Wizard Wars (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Mentalist Marvels

Welcome to "Wizard Wars" where two pairs of challengers go head-to-head in a magic throw-down.
Using ordinary objects to create extraordinary illusions.
The team that impresses the judges Wow! Was this close.
will battle the Wizards for a chance at $10,000.
Money! The Wizards are, street magician, Justin Flom, escape artist, Billy Kidd, - con man - Your wallet! Gregory Wilson, grand stage illusionist, Shimshi.
And tonight Ahh! Dude! international illusionists - Ready? And go! - Ho, ho, ho! take the "Wizard Wars" stage by storm.
Watch the bull's eye.
But, Wizards do a trick Size matters.
that changes the "Wizard Wars" game forever.
- Well, you shut me up.
- Yes! Find out what it is I love this.
Hey, everyone.
I'm Ellen Fox.
And welcome to "Wizard Wars!" We have some phenomenal illusionists here tonight to test their skills by doing magic with everyday objects.
So let's get started and meet our judges.
Penn & Teller, Christen Gerhart, and Jason Latimer.
Now, let's meet tonight's challengers.
First is a team from Montreal, that includes a finalist from "Canada's Got Talent.
" Say hello to Spidey.
I'm a lot more known for creating and performing mentalism.
Which is convincing people that we can tap into things that are really impossible for us to know.
I traveled all the way from Canada, and let me put it this way, I'm not here to lose.
Teaming up with Spidey is a gifted Canadian street magician whose flourishes are nothing short of amazing, Chris Ramsey.
I'm a big slight of hand fan, so I like the nacky things, the things that take months and months of devotion and practice to perfect.
And to work with someone else, sometimes, might be a challenge, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.
Taking on the magic men of Montreal is another international illusionist.
From the United Kingdom, it's "Miss Magic," Kay Dyson.
In England, I am well-known as "Miss Magic.
" So coming over to the states is a massive opportunity.
There's not many female magicians around, so I'd like to make my stamps, "Miss Magic.
" Joining Kay, is a gifted magic creator.
His patented tricks can be found all over magic's biggest sites.
It's Chris Ballinger.
I think the biggest challenge on this is going to be the time restraint, because on my online video series, what I do is invent a new magic trick every week.
And this is a much shorter time period.
Now, each team will be given three of the same everyday objects to be used, at least once during the routine.
A down pillow, children's flash cards, and a dartboard with darts.
You will be judged on creativity, deception, and showmanship.
Spidey and Chris are the first to perform.
They've already built their routine together, so let's see how they did it.
I think we should cross-reference and see what in the flashcards comes up in the magic shop.
- Oh.
- Yeah, we have balls.
We got balls here.
So maybe that could tie in somehow.
Maybe we can transpose the darts somehow - Yeah.
- so make it vanish and appear, maybe, on yourself or a spectator.
Let's try that out.
See how it works.
Ah, dude! Oh, snap.
Dude, don't touch it! All right, Spidey, I've got this idea.
- Put the pillow on your head.
- Why? Put the pillow on your head.
Trust me.
Trust me.
Put it around your head.
Come on.
Don't, don't move.
- All right.
Hold the dartboard.
- What are you doing? Yeah, trust me, trust me.
Hold the dartboard.
Stand right about here.
Don't move, buddy.
Oh, that was awesome! - What happened? - Nothing.
Spidey and Chris, take it away.
Hi there.
Why am I holding this dartboard? I don't even have any darts.
I have darts, I have darts.
Chris, where you at? Oh, man, what are you doing, Spidey? I want to show these people how magicians play darts.
- Chris, don't move.
You ready? - No, no, no, no.
Yeah, don't move.
Check it out.
No, no.
Whoa! Did I get it? Wow! Did I get it? Did I get it? I got it.
All right, my name is Chris Ramsey.
I'm Spidey.
Let's get right into this.
The gentleman over here? If you would just stand up, please? There are five pillows onstage.
Whichever one you name, that's the one we're gonna keep.
The other four, I will take over to the judges.
What is the number, sir? - Two.
- Two, great.
I will take one, three, four, five.
I got presents for the judges.
All right, while Spidey makes his way down to the judges, I would ask you just to stand up.
He's going to place this on your chairs.
Thank you very much, judges.
All right, could we have a round of applause for this man right here? Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you so much for playing along.
Now ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna grab something like a pillowcase.
We're gonna throw that in your direction.
Whoever catches it could stand up and come up onstage to help us? Here we go.
Just like that.
Whoever gets that, good.
Yes sir, come on up! Big round of applause! Make your way through here.
Come on up.
- What is your name, sir? - Patrick.
- Patrick.
- Patrick, thank you very much for joining us.
As you can see, here on this table, I have some flashcards here.
I would just like you to lift up a portion of these cards into your hands and just keep it there.
Go ahead and grab.
You happy with that? - Yeah.
- You good? All right.
Keep that there.
I'm gonna deal four cards down.
So we have one, two, three, and four.
And we'll get rid of these.
Thank you so much, Patrick.
Patrick, come on over here.
Inside this dart box you will notice I've got four darts.
And I'm going to place if you could take a step back, just so everybody can see this a piece of paper.
Now this is something that Chris wrote before we got onstage.
That's gonna go right in there.
And I'm also going to place inside the box, one U.
There's one quarter, two quarter - Patrick, can you see that? - Yeah.
We're just gonna close that.
All right.
Spidey's going to hand you these four darts.
- Careful.
They're real.
- And I will take this from you.
This will be now placed over your head to make you completely blindfolded.
- Are you okay with that? - Yes.
Even if you're not, it's too late.
All right.
We'll put this here.
And I will just turn you around to face the giant map - right here.
- Patrick, here we go.
Grab the first dart.
And just throw it right at the map.
- Wyoming! - Wyoming.
Grab the second one.
Go ahead and just throw it at the map.
Nebraska! Throw the third one.
- Pennsylvania! - Pennsylvania.
Go ahead with the last one.
Nevada! Whoo! Nevada.
All right, Patrick, You can remove the blindfold.
Patrick, come on over here.
Open that box for the first time.
Go ahead and open that box.
Slowly open the box.
I'm gonna remove that piece of paper.
I'm going to read what it says.
Here we go.
Ready? So crazy, I'm so excited.
You will select Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.
Yes! Feels so good! Sorry, Patrick.
Why does it say that? Those are Canadian Provinces.
- Right.
- You knew this was a U.
? Yeah, I know.
I thought he was really gonna get those.
Well, to be fair, Manitoba is like the Nevada of Canada.
What happens in Manitoba stays in Manitoba? I'll tell you what, Patrick.
You've been great.
And the least we could do is give you that dollar.
So go ahead and take those four quarters into your hands.
I thought I thought, for sure Wait.
Hold on.
Patrick, grab those quarters in your right hand.
You see, we said that there was a prediction inside that box.
We never said where.
Those are four quarters.
Each one bearing the name of a state.
Can you open your hands out like this? One by one, you are gonna read the names of those states, Patrick, for everybody to hear.
Here we go.
That is the first one.
What does that say? - Nevada.
- Nevada! That's one.
Let's try the second one.
Sleeves are rolled up.
What does that say? - Nebraska.
- Nebraska.
- Nebraska.
- The second one.
Look at the third one.
What does that one say? - Wyoming.
- Wyoming! - Wyoming! Yes! - And the final quarter, please? I think it is! What does that say? Pennsylvania.
Yes Patrick, yes! Thank you! Thank you so much! Patrick! Patrick! - Maps! Coins! Ahh! - Yes! - Wait! The flashcards! - The flashcards! - Bring me the flashcards.
- I remember the flashcards.
Patrick, you cut to some flashcards earlier.
Let's see what we got here.
We have a rose.
- A rose - Balls.
- Star.
- A star.
- And a trophy.
- And a trophy.
Hmm, interesting.
You know what? I suppose this trophy kind of relates to Jason.
I mean, he's a world famous magician.
He's won competitions before.
That would make perfect sense.
Oh, yeah, and the star, the star.
The star makes sense for Christen.
She's a magic critic, but also an expert in astronomy.
And the rose? Of course, the rose for Teller.
Because magic comes from such an emotional place.
And one of his most famous effects is done with a rose.
- Oh, and giant balls for Penn.
- We get it.
Come on.
Oh, no, no! He juggles! Penn Penn Penn was a juggler.
These are juggling balls.
But that's not all.
You see, we knew exactly what cards you were going to cut to.
In fact, we've made a prediction.
And we kept that prediction in the safest possible place.
Under the judges.
Judges, please stand up.
Grab your pillows.
Take off the pillowcase.
Show everybody what was predicted on your seat this entire time.
Yeah, show everybody.
Penn, what do we have? - I got balls! - We got balls for Penn! - Balls for Penn! - And a trophy for Jason! And a rose for Teller! - And a star for Christen! - And a star for Christen! - My name is Chris! - I'm Spidey! Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, guys.
It's time to find out what our judges thought, starting with Christen.
I thought the whole thing was really clever.
The quarters I especially loved because the prediction is etched on there.
It wasn't something you wrote down on a piece of notebook paper.
Yes, it was a little bit difficult to see them, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.
Great job, guys.
What I really liked about the use of the props that we gave you is that you blended them together.
You came out with a blindfold dart throw.
Set us up for the blindfold volunteer.
And using the pillows for the first effect and the last effect was just great bookends.
That's really creative.
Great job.
What happens in Manitoba stays in Manitoba.
Best joke there.
Mentalism is really, really hard to do, because mentalism, as a form, sucks.
It's just not good.
But the idea of using a cheesy box that would be used for any mentalism, pulling out the piece of paper that would be used for any mentalism, and then just kill us with the quarters is brilliant.
The U.
's "Miss Magic" and California conjurer Chris Ballinger will take the stage when we come back.
Justin Flom here.
I'll show you a trick you can do anytime you have tissue or napkins.
You can tear it into a bunch of tiny little pieces like that.
If you have a magic wand, give it a tap.
You can completely restore that napkin.
And I will show you how to do that in just a little bit.
Welcome back to "Wizard Wars.
" England's own "Miss Magic" and California creator Chris Ballinger are next.
And they've already built their routine.
So let's see what they came up with.
- Got an idea already with this.
- Okay.
We can sort of, like, throw that into the audience.
- Okay.
- And then we could have a bit of a prediction.
And then the prediction - ends up, somehow, inside that.
- I like that.
I wanna show you something.
- See if it works.
- Okay.
- So I've got credit card.
- Okay.
All right.
I want you to throw the dart - Three! Perfect! - Okay.
So we just do credit card, three.
- That is good.
- Yeah.
Okay, do you wanna get that ready? And then what I'll do, if we just whip it open.
Throw the feathers at you.
And then the prediction changes.
- We can try that.
- So all I'm gonna do is just cut here.
Can you just, like, squeeze it at it? Yep, squeeze it.
Ready, and go! Ho, ho, yes! That worked.
Chris and "Miss Magic", the stage is yours.
Thank you very much.
My name's Chris Ballinger.
I'm Kay Dyson, aka "Miss Magic.
" And "Miss Magic" actually just told me that she is a champion dart thrower.
British champion.
I would really like a lesson on how to hit a bull's eye.
Do you have any darts? Well, I thought I did.
But this is actually empty, so Not a problem.
Darts! We got it.
All right.
Okay, Chris, I'm gonna teach you how to hit - a bull's eye.
- Okay.
Here we go.
Bull's eye! Little bit closer.
Bull's eye! Little bit closer.
Bull's eye! All right, I'm not quite sure how they do it in England.
But here in America, the bull's eye is this part.
Not out here, where you were throwing.
Well, in England, this is how we do it.
Now, Chris, watch the bull's eye.
Are you ready? Watch the bull's eye.
Oh, my gosh! That's amazing! Now that's how we do it in England.
Well, I guess it's time to show my talent.
So I actually brought these here.
These are flashcards.
They're alphabet flashcards and I want someone from the audience to pick - You like them apples? - a flash card.
No, no, no.
Not that kind of flashcard! I'm sorry about that.
Plus, I want it to be a little more random, okay? So I thought we'd throw something out into the audience.
How about the pillow that we've got there? Pillow.
Oh, okay.
I'm gonna toss this pillow into the audience and I would like one of you lovely people to catch it.
So if you could all put your arms in the air? On the count of three, somebody's gonna catch it.
Are you ready? One, two, three! Oh! - What's your name? - Victoria.
Victoria, could you join us onstage, please? Big round of applause for the lovely Victoria.
- Hi.
- I've taped some of the flashcards onto this board.
I'd like you to take the dart and just throw it at any of those flashcards.
Yes! Oh, my God, I hit something! Yeah.
It stuck to the board.
Do you want to try again and actually hit a card? - Let me try.
- You got this! I can do this.
Yeah! Yeah! Nice.
That was perfect! Okay, I'm not gonna look at it.
And neither is "Miss Magic.
" But I wanna show it to everybody.
And I'd actually like you to sign it.
She's got a pen over there.
Hello, and I'm not looking, I'm not looking.
If you could sign right across the picture - in the middle, please? - Oh.
- Fabulous.
- And I wanna show it to everybody one last time with the signature on it before I put it away for good inside of the card box.
Great, that's great.
Could you take your seat, please? And keep your eye on the pillow.
Look after my pillow.
So, Chris, please, can we go back to your Yeah, yeah, this has been here the entire time.
And it's a prediction.
I think we made a connection.
Where you threw the dart, I think, is gonna match up perfectly with my prediction.
- Let's unveil it and see.
- Okay.
Are we ready? - Yep.
- On the count of three! One, two, three! - Apple! - A for apple! Was that your card? No? Oh, D for duck.
- Duck, duck.
- D for duck.
It would have worked if we did it my way.
- I know.
That's okay.
- Duck.
If you could pass this pillow forward? Yes.
Thank you.
This pillow has not left the table since we threw it out to you.
- Correct.
- Okay, perfect.
Ladies and gentlemen, this works better with a drum roll.
Could we have a drum roll, please? Inside the pillow is a a a, a, a - duck! - It's a duck! Duck.
A duck.
But that's not all.
Inside the duck Inside the duck? Laying - Wow.
- Is an egg.
An egg? So inside the pillow was a duck.
Inside the duck was an egg.
And inside the egg was? You done with this? Thank you.
You don't mind, right? Cool.
Here we go.
Whoa! Reach inside.
And inside the duck is a card.
But not just any card.
- It is a duck card! - Is that your card? That your card? - Yeah.
- All right! Thank you.
I'm "Miss Magic".
I'm Chris Ballinger! Thanks for watching! Ballinger and "Miss Magic".
Let's find out what the judges thought.
Penn & Teller? We really liked the bull's eye moving across.
Was nice to see a piece of physical magic.
But the big trick didn't have a prover to it that I think hurt the trick.
for that prediction to kill us, we'd have to see all seven of the cards on the dartboard.
But I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed the characters onstage very much.
I always like the inside of something, inside of something, inside of something, kind of tricks.
I think they're very fun and they can be really powerful.
But I do agree that there wasn't quite the proof there to make it as deceptive as it could possibly be.
It was missing a proof that would actually make people believe that the situation that we're being walked down could have only that one.
Almost like the pillow over the head.
Make it random and unique to the moment.
Thank you very much.
We'll find out which team will advance to the Wizard War when we come back.
Coming up right after the break Time to learn the trick I showed you earlier.
Justin teaches you an amazing trick.
You can restore that tissue back to like new condition.
Look at that.
Time to learn the trick I showed you earlier, where you take a tissue or a napkin, tear it up into a bunch of tiny pieces.
If you have a magic wand, you can restore that tissue back like new condition.
Look at that.
The secret is, where are the torn pieces of tissue.
They're still in your hand.
They're hidden in my palm.
Magicians call this "palming.
" So, when I'm reaching for that pen, I'm actually switching those pieces of tissue in my hand.
Just like that.
Sleight of hand move.
You can practice it.
It will help you restore that tissue, like new.
What about these pieces? What if the audience sees them or if they catch you with those in your hand? Then it helps to be a wizard.
You can actually restore the torn pieces, like new.
Welcome back to "Wizard Wars.
" We just saw two teams of challengers put together mind-blowing magic using the same three everyday objects.
Penn & Teller, the judges had a chance to evaluate both performances.
Which team will be moving on to the Wizard War? Well, we did, and we were unanimous for sophistication, for real and a trick that killed us, the quarter trick.
We loved it.
It's Spidey and Chris.
We just adored it.
All right.
Congratulations, Spidey and Chris.
You will face two of our Wizards.
But before we talk Wizards, let's talk rules.
Each team must use the same three items associated with a garage at least once in a routine.
The objects are, a tool chest, a Thermos, and a recycling bin.
Tonight's Wizards are Justin and Billy.
We have a workshop and a magic shop with everything you need to turn these objects into world-class magic.
Head on up! While the magicians prep their routines, get ready to be delighted down here.
Shimshi has a very unique routine he'd like to perform for us.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Can you come and help me out? There's nothing scary.
This is not for you, it's for me.
And your name? - Natalie.
- Natalie.
Did you bring a deck of cards with you, by any chance? Uh, no.
All right.
We'll use mine.
Is that okay? - Sure.
- All right, good.
Before I do anything, I want you to see the cards all different, Yeah? Guess so, yeah.
You guess? This one and that one? - Yeah.
- Is it? - Yeah.
- Good.
All good.
Point your finger and point to whatever card you want and keep your finger on it.
Whichever one you want.
- Sure? - Mm-hmm.
You can let go.
I was gonna show you.
I'm gonna show everybody.
I'm actually going to tear off a corner off that card.
This will be the only perfect match to this card.
Could you hold onto it? And hold it with the other hand? And I want you to make sure it is, indeed, a perfect match.
Good? Perfect.
What I want you to do is to hold onto the corner the whole time.
This card goes right inside.
Would you stand over here for me? I want you to shuffle the cards, and keep shuffling.
So there's no way that I can know what this card is.
Now, obviously, I'm not going to do sleight of hand right now.
I want to try something far more difficult.
I'm going to use my feet.
I'm going to try and kick your card while it's hanging about eight feet up in the air.
I'm gonna try.
May I have the cards, please? Can you guys see her card? No.
All right, that's good.
Here we go.
All right.
I'm gonna try and hit it right over here.
Here we go.
One two and three! Thank you! Very much.
That a perfect match? Thank you guys.
Thank you guys very much.
Truly an impressive feat! The challengers are working hard on their routines.
So let's check in on how they're doing.
We're up against Justin and Billy.
Very visual magic.
This is like heaven for Justin.
Then you have to let me handle the visual.
That's great.
Maybe if we have one of these screws - Can you vanish that? - Okay, sure.
Okay, awesome, and then look.
- Whoa! - Yeah.
I'll have to use the scissors to cut it out.
And it's in there, right? - That's not bad.
- That's good, like a trans - Like a transposition.
- Dude, we should run with that.
So what if we use the Thermos to balance objects? You know, actually here's an idea.
And this, dude.
This is a challenge, because is it the bin? Are we doing the box trick? Is it the contents of the bin? Can we use the bottles for something.
Hold on.
Let's see actually, You know what? Give me a sec.
If some of these have water in them, that could come from the Thermos.
Do they generate, maybe, different Oh, you saying, like make some music with them? Love that.
I love that idea.
Let's do it.
- Coming up - Teller, imagine a tool.
- What tool would you imagine? - the challengers perform a daring routine.
A screwdriver.
Will it pay off with the judges? How many tools, can a guy who doesn't talk, act out? Welcome back to "Wizard Wars".
All right, Spidey and Chris.
It's time to show the world what you can do.
Thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen.
Now you'll notice I'm standing onstage all by myself.
A little mishap happened backstage.
Got into a little accident.
I don't want to get into details.
But here's the result.
Yeah, that's not yeah.
Okay, I'll tell you what happened actually.
We were backstage, got into a bit of an argument.
Teller, imagine, if you will, a toolbox.
I reach into that toolbox, I pull out a tool.
Any tool at all in the world.
Not a hammer.
Any other tool.
What tool would it be? What tool would you imagine? A screwdriver.
A screwdriver.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not gonna touch anything.
I'm just gonna turn around.
A screwdriver is the tool that I used against Chris.
We got into a fight.
We disagreed on what we were gonna do.
Didn't work out, and then that happened.
And I kind of regret it.
So I guess that proves, conclusively, that two heads are better than one.
Oh, my God.
I'm so glad I came out to this.
It's incredible! - Chris? - Spidey.
Is that you, Chris? Come on up here! Chris, come on! - Hey, man.
- What's goin' on, man? - Wow, good to see ya.
- Hey wow, glad to be here.
This guy's awesome! I love this guy! Hold on.
If you're here, then what There's a tool chest.
There's a tool chest inside.
Can you believe that? - How you got that? You go get that? - It's one of our props.
So, hey, while we're up here, do you want to do the contest then? - Sure.
- You're here, yeah, all right.
We're gonna do a contest in which Chris is gonna have to drink some water.
So let me just grab Here, we'll get a bottle.
Chris? - Yep? Sorry? - We good? Let me show ya.
Just go ahead and spill some in there.
Yeah, go ahead and fill some in there.
Actually, you know what? We got a couple of bins here.
- Chris, look, we have a couple of bins.
- Okay.
Why don't you go ahead and fill all these bottles up? Go ahead.
Yeah, a little bit of water, at least, in each of these bottles.
Yeah, make sure they each get a little bit of water.
- All right.
- Yeah, let it run.
Yeah, I think we're all out here, though.
I got it! I got it! Okay.
What are you what are you doing? - What is that? - Rain dance.
Chris, no way is there a correlation between what you just did and precipitation.
Well well then this shouldn't happen.
Whoa! That's crazy! That's nuts.
That's insane.
Oh my God, there's water, there's water.
Okay, so we're done with this.
- Okay, sounds good.
- You know what, we're done.
- All right, folks - Well, there's an extra one.
- There's an extra one.
- You want me to fill it up, or? I don't know if we'll need that one, is it the last one? - Here's what we'll do.
- Is that the last one? Yeah, we don't need that.
- Sounds good.
- Okay, we don't need it.
- Just get rid of it.
- Oh, you want me to get rid of it? - Yeah, just - You got the recyc okay.
- Let's drop it in here? - Yeah.
- Hold on a second.
- What just happened? - That was a little creepy.
- That's weird because - That was a little creepy.
- What did Dude! Dude! Dude! Chris, dude, it's in here! - What? - It's in the bin! It's back in the bin! How'd that happen? It's back in the bin! What? Dude, try something else.
Where's that screwdriver we had? - Yeah, there's a screwdriver.
- Okay, let's try that.
I have an idea.
Let's try this.
- We'll hold it like this, okay? - Okay.
Go ahead.
Yeah, push that through.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Let's see what happens.
Whoa! Did you see that? It fell through! It fell through! We've discovered some sort of weird portal.
- That's amazing! - That's incredible.
Okay, so tell them about the songs.
All right.
You guys you guys have papers in front of you.
What I want you to do right now, is to write down a song.
Something popular that everybody would know.
So go ahead and write that down and crumple it all up - into a little ball.
- Ball 'em up tight.
Ball 'em up tight and throw them up here.
Come on, throw 'em up onstage.
We need a few.
Perfect! And let me pick this up.
It's a bit of a mess.
Yeah, it's a bit of a mess.
All right, let me suck this up here.
Yeah, get the get the smaller ones.
- Tell me when we got enough.
- We should be good.
- That should be fine.
- Okay.
Jason, I would love it if you chose someone.
maybe in the front of the audience.
Any one at all.
- Lady in the blue.
- Lady in the blue.
Come on up and just, maybe, grab about four or five of them.
- Like a handful.
- Okay.
- Four or five of them, yeah.
- All different Great.
And you know what, just pick one in your hand, and then give me the rest.
And un-crumple that and take a look.
Don't show it to us, just yet.
Make sure we can't see it, okay? - Can you remember what that is? - Do you know it? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Crumble it up.
I don't wanna see it.
Now I wanna show you these two to make sure this is extremely fair.
Is it the same one as this? Is that the same song? - No.
- Okay, so you could have picked that one.
You also could have picked, you know, for example, this one.
Is that is that the same? - No.
- And that's the one you want? - Yeah.
- Great, okay.
All right, here's how it's gonna play out.
We're gonna pin up Spidey's mentalism against my ability to drink.
In a moment, Penn, you're gonna say "One, two, three, go" to get this race started.
Chris is gonna try to drink those bottles onstage, and then I'm gonna try in that time, faster than him to figure out the song that you're thinking of, okay? Here we go.
Penn, whenever you're ready.
One, two, three, - go! - I'm done.
Come on! How on earth did you do that so fast? I couldn't even drink one! Well, that's the point, you see.
It doesn't matter.
Sometimes our jobs as magicians, is not to create the magic.
Sometimes the magic is there, our jobs, as magicians, is to show it to you.
These bottles have been sitting, in this order, the entire time.
We filled them out, put them on the table.
You had several songs to choose from.
For the very first time, very loud, say the song that you selected.
"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
" Check this out.
This is not mentalism, this is music.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you! Yes, yes! Thank you! Thank you.
Whoo! Yes.
All right, let's find out what the judges thought of this performance, starting with Jason.
I really, really liked the bottles becoming the answer.
I thought that was just really creative, just as much as I liked the idea of using the toolbox and the recycling bin to create a portal.
There's a lot of thought you guys have put into this and we really appreciate that.
Thank you.
Thank you, Jason.
How many tools, can a guy who doesn't talk, act out? Can I say what my out was if he didn't say - I wanna know your out.
- If he said anything other than screwdriver, my answer was gonna be, "All right, I guess Penn was right, mentalism does suck.
" There you go, there you go.
Right? Right? That says a lot.
Thank you.
That's an important point in magic.
If you can have something, if you have multiple outs, you can do stuff that you're not sure of.
And those are the real miracles.
I thought it was fantastic.
I really like that you guys came out with a really strong open, and, yes, the pacing was a little bit slower, but I I one thing I learned from the last round is that you guys set up the ending.
Then it's kind of wait and see where you're going and then there's gonna be a spectacular ending.
And we were not disappointed.
- Coming up - You didn't bring the $50 back.
I'm so glad you mentioned that.
the Wizards save their best for last.
Could you rip the label off that? Well, you shut me up.
Our Wizards have already created a magic routine using our garage themed items.
So let's see how they did it.
Really? A drawing of a light bulb? You've got the light bulb in here.
- Check this out.
- Yeah? Look at that.
You completely shattered it.
- Might be something? - Now eat this.
Oh, no.
I don't do that anymore.
It needs salt.
Any ideas with this Thermos? Does this fit in there? Nope.
I like the possibilities that are in the tool chest.
Like, I like the big-sized tool chest.
I'd like to find a smaller tool chest for you.
Like this one.
Like if this one was yours, right? Can this be in the tool chest? - This fit? - It's gotta be bigger.
I mean, don't forget we have this.
What if we didn't use any of this and just use this? With this, you could say is, kind of like the ending.
- Yes.
- And even if it doesn't work? Your job as a Wizard depends on it.
Wizards, it's time to earn your keep.
I'm Justin, and because I'm the muscle of the group, that's why I have the big toolbox.
Because I'm the lady of the group, I have this.
It's cute.
'Cause it matches my shoes, yeah.
Yeah, let me see what I, uh Oh, I was expecting I guess it's size doesn't matter, right? Justin, were you kidding yourself.
Of course, size matters! Now, ladies and gentlemen, you notice on the judges' table is a Thermos that's been sitting there before me and Justin came out.
When you pour hot liquid inside of that Thermos, the Thermos knows to keep it hot.
And when you pour cold water, it knows to keep it cold.
But how does it know? Okay.
Well, what are you saying? It knows, like, things about us? The Thermos knows so much.
It knows about you.
It knows about everything.
It knows about you.
- It knows about - Radical statement.
She's gonna have to prove it.
So, can we? - Well, we're magicians, so - Sounds good.
What I think what we should do, I'm gonna find a random table.
I'm gonna do so by popping a bottle cap into the audience.
Whatever table catches that bottle cap, that is going to be the table that we use.
- All right.
- Watch your eyes.
Sorry, ma'am, it hit you in the back of the head.
So this is the table that we're going to use.
- Hi, what's your name? - Drea.
Hi, Drea.
We've got a whole bunch of tools here.
We're going to put a whole bunch out right here.
What I'd like you to do, point to a pile.
This pile, perfect.
We don't need these.
- Okay.
- Excellent.
And out of those four tools looks like we have a hammer, screwdriver, screwdriver, bolt which one would you like? Go with the bolt.
- We have the bolt.
- The bolt.
Now, Justin, if you don't mind, if you guys can just spread as Justin walks through.
He's gonna go to Mr.
Old Thermos, there.
- Mr.
Thermos, he knows a few things.
- Hey, guys.
He's a wise old Thermos.
If the Thermos really does know, we should be able to open up Teller, would you hold out your hand for me? It's not liquid inside here.
Instead, it's actually a tool with a note on it.
Show the camera that's the bolt that that person freely selected! A big round of applause! Now wait a second.
This this is proof, right, Justin? - This is proof the Thermos knows.
- That the Thermos knows? The Thermos knew what that person was going to think, just like the Thermos knows when you want to keep hot coffee hot.
Black coffee.
Round of applause for Mr.
It's the Thermos, it's not us! It's the Thermos.
The Thermos knows.
But we got another secret Mr.
Yeah, a magical device.
The recycling bin.
Now the recycling bin is interesting because it takes things and bring them back to their original state.
- Magically.
- Magically.
Sometimes it's just recycling.
Some people would say it's more effort than it's worth.
But we're going to try something with the recycling bin.
Bringing something back to its original state.
So I'm just gonna come through here, guys, - take a look inside.
- Can we borrow a dollar bill from the audience? Preferably, like, a high-denomination bill.
$100 bucks, something like that? - You got a bill? - You guys just - What do you got? - Look inside.
Oh, $50.
That's perfect.
That'll do, that'll do.
Could you sign your signature, really big? All right, Justin.
You got that bill signed? - I do.
- Okay, excellent stuff.
Here's what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna come through here - like this.
Very good.
- I have the bill.
We're going to demonstrate how the recycling bin can take things and put them back to their original state.
To its original state.
- Oh, my God.
- Sorry.
Should have told her I was gonna do that, but the recycling bin has pretty magical powers.
You see I want you to be able to see, it really is torn there.
And what we're going to do is put it inside and see if the recycling bin can put it back to its original state.
Now wait for it.
Wait for it.
No, not restored.
- Look at that.
- Back to - Look at that! Wait for it! - A tree twig! A tree twig! - A tree twig! - Tree twig.
A tree twig.
That's right, a tree twig.
That's for you.
- Imagine greater.
- Imagine greater.
Yeah, Imagine greater.
Ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for our volunteers! Yes, I'm Justin Flom! I'm Billy Kidd! All right, let's find out what the judges think, starting with Christen.
I really loved the Thermos.
It was very cool.
I didn't see the bolt coming out of it.
And I didn't see you then produce the coffee out of it.
And it is warm coffee.
It this was a very nice trick.
You didn't bring the $50 back.
I'm I'm so glad you mentioned that.
- I'm so glad you mentioned that.
- So, where it's just Penn, you're holding on to that bolt.
- Got the bolt.
- Could you rip the label off that? Now the head of that bolt, if you turn it opposite the way it should be turned, Can you rotate it the way that it shouldn't be turned? Yes, I can.
And, Teller, next to you, there's some pliers on your table at the very front.
That's where the pliers Open it up and you'll see inside there should be a dollar bill.
Are you done after this? Teller, I want you to look.
Is that the signature? Ma'am, I want you to verify.
- Is that your signature? - Yes.
Yes! Yes! - Yeah.
- All right, judges, what do you think about this performance now? Starting with Christen.
Again, I loved this forever.
This is just awesome.
Sorry, you want that back? Great job, guys, just great job.
Well, you shut me up.
That's all I got to say.
We'll find out which team won the Wizard War when we come back.
Okay, it's time.
Which team is the winner of tonight's Wizard War? Chris and Spidey, we all agree that all the tricks you did were cooler.
The prediction was wonderful.
It was all put together.
It was really, really clever.
And you won, right up until the judges started to speak.
And the most important thing in magic, is to blow minds.
You beat 'em, right up until she said, "What happened to the $50 bill?" And we opened this bolt.
And that took the assumption that we all have that the trick is over when it goes to the judges.
And that blew our minds.
And it's one of the hardest decisions we'll ever make.
The Wizards win.
Sorry, man.
You did better at every step! Thank you, judges! Goodnight from "Wizard Wars"!