Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Crazy, huh? Good afternoon, Officer.
- License and registration.
- Holy shish-kebab.
I knew it.
See, I forgot my purse, officer, left it at home today.
I thought, "I won't take my bag in case I get stopped.
" I see.
Can you tell me your name? Of course.
My name is María de los Ángeles Navarro.
Àngela Navarro, as in what? Okay.
Nice to meet you.
Alright, Àngela, out of the car.
Sure thing.
No problem at all.
Ah, I can't get out.
Madam, your seatbelt.
Oh! How silly of me.
I got all worked up.
It's like, suddenly, I blew a fuse, you know? You give people a fright.
I got all worked up.
Have you consumed alcohol in the last few hours, Àngela? Not a drop.
I did take some "antihistimimis".
- I see.
- You don't believe me? If I was drunk, I wouldn't be able to do this.
Look The "antihistimimis".
I don't feel well.
You're in no condition to drive.
I'm taking you in.
Listen, I've got a drunk driver.
Calling out the registration.
Reg number Six, two, nine, three Adam, Peter.
Madam! Don't do anything stupid! You hear me? Eat shit.
Eat shit.
Out of the car right now, please.
Really? WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Mom! Are you okay? I'll kill you.
- It was awful.
- Victòria, what happened? I'm not sure.
I don't feel well.
Victòria, we need to know what's going on.
I don't feel well.
If they'd found it, we'd know by now.
Don't you think? I just asked what's going on.
Calm down.
I came to get you out, free of charge.
Oh! I had a terrible time of it.
I swear.
And that cop, he was horrible Everything has been taken care of.
I'll get you out of here and by three we'll be having lunch at the Bellagio.
What do you think? Better make it 3:30.
Listen up, everyone! I demand to know right now why my client is handcuffed and being treated like a criminal.
I'll tell you why.
Your client is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, without a license, and assaulting a police officer.
Mom, what did you do? How should I know? He started it.
You're in serious trouble now.
Okay, but when are we leaving? Are you getting me out or what? I don't know.
Rodolf, take those handcuffs off her immediately.
I was brutally assaulted by this brigand.
This brigand is a dear friend of mine and she is going through a tough time.
Detective, not only did the prisoner attack me, but she was also driving with blood-alcohol levels of 0.
Four times the legal limit.
She has broken the precinct record.
We'll talk about that later, but for now, everyone in the station knows that a drunk woman stole your patrol car.
Do you know what that could do to your career? I'll have you know it's just dumb luck that I have to answer for this.
- Don't you think? - Detective.
I'll remember you.
If I see you on a police report, I'll make sure no one can help you, Àngela Navarro.
Well, I don't know You should be ashamed of yourself.
I don't know why - Miquel, thank you so much for everything.
- It's nothing.
There was no need.
I had it all under control.
There is one thing.
The car Victòria was driving? Precisely what I wanted to talk about.
I couldn't pick it up because it was clamped on the road to Pungoles.
- And it's locked, right? - Yes.
Of course.
The problem is that the owner of the car has to go get the clamp taken off.
You mean Eduardo has to go? No.
If it was Eduardo, I wouldn't have mentioned it.
The problem is that it is in someone else's name.
Who? Rosa Galofré.
Who is that? The old lady.
The nutjob? My mother.
Come on.
Fuck, we have no time.
- Hey! - Hey, guys.
- Hey, Nando.
- Hi, Nando.
Where are you going? I'm taking little Sara to drum class.
Oh, I'll take you.
No need.
- You sure? - Don't worry about it.
Sara? Hey! Okay, see you later then.
Fran? Hey, Nando.
Weren't you going to the station? No.
In the end, I decided to stay here to keep an eye on the scene.
Listen, Fran, if there is anything, that's worrying you, with all that's going on, you can count on me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So, is there something I can help you with? Come on.
Come, sit here.
Make yourself comfortable.
Ask me anything you like.
How can I help? No, no Sit down here, man.
Pull up a chair.
Is there nothing I can do? No.
- No, huh? - No.
Àlex! Àlex! Uh did you hear that? Right now, no.
Àlex! Yes.
I'm not going anywhere until you come out and talk! Àlex! I can see you.
You're there behind the blinds, dear.
I want to talk to you.
Honey! Come on! Open up! - Àlex, come on! - No.
Àlex? I know he's here.
You're not Àlex.
Obviously not.
Who are you? I'm Dídac.
I'm looking for Àlex.
Àlex isn't here.
She left.
What do you mean, left? Yep.
Man! What the fuck? Dudes I need your help.
- Really? - Yes.
- You want me to help you? - Yes.
Is Àlex with someone else? Shit.
I don't know anything about that.
What about you? Me? No.
But we'll help you figure it out.
- Yeah? You'd help me? - Yes.
Of course.
If I find the guy she is with I'll kill him.
I'll put him down like a dog.
But, maybe Maybe there's nobody else.
You are fucking awesome.
Just looking at you I know you're a pro.
But if there's no one else, why did she leave me? We don't know, but we will help you find out.
Or maybe not, or we will never know why.
Àlex? - Come on.
We gotta help.
- No Nando, stop.
- Why? - You have no idea what's happening, you'll just fuck it up more.
I just wanted You just want to help, right? You can help by staying out of it, Nando.
Don't help me, her, or anyone, okay? Just stay here and keep an eye on the scene.
I don't get what happened at the Bellagio.
I had a reservation.
- What happened is you didn't call.
- Oh.
Àlex! What? I love you! Don't leave me.
Please don't leave me.
- What are you doing here? Are you crazy? - I came to get you back.
- Oh, hi, sweetie.
- Hey.
- Victòria.
- Let's see I said I didn't want to see you anymore and you show up here? Man, I am gonna lose it.
I don't understand.
Will you? Keep it up, asshole! What where is my mother? She went to get the car.
She'll be right back.
No, wait.
What happened with the Kid, you're too much right now.
Just what I need with a hangover.
Hey, man.
I'm sorry that Thanks, man.
- Lucky I have you.
- No problem.
- Are you related to Mrs.
Galofré? - Yes.
I'm her daughter.
- You're here to collect her, right? - Uh, well Please tell me you are.
How is she? Rosa has premature dementia, no doubt caused by a trauma that will plague the rest of her life.
I see Does she know where she is? Does she recognize people? She's been on another planet for ages now.
She doesn't remember anything.
A blessing in disguise, right? I mean, she isn't suffering, right? I suppose.
She only talks about her husband Eduardo.
We believe she misses him dearly.
- Don't go near her without gloves on.
- What? And don't leave sharp objects within her reach.
No scissors, no pens, nothing from the kitchen.
Understood? Okay, but I'm serious about the gloves.
Last week, Clara, one of our doctors Just put the gloves on.
Hey, there she is! Virtudes.
Deal! We haven't got all day.
Look who's come to see you, Mrs.
She's family.
Do you recognize her? Oh, yes.
My family.
Look at her hair.
Virtudes, hide the jewels.
Isn't she fun? It's me, Àngela.
And that sweater Did you find it in a dumpster? No.
Mom, it's your daughter.
What? Mom? I don't have a daughter.
I'll leave you so you can catch up.
We'll get her bag ready.
I'll take her out, but then we're coming back It doesn't matter to us.
Of course.
What the fuck are you doing here? I don't have any change.
You always say it's for food and then you blow it on drugs.
I came to take you on a trip, mom.
Stop calling me mom.
I'm not going anywhere until Eduardo gets here.
Eduardo isn't coming.
Because he is sick.
Is Eduardo sick? Well, yes Mr.
Navarro sent me to pick you up.
In that case you can go.
And tell him this hotel is shit and that my assistant is worthless.
Let's see if you care.
Come with me and tell him yourself.
You'll take me to see Eduardo? Yes.
Virtudes, go get the car.
We're leaving.
- Virtudes.
- Virtudes is sleeping.
- Oh.
- She's sleeping.
What do I do with the gloves? Francis? Where are you? Here.
I'm coming.
What am I to do, man? - Huh? - What do I do? Well, I don't know.
I'd just leave.
If she told you to go So things don't get more awkward.
What do you mean, awkward? It's just you and me here, two guys, chilling, sharing our troubles, right? Who's feeling awkward here? No.
I love her, man.
I'll never find another like her.
She's special.
She sure is.
I mean, I guess so.
Wait You gotta help me.
You know her well.
Oh, no.
I don't know anything about girls.
- I mean - Tell her I love her.
That I want to talk to her, okay? That I want to sort things out.
She'll listen to you.
She likes you.
She always talked about you.
- Oh yeah? Really? - Yes.
She said once you get past those weird nervous tics of yours and how nerdy you are, you are a fucking awesome guy.
Oh, how nice.
So what? You gonna help me? Oh! Man Dídac? Oh.
It's you.
What do you want? He No.
Don't tell me he sent you in his stead! He's too cowardly to come himself? Fucking hell! - I can't believe the nerve of that guy.
- Well - Àlex - And you? How can you help him? He cheated on me.
I got an anonymous email, look.
The girl with the train.
So you can tell him I know everything.
He can piss off and leave me in peace.
Fuck What did she say? What can I do to get her back? There's nobody else? - Uh - I knew it! Man! Who is it? Is it Guti? Is it Guti? For fuck sake.
You know what? I don't care.
I forgive her.
Tell her I'll forget it ever happened.
That she's the love of my life and I am nothing without her.
Goddamn, Fran, get going.
Thanks, man.
Not that.
That's mine.
It's my t-shirt.
And my toothbrush.
So she's serious about Guti? - Uh I - I can't believe it.
I can't believe it.
What's that face you're making? No! Don't tell me she fucking asked She did ask.
I never would have thought we'd come to this point.
If that's what she wants.
What? No I can't believe he gave you that.
It's I gave it to him a week ago.
What does he want? To hurt me even more? You know what? Tell that asshole to go away, and if he ever comes back here I will call the police.
Got it? That's it.
Good job.
Where the fuck are we? Where's Eduardo? This isn't my house.
We will go see Eduardo soon, Mrs.
But first we have to get something, okay? Thank you, officer.
And I'm so sorry that my mother bit you.
Sorry Woah! Mom, please.
Let's go.
Now just stay here a second, okay? Don't move and I'll be right back.
Where the fuck would I go? Out in the middle of nowhere? Well Just a bit of patience.
- In here? - That's right.
That's it.
Àngela? - Everything alright? - He's not in the trunk.
- What do you mean he's not? - Victòria tricked us again.
She has to tell us where he is before someone finds him.
Alright - What do I do? - Put Fran on.
No, Fran is not here.
- He's busy.
- Busy with what? It's a long story.
Put Àlex on.
Àlex neither.
I think Àlex is It's not the right moment.
Is there anyone there at all? Me? I - I can take care of it.
- You? Yes.
Are you stoned? No.
Why? - Alright.
You take care of it.
- Alright.
Got it.
Oh my God.
Shit, no.
Mom! Mom! Mrs.
Galofré! Victòria.
Where is Eduardo? What do you mean? In the trunk.
No he's not.
Àngela called.
Where did you hide him? Listen, kid, if he's not in the trunk then I have no idea.
Then try to think.
I made a gin and tonic, I remember that, because I was wound up, and it was already noon.
Then I had another, 'cause I was still worked up.
I went down to look for him in the garage, and then boom! That's all.
That's all what? From then on, I swear, I don't remember a thing.
You have to remember.
It's important.
Look, buddy, I have a monster hangover.
Until I take a siesta There is no time to nap.
Eduardo can't just be lost.
And what if someone finds him? Listen.
That's enough.
Don't you know it's dangerous to force your brain when you're hungover? Come on! Get going.
How long do you need? Let's say a half-hour.
Forty-five minutes, split the difference.
I'll be here in a half hour.
Okay, sweetie.
Go on then.
Thank you, Ricard.
What? What did I do? My name's Nando.
Ah, Nando? Was that always your name? Really? Okay.
Sure thing, man.
Is that a yes? What time? What? I don't understand.
Aren't you calling to ask me out? No, Miquel.
I'm calling because because I need help.
What is it? Are you alright? I am, but I lost my mother.
- What? - We were getting the car unclamped when suddenly I realized she wasn't there.
I've been looking for an hour and can't find her anywhere.
I'll get every officer in the area looking for her.
Don't worry.
You hear, Àngela? I'll bring your mother home.
Thank you, Miquel, thank you so much.
I appreciate it.
- Really.
- Don't worry.
Thank you.
Check out Francis! Dídac, I have - a question.
- Yeah.
You'll be leaving soon, right? My flight's not until tomorrow.
There's only one cure for a broken heart and that's booze with buddies.
Cheers, my friend.
You're all set up, aren't you? Can I smoke a bit? No, or Have a seat, my friend.
Holy shit! This shit is strong.
- Yeah.
- You're jamming.
Bob Marley, right? You know what? Lucky I was smart and had a plan B this whole time.
Now I need to find another girl and I'll be sorted.
- To forget Àlex.
- Yeah.
- You want to go out looking or what? - What? - You want to go out looking? - Looking for what? Chicks.
Damn, Francis.
This one's a demon in the sheets but boring in the streets, if you get my meaning.
This one's too short for me, but she's got some rack Not this one.
Not this one.
Not this one.
What's wrong? Fuck.
No girl is gonna make me forget Àlex.
She's my soulmate, you know? - No.
- Yes.
- No.
- I fucked up, Francis.
Now What you're feeling now is normal, you have to give it some time.
- Give it some time? - Exactly.
Then look for another girl.
She will come.
You'll find someone.
Let's see And this one? With the braces? That's my cousin.
What did you say? - You sure that's your cousin? - Of course.
She encouraged me to go try to win back Àlex.
Poor thing.
She'll be disappointed when I tell her.
She's sensitive, poor thing.
That's it.
That's it.
That's good fucking shit.
It's really strong, man.
I'm not able for it like you are.
I'm getting a whitey.
- A what? - Getting a whitey.
- What? - I wanna puke, Francis.
Huh? No.
Don't puke.
- Àlex - Not on the carpet.
Don't puke.
- I'm here.
You got Eduardo? - No, but I'm about to find him.
I calculated a radius around the house and based on where the car was, I know where she was headed.
- Where? - To buy a shovel to bury him.
You said you weren't stoned.
Nando, where is Victòria? Sleeping.
The poor thing felt Don't tell me you left her alone.
Did you? Yeah.
Why? Victòria! Victòria! Victòria! Oh, my love.
Forgive me.
No rest for the wicked.
I'm bringing you hither and thither, my dear.
I was gonna warm you up.
How stupid.
Since I am alive, I think everyone else is too, my love.
And I'm doing as the living do.
Come on.
Let's go.
You're heavy, my love.
What is that stink? What? That stink! Yeah, must be your shitty way of playing.
I'm kicking your ass.
No, look.
Can't you see? Stinks of death, like a corpse.
Pere, no.
How do you know what a corpse smells like? You know, like in the movies.
You see it and think Pere, this is a boring suburb with boring people going about their boring lives.
We looked stupid in front of those police.
That might be the next step, Adela.
For example That little girl is it me, or is she never home? I don't know, but to me To me, that looks like another avenue of investigation, right? Another adventure? Another night? Don't you think? 5-3, your serve.
Serious stuff is going on, Adela, very serious.
Victòria! Hi dear.
You look mighty cute.
Did you go to the stylist or something? Stop screwing around.
Where's the body? Oh, the body.
I don't remember a thing.
I already told this pest.
I don't buy it.
Where'd you hide him? Okay.
I'll tell you.
The body is Here, eat shit.
I'm not gonna tell you because I don't trust you guys.
Because you want to burn him or feed him to the pigs.
No way.
That's enough crap.
- Let me handle it, please.
- No.
Don't do anything.
Every time you step in, you fuck it up.
I know what we are to do.
There's only one person who can convince her Fran! Fran.
Open up.
It's me.
- Fran! - Yeah.
I'm coming.
Open up.
Come on, man! What are you doing? Fran, open the door.
Yes! Did he already leave? I didn't want to see him again.
Thank you for that.
When you can, throw this shit out.
What is it? - The gift he gave me for our first month.
- How did it get like this? Seeing as he's an idiot he gave it to me in a rowboat in the lake of the Ciutadella park, and as he's clumsy, it fell in the water.
Then the imbecile dove in after it.
The water was so cold he got hypothermia.
I thought, fuck, he won't make it.
He's an asshole, but he has his moments.
So, are you okay? Yes.
What Fran! What the fuck is he doing here? Because You don't have to explain yourself to her.
He's just helping his buddy, man.
Excuse me.
Are you on his side? - Tell him to get lost.
- Tell her I'm not going anywhere.
Tell him it's my house and he has no right to stay.
Tell her she has no right to ignore me after I came back from New York - only to sort things out with her.
- Tell him he should have thought of that before he put a third person in our relationship.
- Tell her, she put Guti in.
- Ask him what the fuck he's on about.
- She knows exactly what I'm on about.
- I have no fucking idea.
- You know.
- Tell him I don't.
- Oh please.
- It's his cousin! What? The girl with the braces is his cousin.
What are you talking about? - This chick is your cousin? - Yes.
And why is she always bothering you? She bothers people.
She's from the south.
That's what they do there.
I thought you were fucking her.
You thought I was fucking my cousin, you sicko? - I didn't know she was your cousin.
- Wait a second.
Wait a second.
Francis, what about Guti? I don't know who the fuck Guti is! So this was all a misunderstanding.
I would never do that to you.
I love you like crazy.
Really? Fuck yes! I love you.
I love you.
You're fucking awesome.
If it wasn't for you, we would have broken up.
I'll introduce you to my cousin.
I saw you like her, right? A lot.
Tell me, oh lady from number 39, where is the body please? Please, dear.
- Yeah - No.
Where are you going? - Come here.
Where are you going? - One second.
I need the bathroom.
But you just peed.
Please, no.
Sit down.
I told you - Àngela.
- It's been a while, hasn't it? Listen I'm sorry to have failed you again.
What? Did she confess? Mission accomplished.
She threw him in the Tres Torres lake.
Got the directions.
We're all set.
- Alright.
- Are you sure? - According to my calculations, he can't - Hey.
Thank you, Raül.
- You'll bring him home? - Absolutely, I will.
- For 14% of the sales of Eduardo's novels.
- Ten.
Take Sang a Sant Andreu.
That was fucking great.
Really Àngela, according to my calculations it is impossible that Mom.
You, out of the way and pay for the taxi, Eduardo! - Where is Eduardo? - No idea.
Edu! Eduardo! I found her throwing rocks at hitchhikers.
She almost caved in a German girl's skull.
- She seems a bit - But is she okay? She is.
It's just that Officer Rodolf was about to break her nose Eduardo? Edu! Thank you, Miquel, you're too kind.
I don't know how to thank you.
What would I do without you? Well, now that it's all taken care of, maybe we can get back - to talking about dinner.
- Of course, but now is not a good moment.
You don't have many of those lately.
We found each other during a very complicated time in my life.
I want this to work.
I do too, really, but there are so many emotions, and another day.
All right? Alright.
I'll wait.
Ouch! Was that a scream? I didn't hear anything.
- Okay.
- Talk to you later.
You beast.
Woman, can't you see we got off on the wrong foot? Come here.
Where is Eduardo? Help me.
This nutjob is going to kill me.
Help me! Where are you? You're all the same.
The entire family.
I'm not going to tell you where Eduardo is.
I won't.
Kill me, please.
Please kill me.
I'm tired of all this.
Kill me and then walk my body around the neighborhood and they'll say, "Look, it's just like she's sleeping, she looks beautiful, just like the Virgin Mary.
" - Kill me! - I don't care about you.
Where is Eduardo? Rosa.
I'm here.
Please calm down.
Put down the scissors so we can talk.
Rosa I've missed you all these years.
I've been waiting so long for this moment.
Nando! No! Nando.
This isn't Eduardo.
- Oh, I'm dying.
- No.
Don't die, Nando.
She got my heart.
Not your heart.
- What's going on? - I'm sorry, Àngela.
- Don't be sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I can't stop fucking up.
- No, you didn't fuck anything up.
- Victòria.
- Yeah.
What? Please.
Where is Eduardo? - So my death has not been in vain.
- Don't say that.
Nando, don't say that.
I need you, and the children do too.
You're like their father.
You can't die.
Ouch! Eduardo is in the back of the van.
- What? - What is Eduardo doing in the back of a truck? Because he's dead, you old fuck, and they took him to bury him.
- What are you doing? - Huh? We wanted to shock Victòria.
And we did.
And and your heart.
Not so bad now that I know you think of me as the father of your children.
You're an imbecile! I will kill you! Imbecile! Idiot! That stings.
You fucking traitor! After 40 years, and everything I gave up for you, you abandon me in that hellish place! You'll hurt him, you fucking nutjob! Me? I was the perfect wife.
I gave him my name, my fortune and two children! Marcos and Àngela.
Is that you? Yes.
Àngela, you look awful.
How many meals do you have a day? 23? I'm happy to see you too, Mom.
My daughter.
Mom, do you want to stay with us for a few days? Are you nuts? Here? No fucking way.
I have a suite waiting for me.
Then I'll come see you sometimes.
No need for you to come by.
I don't fraternize with just anybody.
I'm ready.
- I brought you a little pick-me-up.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Oh my God.
I feel sorry for that lady.
There's just nothing there.
Looking at you with your hair combed back you look a bit like Eduardo.
I swear.
- You think? - You look like him.
I could pass as him and change the will.
Oh shut up.
You think they would notice? People are stupid.
And so many years after the signing - "Hi.
" - Another turn of the screw.
Oh my God.
What are you laughing about? I think we have an idea.
An idea.
Another one? Fran is a good guy, isn't he? Yes.
He's a nice guy.
The truth is I'm lucky he's still here.
He's the one I have most feeling for.
That's great.
- Yeah.
- I'm glad you're being taken care of.
- I need to piss.
- Really? Yeah.
I'll piss myself.
One sec.
What What? Fran.
I won't fail you, Victòria! Even if it costs me my life, I will find Eduardo! - Where is everyone? - At Eduardo's casting session.
How dare you? I will play the part of Eduardo's daughter, Àngela.
It's true.
I was at home getting high.
So what? Hello, Eduardo.
You're a disgrace.
Enough! Let me introduce Eduardo Navarro Gil.
Ready for whatever you throw at me.
We want this lawyer to believe you are the real Eduardo.
So that we can change Eduardo's will to favor Àngela.
Victòria, what are doing here? Are you a total idiot? I was scared! It's just you do it so well.
I think that you are a fucking awesome guy, but you don't get some, ever.
Fucking awesome.
Why the photos? For Tinder.
What? No.
Miquel is here.
Get out of here.
Hide Leo.
I'm here to talk to your mother.
She said you love - stars.
- Yes.
Did you know I wanted to be an astronaut? Honesty is everything.
- I want there to be no lies between us.
- No lies? - Is Eduardo back? - No.
Eduardo, when he writes, brings this Olivetti everywhere with him.
What do you have to say for yourself? Me? About what?