Wonderland (2013) s01e05 Episode Script


Oh, bum.
Somebody had to take the blame for what happened today so I told the clients I fired you.
I quit.
Your flat? As it turns out, um, there is a chance I will be moving into Wonderland.
Carlos and I are seeing each other.
(SNIFFS) I was with someone.
You can't tell anybody, you can't -No-one, not even Steve.
-Of course Oh, hey, Rob.
I'm going up the coast for a few days.
Think it out.
See ya.
So he wants to buy your design but you're not interested? Oh, I don't know him.
He's one of Steve's mates.
I've only met him a couple of times.
Yeah, seems pretty good to me.
I don't know why you wouldn't go for it.
Well, you should know why, you're an artist.
Yeah, artists have to eat.
No, it's not that, it's Nah, it sounds a bit wanky, it's -What? -Nothing.
-Just forget it.
Forget what? -Wabi-sabi.
-Wabiwhat? Wabi-sabi - it's a Japanese ethic.
It's kind of like my philosophy of work.
See, I told ya.
Sounds wanky.
What does it mean? I meansthat nothing is ever finished, nothing is perfect.
And for me it's about simplicity and beauty and usefulness.
And you don't really get that in something that's mass-produced.
There's nothing It's like there's no soul in the piece.
You know? There's no wabi-sabi.
Not this bullshit again.
SONG: # The morning sun Set alight The future And all that it holds And I walked with intent Left no room for regret You don't miss something You never had Come on, come inside Whoa-oh whoa-oh oh We don't see what's Right before our eyes.
Bloody hell.
Steve's little sister? She's turned out alright, hasn't she? Yep.
Oh, can't believe she's grown up.
Yeah, that's what happens, Dad.
I'm glad to see you're as ugly as ever.
You too.
-(BOTH LAUGH) Mum should've told me you were coming down.
-Mum doesn't know I'm down.
Well, you'd better get back to it.
(PHONE RINGS) Hello, Dani.
-So, no news? -Five days and counting.
Rob's obviously not ready to talk yet.
Well, how hard is it to write a text? Well, it's just not fair.
Well, I don't get to make the call on what's fair.
But he should at least let you know where he is.
I'm pretty sure that he is down at Shorty's.
Isn't it worth jumping in the car? It's not that far.
I've thought about it, but, no, he wouldn't want that.
Defeats the purpose of him going down.
I just have to hope that he'll come back when he's ready.
It's like a washing machine out there.
You looked like you were on spin cycle.
-(LAUGHS) -That's embarrassing.
Yeah, pretty pointless getting wet.
I don't know why you bothered.
You got something to prove? Nah.
I'm just stupid generally.
(LAUGHS) Now I feel bad.
Jade Montgomery, right? That's me.
I'm pretty sure it'll clean up this arvo.
Well, it did yesterday.
If not, I might see you at the pub.
I can't find my navy suit.
Um, I think it's still at the drycleaners.
-You didn't pick it up? -Why? Did you wanna wear it? Not today, tomorrow for my PDR meeting.
Don't look so worried - you'll get the promotion.
Mmm, maybe, maybe not.
What, on wearing your navy suit? Would you mind picking it up today? -You can't? -I'm working.
Ohh! Mmm! And I'm unemployed, that's right! Oh, thank you for reminding me for, like, the third time this week.
I didn't mean it like that.
Ooh, so much muscles on man who brings home bacon.
What time is it? Time you got your bod out of my bed.
-What's the plan for tonight? -It's FAT night.
I'm hosting.
I've got the lentils sorted.
I'll shop for the rest after work.
-Lentils? -It's ait's a legume.
A pulse.
You know, like a brown pea thing.
It's healthy.
-Why? -What, why lentils? It's a vegetarian lasagne.
But no-one's vegetarian.
Well, that is beside the point.
I'm making a statement.
-It's made with tofu.
It's wheat-free, gluten-free, egg-free.
-Taste-free? -No.
What's the statement you're making - you don't like food? Listen, it's my turn to compete.
You are not meant to interfere.
I'll see you tonight.
It's a pity you're working tonight.
-You could have joined us.
Harry, um, would you also mind if I just moved a few little things around in the living room? It's just to make it a bit more spacious.
Two strangers that come together to share a space.
It's like a dance, except no-one knows the steps.
So we'll just, uh, work it out as we go.
-Respect the mystery.
I can do that.
Hey, I, um, meant to check with you.
Is Rob coming tonight? Uh, I doubt it.
Um, thanks.
See you tonight.
-Big shame.
-What? Rob and Colette, on the rocks.
No, they're not.
He's just working.
Look, I found your keys.
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I'm gonna go do the shopping and then I can come home and bake you a cake.
What about dinner? Don't bother calling a recruitment agency.
Oh, I can't.
I mean, when would I pick up your dry-cleaning? (KNOCK AT DOOR) -Ah.
Hey Is it bad timing? -Little wifey has some chores.
But big hubby is running late for work.
-Little wifey? -What are you doing here? Dude, you've only just got married, and it's come to this.
-Lame pet names.
-She's taking the piss.
But she's right, big hubby is running late, so Can I ask you a quick question about Charlie? He liked the stool, huh? I thought he might.
He hasn't seen it yet but he's texted to confirm he's coming.
He's keen, that's good.
Is he the type that'll steal my design? -Charlie won't rip you off.
-No? He told me they make 500% on this stuff.
You should at least consider it.
Well, there's more to life than money, big hubby.
I know, I know.
-He's so cute, your dad.
-Why? Funny him remembering my plaits.
-Thanks for this, by the way.
-That's alright.
You know what - if you're gonna exploit me, the least you can do is pay me in chocolate.
Hey, they cost me.
How does that work? Aren't they props? Yeah, but the photographer passed this gig on to me.
It's low budget, pretty much unpaid after expenses.
So basically you're doing the job for nothing.
-That's not the point.
What happened to you? I came by before and you weren't here.
I-I didn't confirm He got roped into helping me.
Oh, well, if it was a choice between me and you Oh, yeah, sorry.
This is Miranda.
Miranda, this is, um, Steve's mate, Charlie.
You knowyou know Steve? Yeah, I'm the sister that he obviously always talks about.
Hmm, well, I checked out your pics on the website.
It doesn't do it justice.
Yeah, well, that one's not finished.
It still needs a little bit of finessing.
Yeah? Well, it's clever.
What kind of D you making on it? I don't roll them off the assembly line.
It's, um A lot of time and effort goes into that.
How many have you made in the past year? -This design? -Yeah.
Oh, half a dozen.
And you sell them for how much? Enough.
Yeah, I've gotta be honest with you, I don't think I'm interested.
-Is that Miranda's work, is it? -Yeah.
-It's good.
It's good.
No, I'm into photos.
I'm actually going to an invite-only exhibition on Oxford Street tonight.
Now, come on.
What, you're not interested in making money? -Let me take a photo.
-But if you I'll put a proposal together.
No obligation, OK? It's a plus-one invite.
You wanna come? Oh, that'sthat's really nice, but we've actually got a dinner on.
I think it's a Tsong He exhibition.
-Seriously? -Yeah.
-Well, dinner's not till 8:00.
-That's perfect.
-Opening's at 6:00.
-(RACING PLAYS ON TV) -(DOOR OPENS) Well, that was the longest lunch since the Last Supper.
Well, if I knew you were here I would've broken both legs in my rush to get home.
Can't have you speeding and drunk driving, darlin'.
-Stop gloating.
-Hey! I copped hell from you for years when I lost my licence.
-It's payback.
-So where did you pop up from? You didn't tell me you were coming down when I called.
I wanted to surprise you.
What with? Something good, I hope.
Oh, just my scintillating company.
Oh, lucky me.
What's the real reason? Why does there have to be a reason? Why can't I just miss my beautiful, smart, sexy wife of 33 years? So what happened with the shiraz? I thought you were planting the back 12 acres this week.
Uh, I don't know if that's gonna go ahead.
Why not? I don't know if spending on new vines is a good idea at the moment.
-How's your mother? -She's nearly back on her feet.
-How's Tom? -He let you in, didn't he? You'd know how he is.
He's well.
He's working really hard.
I've got some papers for him to sign.
I thought I might leave them with you to get his autograph.
-Oh, for God's sake.
-What? Just because I've been away from home for a few months doesn't mean I've lost my memory, darling.
I know exactly how your mind works.
What are you talking about? You, turning up here unannounced, fluffing on about how much you'd missed me.
Why don't you stop feeding me the usual rubbish and tell me exactly what this is about? I don't know how they can make anything decent for that kind of money.
I always reckon that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Yeah, you're probably right.
-Thanks, Dad.
-That's what I'm here for.
That and there is a small business venture of my own I want to discuss with you.
I've read about this stuff - arsenic, cyanide, sulfuric acid.
It gets into the groundwater next to your shiraz, it's not just gonna be lousy, it will be toxic.
Says who? You've never even heard of these people.
If you won't think of me, think of your mum.
Excuse me, I'm Switzerland here.
-Don't drag Mum into this.
-(SIGHS) I've made somequestionable business decisions in my time, I'm willing to cop that, but what's done is done.
Just autograph to seal the deal.
I just want some time to think about it.
If you've got a better idea to bail us out, don't hold back.
Better still, come back home, help me run things.
Oh, yeah, I'm not having that conversation again.
-I'll see you later.
-Then sign the bloody contract.
-For you.
-You brought me a present? -Chorizo.
-Oh, you brought me smallgoods.
It'll really work with the tofu and lentils and spice it up a bit.
I have got FAT night under control.
No, but smell it.
It's fantastic.
I'm trying to help you make a statement.
The only help I need from you is to eat it when I serve it up.
It's your FAT night.
What do I do with this, then? Just put it away.
-I'm not interrupting.
-Harry, you're not at work.
-Good news.
I managed to swap shifts, so free for dinner.
-What can I do for you? -OK.
Now that there'll be eight of us, it'll be a bit squeezy.
Why don't I shift this stuff off my workbench and we can pull it up to the table? That would be amazing.
It's symbolic.
We're merging.
Well, not in that way.
You got the hot Brazilian.
-(KNOCK AT DOOR) -TOM: Hello? -Hey.
Can I borrow you for just a second? Please? -STEVE: Looks generous.
-What do they wanna mine? Uh, well, nothing.
They just wanna use the vacant land to build tailings dams.
-Tailings dams? -Waste disposal.
They dig, it's gotta go somewhere.
Um, look, I'd get a contract lawyer to look over it, but it looks pretty straightforward.
You go through with this, your dad's problems are over.
I don't know - why have I got to put up with dodgy Charlie and dodgy Dad in the same 24 hours? -Your dad? He's awesome.
Your mum makes him sound hysterical.
-He is, I love Warwick.
-Why does everyone love my dad? -Give the man a break.
-He's a good bloke.
Alright, I'm gonna go have a shower, get ready for dinner.
-Thank you, Grace.
-You, no help.
-Don't mention it.
-See you at 8pm? Don't be early.
Are you really that interested in photography? Yeah, look, honestly, you know, I just go to keep my profile up, you know, get seen.
You know how it works.
And do you put a dot on something every time? Yeah, not every time, but, look, it was a half-dot, so I don't have to go through with buying the picture.
You do realise you're crushing someone's soul every time you do that? Hey, we've all gotta do what it takes.
I mean, look, you are, that's why you gave up pharmacy, right? Well, thanks.
Hey, Miranda.
Do me a favour, OK? Look, just have a talk to Tom.
Convince him to sell me his design, alright? Is that why you walked me home, so that you could get to Tom? Oh, that, you know, and you're pretty hot.
(SCOFFS) You're wasting your time.
Well, let me down gently.
I meant with Tom.
He has integrity.
I meant with Tom.
He has integrity.
I don't approve of bullying tactics, you know I don't, but he is obviously very stressed about the financial situation.
When isn't he? As long as I can remember, always stressed.
Look, I When you two start to get stubborn, itit -It is not helpful.
Can you please talk to him again about it? This is exactly why I wanted nothing to do with the vineyard.
I mean, seriously, Mum, he gives me stakes in the place, makes out like he wants me to contribute, but only if I agree with everything he says and does, which I don't and I won't.
Hey! Hey, Maggie.
I'm running late but I'll see you at Grace's.
You have to do what you feel is right, of course.
But that vineyard that you hate so much has given you a lot of freedom over the years.
-Harry, want some dip? -Very tempting, Carlos.
Oh, um, you can just On the table's fine.
You don't want me to offer them? -They're for the table.
-TOM: Oh! -I love this guy.
-I love him more.
I was just, um Yeah.
Wow, you've got some really cool stuff, man.
Finally got an invite.
What's this? It's where I bind and wrap the body parts.
-(LAUGHS) -STEVE: Is it safe to come in? -Where's all the junk? -Harry! Good to see you.
-Yeah? -Mmm.
(CLEARS THROAT) How was your date with Charlie? -Uh -Hey? You and Charlie? What, you'd trust him with my walkabout stool but not your sister? Well, he isn't gonna try and shag your chair, is he? -We can't be sure of that.
-It wasn't a date.
You created this mess giving Tom half the vineyard for his 21st.
Better than a trip to Bali.
It was a poisoned chalice and you know it.
You were just trying to guilt trip him into working with you.
Is it so wrong to want your only son to join the family business? It is when he has other dreams.
Yeah, we're screwed and all Tom can think of is thisObi-Wan Kenobi philosophy.
-Sushi-wushi, whatever.
Meanwhile, we're mortgaged up the wazoo.
The flats? They're geared.
I told you that.
You keep changing things.
It's impossible to keep up.
Sell the vineyard.
What, so my dreams versus Tom's principles, is that what you're telling me? I have a dream too, Wa.
I have a dream that my husband's going to finally act on the promise he made - sell up and come and live in the city.
But I don't think my dream's ever gonna happen, is it? (SIGHS) Maybe we can talk about that again if Tom signs the contract.
So can you stop being Switzerland and be North Korea instead? Mate, your old man has poured heart and soul into that place.
-What went wrong? Banks.
They let him borrow too much.
Now he's I work for a bank.
What are you saying? You're part of the problem, dude.
-Bankers are wankers! -Mmm! Oh, good, I've arrived just in time for the controversy.
I'm sorry.
I've come late but bearing no gifts.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I thought maybe Rob would come home.
-God, I love that dress.
-Yeah, it's gorgeous! -You look great.
-Thanks! This looks lovely.
Yeah! Great job on the lasagne, Grace.
-Yeah, it's really different.
Really? You're not just saying that? -TOM: Tiptop.
-Mwah! Tiptop.
See? I told you people like to eat healthy.
Oh, Colette, your plate.
I'll just be a sec.
-These lentils -I can't eat this.
That's because it's inedible.
Where's the meat? -Look, it's not that bad.
-You want mine? I think I'm gonna push off.
What about dessert? I've made jelly.
Oh, I just wanna have a look over that contract.
Oh, OK.
-Have a good night.
Here, I'll take this out.
Anyone else? -No, it's OK, I've got it.
-No, I'll help you.
-You're a guest.
-Let me help (GASPS) Oh, God! GRACE: Oh, I'm -It's OK.
-I've got it.
-Do younapkin? -I'm sorry.
That was my fault.
Yeah, it's fine.
CARLOS: I'll get you a towel.
OK, um (SIGHS) I apologise for my idiot boyfriend.
It's just a dress.
I should probably just soak it.
Wellmake sure you come back.
I promise you, dessert is actually edible.
(GROANS) Why did I think I could do this? This is not about the dress, is it? Rob hasn't got a job down the coast.
We're in trouble.
You don't need to do this right now with the dinner party outside.
Don't be stupid.
It's not SERIOUS serious? Yep.
I've been trying to pretend .
but I am so scared that he's not gonna come back.
(GROANS) I didn't want anyone to know.
What do you think about Charlie and his Indonesian deal? That's something for Tom to figure out.
Yeah, I don't trust the guy.
I mean, Tom's into all of this wabi-sabi stuff.
But I don't think Charlie would get it.
Tom gave you the wabi-sabi routine? What do you mean? (CLEARS THROAT) That's his number one pick-up line.
-COLETTE: Goodnight, everybody.
-DANI: 'Night! (WHISPERS) Please don't say anything to anyone.
-Of course not.
BOTH: 'Night.
-Can I have the car keys? -What for? Well, it's still early.
I can be down there in an hour.
We don't even know he's there.
Colette's only guessing he's at Shorty's.
What if he's not? Well, so I wake up at a nice beach tomorrow and go for a surf.
Trust me.
How long's Tom gonna make us wait, do you think? MAGGIE: Let's leave it.
What are you wearing? Like it? The Hong Kong company that makes our labels sent gifts.
You look Noble? Regal? Sexy? Like an oriental teepee.
Any chance? Oh, your foreplay! I've really missed it.
(SIGHS) B&S ball, 1978.
I remember a young girl was quite taken with my foreplay on that infamous occasion.
Don't make me sound easy.
I made you work for that.
You were worth the effort.
(CHUCKLES) (GROANS) I miss the fireworks, Maggie.
I miss you.
How can I resist an emperor's charms? -Alright.
-(CHUCKLES) Now, I'd just go a little to the left and just slide it along the cushion.
-(CLINK! THUD!) -Shot.
God, I'm good.
(BOTH LAUGH) You said best of three? I was giving you hope.
-Oh, really? -Mm-hm.
We should call it a night.
Another game, or we go.
Your choice.
I justwouldn't mind one more beer, you know? But if you've gotta go, don't let me stop you.
Hey, man.
What the hell are you doing here? I saw your van outside.
I came down for a surf tomorrow.
-How are you? -Hey.
Just, uhgive us a minute.
What are you, the marriage police? -No, man.
-Tell Colette to back off.
She doesn't know I'm here.
Well, what, then? Come get a drink with me, man.
No, you go get a drink.
I'm playing pool.
I'll get us a beer.
I'll be back in a minute.
SONG: # I'll search for years until the end Or till I find a better friend Yeah Yeah-eh-eh Then I'll look back on my despair And realise Nothing's fair Yeah Yeah-eh-eh Hey! Alright, how do I look? I would have sex with you.
I wanna impress my boss, not give him a hard-on.
Hey, whatever works.
Oh, good luck today.
-Are you nervous? -A little.
Don't be.
You'll nail it.
COLETTE: Sorry I was such a bad dinner guest last night.
(CHUCKLES) Lateness, wardrobe malfunctions, drama.
-(LAUGHS) Not my finest hour.
You should knowCarlos went looking for Rob last night.
He'll think that I sent him.
Maybe that's a good thing.
(SIGHS) Look, Carlos is not gonna say anything, because he doesn't know anything.
Not actually what happened.
And neither do I.
Butif you want to talk, I'm happy to listen.
Look It doesn't matter.
Carlos probably can't make things any worse than they already are.
-(SIGHS) I have to go.
I know.
Hey, Stevo! What's the ETA on your PDR? This afternoon.
Me too.
-(MUTTERS) Jesus.
-You fully rehearsed? It's not a set speech.
Well, come on.
I've got strategies for business development, maybe talk about a few things I got out of the last conference.
Corporate design outfit? -Something along those lines.
Well, good luck! I'm gunning for ya.
(SIGHS) I forgot how much I missed your freshly baked bread.
Is this where I say "And I've missed the hammer of Thor"? (LAUGHS) No, it wasn't a euphemism.
I actually miss your baking.
-Ah! -In fact, come home.
(SIGHS) I am home.
Oh, that's nice.
What about me? What about Mum? Quit using your mother as an excuse for not dealing with what's going on here.
What is going on? You tell me.
You're trying to fool yourself into feeling young again by hanging around with Tom and his mates.
I am not hanging around with them! I'm the one who's supposed to have a mid-life crisis.
Oh, I've already lived through yours when you bought that damn vineyard.
(LAUGHS) You used to love it.
Why are you so down on the place? There's nothing for me up there! Apart from your husband.
-What about our friends? -What friends? Friends aren't people you pretend with.
-Pretend what? -That things are going well.
You are so full of pride you let it get in the way of everything! WARWICK: You told me to sell the farm! MAGGIE: And now we're up shit creek and you sold the paddle! (ROB GROANS) (CARLOS GROANS) You could've spent the night in your own bed, man.
FYI, nothing happened.
I know what you're thinking.
You came here to check up on me.
I didn't spend the night in the car for Colette.
I'm here for you, man.
If you want me to go, I will go.
Or we just go for a surf, huh? You're quiet.
So are you.
Is it tough with your dad? My dad, my mum, my own shit.
I just I don't know how to keep everyone happy.
Well, just as long as you're not thinking of caving to Charlie.
Why? -The guy's a snake.
-(PHONE BEEPS) Oh, no! (GROANS) The record company's changed their mind.
The job's been pulled.
That sucks.
I'm not gonna be able to pay rent again this week.
I'm really sorry.
I was counting on this job.
Whatever happened to "I'm the perfect flatmate - "I always pay my rent on time"? Yeah, I also said 'usually'.
Yeah, well, 'usually' doesn't usually mean 'never'.
Sorry, I'm just I'm not angry at you.
Hey, Tom! I got those specs if you wanna check 'em out.
Ah, yeah.
Let's do it.
Come on.
Come on down here.
(MAN SIGHS) Oi, you're up.
Tough? Oh, look, I'm not supposed to announce anything yet, but it's a no-go on the promo, Stevo.
What? I put in a good word for you, but the boss asked me to step up.
So when you said you were gunning for me, you were actually shooting me down.
No hard feelings? Oh, congratulations.
Thanks, mate.
ROB: She tell you the details? Nope.
Been thinking about going back every day, man.
Keep thinking, "I'll leave today," and then .
then I don't.
But do you want to? I don't know.
I still don't know whether I should or not.
Whether you should and whether you want to is different things, mate.
So tell me this - what happens if you decide to go back and she's not waiting for you? SONG: # Broken bottles in the hotel lobby Seems to me like I'm just scared Of never feeling it again I know it's crazy to believe in silly things But it's not that easy I remember it now, it takes me back To when it all first started But I've only got myself to blame for it And I accept it now It's time to let it go Go out and start again But it's not that easy But I've got high hopes It takes me back to when we started High hopes When you let it go, go out and start again High hopes Oh, when it all comes to an end But the world keeps spinning Around.
Good times.
So it was just a line? What? Wabi-sabi.
Well, if it actually meant something to you, if you actually believed in it, you wouldn't have signed something with Charlie.
I'm actually doing this for my parents, so I don't need your approval or your understanding, or for you to confuse the two.
So do me a favour.
Stay out of it, OK? -Fine.
-Thank you.
-Appreciate it.
So, what happens now? I can't imagine life without you.
I tried.
But it doesn't make any sense.
I want you to stay.
I want us to get through this.
(COLETTE SIGHS) I missed you.
-Where's Dad? -In there.
Better late than never.
I'm heading back tonight.
Dad, the only reason why we're in this position is because you made me equal financial partner in the vineyard.
I know.
You haven't signed it.
I'm not going to.
But what I am going to do is sign over my half of the vineyard.
And what you do with it, that's up to you.
I might not agree with some of your decisions, but I've got no right to tell you how to run your business.
And from now on, I'm gonna start paying proper rent.
Don't be stupid.
You don't need to.
I want to.
(SIGHS) Come here.
Come here! -OK? -All good.
-Harry? -CARLOS: Oi, I'm here.
Harry let me in to write you a note and leave your car keys.
Rob's truck's out the front.
I know.
So he's gonna stay with her? I think so.
I hope so.
You did good.
I shouldn't have doubted you.
It's OK.
It could've gone another way.
So, what was he doing down there? Was he with his mates, his brothers? He was just by himself, anddrinking, surfing.
Taking time out.
Another thing that, um, you were right about.
Mm-hm? -The lasagne.
-Yeah, it was bad.
-It was terrible.
-(BOTH LAUGH) Rejecting your help was clearly an error of judgement.
That's the kind of statement I really enjoy.
(CHUCKLES) I'll give you a call when I get back home.
Have you said goodbye to Tom? Yeah.
He's gonna transfer the full rent next month.
Believe that? Off his own bat.
Our son is full of surprises.
You might be too.
Oh, I almost forgot.
They sent his and hers.
(CHUCKLES) SONG: # I was scared of dentists and the dark I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations Oh, all my friends are turning You know, if chocolate wasn't such an effective mood enhancer, I would be feeling really shit right now.
-(CHUCKLES) Me too.
I'm sorry, by the way.
Oh, you were right.
It's none of my business.
What are you knitting? A scarf.
Or a poncho.
What do you think? Wabi-sabi? Is that sarcasm? Is that sarcasm? Steve said it's just a line you use to pick up girls.
So you think I was trying to pick you up, then.
-No -Why would I use the line? -Uh, I'm not saying you were -Well, what are you saying? Can I have another chocolate? Uh, technically, they're your rent.
Oh, they're my prize for selling out.
It costs money to have principles.
At least you weren't completely stupid like me.
Yeah, there's always that.
Ow! Taken away to the dark side I wanna be your left-hand man I love you when you're singing that song and I got a lump in my throat 'cause You're gonna sing the words wrong I just wanna I just wanna know If you're gonna If you're gonna stay I just gotta I just gotta know I can't have it I can't have it any other way.