith.
- I knew that already, that much was clear.
Let's not rush things, okay? Maybe I don't know, the clock is fast or It's gone past ten, you see? It's just that I knew it.
ELETROPIPES PIPES TO FLIP YOU OU Nothing at all? Alright! How you like them apples? - What! See? - What did I tell you? The Electropipes are a success.
You know we are paying for them to buy, right? - Of course.
- Oh, good, shut up.
Look, two.
They're flying.
Come on, let's go, I knew it.
- Just as well I had faith.
- By a whisker.
Sometimes you have to have faith Sara? Where is she? What's the matter? Nothing.
What's this? That woman gave it to me, from Nando's band.
What's up, Sara? - This Lola.
- What's up with her? - Wants to take Nando with her, I think.
- Take him away? He says that Nando was very cool before, and I don't know As if it were our fault he's a disgrace.
She says it in a way she doesn't seem so bad, but thinking about it later, you see she wants to whisk Nando away.
She won't leave, will she? - I don't know.
- Will you talk to her? - Yes.
- Promise? Go, run, go prepare the boxes with your brothers.
How dare you! Àlex, wait, don't you think that I deserve an explanation? Something? You don't deserve shit, Dídac.
Fuck you! Àlex, please, I love you.
- You can't leave me by Skype.
- I can and you know it.
Àlex, please, come on Holy shit! Perfect.
Holy shit.
Shit, dude, why are you here? Get lost! Damn! No, just I was coming out of the bathroom and I heard the laptop.
- Are you alright? - Yes, I'm fine, perfect.
Damn it.
What? Nothing, nothing.
Fran! That's another lie, I feel like shit.
All right.
I see.
- Sit with me.
I need to talk, dammit! - Yes.
I broke the laptop, great.
- Yes.
- Yes.
I broke up with Dídac.
Yes, some I heard something.
He was cheating on me.
I see You see what? No, it's that I see he's shameless.
- He's shameless.
- I know that.
I can't believe that asshole cheated on me.
I swear.
Fuck, I thought that if anyone would cheat, it would be me.
What a shit situation, dude.
I thought, I don't know that he, well I don't know.
Well Fran, why do I always fall for total assholes? Why can't I fall in love with good guys like you? Okay, now get lost.
Get lost, I want to be alone.
Go! - Fuck.
- Yes - How goes it? - Great, a non-stop party.
- What's the matter? - Nothing.
Man, you've got that face like you have something to say but don't know I'll understand.
What? There's a face for that? You have thousands of faces.
Yes, you have a face like "I'm smiling but I'm about to scold you," a face like, "Diet be fucked, I'm going to eat this cake" - Yes.
- Yes, wait.
You have a face like, "David, I love you very much but he plays it fast and loose.
" Yes, I could write the Àngela's Faces Dictionary.
Go ahead, I'm listening.
But I don't have to be mature enough.
Did Lola ask you to go with her? Look, you read faces too, don't you? In a way.
But I already said no to her.
- You don't have to stay for us.
- No.
I'm staying for myself.
Sure it's what you want? The years I lived with Lola were very cool.
The best years of my life.
The years with you, too.
Many years sleeping on a sofa.
- The caravan is not comfortable either.
- But you won't be alone.
Maybe it's time to to start over, right? And stop being the strange in-laws who live together.
Is there a way to turn this music off? - Look, Àngela - Yes, Nando, I already know.
It's not easy for me either, but you, you must live your life.
Is that what you want? Follow your heart.
It's not that simple.
Don't worry, we'll be fine.
Yes, I know if I tell Sara, I won't leave.
- Will you tell them? - Yes.
I'll call them tomorrow or whenever.
- And I'll come see you, okay? - Okay.
Is that noise Lola's caravan? - Yes, with the shitty engine.
- I see.
Damn! I love you all so much.
And we love you too.
Run, go, go.
Lola! Lola! Where are you going? Where are you taking me? Right now, to the garage.
You'll pay for the damage done to the caravan.
Well, that's small potatoes.
Let's go, get in! Nando? Nando! Mom! Mom! Mom, where is Nando? - Come, sweetheart - No, where is Nando? - Sara.
- Why did you let him go? Sara, listen to me Sara.
Sara, please! Sara! - Sara! Open up! - Not on your life! Fuck.
This grass is very good.
- Before leaving, we need to get some more.
- Okay.
- This is the last of it.
- Let me see.
- Are you alright? - Dammit! - Yes? - Yes.
I'm good.
A little weird, but They'll understand.
You were doing nothing there.
You know what? Since we split up, I knew that we would be together again.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah! I swear, really.
When we were apart, I suddenly realized how much you meant to me.
I started to believe in love, your better half and those silly things.
I tried fleeing halfway around the world.
But no country, no person, no drugs could quit the thought that it was you I wanted to be with.
How could we be so dumb as to waste time? Excuse me? You're right.
- Did you feel the same? - Exactly the same.
Can you stop? - Stop what? - Stop the caravan, please.
- Can you stop, Lola, please? - Yes, I'm stopping.
I have to go back.
- Why? Did you forget something? - In a way.
- What's the matter? - Look, I'm very sorry, but I - What? What's the matter? - Give me that.
What's up with you? I have to tell Àngela that I love her.
I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
Miquel! Miquel, what's the matter? Àngela, what's the matter? What's the matter? What's the matter? It's just that It's just that - The thing is, I left Lili.
- What? Yes, look, it's over.
But I I want to be with you.
I need to be with you.
- Why did you do that? No - I - You shouldn't have left Lili.
- Yes, but Okay, listen, it's fine.
I believe that you and I we deserve an opportunity, you know? The chubby boy who came to your brother's swimming pool, when we were kids, and you didn't even notice him he deserves an opportunity.
And the strong woman that you are, the strong woman who has always fought for her kids, who no longer knows how to be happy she deserves an opportunity.
And I think that I don't know I think it's time, and I know it's crazy, I know, but it's the most incredible thing in the world, it's the most I've never felt so sure, never, ever.
Yes? Tell me Tell me we deserve it.
Come on, tell me we deserve it.
Nando! Nando! I knew you would come back, I knew it.
Glad you're back.
- What's he doing here? - Nothing, the alarm.
I mean, a false alarm.
COMPLETE TRANSFER Asshole CURRENT BALANCE = ZERO EUROS - We want to withdraw from our account.
- The balance in that account is zero.
- Excuse me? - There is no money.
- Have you seen Lola out there? - You stole her heart.
What are you on about? She stole half a million from me! We shouldn't have left such an important matter in your hands.
- It just has a little amanita muscaria.
- What? - There's only amanita in there.
- These are magic mushrooms, Àngela.
The earth is calling me, Nando.
- Hey, what are you doing? - The earth is calling me! - You're not alone and you cannot talk? - Yes.
I see.
Well, look, I'll be very quick, okay? I'd love to go on this date we couldn't go on 20 years ago.
Why did you leave and then return? Did you come back for me? Yes, the first day you told us you were together.
Or was it a lie? No, yes, of course.
Yes, we're together.
- You go and say, look, honey.
- Man, honey? Darling? For once in your life, don't be a wimp and do it.
- Àlex! - What? Businessman or funnyman? If we don't bury him, where will angel "Saint Grabriel" find him? "Ga", "ga.
" Eduardo was killed by Victòria, with the help of the family.
This is trespassing! When he enters the house and sees what's in the freezer