Who Killed Sara? (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Love, Sara

1 ♪but I get up again You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down, but I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down, but I get up again ♪ You're never gonna keep me down ♪ I get knocked down But I get up again ♪ - Hey! - Whoo! What's up, guys? Hey, guys, come on.
Get a room or something.
- Not here.
- This is Marifer, my friend.
- Hi.
- Wow.
Go for it.
She's crazy about you.
Hit that chick, man! Girl's fuckin' hot! ♪Danny boy, Danny boy ♪ - I'll be right back.
- Why? Uh I'm getting a drink.
- Want one? - Yeah.
A couple beers, please.
So, bro, did you do her already, or what? God, that girl's gorgeous! Marifer told me she likes you a lot, too.
Really? - We could doubleteam her.
- You mean both of us bang her together? If you're into it.
Happy fuckin' birthday, bro.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Want some more? You trying to get me drunk? No.
I'm happy that that you're all right, that those creeps didn't hurt you, and that you're here with I don't know.
With you? Yeah.
With me.
- Salud.
- Salud.
So the pizza guy's pretty late, huh? Let me check my phone.
Any minute now.
So, what do you do? Are you, like, an electrical engineer, or what is all this? Technology.
Yes, it's quite clear that it's technology.
All these people here, are they friends or acquaintances? No, no.
No, what? They aren't your friends, or they aren't acquaintances? Álex, come on, you can trust me.
- Can I? - Mm-hmm.
And why would I be able to trust you, María? - The pizza.
- I'll get it.
- Um, may I use your bathroom? - Go ahead.
I clicked it, and the smiley face popped up.
Think it's a virus? To tell you the truth, I don't think so, Mrs.
This is the work of Álex, I'm certain.
I'll take it to a tech tomorrow, see if he can fix it.
That's not the bathroom.
Um I was looking at This sign, it's very original.
Who is Sara Guzmán? The bathroom's downstairs.
Long live México, fuckers! Everything ready? We're good.
They arrived 30 minutes ago.
- How many are there? - There's a dozen.
Eight upstairs, four here.
They say the best ones are from there.
I've known you all my life.
There's a reason we're partners.
I'll take it to our tech tomorrow, see if he can fix it.
Honestly, I don't think that's necessary.
Mom? Do you think that other people could have gotten the same message? What was that? A video that I'm editing.
- Yeah? A video of what? - It's for work.
How you prefer your pizza, with your hands or with a knife and fork? No.
No, with my hands is perfect.
- Great.
- Thank you.
Hey! Shh.
I'm ready.
I'm ovulating.
I'm not waiting another month.
Swallow it.
For me.
Swallow it.
- Sick thoughts are taking up my mind ♪ - Sick thoughts are taking up my mind ♪ The kind of thoughts I shouldn’t like ♪ - Seeping down into my bones ♪ - Seeping my bones ♪ People think I’m losing hope ♪ So did I ♪ Eyes roll to the back of my head ♪ I take all this stuff Just to visit my friends ♪ When you feel me ♪ Listen, I really enjoyed this, but I gotta go.
Hey, your tequila.
No, please keep it.
It's an excuse for me to, um, come back.
Who says that you need an excuse to come back here? Thanks for everything.
And hopefully, for my next visit, I'll get you to tell me more about your life.
You know, I mean to get to know you better.
Hang onto it.
You thought I went bad at first ♪ So did I ♪ Eyes roll to the back of my head ♪ I take all this stuff Just to visit my friends ♪ ♪tell me we were meant to die ♪ Try to fake another lie ♪ Floating through the starry eyes Tell me we were meant to die ♪ Try to fake another lie ♪ Everything all right? I know you.
You're stressed about the baby.
We're not the only people trying to do this, Chema.
We're gonna make it.
Have faith.
I'm going to fuck them over one by one.
By the time they realize it, it'll be too late.
And the first person I'm going after is César Lazcano.
I'll turn his entire reputation to shit.
His family name, his most important asset.
Fortunately, very few people know that every time they take a photo that photo remains there, in the cloud.
Mijo, I have no clue what you're talking about.
That's okay.
If I ever carry out my plan, you'll find out all about it on the news.
Hey, Bruno's dadis a murderer.
He's not my dad, idiot.
What's wrong with you, asshole? Oh, shit! Get him! Stop it! Stop it! Hello? The principal just called me.
He tried to reach you.
- Where are you? - I was, um I was at the dentist.
I had turned off my phone.
I'm almost at the school.
I'll handle it.
I'll call you later.
What happened? This way.
- Look what he did to my son.
- Please, not right now.
The kids in Bruno's class are saying that you're a murderer.
This is going around on social media.
- We need to talk about your son.
- Yeah, okay.
He's not my dad.
Yes, Bruno, we know that.
It's all right, Bruno.
- We could talk outside, if you like.
- Sure.
After that, I'm gonna uncover their darkest secret of all.
Where their money comes from.
I know who the accountant is for all his companies.
And I know how to make him talk.
Who could be more corrupt than the accountant of a corrupt man? You Diana the Huntress? Yes.
I need proof.
All in good time.
If you say Rodolfo didn't murder Sara, then I want proof.
That day, Rodolfo didn't go anywhere near the parachute.
He didn't cut the rope or tamper with the harness.
How can you be so sure? Because I was there.
Álex! Álex, come on! Rodolfo is innocent.
How do I know you're not Rodolfo? You need to talk to me, asshole! Is that you, Rodolfo? Is it you? What's the significance of the knife? Offline.
Goddamn son of a bitch.
You gonna open it or what? It was mine, but I thought you might like it.
No, of course not, no.
- All right.
- Obviously not.
Chema? José María Lazcano! Clara! I don't believe this! Ahh! No, no, no, no, no! Oh, you're a babe.
Look at you! What are you doing here? Shopping! Do you have a baby? No.
- Are you married? - No, no, no.
Well well, I want to.
I mean, we want to.
Look, this is Lorenzo, my boyfriend.
- This is Clara.
- Your boyfriend? You mean you two are No way! No, no.
You got together 'cause you're both hot, right? - It seems you both have excellent taste! - Thank you so much.
It's a pleasure.
Clara's momwas our home cook growing up for a really long time.
We practically grew up together.
- How fun.
- Yeah, after Mom died, I pretty much had to make it on my own, but that's life.
- I missed you, you bitch! - Oh, you too, stupid! - Uh, I'm going to browse.
- Nice to meet you! - Write my number down.
- Okay.
- We gotta get together.
- Yes! I can't believe it.
Let's see - Ma'am, the mail arrived.
- Thank you, Xóchitl.
- Did my phone ever show up? - No, ma'am.
All right.
Fill that vase with water, will you, please? Of course.
HOPE THIS BRINGS YOU GOOD MEMORIES KISSES, SARA What? Are you going to make me work? Hey! No, it's not going to be like that, okay? I'm not leaving you at the house, alone on your phone all day - after the mess you made.
- Whatever you say.
Wanna tell me what's going on? What's that on your face? Aren't you ashamed? Tell me you put the other kid in the hospital, Bruno.
Supervise the opening of the new venue.
I want everything to be perfect.
Come on.
You said you could take care of that asshole Álex.
That fucker sent something to your mom.
Handle it! Elroy! - Lights, machines - Elroy.
I want everything working in the main area.
- Elroy.
- Got no room for error.
Finally, a familiar face.
- So many new employees walking around - Excuse me, sir.
- What's the deal? - How many bottles authorized for the VIP? - Six, not anymore, all right? - Six? Copy.
So, I wanted to ask you what exactly is the reason for That tray is for table three.
Over there.
Over there.
Since when are there I don't understand, if someone can't speak English and Spanish, why would we hire them at the casino? Your dad's orders.
What can I do for you? Elroy, you know if there's a way to tell if someone's gone into my phone? - Like, if it's been hacked? - Wow.
You, as well.
If this is about your mother's phone, I already ordered her a new one.
If you'll please excuse me.
I have a lot to do.
We're about to open a new venue in a few days, and no time to spare.
- Excuse me.
- Okay.
Did you know that girl, Sara Guzmán? Hm? How long have you worked at the casino, Elroy? About 20 years? More.
Then you did know her and her brother, Álex.
What did you do before you managed the casino, Elroy? - I was your mother's personal assistant.
- Oh, perfect.
Sara fell out of a parachute, didn't she? Could you explain to me how something like that is murder? Parachute ropes had been severed, and two of the four harness hooks were broken as well.
More questions? - And that makes my brother a murderer? - No.
He should've probably checked the equipment before Sara got on, though, right? Do you think Rodolfo actually cut the ropes? I never said that to you.
Can we speak later? - I'm extremely busy.
Please respect that.
- No, but Rodolfo was totally in love with Sara.
They were going out.
Why would he murder her? It doesn't make sense.
Besides, haven't you thought since there were other people there, it could've been somebody else? You were there, Elroy.
Did you see anything? Hey, Rodolfo.
Your mom said you and José María can't go.
- Come on, Elroy! - I'll go.
Gimme the thing.
All right.
Whoo! Come on, Elroy! Álex did it.
He was found guilty in court.
Huh? All right, just calm down.
I'm coming to the house now, okay? Where you going? Stop, goddamnit.
Wait! Little bitch.
Asshole! Here they come With their guns, guns, guns ♪ Singin', "You stick 'em up" ♪ Here they come With their guns, guns, guns ♪ Singin', "You stick 'em up" ♪ You don't wanna, don't wanna ♪ Don't wanna mess with me ♪ Here they come With their guns, guns, guns ♪ Singin', "You stick 'em up" ♪ They really think I'm gonna run, run, run ♪ They really think I'm gonna run, run, run ♪ Don't wanna, don't wanna ♪ Don't wanna mess with me ♪ Don't wanna, don't wanna ♪ Stop, fucker! Don't wanna mess with me ♪ Don't mess with me ♪ I've got the feeling I can break ♪ What the fuck are you doing? Relax, Álex.
- Get outta the car, man.
- Why you chasing me? - I defended you! - Open the door.
- I spoke to my dad - Open the door! - what he did wasn't fair Okay! - Out! - Are you going to hurt me? - Move it, come on! What's wrong with you? - Where are the videos? - What videos? The fucking videos you recorded when we were kids.
I haven't seen them in forever.
They must be around.
But do you still have them? Yes, I think so.
I need them, asshole.
I need those videos.
Don't play games with me.
Understand? Álex.
I was glad when I heard you'd been released.
Diana the Huntress.
Sound familiar? No.
Chema! What's up? I was Sara - Are you kidding me? - Sara Sara, Sara Sara, wait.
- Sara.
- Hey, let go! Think I haven't noticed you have a crush on my brother? - No way.
No, I don't.
- You fucking homo.
What would your dad say if he knew you were into men? That you were a homo.
- Don't, Sara - You're going to get so screwed.
- Don't you dare! - Sara.
- You wouldn't.
- You want to bet? What's up? What are you doing? - Hey.
- What's up? - Chatting with your bro.
- Yeah? Well, thinking of going to get some food.
Coming? No, thanks.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Chema, what is it? - Chema! - What? I said I'm fine.
What's up? Are you good? Chema.
- Yeah? - You all right? It's very simple.
If you don't want your enemy to strike back at you, you have to immobilize him.
Is that clear? I don't have enemies, César.
Where'd you get this from? At the fair? No.
Watch me.
Hit me in the face.
I could break this idiot's arm right now if I want.
You see? Your turn.
Punch him in the face.
Hit him.
Do it! What are we going to do with this kid, huh? Crash course with César Lazcano.
Come on.
Let's eat, you earned it.
I LOVE YOU What the fuck? Surprise! I came for the bottle of tequila I left you.
How'd you get in? Through the door.
It was open, so I want to know how you really got in.
It's I Why the hell would you enter my home without my permission? Huh? No, wait.
Not so rough.
Not so rough, okay? Wait.
Hey! Calm down.
Listen to me.
Not like that.
Keep me level on a high ♪ Breathe into me, I'm alive ♪ Got me begging for the ride ♪ So I'll live for ♪ You touch my soul ♪ Can't let you go ♪ So I'll live for this ♪ Live for this ♪ Live for this ♪ Live for ♪ That aching ♪ Cold shaking ♪ I'm taking what you're making ♪ Near breaking ♪ But I'll live for this ♪ Live for this ♪ Live for ♪ Tell me lies, tell me lies ♪ Get it cut for my condition ♪ Take me up from them high skies ♪ Tell me lies, tell me lies ♪ Get it cut for my condition ♪ It's my condition ♪ Oooh ♪ Get it cut for my condition ♪ Oh, it's my condition ♪ Hungry? Thanks.
Going to tell me why you were here? Hm.
And you? Are you gonna tell me about your life? Those scars that you have on your back What happened? So you won't tell me? I was thinking about you all day and I wanted to see you.
So you won't tell me.
What can I tell you, Álex? The truth, Elisa.
Perhaps we could've avoided all this if I had a photo of you on the wall.
- Álex, I-I - Next to your family.
- Wait - You got a photo you want to give me? - I just wanted to - The day that you turned 15 That very day, a couple inmates took me and burned my back with boiling oil because I wouldn't give them my food.
I was hungry.
So while you were blowing out candles on your fucking cake, I was getting a skin graft in a disgusting prison hospital, thanks to your family.
So, now we know.
Both of us.
Oh, by the way, you can't come in through the window anymore.
I closed it.
Take your time.
Chema! DIANA THE HUNTRESS BEST PHOTOGRAPHS Don't let a monster through your door ♪ She will make a nest under your floor ♪ If you lock a dragon in a cage ♪ He'll do anything he needs to get away ♪ There is a fyre ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fyre ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fyre ♪ There is a fyre ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fyre ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fyre ♪ Fi-fi-fo-fum Look at what we've done ♪ Fi-fi-fo-fum Look at what we've done ♪ Fi-fi-fo-fum Look at what we've done ♪ Fi-fi-fo-fum Look at what we've done ♪ Don't leave a dragon in the woods ♪ Your mind has said you never should ♪ If you tie a dragon to a tree ♪ He'll do anything he can To break free ♪ There is a fyre ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fyre ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fyre ♪
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