Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You did it for the inheritance? No, Miquel.
To avoid being turned out of doors.
We have nothing to our names.
Do you know what could befall us? Preventing lawful burial of a body, tampering with evidence, perjury Shall I go on? - No.
We got the idea.
- No.
I don't think you do.
You three could go away for six years.
- Six years? - Six if you're lucky! David and Sara, for Christ's sake.
- In juvenile detention the whole time.
- No.
No, Miquel.
I will answer for it all.
Please, keep my family out of all of this.
- I'll say it was me and that's it.
- No.
- I'll say I did it.
- No.
- What? I got us into this mess.
- Listen, Àngela.
Stay with the kids.
You can't go to prison.
Nobody is going to prison.
Okay? We won't say a thing.
You won't rat us out? How many of you touched the body? Fuck.
Here's what we'll do.
Victòria, could you give us a minute? We need to have a family conference.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
Thank you.
A little farther away, please.
A little more.
Can you go out and close the door? Thank you.
Thanks, Victòria.
We have to clean anywhere the body might have been.
We have to come up with a good alibi.
We have to make a false ID for this guy, - the actor.
- Hold it.
Are you really going to help us? Àngela, you and I are together.
And we're family, my love.
Your family is my family, and I will protect them.
Uh yeah.
That that is just great.
Right, guys? - Sure.
- Sounds good.
Of course, because we're a family, right? Yes.
Of course, chief.
Guys Do you mind leaving Nando, your mother and myself alone? I have to speak with them.
Come on.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Let's go.
It's alright.
Here we go.
Come on.
Nando On behalf of the whole family, thank you for everything you've done over the years.
We couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you.
Now that I'm here, there is no need for you to keep on making sacrifices.
You can go.
Excuse me.
What? Nando, I know you love Àngela, and being close to her will only hurt you.
I speak from experience.
- What? - Even Àngela knows it.
What is this all about? Àngela, did you say as much or didn't you? Huh? Oh Yes.
Unfortunately for you, she doesn't feel the same way.
So you can move on with your life.
Far away from this family.
I'm so sorry.
- Really.
- Uh, yeah.
It's going to be alright.
You'll see.
Everything will be okay.
Alright? WELCOME TO THE FAMILY I'm done with this.
I'm going to do the shelves, okay? Sure.
I don't have to tell you everything, Fran.
- Okay.
- Do as much as you can.
What are you doing? Get out of here.
What are you saying? Run.
Right now, get out of here - Hey, Àlex.
- Hey.
You're still here? Yes.
Miquel is staying a few days, to help us out with a problem.
- What problem? - With With the "the problem".
He says it's better if And he knows? He does.
He knows everything.
Everything? Everything.
Because he's part of the family.
- And - Hello! - Hey.
- What's up? You got a date with the hottie? - Wow.
What hottie? - You have a date.
A hottie who wants a dinner with Fran.
Leave him be, Dídac.
Fran's not meeting anyone today.
- No.
- Why not? Yeah.
Why not, Fran? No, because It's not the best day.
- No.
- When you get a chance, you gotta grab it.
Or or not.
Fran, I want to talk to you and your mother in the gym.
Right now.
- Right now? - Yes.
Why in the gym? That Miquel is a mystery.
Fucking hell.
- You're in love with Àlex.
- What? What are you saying? You are.
- I saw how you looked at her.
- Miquel, no.
Are you? Fran, my dear.
Well Yes.
Look, for many years, I was secretly in love with your mother.
Everyone told me it was impossible, but look at us now.
I was chubby and insecure and I wanted to be with her, though I still wasn't ready for it.
You get my meaning? Yeah If you want to be with Àlex, you have to gain confidence of a girl like you.
You understand? You're a virgin, right? - Miquel, please - Àngela, don't condescend.
That's not good for him.
Avoiding the argument won't lose his virginity for him.
How old are you? - Twenty-four.
- Please, - let him speak for himself, my love.
- Alright.
- Sorry.
- How old are you? Twenty Twenty-four.
Believe me, it's all downhill from here.
What you should do is invite this girl to dinner, drink a bit, you get relaxed and it will all go smoothly.
Believe me.
Come here.
Come here.
You can do it, champ! I don't know if it's such a good idea, because Dídac doesn't know anything about the problem, so maybe I should stay here and keep an eye on him.
No, even better: I will tell Dídac to go with you and that way we won't have him skulking around the house.
Come on.
- Vivi.
- Hey, Lili.
Hello, dear.
What's going on? Miki.
He left me.
Oh no.
I had no idea.
I'm shocked.
I can't right now, let's talk later.
Please, I need to talk to someone.
We'll talk at your house, where it's quiet.
- Not at my house.
- Yes, at your house.
Not at my house! Everything there reminds me of him.
Well then, let's see, where would we be alone? Come on.
Tell me what happened.
Come with me, please.
Come in, sweetie.
It's a mess in here.
If Eduardo sees this Relax dear, for the last few days Eduardo hasn't complained much.
I don't know what to do.
Oh dear, you are heartbroken.
I have a natural remedy.
It'll make it go away.
I don't know what happened with Michael, that guy and you were good together.
Go on.
Drink a bit and you'll see.
Go on.
You know what? - I'll have some too.
- Listen to me, didn't they kick you out of here? Who's he? Who's he? Look! It's Àngela's brother-in-law, he's a shiftless type with nowhere else to go.
Now I gotta put up with him.
Can you lower your chin? But this is my good side.
It's an ID photo.
It has to be full frontal.
Thank you.
What I still don't understand is how they found me out.
You don't look anything like Eduardo.
Please, do me a favor.
Face me.
Thank you.
We're total gangsters.
Gangsters look, this is the idea: we are to make him not want to be part of our family, alright? He has to be the one to leave us.
That way he won't rat us out.
Okay, let's get brainstorming.
- We can skin him alive.
- We have to be smart about it, dear.
- It's a bit late for that.
- Okay, come on.
But do I really have to go on this date today? Your mother said we are to follow Miquel's tracks.
Yeah, but we could say we're going on the date, and - go to the Planetarium to kill some time.
- The Planetarium? Yeah.
The Planetarium is cool.
Sure she wants to go out with you? Well she insisted.
The idea is that you go to put on a little a show for Dídac.
But I won't know what to say.
Oh! I won't know what to say because I'll be thinking about what's happening here.
Listen, Fran, if you want, I can make sure - that the date is a short one.
- Oh yeah? How? Easy.
- As soon as you see her - Yeah.
Say you're off to the Planetarium and she'll split.
- This is one of your jokes, right? - No.
You see her and say you want to take her straight to bed, - and it's a done deal.
- Well, I don't Fran, you don't want this date, and you don't even really like this chick.
Sure, I like her, a little bit.
- But today isn't the day, is it? - No.
Today isn't the day.
- It isn't the day.
- No.
But even if it was, isn't saying I want to take her to bed a bit How are you doing? Dear Lord! You look so good.
Dude, - you look great.
- Yeah? But like this, no.
Dude, tonight is your night.
She'll kiss you for sure.
You know what to do, right? Àlex gave me some advice.
Awesome, sweetie.
Very good.
Give me a hug! I'm so happy for you, Fran.
Use my cologne because you smell like a baby.
It's talcum powder.
I'm allergic to cologne.
You want to fuck or what? Huh? I know a guy who will do the ID for Leo Sorry, I mean, Eduardo, in one day.
Has he gone already? Yes.
He'll do fine.
Don't worry.
What about the alibi? I don't know Same as always, right? I lost the house, came back we made up You made up.
You made up.
But him He needed time to think about things.
He left but he felt so badly about having treated you like that, him drinking too much that night that he got in the car and drove off a cliff.
Both him and the car, destroyed.
Good, right? Yes.
Very, good.
Àngela, I know that I don't know It's all going so fast, and it might feel strange.
It's a little strange, Miquel.
It really is.
I still can't believe that your father died.
It was hard for me to believe it too, really.
He was a great friend.
Fucking hell.
Well not so great a father.
Àngela I know it's very soon, but I want you to know that I am more than ready to be the father your children need.
Thank you.
And I'd love to have a child with you.
- What? - You're still fertile and It's what we're missing, a child to complete the family.
But, my kids, and I don't I don't know.
Miquel, we'll have to see.
I'm getting nervous just thinking about it.
True, but you're 42 and three months, it will only get harder to get pregnant.
You know my age better than I do.
Remember, I gave you a present every July 22.
- Yes.
- Huh? - A present.
- Yes.
A present.
- I remember.
- Of course you do.
The phone.
- The phone.
- You mean everything to me.
They won't give up.
You should see who it is Oh, I'm going to eat you up.
- You and me, right now - I'll eat you up.
- What is it? - Messages from my boss and co-workers.
They say they've opened disciplinary proceedings against me.
Why? The kids.
"Good morning, we are opening disciplinary proceedings in light of the photos attached.
The gun belongs to Miquel Ibañez, badge number 740825.
" The kids, huh? It's always the same.
David and Sara, come here.
I want to talk to you.
You, quiet.
- We were good.
- Aha.
Very good, in fact, until four days ago.
Then Àngela came with her dysfunctional family.
Of course.
- What? - That's right.
What? Miquel.
He saw the family up close and noticed what we're missing.
For years he's been obsessed with having children.
Oh, now I see.
We only fucked when I was ovulating.
He made do a handstand two minutes after coitus.
Shit, it all fits.
This girl doing a handstand.
Meanwhile, the other one is having fun.
I miss him so much.
That's normal.
- Normal.
- Of course.
Listen, Lili.
We haven't known each other long.
What is it, a half-hour, right? - Forty-five minutes.
- Okay, 45 minutes.
I already know something about you.
No, two things.
You know what a raccoon is? Doesn't matter.
The other thing, Lili, is that you are too good a woman.
- Yeah.
- Understand? And Miquel Miquel doesn't deserve you, understand? - No! - Shit! Now you pissed her off, you ass.
- Why do you say that? - It's what I think.
- Miquel is an asshole.
- It's not true! Come on! Miquel is the most sensitive, understanding, attentive man I ever met.
He's the best! The best? I don't think I could love anyone else.
You always say such nonsense.
Why'd you tell her that? He's so nice.
Hey, don't cry.
Here, drink up.
Have some more.
Come on.
Boy, you really need to open your eyes.
What? Everything okay? I don't have an abandonment complex.
Of course not.
It had no effect on me that I was abandoned twice.
They did it because they didn't know me.
If they had, they wouldn't have left me.
No, of course not.
I'm a great person, and really cool.
You are, David.
You are really cool, honey.
Son, I love you.
Mom! Did you know I hide behind music so as not to face my problems? Such is life.
But But what happened in there? Is that her? No.
Her? That's a man.
Well, looks like she's not coming.
Oh, well.
Shall we go? - Yeah.
We'd better.
- Wait.
It's only one minute after the appointment.
- If you like someone, you show up early.
- Really? Yep.
My love, you have never been on time ever.
Not even the first day.
We're not talking about me, Dídac.
Wow! It's her, isn't it? Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
- Really.
- Dude! She's yours.
You're the best.
Remember what I said.
- Alright? - Got it.
Did you see that? No.
I wanted another kind of entrance, in slow-mo so I'd look extra-gorgeous, but then I get here super late, I had to get the scooter, I tried to get here quickly You have a shrimp, here.
Did you know shrimps have their hearts in their heads? Yeah.
I know.
Want to keep seeing each other? Holy cow! They're made for each other.
God created them for one another.
Shut up.
I love this place.
- Yes.
- How did you find it? No You told me to meet here.
I did? - Yes.
- Oh, okay.
So, do you like it, or what do want to do? What do you mean? What do you want? What? - Tell her.
- What are you talking about? I want to fu I want to go to bed with you.
"I want to go to bed with you"? You're a funny one, aren't you? Didn't seem so much during the chat.
Oral at least today.
- A gin and tonic, please.
- Two.
Can you put peppercorns in them? You're awesome.
Seriously, kids are overrated, right? I mean Does having a family fulfill you? Well, for me Shut up.
You don't have kids.
Listen, I won't lie, Lili.
A child is a lot of responsibility, it's basically 12 hours a day for the little grub.
A day has twenty-four hours.
Oh, you're so smart.
Didn't you have nannies for Àlex? Oh stop, I didn't like them.
You have to put up with them all day.
Oh look Awful.
I don't know what we'll talk about if we can't have children.
Is it he who can't, or you? He looks pretty impotent to me.
- No, Miquel is a sex machine.
- Oh really? He grabs you like this, pow! And does you standing up holding you in his arms.
Really? He holds you up? He holds you? But we can't have children.
We both had tests done.
We're both fine, but we can't have children.
- Maybe we're not compatible.
- No, my dear.
Maybe that's it.
We're not compatible.
Or maybe I could do it with another person and try Are you saying you'd go with another guy, or what? If that would save my marriage - You never cheated on Eduardo? - Me? Never! Don't fuck around.
Just what I needed.
You never had a crisis with him? Oh, of course.
Right now he's so cold.
For the last few days: cold.
Didn't he say why? No, he hasn't been talking much recently.
- No.
- Yeah, he doesn't express his feelings? Doesn't express them, no - Not very expressive - I can't stand poor communication.
Same here, it's the worst.
Why do you do that? Why don't you say what you want? You see? I hope you like it.
You get the privilege of being first.
What an honour.
It looks good today.
I put out the cereal and milk left over from this morning.
I'm not really that hungry.
But you can always make room for more.
You have to get all the layers together, - to get the whole taste.
- Alright.
Got it.
So? Spicy.
- Why is it spicy? - Must be the chili pepper.
- The chili pepper.
- The chili pepper.
Not that.
- Yeah! - Take that! - Sorry.
- Yeah.
If it's spicy You don't like it? I do.
Of course.
Of course I like it.
Of course I do.
Don't worry.
I like it.
It's It's fantastic.
I always dreamed my kids would cook for me.
What? I'm the only one eating? Of course not.
Give me some.
I know Fran isn't here now, but your mother and I have something to tell you.
- We do? - Uh-huh.
I know that everything has been moving so fast, and we're not yet used to this family situation.
That's true, chief.
That's why I think it's a good idea, that it would help if maybe, from now on, you called me Dad.
It might be hard at first but with time, I think we'd get used to it.
Used to it.
Couldn't have said it better.
He's quick.
And listen if there's a more natural way for you to say it, for example, "father", or "Pa", well then What about "Daddy"? No dear, not "Daddy".
Anything but "Daddy", okay? Okay.
- Like everyone else, right? - Yeah.
- Everyone dies.
- Right.
Everyone dies.
Aren't you drinking a lot today? Astrophysics.
- Oh, astrophysics.
- Yes.
You don't know what it is, right? It's the branch of physics concerned with the universe and the stars and their interactions.
- Oh, that's cool.
- Yeah.
How did you get into that? I never fit in, down here, on Earth.
So you're an extraterrestrial? I guessed from the shirt.
What's wrong with my shirt? Nothing, I love it.
Where'd you get it? I don't know.
My mother bought it.
Well, your mother has good taste.
Something to drink? I do makeup for dead people.
I can see you're not ready.
I don't kill them.
They're already dead.
- Only after they're dead.
- Yeah.
I know something about it.
Really? - Vaguely.
- Oh, okay.
In general.
- Like everyone, you know.
- Sure.
- Like everyone.
- Everyone dies.
- Can you hear what they're saying? - No.
But they clearly get along.
Let's finish up and go, shall we? - Done.
- Yes? Uh-huh.
Of course.
- Yeah.
- Yes? - Sure.
- Alright then.
What are you doing? This way we can hear them.
You're the girl who recommended Fran on Tinder? - Ah.
- Aha.
Well, thank you.
He's very cool.
We wanted a table, and look, this happens to be the only one.
Right, love? You could sit with us.
No need.
Sounds great.
Should we get some more drinks in? Yeah.
More drinks.
Excuse me! Handsome, bring us some drinks, will you? - I'm Dídac.
- Paula.
Dídac, Paula.
Vivi! Vivi.
Not Vivi.
Lili, right? Now I don't know who's Vivi and who is Lili, or Caqui or Babi What are you doing? Putting holes in a condom.
You have great ideas.
I love you so much.
Me too.
Look, I I don't have much family because, unfortunately, we were only six siblings, you know? So now you and I are family.
Sisters forever.
- Right? - Yeah.
I would do anything for my family.
I swear.
See? Àngela doesn't get that.
Àngela thinks she's the only one who fights for the family, but I fight too, you know? I fight for the living and for the dead.
- Yeah, Àngela can get fucked.
- Right.
She's the worst, with her perfect, fertile uterus.
Right? You know what? She and her uterus should go for long walk off a short pier.
But still, I must tell you, I'm happy to have the house full of people.
Because before, you know I was climbing up the fucking walls.
Well, now life is fuller.
I have to pee.
Go with me? Knock-knock.
There's no door, Lili.
I know.
I like to open imaginary doors.
It's fun, don't you think? To find new places to go into.
I suppose so.
Aren't you hot? Do you want You want me to lower the AC? Hey Relax.
I have a condom.
It's 99% effective.
- It's all under control.
- Yeah.
- Let's see.
- Oh.
No, look Lili, I Listen See? It was well closed.
I can't Lili, I just broke up with someone, you know? And now there's someone else, and I'm a bit fragile.
I can't, really.
- Really.
- What's wrong? Is it me? What's wrong with me? No.
It's not you.
It's that you don't want to.
You love Miquel.
I love Miquel.
- Yes.
- I love Miki.
Just think about Miki.
Miki Damn.
What's going on? - What'd you do, you beast? - Me? - Fuck.
It's her.
- No.
No, not even a little.
What's wrong, sweetie? He's such a pain in the ass.
We'll never get rid of him.
I told you we have to kill him.
That's it.
If we get caught, we'll go to jail anyway.
Come on, kids Off to bed Now's the time to go to sleep - I'll kill him.
- I'll help you.
So you live in New York? - Yep.
- How cool! I always dreamed of living there.
You'd like to live there? Well, I really dreamed of it.
Oh! Now we are trying to see if Àlex can come too.
That's enough about New York.
So, what do you do, Irene? - My name's Paula.
- Alright.
Paula, Irene, they sound about the same.
There's not even one letter in common.
Careful, she's pretty tough, eh? Do you know what you'd like to order? I do makeup for dead people.
You do makeup for dead people? Yes, and I teach classes.
Teach classes of what? Of doing makeup for dead people Wow! That must be fascinating.
- Yes.
- Yes.
My clients never complain.
Because they're dead, right? Good job, you got the joke.
You know, sometimes - Two gin and tonic, when you're ready.
- I don't want one.
- They're for me.
- Oh okay.
And about mortuary makeup when you practice, do you do it on real corpses or what? Yeah, we have a deal with the hospital and they let us use cadavers that have been donated to science.
Yeah, I heard something about that, there are so many cadavers they don't know what to do with them.
I do.
Make them up.
You know what there are too many of? Words.
You like to talk a lot.
I just pulled your card.
There's no need.
Silence is golden in such cases.
I'm telling you.
- New York is great.
You have to go.
- Yeah? Honey, we changed the subject some time ago.
Where are my drinks? Àlex, please "Àlex, please.
" "I've never been on a date with a girl, and I don't know what to do don't know what to say" - Àlex - What? What? It's true.
I'm not making it up.
He didn't want to go out with you.
So I told him to say, "You wanna go to bed with me?" - Yes.
- Okay.
Let's go.
You've caused enough trouble.
Fucking A.
Go on.
Have fun holding hands.
I'm sorry.
He's a fucking awesome guy.
Take care.
I don't understand.
What's wrong with you? Love.
Look at me.
What's wrong? What? I think I'm not in love with you.
Here we go.
I don't want to go to New York with you, Dídac.
Honey, you're drunk.
But I don't love you.
Not you.
So I was right.
You're hot for Guti.
Are you hot for Guti.
Yes or no? You know what? I'm tired of this.
Fuck Guti! I don't want Guti.
I want Fran? I'm so sorry, Vivi.
I'll buy you a new couch.
Oh Lord, If I had to say sorry for every time I puked, it'd never end.
You're not driving, are you? No.
I'm fine.
It's right next door.
Thank you too.
You were very mature.
I wanted to fuck out of spite, with no complications, or even talking, just wild sex.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Why didn't you fuck her? Because I love Àngela, and I'm gonna kill that fucking Miquel.
That makes sense then.
Good night, little one.
Your turn.
Goodnight what? Goodnight Daddy.
Good night.
You sound a little stuffed up.
I swear I can't take it.
I'll rip his head off.
What is he thinking? Let's do it.
Fran! Wait.
One second.
What? It's I'm sorry.
I Sorry I ruined your date.
Oh, well.
Don't worry about it.
No, really.
It's I don't know what happened tonight.
Well, I do know.
I know but I truly don't I'm sorry.
- No problem, Àlex, really.
- No.
It is a problem, because Since you got here, you've been so good to me.
And I was an imbecile.
- Right? - Well, yeah.
- It's no problem.
- No.
Wait! Stay here.
I wanna say something.
I want to tell you something and if I don't say it fast, - I'll never tell you.
- What about Dídac? Huh? Dídac left for New York.
We broke up.
What? Why? I thought you'd made up, hadn't you? Yes.
But It's just that I Fran! Come on! Yeah.
I'm coming.
What what's she doing here? Well, in the end she got angry, but then that passed and it didn't seem like a bad idea - to sleep together and - Oh.
I came to get my toothbrush and pyjamas.
You know how I am.
I know.
Hi, Àlex.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Well I'm off.
I'm sorry about Dídac.
Don't worry.
These things happen.
Don't worry.
- Goodbye! - Bye! - Okay.
- Here.
Fran? - Yeah.
- Don't look.
But there's a guy back there watching us.
- Don't look.
- Oh.
I know who that is.
- A neighbor.
A little soft in the head.
- Ah.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
- Sure? I don't wanna get hurt.
- Yeah.
You've got it on fine.
Let's go, E.
Come on.
The kids are asleep.
Come here, my love.
It's been a tough day, Miquel.
I'm so tired.
I understand.
Here, lie down.
I'll give you a massage.
You'll feel better.
Lie here.
I got this oil from Victòria.
Hope you like it.
Did you see her this afternoon? I didn't see her.
I didn't.
So if If you got that from Victòria It's because you thought you'd give me a massage.
For my For Lili, I'd give her a massage every day.
- Every day? - Yes.
- Every single day? - Yes.
Every day.
Oh my.
They say muscular relaxation increases female fertility.
Hey, wait a second.
You're massaging me to get me pregnant? No.
I don't think we should have children before we get married.
Get married? Of course.
But I can't get married to you.
I know.
I'm married to Lili, but I'll ask for a quick divorce.
But what do I tell my children? Our children.
Whatever I'm no good for you, Miquel.
What are you saying, Àngela? What nonsense is this? You're no good for me? You really want to marry someone who has her father's corpse hidden in the freezer? Àngela? You're a courageous mother.
I love that.
Yeah, but I can't do it.
If it's a money problem, don't worry.
I've saved up my entire life - for my kids' university.
- I can't marry you.
Miquel, I don't love you.
What? It's It's I don't feel what I would have to feel.
I'm sorry, really, I am.
This is a load of shit.
How are we to tell this to the kids? They're my children not yours.
My family, not yours.
How can you say such a thing? Listen, Miquel.
You're a great guy, and I'm sure you'll be a wonderful father.
But you can be the father to three kids from one day to the next.
I don't know It seems like you lost your grip a bit.
Don't you think? It's that I I I just wanted to help.
You know? Damn.
You've got a serious problem in your freezer.
You know I know.
I do.
And I appreciate it very much.
I see But then the Everything you did today was to get rid of me? The photos, the dinner, all that? Well A little bit, yeah.
When you told me I could be your children's father, when I told them to call me "father", you - were laughing at me? - No.
We didn't know what to do.
Wait a second.
It was all lies, from the beginning, from the first day we got together.
- It was all a strategy.
- That's not true.
Why should I believe you? We were scared Miquel, very scared.
I never tricked you! You used me.
I left my wife for you! Listen to me.
Really, I was fond of you, but it was all so strange.
You always hurt me, since we were little.
You always hurt me.
I was the fatso and you the pretty one.
Me, a fatso, you, pretty, but You don't fucking care.
You don't care at all! - That's not it all.
- No? You never cared.
You're selfish.
You're wicked, evil and selfish.
I became a cop because of you, because of people like you! You can't go through life like this.
Everyone will know the truth! It's over! - It's over.
- Listen.
- What are you doing? - Tell the truth.
Like I should have.
Listen, Miquel.
No, Miquel, please.
Where are you going? Miquel! Fucking hell! Miquel! Miquel! We can fix this! Too late! Miquel! You want the kids? They're yours! - Stop him.
He'll talk! - Shit! Miquel! Fuck! Miquel! Miquel, stop.
Goddamn! - Miquel! - Stop.
- Please stop.
Don't tell on us.
- You are bad people.
Listen to me.
You are part of the family.
You're part of the family! Listen! Where are you going? Damn! Shit.
Shit! What? Miquel? Àngela? I heard Miquel had an accident and I came right over.
Do you know anything about it? Have you talked to the doctors? They don't believe he'll wake up.
Breathe, Lili! Help! Get better.
I need you more than ever.
Miquel Ibañez had a traffic accident and there is reason to believe his brakes had been tampered with.
Nobody is leaving here until we find out who did it.
Otherwise, we're all going to jail.
He came into your family and committed extortion.
There was a crime so it had to be the usual suspect, the adopted kid.
- I didn't say that.
- You may as well have.
That's a hate crime.
Fran, the police suspect us.
It's very important you tell us where you were.
He was at a girl's house.
Last night, I saw Pere - through the fence.
- Was it him? My brother says he'd play better than you with the racket jammed up his ass.
They're cooking something up.
The lawyer is coming at 6 to sign the will, and everything must be in order.
Either you tell me where Eduardo is, or I'm not signing anything.
Bad news.
You have to talk to him first.
Tell him you'll marry him, give him children, whatever so that he doesn't talk.
Officer, I tampered with Miquel's brakes.