Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES WHAT ARE THEY UP TO? CHEATING? MURDERER! EXPERT GOLD-DIGGER! Adela? Adela! Adela? Adela? No, don't come in! - What's this? What are you doing? - Don't look.
Don't look, Pere.
That's all.
I can explain.
I swear, we've come to a point that it seems to me this can't go on.
Pere, listen to me.
I've discovered some very shocking things.
I'm very close to proving that Victòria killed Eduardo with the help of her family.
I'm going to bed.
When you come to bed, try not to wake me up.
That's it? That's all? Adela, I've got nothing else to say because this sounds like madness.
Did you get it? Sure? Look! This photo is from the day when Àngela arrived, and the last day we saw Eduardo.
They arrive and he disappears.
Don't you think it's strange? I'm not surprised, darling.
I find it very clever.
If it was my family, I would do the same.
Listen to my theory, okay? The family asks Eduardo for money and he says no.
But, Victòria, who'd already thought about how to take his fortune, proposes a plan.
See? If they help her to kill him, they split the money between them.
No sooner said than done.
- They kill him! - My God, Adela, Jesus! Quiet! Then, they hide the body in the pool cabin, which is when they ran into us.
And, do you remember that these two said they were together? - Look! - Well, that, I don't know, I - I don't see it, no.
What is it? - Look.
What? They don't fit.
They don't fit together.
We don't fit, and we've been together for 12 years, six months and 13 days.
That long? Well, what about the party? Eduardo organizes a party and he doesn't go.
Why not? Because you organized it.
You're right, it was a surprise party.
But, then why did they bring a freezer? To put a body in it, right? - I see.
- Good God, Pere! Of course! Very good! Everything is clear, don't you see? If it's so clear, why don't you call the police? I thought about that, but since those two Adela, enough! For God's sake, please, enough.
Sweetheart, really! You have to understand that you and I are a boring couple.
Look, we live in a boring neighborhood.
Nothing happens here, darling.
There's only peace here, it's green, darling.
It's peaceful.
Will I tell you what we have here? The only thing here is a madwoman, who thinks she's in a detective story.
That's it! What? Are you happy now? You insulted me and now you're happy? Well, not that insulting.
Not that insulting? Yes, insulting, Pere, very insulting.
You called me a madwoman.
It was just a figure of speech, darling.
Well, that's not a figure of speech, Pere.
It's that I Sweetheart, I tell you, this is all too much for me.
That's why it makes no sense to me You have to stop this, darling.
I beg you, please, it's You have to stop.
Are you going to stop? - I'll stop - Thank God, sweetheart.
That's a load off my mind.
When I go in to that house and see what's in the freezer.
Hey, sweetie.
Look, this is my room.
It's small, but it's downtown Manhattan.
I'll give you a tour.
I have my records here, yes, indeed.
And what do I have here? What's in this envelope? The coupons for an hour of love with Àlex that she gave me.
We'll have to use them, right? - Àlex? - Fuck.
Look, this is for the funeral.
This one is like for a businessman, and this one Well, this one is a bit funnier, right? More casual.
He was funny, right? Yes, he was funny.
Remember that day when we played Scrabble and he was trying to sneak in words he made up? What was that word he made up? Yes, "bureaucracy"! I swear, hilarious.
So funny.
So, which one? Àlex? What? Businessman or funny? Mum, it doesn't matter, both are good.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
" What's wrong? - No.
- No, I can see it's nothing.
Come with mum.
- Come with mum.
- What a pain! What a pain, what a grouch! I know what's the matter, that you miss him too, right, darling? - What? - Àlex, you have to cry.
Come, cry here with mum, if you want.
- Mum, what are you saying? Momma! - Cry, if you want.
Come on! Mum! I just want to breathe! Okay? Stop, bloody hell.
Hey! Listen to me, I don't want to see you like this.
Now that it's all over, girl.
Look, Àngela and Nando have gone to the bank to get the money.
When they come back, that's it, sweetie.
You have nothing to worry about.
We'll bury him right.
We'll give him a nice farewell, and he'll rest in peace.
Mum, leave me alone, I'm not sad about it, okay? Ah Well, now I'm really lost.
What is it? What's wrong with you? Is it because we have to leave the house? No, Mum.
No? Oh! I know what's the matter with you.
I know those heartaches.
Come here, look at me.
Look at me.
You are so upset because this is the last day you'll be with your nephews.
- Right? - With my what? I can't believe this is our last day here.
I know.
In the end, we'll miss it.
The house.
No, thank God.
I want to go back to my room and stop sharing.
Hey, what's up, guys? Can you keep this stuff, please? I have no room in my suitcase - What are you doing? - Trying to take everything we can.
If you don't get it today, you'll never get it.
David, you know very well that I'll have to start from scratch.
You should do the same.
I don't want any of it.
No, I'm talking about Àlex, stupid.
Are you going to say anything or not? - What? No.
- It's definite so.
- What? - That you'll die a virgin! Well, and if it's so easy, tell me, what should I tell her? Fran, it's a piece of cake.
Just say, "Seriously, do you want it or not?" What? "Babe, do you want it or not?" Say it.
Babe, do you want it or not? Good enough.
Now you get closer, like this, no worries.
You look her up and down, eye contact, above all.
And say, "Pituqui wants a pituca, alright?" Pi - Pituca - Okay, enough.
- What's wrong? - Fran.
You want to have a chance with Àlex, right? Yes, of course.
Well, forget this clown, he's never flirted with anyone.
Are you kidding? And how do you know this? You're a pathetic dating counselor.
Acting cocky, or whatever that was, he won't get anywhere.
I think she's right.
Of course I am! You have to do something that shows her who you really are.
A sensible, intelligent guy with a romantic soul.
Sounds pretty, huh? - It sounds good, right? - What? Do you think this fool can be romantic? - Well - It's clear he's useless emotionally.
- But there is something he can do, right? - No need for insults.
The only thing I'm saying is that if Fran opens his heart and looks foolish, he's dead forever.
I know, but what do we tell him? Do nothing? Resign yourself to not finding anyone to love you? - No.
- No, of course not.
We have to help him, of course we do.
Or he'll die alone, bitter, in an old apartment with no lift and a dining room full of cats.
- You're lucky to have us, right, Fran? - Really lucky.
Well, not exactly lucky, right? You're killing me.
Sorry, we're having one of those days How can I help you? Don't worry.
We want to withdraw some money from our account.
We didn't go to the cashier because it's a rather large amount.
Of course, you never know when you might get robbed.
I always say to my clients, "Be careful!" "Be careful.
" Yes, of course.
- Nando, give her the card.
- Yes.
- My card and ID.
- Okay.
Let's see.
Yes Let's see - Are you sure this is the account number? - Yes.
- Completely sure.
I have no other account.
- Yes.
Well, I'm afraid there are no funds in this account.
- What? - There's no money.
- What do you mean there's no money? - You can look at that, no problem.
How is it possible? Look, here someone made a transfer from one account to another account.
The holder of the account, of course.
He's the only holder of the account.
Really? - Yes.
- Well, you have been robbed.
Careful! Careful, no.
We've been robbed.
Well, yes.
I want the money to be returned to us, this is clearly the bank's mistake.
He is the only holder of the account.
Tell her, Nando.
Nando? Lola? - Adela, for God's sake, let's go home.
- What? - Let's go home.
- I will not.
I have to find out what's happening.
Isn't it exciting? - What exactly? - It's like Eduardo's novels.
Reading that shit is affecting your brain.
It looks like there's nobody there.
It's open.
Perfect! Jesus, no.
Adela! Adela, this is breaking and entering.
I mean it Damn! - Adela, this is breaking and entering.
- Pere! Shut up, please.
Don't go in, Adela.
Adela, this is the dining room.
Let's get out of here.
Jesus, the creeps! Àlex! Can you tell me what you're doing? And what about you? - Adela, Pere, what are you doing here? - Tell her! Well, we're here because we came to ask a favor.
- A favor? - Yes.
I did you a favor, do you remember? The "superchapter" I wrote for you.
Yes, we haven't forgotten that.
Yes, you're welcome.
Well - Pere needs a new tennis partner.
- What? Yes, because I got injured and See? I twisted my wrist, and we thought maybe David or Fran, but You know what? Pere needs to get intimate.
Right, sweetheart? To play with confidence and that type of thing.
What do you mean? "Get intimate?" When she says "get intimate," she means Adela! - Damn.
- Why are they taking so long? - I'm going to call them.
- Yes, call them.
Fuck, Nando, is there any way to find Lola? Calm down, we'll find her.
She told me she was going to buy grass from Toti.
Damn! It's Fran, what should I do? I don't want to worry them ahead of time.
Well, don't pick up.
Yes, you're right.
But didn't we say that you wouldn't pick up? Yes, but this is not Fran.
I see.
- Yes.
- Yes, I know.
He has to be a loser to call three times when she doesn't pick up the phone.
But what do you want me to do, I'm like that.
And if I want to talk to you, then Are you okay? Am I bothering you? No, it's just that right now Don't tell me.
You're not alone and you can't talk? - Yes.
- I see.
Well, look, I'll be very quick, okay? Twenty years ago I bought two movie tickets and I got a table at the best restaurant I could afford back then.
Well, I was 16 years old.
And, it turns out that day I wanted to ask you out for a date.
- But you disappeared and never came back.
- I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
But the good news is that I've talked to the guy at the restaurant and I got the same table from 20 years ago.
Then, maybe Seven is no longer showing, but, I'd love to have that date we didn't have 20 years ago.
And if it could be this weekend - The truth is that it sounds great.
- Really? But we better talk about it some other time, okay? I'll call you later, okay? Bye.
And there we were in China.
By the way, they're very Well, different people.
I'm not a racist at all.
Tell them, Pere.
- She's not racist at all.
- Not at all.
- Okay.
- Well.
I mean, we - Okay, well, we've said enough, right? - No! No, wait.
Do you want to see the photos of the trip to Mexico? - No.
- I think we'll see what Sara's up to.
Well, look, we're alone, the couples.
- Right? - Couples? What do you mean? You said you were together, the first day.
- Or was it a lie? - No, yes, of course.
Yes, we're together.
How did it happen? Because you only met a few days ago, right? No.
No, Fran and I have known each other for a while.
A long while.
- Yeah, a long time.
- Yes, since we were babies, almost.
- No.
Kids maybe? - Well, yes, imagine when we found out that my stepfather is his mother's father.
Well, what a laugh! Quite a coincidence, Pere, isn't it? Odd but possible.
- Right? - But how did it happen? How was it? I mean, how did it How did it start? You tell them, Fran.
- Me, no You.
- Yes.
No, you.
- Well From the beginning? - Yes.
I love details, tell him, Pere.
- She loves details.
- Yes.
We want to know everything.
Okay, understood.
Well, then I met The first day I saw her, I was peeing, because I don't like peeing just anywhere, I always try to pee at home.
- Lovely.
- Yes.
Well, I was looking for a place to pee and I ended up in Àlex's room.
In my room in the student's residence.
Yes, her room in the student's residence.
And while I was peeing, I saw her photos hanging on the wall.
When I saw her photos I thought she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen.
So, you had your photos hanging in the toilet? No, I was peeing inside a vase.
Well, Fran, why don't you tell them the other story? - Right? - What other story? The one about how you won me over.
- Well - That one.
- The one about how I won you over.
- Yes, you'll see, it was lovely.
Well, then in the beginning I thought about taking the direct approach.
- Yes.
- Then I was like, you go and say, "Look, pituca" Did he say, " pituca"? They do these things The things we do.
- That's it.
- Yes.
But then I thought, "Fran, you have to be yourself.
- She must see who you really are.
" - Of course And what I really like - are the stars.
- Oh! So I set up a dinner, and when we were seated at the table, I turned the lights off and the room was lit up by my star projector.
And under that stellar sky, I said to her, "Look at two stars, but they must be really far from each other, okay? One at each point of space, separated by millions of kilometers.
And at first, it seems that they should never find each other, but of course, the universe has no beginning or end, it's infinite, and so they might be light years away like one next to the other, a bit like us two.
" - Sorry, but that got to me, I love it.
- Yes, he's like that.
Beautiful, that's the way I see it.
Yes, it's lovely.
You see? It was impossible to say no, such a declaration of love.
Of course.
The stars, sweetheart I'm pooping.
Can I use the toilet? Well you'll use it anyway, right? To be honest, yes.
I'm going to the toilet, Pere.
Well So Do you like soccer? - No.
- No.
Of course, not.
Isn't she taking too long, Adela? No.
She's like that, you know, like Fran.
She can't use the toilet if it's not the one at home.
I see.
Well, I'll go and see if she's okay.
- No! - No! Adela.
Blood and liver in the doctor's house.
Great book.
Adela? Everything all right? Eduardo.
Well, Adela, if you don't answer, then - Adela! - What? You're a long way from the toilet, aren't you? Yes, but I already went.
What's wrong is all that business with my wrist, you know, my stomach went I thought, "Adela, you should have something cold to drink.
" So I think it's time for you to leave.
You don't have to be like that.
No need to get angry.
Believe me.
You don't want to see me angry.
Well, we'd better leave.
- What have you been doing all this time? - You were right.
It's in the freezer.
What? Did you see him? No, because Àlex came in, but if you saw how nervous she was - She threatened me.
- What? - She threatened you? - She did.
She gave me a look.
A look? I see.
So, you've got nothing, right? Nothing.
I've got nothing.
But I could feel him, Pere.
- I could feel Eduardo, he was there.
- You felt him? Yes.
- I sensed his presence, he was there.
- His presence.
So now Adela, you're a medium, or what's all this? - Because I'm lost.
- What's wrong with you? Why aren't you ever on my side? I'm never on your side? I can't believe it! How can you say that? Do you know the hard time I had with that little weirdo that I don't know if he's 13 or 30? I'm sorry, but I have to expose the guilty ones.
The guilty ones? It seems to me that the only guilty one here is you.
What do you mean? Guilty of what? Of killing our relationship.
Don't you see it, that I can't take it anymore? Pere You don't touch me anymore.
It's just that I didn't know you thought about that.
I know that.
You're more into mystery novels, murders You're more into all of that than us.
That's what I like.
What motivates me to write.
You aren't a good writer, let's face it.
You aren't good at writing or resolving cases.
If the world doesn't value my talent I can stand it.
But if my husband doesn't Hey, excuse me.
Do you know where Toti is? Over there? Perfect, thank you.
You stay here, I'm going to look for Toti, okay? Here? - Alone? - Yes.
They're hippies.
They're good people.
Okay Hey, Toti! - Hello.
- Jesus, Nando, it's been a long time! Come on.
Great, Toti.
Toti, listen Come on, please.
Have you seen Lola around here? - Lola? - Yes, Lola.
Is she here? - Lola? - Yeah, Toti, Lola.
- Is Lola here? - Jesus, that's why I'm asking you.
Have you seen her? Is she here? - Lola is very nice.
- Yes.
How could you do that to her? You've broken her heart.
I broke her heart? Listen, she's robbed me.
You've stolen a much more important thing.
You stole her heart.
But what the hell are you saying? She stole half a million from me! - Half a million? Fucking bitch! - Yes.
Do you have any idea where she might be? Oh, yes, thanks.
Did you make it yourself? It's good.
- Hey! - What? Have you found her? No, she's gone.
- Damn.
- Toti has an idea of where she might be.
Yes, she said she was going to the campsite to say bye to the kids.
- Well, good.
- Okay.
Toti, thanks for your help.
You are a great guy.
I admire you.
You changed Lola for this woman, who is much less attractive.
I don't get it, but I respect it.
Why are you eating that? What's wrong? It's great.
Do you want some? - Tell me it doesn't have marijuana, Toti.
- No, it doesn't.
Jesus, you scared me, Nando.
- There's only a bit of Amanita Muscaria.
- What? It only has some Amanita.
They're magic mushrooms, Àngela.
Goddamn it! What have you given me, fucking hippies? What now? What's going to happen to me? It has just a little bit, a short trip.
- A trip, to where? - Well, to find Lola.
Come here.
Motherfuck Goodbye, Toti.
Come on! Fran, do what I say.
- I'll help you win Àlex over.
- What? No.
Sara, don't You can't help me.
Yes, I can.
It's like what happened to me with Sergi.
- Who's Sergi? - My boyfriend before Pol.
What? Okay, let's go over it.
What's the possibility that she feels the same as you? - None.
- Fran, look at me.
Girls don't like guys who feel sorry for themselves.
- You have to believe in yourself.
- Yes.
The stars.
When I explained it, I think she liked it.
You see.
What else? What else? - What else? - Come on! Nothing else.
Nothing else? That's all? You see? I have no chance with a girl like her.
- I don't know what I was thinking - Fran! Like the Scorpions song says, there's nothing impossible about love.
And you believe it? If I didn't think you had a chance, do you think I'd be wasting my time here? - So, what should I do? - Take the plunge.
No way, I mean, it's just that Trust me.
I know what girls like Álex want.
She wants to sleep with the singer, - not with the bass player.
- Yeah, Sara, but I can't.
Fran, for once in your life, don't be a chickenshit.
Take the plunge! Àngela, are you okay? Hey, Àngela.
Hey! Àngela.
Are you okay? I'm doing great.
It's gone to my head, right? Yes, definitely.
Àngela! Do you trust me? I trust you completely.
There's no one in the world who I trust more.
It doesn't matter anymore, Nando.
The money, the house Look at all that, how beautiful! We could come to live here, right? Yes It's so beautiful, the earth is calling me, Nando.
Hey, what are you doing? Àngela! The earth is calling me! - You're a fast runner! - Yes.
Goddamn it.
What? I feel so good here with you.
That's the mushroom cake talking.
I'm always good when you're around.
I'm so glad that you didn't leave with Lola.
Why did you leave and then come back? Did you come back for me? You didn't, did you? I came back for the family.
That's what I wanted to hear.
Let everything go on like always.
Like always.
Be strong, Fran, dude, come on.
But why do you want a duck if we don't have a terrace? - It will look great next to the TV.
- Come on, stop.
I've hurt my back.
I've hurt my back.
Hey, this way you'll never get anyone.
By the way, are you going to ask Àlex out or? Listen, could you help me? I want to make her dinner under the stars.
I'm a fucking master chef, dude.
- I can't believe this.
- What? All that about the stars was a lie.
They aren't together.
- What do you mean? - Àlex and the weirdo are not a couple.
- I told you.
- Jesus, yes, but I believed it.
I mean, that weird guy explained it and it was so real, wasn't it? What psychopath can tell such a credible lie? What other lies have those two monsters told us? But, then, are you telling me that I'm telling you that if you're saying they did what you're saying, I believe you and I'll help you with everything.
They killed Eduardo.
That's it.
Say it! They killed Eduardo.
What? They killed Eduardo.
Say it like you mean it.
They killed Eduardo.
There's a little bit of sirloin and a piece of sea bass.
Sea bass.
Nothing says "I love you" like my sea bass to the sailor.
- I see.
- Trust me.
- Sea bass.
- No, Jesus, no! - We can't use this sea bass.
- Why? - It's frozen.
- How do you know? There's ice everywhere.
I can't cook anything other than fresh produce.
It would be dangerous.
Besides, I would be wasting my talent.
- But that's noticeable, right? - Of course.
An untrained palate might not notice.
But anyone with experience, absolutely.
Damn! Shit, we fucked up! Don't worry.
David "the Chef" always has a backup plan.
I'll make you a smoked sirloin No, man! Eduardo! We can't give him a traditional burial.
- What are you talking about now, man? - We can't let them do the autopsy! Who can work like this? Look, Adela.
What brings you here today? Have any of the neighbors turned up the music? Did you run a stop sign? What did they do to you? We have witnessed a murder.
What? What do you mean, a murder? Well.
Explain to me exactly what you saw.
Well, we haven't seen anything exactly but we have the evidence.
It's just that Eduardo was murdered by Victòria, with the help of his family.
I see.
I suspect the eldest son is in charge of the whole operation.
Don't trust that one.
He lies like a true professional.
I think we could be talking about a psychopath, right, sweetheart? - Like the one from Zodiac.
- Yes.
Fran, Àngela's son.
Come on, guys, please.
Yes, it seems crazy, but it's true.
We know that they're hiding the body in a freezer in the garage.
The two families conspired to get Eduardo's money.
Once done, they'll take the body from the freezer and pretend he's dead.
Think about it, Miquel.
Since they came, we haven't seen him again.
And it was almost a week ago.
And what about the family? They've settled in as if it was their own home.
Miquel, think about it.
You know Eduardo well.
You know he doesn't like visits.
Don't you find it suspicious? Wait a moment.
I'm going to get some help.
In the end, it looks nice, right? Well, nice Elegant.
And he didn't like me picking out his clothes, but karma is like this, you know, playful.
- We can't bury him.
- What? What do you mean we can't bury him? Well, they'll do an autopsy and find out that he died two days ago, - and that we froze him - and drowned him.
The autopsy.
- Yes, when you die, usually - I know what it is.
You're only thinking that now after all that's happened? - Yes.
- Damn.
One minute, please.
Can I suggest something? Because, as far as I know, not burying him is not an option, I guess, right? If we don't bury him, Àlex, where will the Angel "Grabiel" find him? Ga "Ga?" - Gabriel.
- What's he saying? Mum, if what he's saying is true, we can't risk it.
It's clear that Well, we've got to get rid of him.
Get rid of him? Yes.
Yes, we could simulate an accident or burn the body.
And if we cut him into pieces and give him to the pigs? Like that movie.
What was the name of it? - Snatch - Hey, enough! Are we going crazy in this house, or what? You will not do anything to Eduardo, please! - Did you hear me? - Mum, wait.
- Yes, they've gone a bit far.
- Only a bit? He wanted to feed my husband to the pigs! Okay, listen to me.
We can't bury him the way you would like, okay? I'm sorry.
We found out that those two aren't together.
So, why would they tell us a lie, if it wasn't because they're hiding the body in the pool cabin? Two youngsters who say they're a couple but then they say they aren't - and then they say they are.
- The evidence is clear.
So, guys, what's the next move? Shall we use microphones to enter the house? We would need protection from the outside.
I don't want to be alone with that weirdo, I think he's weird, I'm scared.
Don't worry.
What? I told you, right, it was worth it! And you both owe me dinner! No, I knew they wouldn't believe us.
Let's go, Pere.
You will search Eduardo's house.
Come on, guys, please.
Why don't you go home? And let us work, really.
It needs to be a complete and comprehensive search, or this information will come to light.
Are you blackmailing me? Blackmail? No.
Sweetheart, he's asking if we're blackmailing him.
- No.
- No.
Not that.
Simply, if you don't do what we ask, we'll show this photo to your wife.
- That's blackmail.
- Well, yes, it's blackmail.
But I'm not joking.
My marriage depends on that, and yours, too.
I'll go.
I'll go.
But if my wife sees this I'll make your life hell.
And I can assure you that I will use all the means I have to find out about your shit, because everyone has shit.
Everyone has some shit hidden.
And then, you will suffer.
And you will suffer a lot.
All right.
How are you feeling? - Alright? - Better, yes.
Let's do this, you go that way and I'll go this way.
- Okay.
- Yes? Let's go.
Àngela! Okay.
Lola, I hope you're not here because if you're here, I swear Dear Nando, I'm sorry.
Forgetting that my name was on the account wasn't your biggest mistake.
Going back to Àngela was a mistake.
She will never love you.
She's playing with you to make up for the loss of your brother.
If she was less selfish, she'd have told you years ago to leave and live your life.
What will happen when she finds someone else? Will she let you stay on the sofa in her house forever? You and I would have been very happy, but you're the second best for a woman who will never feel what you feel for her.
I am sorry for you, Nando.
- Is she here? - No, she's not.
She left already.
With the money she has, the caravan is worth nothing.
Shit! - Àngela, listen to me - Fuck.
How could you forget that she had access to the account? Oh, what a shit, fuck! - What? - It's not your fault.
We shouldn't have left something so important in your hands, that's all.
Hey, are you calling me useless? No, I'm not saying that.
But, fuck, Nando, it's 500,000 euros, the children will be homeless, damn.
Don't even suggest they'll be homeless because of me, okay? No? Well, whose fault is that? Mine? I already said that going to see Lola was not a good idea, but you insisted.
I did not say it was a good idea, I did not say that.
Maybe I did forget she was still on the account, okay.
But who forgot the apartment was in Manu's name? You or me? And the idea of putting Eduardo in a freezer? Yours or mine? Mine.
If the children are homeless, it won't be my fault.
No, because they are not my children.
They aren't my responsibility.
Don't blame me for your mistakes as a mother.
Damn! - I don't know why we can't talk at home.
- Better here, for your mother's sake.
- Wait for me here.
- What? - Fran, what's going on? - Yes, just a moment.
Fran, come here! - What? What's the matter? - I don't know! Come on.
Miquel? - In the garage, he's in the garage.
- Yes, in the garage.
Up there.
- What's going on? What are you doing? - Sorry, we have to search the garage.
What? No! Wait a moment! - Is Àngela here? - No.
- A search, seriously? - You didn't want to see me angry either.
- Yes, Miquel.
- Àngela, I'm at your father's house.
What? What are you doing there? Look, well I am embarrassed to tell you this, but Your crazy neighbor has this idea in her head that your father is dead in your house, and that we have to do a search.
- What? - I know it's fucking madness, but we have to search the house.
What do you mean "search"? Why are you listening to a crazy bitch? Hold it.
It will take me a while - to arrive.
- You know? For me, I wouldn't do it, but they went straight to my boss, and my boss is forcing me to do it.
What am I supposed to do? - As well, I have a lot of offenses.
- Offenses? Yes, offenses.
Don't you remember? I removed the battery from the tank, you took the police car with a suspect inside, and of course Look, Àngela, I'm in trouble no matter what I do, you know? I can't do anything.
Is there a problem? Is there anything strange going on? If No, of course, nothing strange happens.
What time? It will take me a while to get there.
I don't know how long.
No, don't worry.
If Victòria is here, nothing will go wrong.
And anyway, we're all here already.
What do you mean by you're all there? Yes, but we'll be quick.
- Don't worry.
- No, wait a minute.
- Miquel.
- I have to go.
- Miquel, wait! - I have to go.
Miquel! - Oh, shit! - What's wrong? We fucked up, Nando! Let's see - Pere.
- He's here.
- He's here.
- Hold on.
Don't you want a drink? It's hot, isn't it? - Wine? - No.
Thanks, but we want to finish this and stop bothering you.
Bothering us? You're not bothering us.
We love having guests and play them a bit of beatbox.
Do you want that? No, boy, no.
Don't get into it with this "kickboxing.
" Eduardo is in there.
- But what is this madwoman saying? - Guys, move away, please.
What the hell is this? Miquel A lettuce.
Come on, guys, let's go.
Enough for today.
Come on! Let's go.
Come on, everyone out.
Come on, leave.
- But - Please.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
But where the hell is he? Where's Àlex? I know she's here.
Man, you must help me.
You know her very well.
You are Don't tell me he sent you in his place.
He cheated on me, man! I got an anonymous email.
The girl with the braids.
Àlex! I love you.
Don't leave me, please.
I tell you I don't want to hear from you, and you come here? Ma'am! Don't do anything crazy, do you hear me? Don't be a help.
Not to me, not to him, not to anyone.
- Where's Eduardo? - Where's Eduardo? In the trunk.
We have to buy a shovel to bury him.
Look who has come to see you, Mrs.
Mum? Tell her that she has no right to ignore me this way after coming from New York just to be with her.
Do you know if Àlex is seeing anyone? Do you know anything? If I find the guy who's screwing her I'll kill him.
Maybe nobody is screwing her.
Àlex! I can see you.
You're behind the curtain, sweetheart.
Has he left yet? Mum! - I just lost my mother.
- What? Where is Eduardo? Help me, this crazy woman will kill me.
Can't you smell something? Your shit.
I'm beating the hell out of you.