Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES "If she needs money, she should ask me herself.
" "How dare you! How dare you!" "Get out of my house! Get lost all of you, motherfuckers! - You bastards!" - "You're late! You're" Hello, good morning.
Ricard Fontanals, please.
- That's me.
- Come with me, please.
I almost walked into the door, goddamit.
Well, Ricardo, I will now play the character of Eduardo's daughter, Àngela.
- What? - And you'll play Eduardo.
To give you an idea.
Àngela is, how can I say it, a jerk.
In the future, she gets pregnant by a good-for-nothing and decides to leave the family home.
- So, she throws her life away.
- But what - Why does she have my jacket? - Now let's focus on the present.
Àngela now is an 18-year-old girl.
You see? She gets home at three in the morning, her father is awake, and, above all, she stinks of alcohol and drugs.
Got it? So, let's get on with it.
Hi, Dad.
What are you doing here? You're late.
I told you I was at Fani's house.
I called her mother and she told me you weren't there.
Jeez, you're unbearable! Yeah right, I was at Porros's house, so what? Porros is a drug addict, Àngela! Here we go again! You've never liked my friends.
Why is he a drug addict? He's not! You won't have your weekly allowance.
- No! - The whole month! No! Not that, please! You can't take my allowance.
- Of course I can, I definitely can.
- No, I beg you.
I'm really begging you Now I've hurt myself.
Are you okay? Did you take something? - No.
- Did you inject drugs? No, it was a joint.
I only took one puff, I swear.
Did you see a diamond falling off my jeans? They're fake.
If I lose one, they're not worth a thing.
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY - Can you stop! Stop, or I'll hit you! - Are you ticklish? - I'm going to take a piss.
- Okay.
Morning, bro! Hey.
What's up? Do I have crumbs on my face? No.
Where's everybody? David has gone to drum class with Sara.
The others are at Eduardo's casting.
What? Haven't you heard the latest? No.
They're looking for an actor to play Eduardo and go to the notary to change the will.
You're kidding, right? No, of course.
You don't kid around.
And why didn't you go? My mother asked me to stay and keep an eye on Dídac.
Well, I mean, you do your own thing, that's all I don't want to bother you.
It's just that - with Eduardo here - Fran you don't bother me.
I'll go.
Fran! - what's up? - Good.
- How are you? - Good! Come here.
I came to talk to your mother.
Well, she's not here now.
- She's not here.
- No.
I have something to tell her.
You can't tell her anything because she's not here.
You can call her.
It has to be in person, so No problem.
I can wait until she comes back.
She'll be a while.
That's okay.
I have nothing else to do this morning.
Anyway, maybe we can get to know each other a bit more, and talk about what we want, okay? - Sure.
- Fine.
Hey, good morning, Àlex.
- Hey.
- What's up? Very good.
I've heard you love the stars.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Did you know I wanted to be an astronaut? But in the end, I decided that instead of pointing at the moon, I would point at criminals with a gun.
A gun.
I have some things to do.
He came to see Àngela, but she isn't here and he'll stay for a while.
Could you Yeah? Do you want something to drink? - Me? - Me? - Ah, him.
- Yes.
- Coffee? - Yes, of course.
Well, I'm going to Bye, see you later.
Fran is nice, isn't he? Momma, it's Fran.
Call me when you can.
Boss! Hey.
- Who are you? - No, who are you, dude? I'm Àngela's friend.
Oh, I'm Àlex's toy boy.
- Ay - Okay.
Breakfast and TV? No, you go.
I'll be right there.
I wasn't happy either but I took the plunge and I can assure you that it is totally liberating.
- What are you talking about? - About you and your toy boy.
Dídac and I are doing great.
I don't know why I bother talking about it.
You know perfectly well why you do.
I have a sixth sense that never fails.
Here's your coffee.
If you want more, it's right there.
Thank you.
What? Hey, listen.
Don't be afraid of change.
Listen, hey.
Stop projecting your shit on the rest of us.
Dad, I need 150,000 euros.
How dare you? After what you did to me, to my sister I don't like it.
It's not convincing.
You see that too, don't you? The scene doesn't You know? This is not the local theater, acting in The Little Shepherds.
Let's try this.
Look, now we'll relax.
And I'll say, "Let it out, push.
" But what do I let out? The great actor you have inside.
Do you get it? Okay? Come on, let's go with If I'd had another option, I wouldn't have come.
Àngela, I want you to apologize.
Say that you were wrong for not listening to me.
That if you had listened to me, nothing would have happened.
Goddamit, that's all we need! Hello? I swear, there's nothing less respectful to an actor than those fucking mobile phones.
Fran's calling you but you're not picking up the phone.
Fran, sweetheart, what's the matter? Miquel is there at the house? What does he want? Okay I'm on my way.
See you later, bye.
I have to go.
Arnau, we'll call you.
Thank you.
Look at that! It's over.
The Hollywood director - Will I take you? - No, no need.
- Stay here and keep an eye on this.
- We'll see each other on the stage.
Break a leg, sweetheart, it was a pleasure.
Let's go.
- Victòria.
- What? What is it, love? - Now that you're improvising - Yes.
why don't you try to do it yourself? Okay? I like it.
I'll go for it.
It's true.
Why not? Look, couples are the bricks, but children, Àlex, are the foundations Francis! Come here.
I want to talk to you.
- Hey, what is it? - Thanks for yesterday.
- For what? - If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be back together.
No, I didn't do anything.
The least I can do is return the favor.
What do you think? - There's no need.
- Why not? No, there's no need.
And look, Àlex is alone in the kitchen with Miquel.
I feel bad.
- Àlex knows how to cope alone, okay? - I know.
Listen, I feel that, and I mean it in a good way, okay dude? I think you're a great guy, but you never score.
I mean, you could have the girl of your dreams within range - Yes.
- and still not get anywhere, and on top of that, get passed out by the other guy.
- Ah.
- Yes or no? Well, - maybe.
- Maybe.
- Maybe.
- Maybe.
- Let's go to the garden.
- Yes.
I have a foolproof plan, man.
Come on, let's go.
Tense your right arm, to show off your biceps.
With both arms.
Yeah, like that.
Dude, I might be exaggerating but why don't you try something like It looks terrific.
Stand up straight, Fran.
What are these photos for? For your Tinder profile.
What? No, stop Dídac.
Tinder isn't for me.
Holy shit.
I didn't ask you.
They'll work for Grindr too.
Don't worry.
No, I didn't mean that.
I'm not that type of person.
- Look, I appreciate it.
- Put on your jacket.
- Here.
It's your favorite book.
- I haven't read it.
It's what everyone's reading on the subway now.
The odds that you connect to a book fan are very high.
Take it.
Sit down.
Hold it up, dude.
Don't even think about crossing your legs.
Open them.
The package must always be in the foreground, okay? Otherwise, it's like a Coca-Cola ad without the bottle, you know? Hold up the book, so we can see it.
And smile, dude.
Enjoy yourself.
Chicks get that.
Dude, I think we have it.
- We do? No - Look! You look handsome, fuck! All right.
I love life.
I'm a mystery to be solved.
Do you dare?" Dude, it's fucking awesome, isn't it? It is? I don't know, I I don't really There's no harm in trying, you know? To start, make your first choice.
Be generous.
Fuck it, enjoy yourself.
That's the key.
And, if in doubt use the "match" option.
You're the boss, dude.
Let's see.
This one is crap.
The one with the blue shirt doesn't know how to build a character.
- I see.
- All just skin deep.
- Skin deep? - Yes.
Another piece of crap as big as a cathedral, too.
That's it? Anyone else? There's no one left.
- No.
- Fuck.
We'll need a miracle for this plan to work.
Ay, there's still someone left! Hello, sorry for being late.
I got locked in an outlet.
Beautiful theater! It's really great.
Yes, sorry for - Be careful! - You almost Well, I've come for the audition.
I'm Leo.
- Nando.
- Nice to meet you.
Very good, handsome.
Listen, Leo, you know what? We won't follow the script.
- No? - Okay? We'll do a quick improvisation - of the character.
Okay? - I love improvisations.
All right.
I will play your second wife, whose name is Victòria.
- I like women - Well - as friends.
- It's good to know.
Look, I'll explain the situation and we'll do it very fast, Leo.
Okay? - Victòria comes home - Yes.
and she's very pretty today.
Prettier than ever.
She's pretty.
She's a very hot babe, an exuberant girl, okay? - But today she's even prettier.
- Yes.
And you want to tell her how you feel, how you see her.
From there, we go with the improvisation.
- We start from there - We build from there.
- Exactly, I see you understand me.
- Yes.
Will you be able to do it or not? Hey, let's get on with it! - Quick.
- Very good.
Come on.
And Hi, Eduardo.
Can you tell me where those bags came from? - What bags? - What money did you squander on all this? What? Not talking, eh? You lost your tongue.
Sit down.
Sit down! - Good.
- Always wasting money.
Stretching more the arm than the sleeve.
You're a good-for-nothing! Me? Do you want to deal with this like adults or will you make the usual scene? What scene? Well, the one of acting like you don't know about the agreement we have.
The benefit you take from me and what I get from you.
Listen, but what are you talking about? Listen, I'm not with you to take advantage of anything.
I'm with you because I love you, careful.
You don't love me, the only thing you love is the money.
You're pathetic! - Pathetic! - Enough! Stop it! If I've been a trophy wife, it's because you didn't let me be anything else.
And take all these fucking bags, shove them up your ass, if you want, okay? I'd change it for a single caress.
A caress I say, just one! Eduardo, one, every now and then! But I see it doesn't fit into your fucking agreement.
Enough! Get out of my life! Stop it, now! Bravo! Bravo, bravissimo! This woman deserves a Gaudí award.
- What Wasn't it good? - Yes.
Well, no, I didn't play the character as it was described in the casting but if I have to change it No.
Leo, please, wait a moment.
Would you leave us for a second, please? - Of course, yes.
- Good! Victòria.
- Yes.
- Come.
What? Terrific, wasn't it? Not physically, he doesn't look like him at all but We won't find anyone better.
Yes or no? Yes, it's true.
- Listen, Leo! - What? - Yes.
- Come here.
We like you very much, you do it really well.
But we must tell you This role is not for a play.
- It isn't? - No.
It's more for real-life situations, interacting with people, you see? On the street or - I see, like a performance.
- Exactly, like a performance.
- I see.
- Okay? You see, Eduardo really existed, therefore, the interpretation must be perfect, to convince people that you are Eduardo.
Don't worry about that, sweetheart.
Make everyone believe that I'm one person when in reality I'm another is what I've been doing for forty years with my family, I mean, I'm an expert! - Fine.
- But one thing, this is paid, isn't it? - Yes.
- Well, then, perfect, done deal! - I'm hired, right? - You're hired, "Eduardo".
- Right? Okay.
- Yes.
Jeez, you should organize all this a little before Eduardo comes back.
Or else he'll have a heart attack.
And What's so important that you had to tell me in person? Yes Well I didn't leave my wife to tell the truth.
But are you still together? - No.
- Ah.
It's just that I hadn't left her when I said that I'd left her, but now I did it.
And But why did you lie to me? Because I wanted to be sure of what I was doing.
I don't like making decisions lightly, and, above all, I don't like telling lies.
And even less to the person I love.
I see.
Well, I That's okay.
I understand that it's not easy.
I would like that Now that you and I are starting, that there are no lies between us, you know? For me, honesty is the base of any relationship.
- Yes, I agree.
- You agree? - I agree! - So, we're in agreement.
- We both are.
- Yes.
- I feel super liberated.
- Yes.
- Yes? - Thanks.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
I'll call you later, okay? - Great.
- Bye.
Àngela? Yes? Is there anything you need to tell me? Me? - About what? - No, it's just that I have the feeling you're hiding something from me, you know? I'm trying to talk to you these days, go out with you, but No, nothing's wrong.
It's the children - It's not easy, Miquel.
- I see.
Àngela trust me.
You know what I'm talking about.
About what? About Nando.
Nando? What about Nando? Look, I'm a cop, Àngela, I I can smell these things.
What things? Sit down.
I'll sit.
Well, let's see.
Since when has Nando been living with you? Well, I don't know, about ten years.
Since your husband left? Yes.
I see.
During those ten years, has he always slept on the couch? Look, Miquel, one thing No, answer me, please.
- Has he always slept on the couch? - Is this an interrogation? I'm sorry.
It's just that Really, I'm sorry.
I don't - Look - I don't want to make you feel bad.
Nando helped me with the kids and the house was small.
If there was another bedroom he would have slept there, but That's okay.
Àngela, you can be honest with me.
I want you to be honest.
You know perfectly well that he's in love with you.
Are you kidding? That's what worrying you, isn't it? Àngela? Yes, I suppose it is, but I I didn't know how you would take it.
That's okay.
It's normal that he's in love with you.
Who wouldn't be in love with you? It'd be strange if he wasn't.
So, you don't mind? No, but - But what? - It's just that I've noticed that, in front of him, you try to hide our thing.
Miquel, I don't want to hurt him.
I know, but honestly, is that the reason? I mean, don't you do you have feelings for him? - No.
- Do you have feelings for him? - Are you sure? Àngela.
- I don't I don't, really.
It's true that I like Nando, and I'm really grateful for all he's done for my children, but, feelings - Yes.
- The way - The way you and - Yes.
- The way you and I feel, not like that.
- No, I don't feel that.
All right, okay.
Sorry, I told you honesty is the most important thing for me - and I don't want any lies between us.
- Not one lie.
- Not one lie.
- Not one lie.
Has Eduardo come back? No, why? - Has that Olivetti always been here? - Yes.
Of course it has.
It's just that Eduardo always takes it with him whenever he writes.
Yes, but I already told you That's very odd.
Yeah, odd But I told you already that he was angry with me, and he left without packing his bags.
Well, the other day he sent the first chapter to Lili, of the new novel, you know? Well, I don't know.
Maybe he wrote it with a computer where he's staying now.
That's impossible.
Eduardo hates computers.
Maybe he found a typewriter, I don't know.
Miquel, look a moment ago you interrogated me as if I were a criminal.
Now you're trying to find clues about my father and an old typewriter.
Do you ever stop playing the cop? Sorry.
You're right.
It's just that It's okay.
And, be careful.
You know, the devil loads empty weapons.
When you're with me, I prefer you not to carry it.
I want a partner, not a cop.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
- Understood, sergeant.
- Go.
- Yes.
Well Honesty, okay? - Honesty.
- Yes.
You don't have to be here watching the phone.
I mean, if something happens, I'll let you know.
No way, Francis.
We're in this together.
Look who's here.
What a fucking lecture Miquel gave me.
That guy is so annoying.
- What are you up to? - Nothing, I'm going.
I'll leave you alone.
Fran's about to find a girl.
I set him up on Tinder.
- Excuse me? - Sit down, it's about to happen.
I've got a feeling.
Give me your hands.
- What? - You join hands too.
- There's no need.
- Energy must flow.
We must invoke the God of Tinder.
Oh, God of Tinder.
Holy shit! - Dude! Honey! - Okay, very good.
Don't look.
Blonde, short, blue eyes Dude, she's a real catch! "Pilar, twenty-six.
A free spirit.
The future is at my command.
" Fuck! "I make my own luck.
" Dude, this girl.
And she also makes her own sentences.
She's less than three kilometers away, she's perfect.
Let me take a look.
- She's vulgar.
- So? What do you think, Fran? I still don't see it.
I tell you, she's "fuckable".
And these pictures? Hey, he's the new Fran! He's cool, huh? Message.
"How are you?" How are you, Fran? I'm good.
"I'm good baby.
Doing a bit of exercise.
What about you?" It's exciting, isn't it? Well.
"I've decided that today I won't wear panties.
" - What a slut.
- "What do you think?" Dude, come on! You're a champion, you already have her.
That's it.
Do you have condoms? I can give you some.
We'll give him some, darling.
Come on, what shall we tell her? "Don't get cold.
" Dude, you disappoint me, sometimes you disappoint me.
- Okay - "Mine is as hard as a diamond.
" - Are you nuts? - Why is it like a diamond? Because diamonds are hard, everyone knows that, godammit.
It's like something luxurious, you know? We're sending lots of subliminal messages.
- We're working at many levels.
- I don't see it.
Tell her that I can't do it.
I'll tell her myself.
Why? Don't think about it too much, okay? I'm not.
It's just I don't want to play the fool anymore.
- What are you doing? No - Shhh.
Make a "Fran" face.
How do you know my password? We'll set up your profile, okay? The real Fran.
Please, stop.
All right.
"I'm the typical guy who would never set up a Tinder profile.
A little shy but if you give me time, I have a lot to say.
I'm a sensitive guy, and though I have a hard time dealing with things sometimes I do everything I can for the people I love.
It's hard for me to maintain eye contact.
But I have lovely eyes.
" But if you say all that, they'll think you're arrogant, so I'd better delete everything.
All right.
"My name is Fran.
Àlex says that I'm very worthwhile.
" Okay.
Let's see what happens.
No pressure.
Yes, of course.
No, everything.
I took the twenty-five - Who is that? - Who? The chosen candidate.
He is a master of acting! The way he does it! You have to see him.
Àngela, I swear I see your father.
My father and him are like chalk and cheese.
Well, girl chalk and cheese are a bit alike! I don't know what to say, they're not that different to each other.
They start with the same letter, same color.
It's fine.
Hello! I like you.
You must be Àngela, right? - Yes.
- I'm Leo.
I want you to apologize, say that you were wrong, for not listening to me, and that nothing would have happened if you had listened to me.
What? You're lovely, I like you.
Never change! That one must be Eduardo.
Oh, Eduardo! Yes, I have to immerse myself in Eduardo.
Tell me everything.
Give me all the necessary material.
Hello, Eduardo.
My father's office is over there.
Victòria, go with him.
Come, please.
She loved you, I told you.
Listen, I really like your acting.
I'm good at acting, it's true, but when I see someone who plays in my league, I say it.
I don't have an ego.
Know what I mean? - Yes.
- My ego faded a long time ago.
- I see.
- I've worked so much What's up? He'll get nothing.
With my profile, he would have done much better.
Dídac, Fran is not like that.
Dude, what works for you doesn't work for him, and that's it.
He is a different type of guy, and that's his mojo.
He's not like you.
- What do you mean by that? - You know what I mean.
Now he has a very "Fran" profile.
I would like it more like that.
Well, okay We'll see if it's so cool when two weeks have passed and not one girl has said hello to him.
Poor guy.
- Fantastic! - Yes.
- Great! - Do you like it? I love it, thanks.
Of course.
Look at my office.
Oh, my pen.
- Pen.
- My chair.
What were you expecting, "Macareno"? Everything.
- My journal.
- Yes.
Victòria! What are you doing here? What? You brute! You gave me such a fright! You do it so well! - Yes.
- Pick up the phone, go on.
I can't talk to you now.
Come on, rhythm.
Get angry with the world.
Rhythm, come on.
Come on.
We're good.
We're doing just fine.
Eduardo's clothes.
Thank you very much.
I have prepared this dossier about him.
But when did you have time to do this? - Fantastic! - I know.
Look, this contains a comprehensive history of his life.
I have put personal letters and more than 200 photos.
Photos of our protagonist in different stages of his life.
For example, this is a compilation of his photo ID's throughout his life.
- Yes.
- He changed it every ten years, because they don't let you have the same one.
Here, the writer is a bit more relaxed, wolfing down a calçot with a bib on.
Here, "the writer's great lovers".
There's only me.
"Victòria in Hawaii", "Victòria at the swimming pool" - What do you think? Will you have enough? - Very good.
Have you seen the guy they brought here? No.
- He doesn't look like him at all, right? - Nothing like him.
It'll be the funniest thing we do before going to jail, right? Fran, all that about Tinder is bullshit.
Most of my friends have it and they never use it.
That you don't find anyone doesn't mean you're not handsome Well, I made a match.
- Really? - Yes, with the profile you set up for me.
And I'm chatting with a girl.
Wow, cool.
I am happy for you.
I'll say nothing more.
Do you want to go see the actor? I'm in the middle of a conversation.
Of course, yes.
Go for it.
- Hi, Mom.
- Where's Sara? David, Sara? David, Sara! Fuck! - She said she'd come back by bus.
- She did? I couldn't take it anymore with the "dum-dum" of the drums.
Driving you mad? Family let me introduce you to Eduardo Navarro Gil.
Ready for what you throw at me, okay? What? What should be done? Come on! - Come, let's sit down for a moment.
- Let's take a seat.
You get out of there.
That's my chair.
So? Okay.
What we want you do is to go see someone acting as Eduardo.
A notary.
The point is that we want the notary to believe that you're the real Eduardo, to change Eduardo's will in favor of his daughter Àngela.
Change the will in favor of Àngela? Yes, I know this sounds like I don't know, a kind of suspicious plan, but we are good people.
- Yes.
- Really.
And if you let us explain No.
I will not leave the money to my daughter.
Excuse me? It would just be too much that this ungrateful one takes it all.
"Ungrateful"? You left home against my will.
You threw me out.
You were welcome here and you knew the conditions.
- I did everything to help you.
- That's bullshit.
The only thing he cared about was what he wanted.
If I didn't care why did I go more than three times to the police so that you weren't expelled from high school? Do you know how humiliating it was to clean up your mess every time? It would have been easier to let you go so you could stand on your own two feet.
But May I ask what you put in that folder? - Only the truth, darling.
- And that isn't all.
When what I said would happen did actually happen, you didn't even have the decency to come back home to ask for forgiveness.
I would have welcomed you home with open arms but you didn't come.
Your pride You ignored me.
I can't change the will, because I don't have a daughter.
Look, how dare you! I don't know if I'm your daughter, but what is clear is that you've always been a fucking idiot.
Watch out, don't speak like that to your father.
I talk to my dad as I please, okay? Enough, please! Oh, God.
Look, Leo, we're the ones paying you so you'll play Eduardo the way I tell you, understand? I'm a serious actor, with integrity.
I'm not a puppet.
We will pay you double.
For double, I can be just as serious, but with less integrity.
- Good.
- Fine.
Right? Ay Hey Hey, Àngela.
We just put our future in the hands of a madman.
Yes, he just had a meltdown, but he'll do it very well.
He's super committed.
Really? - Yes.
- Look at him.
Do you think we'll convince anyone with this guy? Mr.
Eduardo! I didn't know you were back! What are you doing here? Get out, you're ruining the sofa.
- Have a good day.
- Get going.
- This Grandpa is always the same.
- Yes.
Bravo, bravissimo! He fell for it.
Did you see that or not? Miquel's here again.
Spread out.
- You! Hide Leo.
- Oh, my friend Miquel.
Come here.
Come on, let's go.
What are you doing, Miquel? What's up? Tell me.
Look here.
There's a gap on the P.
It looks as if there's no top on it.
They're all the same.
I see.
And? The pages of the novel sent by your father.
All the Ps are the same: "policeman", "police inspector", "pistol" - Well - Don't you see? They were written with this machine.
All these pages were written from here.
Maybe it's a manufacturing defect and all typewriters do the same.
No? No.
Something strange is happening here.
We can't trust anybody.
They want us to believe that your father is quietly on vacation but he's not.
They're fooling us.
But who? Who do you think is fooling us? I think it might be Victòria.
I have never completely trusted her.
She says she is an actress.
Have you seen her acting? On TV? If you haven't seen her on TV Come on, I'm sure there's an explanation for everything.
Maybe he wrote them here, but he took them to read them again, and then send them later.
Yes, it must be that, Miquel.
No, this is a plot.
You're being silly.
A plot? Àngela.
Face it.
Sweetheart, you're not very perceptive.
It took you ten years to see that Nando was in love with you.
- Well - Maybe Maybe Nando is also involved.
I myself have spoken to my father, a few times, and he's doing great, okay? Are you sure you spoke to your father? What do you think? That I'm fooling you? That I'm part of this conspiracy? Because Miquel, my friend! How are you? What are you doing here? Who are you? Who do you want me to be? You know who I am.
By the way, you should read the manuscript of my new novel, because it's always good to know the opinion of a real police officer.
Eduardo, sweetheart! When did you come back, love? - Give me a kiss.
- Victòria, we're not fifteen years old.
Always the same, it's nonsense.
What the fuck is happening here? This trip went well for you, Papa! I don't even recognize you.
Yes, that's true.
It went very well.
You look very good, my love.
The neighbors told me this already.
And I thought they were mad.
- Miquel - Get out of here right now.
I don't want to see you again.
And you Miquel, listen to me.
The body is in the freezer.
Listen, Miquel, why don't we go upstairs? Shut up.
Miquel, we can explain this.
All this is for the inheritance? To avoid being turned out of doors.
Concealment and desecration of a body, tampering with evidence, forgery - Do you want me to continue? - No need.
We have to clean all the places where the body might have been.
Are you really going to help us? Àngela, you and I are together, now.
I'd love to have a child with you.
What? I don't think we should have children before getting married.
- Married? - Of course.
I don't know, from now on you could call me "Daddy".
The idea is the following: that he stops wanting to be part of our family.
There's a girl who wants a date with Fran today.
- Leave it.
Fran today is not - No.
Today, you'll score for sure.
Are you sure she wants to date you? Maybe This one does, right? - Oh, sorry.
- Don't worry.
- Remember - Sorry.
- Shit.
- You've got a prawn there.
Will we order more drinks? Yes, let's order more drinks.
Hey! - Vivi.
- Lili.
Drink a little bit and you'll see.
Come on.
Miquel doesn't deserve you.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
There's a guy there who won't stop staring.
Don't look.