Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Miquel Ibáñez's family? Yes, I'm his partner.
How's he doing? Miquel is critical.
He's had a car accident and - he's in critical condition.
- But will he get better? He's in theater.
I assure you we're doing everything we can.
Doctor, please.
Tell me the truth.
He's not going to wake up.
Well Miquel! Miquel! - Àngela! - Yes.
But What are you doing here? Well, I I heard that Miquel had an accident, and I got here as quickly as I could.
Ah And Do you know anything? Have you talked to a doctor? Is it Is it serious? The doctors The doctors don't think he's going to wake up.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Lili.
I can't believe this is happening.
Miquel! - I can't believe - Yes, you can.
You didn't come! What were you doing? No! - Lili.
- No! Lili.
- Breathe, Lili, breathe.
- I can't! Miquel! Help! - Miquel! - Lili! Nando, I know you're in love with Àngela and being close to her will only hurt you.
What you could do is rebuild your life, away from this family.
"Knock, knock.
" I have a condom.
I wanted to fuck you without resentment, with no ties and no more talking.
Fuck wildly, passionately.
And why didn't you fuck her, darling? Because I'm in love with Àngela, and because I’m planning to fucking kill Miquel.
Hey, Leo.
What are you doing here? Don't you know that a novelist can't be bothered while he's writing? Well, man "Man", what? I can't go home.
Miquel's thrown me out.
We have to explain everything to you.
Miquel left last night.
Now, get out of here.
Listen, Leo.
Are out of your mind? You're an actor, not a novelist.
I'm sorry, but sometimes, when I get too deep inside the characters, they take me over.
Listen, Leo.
What's going on? What's going on? I'm preparing for the big premiere.
Yes, my throat is a bit sore, but the show must go on.
The big premiere of what? Today we're going to sign the will.
- Fuck.
- And you? Where are you doing like this? You look awful! Hey, I just woke up.
Get out of here right now! I have enough with my daughter, I don’t need to take care of you.
Get out! The character is trying to take control again, you see? It's exciting.
Very exciting.
Listen, don't make any noise, with the typewriter.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the notary will be here at six o'clock to sign the will.
Everything has to be ready.
Where's "Marlon Brando"? In the office, warming up.
I miss the "method" so much.
Where have you been, Nando? I can't remember.
It would seem that someone has problems with alcohol.
Okay, the alcoholic brother-in-law should sit down and shut up, please.
I need everyone to concentrate.
We're in the middle of Operation Overlord.
Operation what? Overlord.
This document is a draft of the will that I've taken the liberty to draw up, dotting the i's and crossing the t's.
"Galofré" has an accent.
Very well.
The important thing is that Eduardo leaves his house to Àngela, and the shares and copyright of his books to his son Marcos.
Therefore, all Eduardo's assets are for Àngela, who will give her share to Victòria, when all this is over.
Ole Ladies and Gentlemen the time has come.
We cannot fail, no matter what.
Good morning.
We meet again.
Do we know each other, sweetheart? I stopped you two days ago.
Me? Yes, you threw up over my shoes.
What are you talking about? You tried to run over me with your car.
Of course, sweetheart, now I remember.
How are you? I'm sorry.
What happened to you here, sweetheart? How can I help you? I have some questions about Officer Ibáñez.
About who? Miquel Ibáñez.
He's had a car accident.
And we have evidence that someone rigged the brakes on his vehicle.
Were you the last ones to see him? Well I need to ask you some questions.
May I come in? I don't know No, he can't come in.
Who are you? - Raül Dorado, expert lawyer.
- Yes.
My clients will not say one word.
Only some routine questions.
Routine questions! Well, I'm afraid not.
Look, they're suspects of attempted murder.
If you like, I'll arrest them all and go straight to the police station.
Of course, and you'd have done that if you had a warrant, right? I can get it right now.
Very well.
As I presume that will probably take an hour, in the meantime, you cannot speak to my clients.
Officer, you shouldn't try to play judge or should I remind you of something called "the law"? He really is an expert lawyer.
Go away.
I have to speak to my clients.
I'll wait outside.
This time you won't escape, Àngela Navarro.
Everything is under control.
They'll be distracted for a while.
Very well, who did it? What do you mean who did it? Bravo.
No, really.
Well done! This thing with the brakes is very common, but it never fails.
The bird wanted to sing and you got rid of him.
- Like the old man.
- My father had a heart attack.
Yes, of course, Àngela.
And Miquel had an accident.
- Really, Àngela? - I don't know what happened with the car.
But we didn't do it.
If the culprit doesn't want to admit it, I'll be forced to act.
People, we cannot afford to have the police investigating on their own with everything we have on our plate.
No one leaves this house until we find out who did it.
Otherwise, we'll all go to prison.
Tell me one thing, David.
Why did you hate Miquel so much? Why did you rig his brakes? I didn't rig anything, dude.
Don't freak out.
If I'm not wrong, a few hours before the accident, Miquel knew that you had your father inside the freezer? Yes.
I explained that, about a minute ago.
I have a theory.
Yesterday you went out partying with your friends, you had a few drinks, you smoked a couple of joints, and on your way back home you thought: "Look, we'll play a joke on that policeman.
" You wanted to upload it on YouTube, be the coolest girl in the class, but it got out of hand.
Am I right? You're an even worse detective than a lawyer.
I didn't want to go there, but you're giving me no option.
I have graphic evidence that yesterday you and your sister opened Miquel's car to take his gun.
I suppose your fingerprints are all over it.
Pretty cool, Instagram-style photo, isn't it? And I also have sources who say that Miquel wanted to use this information to blackmail you.
I told you that too.
Look here, I've come by car.
Do you want to rig my brakes like you did to Miquel? Hey? Give me that.
And, just one more thing, when did you take these photos? Before or after sabotaging the brakes? We did it to kick him out.
I didn't do it.
And my sister is also in the photos, aren't you going to ask her anything? I tried to, but she said she was asleep, she told me to fuck off, and gave me the finger.
Ergo, Miquel caught you, meddled in your family and wanted to blackmail you.
And now, tell me something, Àngela, what would you do to protect your children from a psychopath? I told you before, for my children, anything.
Oh, I knew it! Guilty.
Why are you saying it was me? - Is it because I'm black? - What? Are you kidding? I didn't do anything, I told him to leave, I didn't do anything to the car.
Why would I do such a thing? Don't you see that it would endanger everyone? When you look at it like that Now I get it.
There's been a crime, and it has to be the black guy, the one who was adopted.
- No I didn't say that.
- You'd better not have.
Because, you know that's a hate crime, don’t you? And against a minor.
You know that you'd be in trouble, right? Of course, I know.
I didn't say that it was you because you're black.
I mean, I'm sure you didn't do it.
It wasn't you.
Of course, it's just What is it? Nothing, it's just that I don't know what else to ask you.
Can I go? Do as you please.
I have no problem with blacks I mean, with colored people.
What color? Your color, I mean That kind of Whatever color! I don't care.
Just so you know, my favorite Wise Man is Balthazar! The black one, he's black Balthazar is black, yes.
All right, Raül, please stop.
Don't you see that she didn't do it? She's incapable of doing something like that, come on.
Very good.
Send the next one in.
Hold on.
And what about her? Aren't you going to ask her anything? - Victòria? - Yes.
Victòria is a holy soul.
She would be incapable of harming anyone.
Anyway, she has no motive.
No, I don't have a motive.
And you know why? Because a young woman threw it out of the window.
No, my love.
I mean, you have no reason to kill the policeman.
Oh, really? Lili is her best friend, and Miquel deserted her.
Yes, that's true.
Bastard! Don't curse him or you'll be a suspect.
Sure, and what else? If I'm suspicious, what about Nando? He told me he wanted to kill him.
What? When did he say that to you? Yesterday.
Send him in, immediately.
Nando! Now he'll see.
Victòria says that yesterday you told her that you wanted to kill Miquel.
Yes, it's true, I did.
So, you admit it? There we have it.
- The case is closed.
- No, look I said it, but I don't remember doing anything.
I can't remember anything.
I got seriously wasted.
You don't remember anything? Are you sure you don't remember anything? Well, I was very upset and Lili almost raped me.
Who's Lili? Miquel's wife.
You were having an affair with the victim's wife? Well, that stinks, doesn't it? Well, nothing happened.
She was also drunk.
Yes, of course, and when we drink we do stupid things, right? - Well, I suppose, like everybody.
- Yes, of course.
Like, for example, peeing in the street, sending a text message to an ex, or rigging the brakes of the policeman who is about to destroy your family.
Well, I got wasted many times in my life, and I never You hated Miquel very much, admit it.
- Well, very much - Yes! He kicked you out of the house and stole your family.
Is that why you killed him? Listen, that's not true.
- Oh, isn't it? - No.
Can you tell this jury what you were doing between five and ten o'clock that day? No further questions, Your Honor.
You're supposed to be my defense counsel, aren't you? Yes, sorry.
I got carried away.
What? Aren't you going to say anything? We're waiting for you.
- Come on.
- Sorry.
Well, after a rigorous investigation during which I have used very exhaustive methods I have come to a conclusion.
We'll all go to prison.
- No! - No, I can't believe this.
I have no idea who did it, and when they arrest us, they'll blame us for the accident, there's no way out.
That can't happen! You have to do something.
Well, I don't know what else to do.
I'm sorry.
Why do we still trust this idiot? - No insults - Hey, come on.
- Come on, guys, please.
- I just said you're an idiot.
- Say it to my face.
- Come on, guys.
- I will say it to your face, you clown.
- Clown? - Stupid girl! - Enough! I'll say it was me, that's it.
Come on, don't be stupid.
No, let him.
If he wants to sacrifice himself for us like Noah did, - then let him sacrifice himself.
- No way.
Àngela, I'm the most credible suspect, okay? Victòria heard me threatening him, and this morning I couldn't remember anything.
It could easily have been me.
That's not true.
You have the same reasons as all of us to want to kill him.
Don't you, Nando? Nando! Hello.
Jesus Christ! I called you more than ten times.
I came when I heard the messages.
Where have you been? I stayed at the house of a - of a friend.
- Yes, a friend.
A very good friend, right? He is hiding something.
Fran, the police suspect us.
It's very important that you tell us where you were.
At a girl's house.
You got locked in the library bathroom again, didn't you? No, I stayed over in a girl's house Paula, who I'm getting to know Fran, it's very important that you tell us the truth.
I'm telling the truth.
Her name is Paula, she lives in Sants, she has a brown cat Enough.
Listen, you don't have to tell us the truth if you don't want to.
But make up something more credible for the police, please.
Àlex knows about it.
Is it true or not? I know nothing.
Sorry to interrupt the "she knows, she doesn't know" moment, but Nando is outside.
That guy is mad.
Stay here.
Nando! Nando, can you tell me what you're doing? Everything's okay, officer.
You can ask your questions in a moment.
- Get inside.
- It's the best we can do.
No, it's not.
Sara will be devastated and all of us.
We're going to get through this.
Together, okay? If nobody confesses we'll all go to prison.
You've all made lots of sacrifices.
May I be useful for once, please? That's out of the question.
You didn't do it and that's it.
Really? Well, who did it? Àlex? David? You? I'm the only suspect that fits.
I have no alibi and I'm the only one who has a real motive.
That's it.
- Motive? What motive? - Àngela, we can pretend that I've been sleeping on the sofa for ten years just to help but when they ask if I'm in love with you, I think I won't be able to lie.
I've been in love with you, Àngela all these years.
And that's the only real motive I can make up.
Officer, I rigged Miquel's brakes.
What are you doing? Is it not like this? Now you'll explain everything to us.
We have the results of your tests.
Everything looks okay, don't worry.
You had an anxiety attack.
But, we have found something.
What? Didn't you say that everything looks okay? Exactly, congratulations.
INTENSIVE CARE Miquel! Miquel, it's me, your wife, Lili.
You have to recover, my love.
Do you hear me, sweetheart? You have to recover, because I need you more than ever now.
Do you hear me? Our son needs you.
Miquel? Miquel! But why? He didn't do anything, I'm sure.
Of course he didn't.
He only wants to gain some time.
- I want to go to the police station now.
- No.
Once we sign the will, we'll get him out, okay? Raül Dorado gives you his word.
We'll go there now, right? Very well, it's obvious I'm the only one who cares about Nando, isn't it? No.
We're all worried about him, but we can't go right now, sweetheart.
I'm not going to sit back and do nothing while you all hide here.
Sara! Will we get him out? I don't know, but go with your sister.
Yes, it's me.
Look, babe.
It says that sheepskin will be trendy this winter again.
Do you want a coffee? Yes, but with a dash of cognac, please.
- Ah, you want a strong one, don't you? - Yes.
What Nando did was a hard blow.
Yes, of course.
He's a hero, he really is.
Yes, but we have a lot of work ahead.
Àlex why don't you go see our star, to see if he is completely in character That was the hospital.
- Bad news.
- Oh! What did they say? That I'm dying or something? Miquel has some brain activity.
He might wake up at any moment.
Shit, the notary is on his way.
I'm going to the hospital, but you stick to the plan.
Talk to him first.
Tell him to come back, to marry you, that you'll give him children, whatever you want, but he can't talk.
Yes, I'm on my way there.
Can I trust you? Obviously.
Leave everything in our hands.
I'm leaving it in your hands.
Did she give you a mission? Sara.
Sara, sweetheart, come on.
Don't step on that! You will contaminate the crime scene.
But it's full of traces, kid.
Look, a cigarette.
Don't touch it! We'll have to analyze it.
There's no need.
It's Nando's.
Can you stop acting like idiots, please? Sara, don't worry, the police will take care of it and I'm sure No, the cops have no idea.
They haven't been able to find that we have a dead body, and they won't be able to save Nando.
Don't you see it? We have to solve this ourselves.
Think of something, Fran, godammit.
You know about these things.
I don't know, I can't think of anything, now That's because you're all spent.
- What? - Before, you were full.
That made your brain work at maximum performance.
But you got laid, you spent everything.
You've lost everything, all your talents.
Now you're an ordinary person, don't worry, champ.
Where do you get your theories from? We've done a great job with Fran.
It wasn't easy but the "new Fran" on the one hand has a girlfriend, and on the other hand, Àlex is super-jealous.
Can you focus, goddamit? - Wait.
I may have something.
- What? Last night, I saw Pere through the fence.
So, you think he did it? - No, I'm not saying that.
- You're right.
They hate Miquel because he didn't catch us and they sneaked in to rig the brakes.
No, I'm not saying that You mean that they hate us and want to blame us for the crime.
No, not so fast, neither of those things.
You're a genius, Fran.
We have to go to Pere's house.
Sara! Oh, sorry.
Look, their house keys are on the bench.
I have a better idea.
What if we call the police anonymously Go.
Hey, game over, champs! What? Do you want to play against us? No, I don't, sweetheart.
But my brother says he'd play better than you with the racket stuck on his ass.
Did you say that? No.
- No.
- Yes, he did.
- Did you see that? - Of course, we'll slaughter them.
No, Adela.
They're up to something.
A new case for the Perelló couple.
Jesus, Pere! No, yes.
Just forget it.
No, really.
Stop acting so paranoid and focus.
Yes, focus on the game.
We've never had opponents.
Don't you see they're up to something? This time, I'm getting to the bottom of this.
I get it, we all get it.
It hurts you to lose against a ten-year-old girl, right? Losers.
- We'll serve! - Yes, we'll serve, come on.
- There we go.
- Come on.
- Well, come on, go.
- Did you pee your pants? Adela, hit the balls at the girl.
- Don't be so vulgar, Pere.
- All at the girl.
Come on! Come on! Come on.
Sorry, kid.
Ball! Mine! - Jesus, I'm so good! - I wasn't looking.
Let's play another one, okay? Come on! Take that! What's the matter? Are writers not respected here? Sorry, they told me to call you.
Look, Àlex I know that between you and me things didn't go very well and from the day you moved here, we didn't get on very well.
What the hell are you talking about? But I'd like to trust your criteria, and I'd like you to review this material and give me your opinion.
You're crazy if you think I'm going to read all of this Well, I'll give you a summary.
Andrea is a lesbian who lives trapped in a man's body, okay? - And then - Leo, you're fucking nuts, okay? I came to see if you were ready and I see you are.
- So - I am.
I was born ready, to win.
Very good, great.
But I have a problem.
These days, I've become very close to Eduardo.
Yes indeed.
And I have come to the conclusion that I can't do it.
It would be a scam.
You're an amateur and you're getting paid.
Of course it's a scam.
Where is Eduardo? That's none of your business.
Listen, a character is like a ghost, and as actors, we have to respect them Okay, I don't know what you're talking about.
I wouldn't like to hurt my Edu.
You won't, I promise.
Look, I'm not signing anything until you tell me the truth.
Edu and I have a common, unique destiny and if you don't tell me the truth you can go find another Eduardo.
Fucking actors, really! Goddamit.
Fucking nutters! I knew you were up to something! When I saw your brother vomiting, I knew.
Could you explain what all this is about? Are you a voyeur or what? Don't change the subject.
We knew it.
I knew that Miquel was mixed up in this with you.
Wait, is that why you rigged his brakes? - Because he didn't play your game? - What brakes? Damn! Miquel's accident was intentional? Did you kill him? Are you crazy? It was you.
You're one of the suspects.
The case is still open.
My marriage can still be saved, another mystery to be solved There's no mystery to be solved.
Fran saw you last night.
You were up to something in our garden.
- Me? - Yes, you, face it.
- No, I was just spying.
- Are you that sick? Can't you watch porn like everyone else? Excuse me? Look, all this is part of my investigation.
- So, who did it? - What a mystery, huh? - I can't wait to tell Adela.
- Wait.
Who's that? Àngela! What are you doing here again? I've been told - there's some brain activity - He's woken up.
Can we see him? You'll be the first ones to speak to him, but only one can go inside.
I'll go inside, I'm his wife.
Àngela, what are you doing? What are you doing here? Lili you're not his wife anymore.
Excuse me? I don't know what you were told, but we're going through a hard time He's with me.
We're together.
He left you for me, I'm his new partner.
Fucking bitch.
Vivi warned me about you.
I'm sorry, but we're in love.
"We're in love.
" In love, my ass! - Lili! - Miquel! - Miquel! - Miquel Ibáñez! Miquel! Miquel, I forgive you.
I will not let them separate us.
Miquel, come back with me.
I've always loved you, since we first met 30 years ago.
Fifteen years of marriage, the promises we've made and all we've built.
You'll see that the first love is the most important one.
- I'm pregnant.
- What? Damn! - My love.
I thought I dreamed it.
- No.
She did it! She rigged the brakes.
There can only be one person here.
Security! What? Did you rig the car brakes? Yeah, bro.
Your partner.
Wait a moment.
Love what is this? Sorry, Miki but try to understand! I couldn't stand it.
And I believe in us.
And I had to fight, and this shows I wasn't wrong.
Miquel, we're going to be parents! Ma'am, you have to come with me.
Nothing's wrong! Love has triumphed.
And you can't imprison a pregnant woman.
Well, in fact they can, sweetheart.
The law is the law.
Hold on, one moment.
I can't believe you're pregnant, it seemed impossible, my love! We're going to be parents.
Really? Really? And I thought our family was weird.
It hurts.
Look, I'll testify in your favor, okay? I have connections, don't worry about a thing.
We'll do this together, I love you so much.
My love, I love you.
We're going to be parents.
Oh, my God, we're going to be par - Doctor? - Àngela? You? Too many emotions.
Sedate him, please.
Sedate him.
Take it easy, Miquel.
Get some rest, sweetheart.
Thank you, Doctor.
He's more relaxed now.
Listen! We've all worked together on this.
You can't do this.
We don't deserve it.
- Us, Fran, Àngela - Right.
Fran? Are you sleeping with your nephew? He's not my nephew! Stop saying that! And we aren't sleeping together.
No, because he's banging the undertaker.
Dear, you chose the weirdo? Now, if it were the black one - Incest? - Enough! Okay? We're not talking about me.
And you're not Eduardo.
Tell me where I am or I won't sign anything.
Don't you see? If you were Eduardo, you'd know where you are? I don't get it! Listen, do you want more money? Well, okay, we can negotiate.
Enough! The notary is outside.
Tell me where Eduardo is or I won't sign anything.
Did you hear me? Eduardo is dead! I'm telling you because that's the truth! Kaput, dead! Like this.
Dead! I'm sorry, sweetheart, I couldn't take it anymore.
- Dead? - Yes.
Eduardo had a heart attack.
- Exactly.
- Before signing.
That's why we set up this plan.
- To get what's ours.
- Yes.
Man So, the role is all mine? Well if you don't sign, his assets will go to his son Marcos, okay? And we'll be homeless.
- She wasn't married to Eduardo, - No.
and Àngela was disinherited, right? - But he would have left us the house - Of course.
And Àngela would have been forgiven.
We can't know that.
You're right.
We can't know that but you can.
I've never seen a performance like yours, Leo.
You don't play Eduardo.
No, you don't.
You are Eduardo.
If you look deep inside, you'll know what he wanted.
What do you see? An old, dirty and unscrupulous man or a good person with a lot of inner pain? Can you resolve your conflicts? Will you redeem yourself? And so, have a happy ending.
Send him in.
Come on, he's ready.
Send him in.
I knew it.
He's an open book.
You can come in.
Long time no see! Do we know each other? Do you smoke cigars? Only with a glass of whiskey.
Of course.
Sit down, please.
Can we have a moment? - Of course.
- Yes, right away.
Let's go.
We did it.
You're our hero, Victòria! Well, now we can only pray that Miquel keeps his mouth shut.
- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go.
Mom, what are we doing here? Don't you see he'll report us? - Let's pack our things and leave now.
- I'm not going anywhere.
I'll talk to him and I'll convince him.
He's woken up.
He wants to talk to you.
Miquel, sweetheart, how are you? Miquel, I'm so sorry about what happened to you.
I I love you.
Àngela, stop it.
Stop it.
You don't love me, Àngela.
You don't love me.
Look, I knew that you and I were meant to be but not for the reasons I thought.
Miquel, please don't report us.
What, report you? Excuse me? I have to thank you.
Thanks to you, at last, I've been able to have children, what I've always wanted, don't you understand? Lili and I have tried so hard! Every possible way, but it was impossible.
And the day you arrived, it was incredible.
I grabbed her and we did it all around the house, like animals.
I didn't know that I don't know, that those kinds of positions existed.
I didn't know I could do things like that, you know? I was thinking about you all the time, and that's why I got her pregnant.
That's great, isn't it? Of course, your role in my life was a different one.
I'm really sorry, but you and I don't belong together.
We don't have a future together.
Then, will you Will you report us? Who do you take me for? I don't know, the way you left the house, I thought you were going to Àngela, you and I deserve to be happy.
Me with Lili and you with someone else and we both know who that person is.
Thanks for the snack, Pep! It's good.
- That's it.
Take care.
- Later.
Papa, it's me, Marcos.
Where the hell are you? I've been trying to talk to you, but it's impossible.
I'm coming to Barcelona on business, and I'll be staying for a few days.
I'm heading to the airport.
Talk to you tomorrow, Dad.
- I'm ready.
- Here.
Did you bring your pajamas again? Yes.
You put it on and in a minute I've taken it off.
- Is it okay? - Yes, it's perfect.
- Oops.
- Ay, we can't.
- Like this.
- Like this.
Come on, let's go.
You are so handsome.
Let's go, E.
Oh, I can't.
Fucking idiot! I promise that before the end of the day, you and I will go on a date.
If we don't kill him officially, we won't get the inheritance.
Where do we get another body? Don't you have another relative you could "upset to death"? Look, don't give me ideas.
Godammit! Marcos? Àngela? We won't say anything to Mom.
Don't try to get out of it.
Does your girlfriend work with bodies? Fran, don't worry.
I'm surprised you asked me to come.
I Here we do everything and anything you want.
It seems everything is upside down.
Eduardo who art in heaven.
I hope Angel Gra Grabiel's arms Grabriel? - Gabriel.
- Gabriel will shelter you in heaven.
We have to do one last thing.
No, it won't work.
The body, we don't have a body.
How come?