Wonderland (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Personal Space

I'm just not really the kind of girl that hangs out in vans.
Then why are you here? Two strangers, they come together to share a space.
It's like a dance, except no-one knows the steps.
I have a dream that my husband's going to finally act on the promise he made - sell up and come and live in the city.
I'm not gonna be able to pay rent again this week.
I'm really sorry.
I was counting on this job.
Whatever happened to "I'm the perfect flatmate, "I always pay my rent on time"? Wabi-sabi? Is that sarcasm? Steve said it's just a line you use to pick up girls.
So you think I was trying to pick you up, then.
- No - Why would I use a line? Rob hasn't got a job down the coast.
We're in trouble.
What happens if you decide to go back and she's not waiting for you? I can't imagine life without you.
I want us to get through this.
I missed you.
Oh, great, thanks.
Just straight through here.
To the left, thank you.
- Hey, Mum.
- Hi.
You're, um redecorating? I'm making myself comfortable.
Just straight through there, thank you.
Thanks, mate.
Mum, exactly how long are you planning on staying? Hopefully long enough for you to get around to fixing the cupboard I asked you about two weeks ago.
And maybe hanging this.
I'd need to grab my drill.
- Later, then? - Yep.
- Later as in this evening? - Yeah.
Would you like me to make you some dinner? Um sorted.
Later, then.
Hey My heart is a junkyard Kill me now.
My head is a jungle, jungle My head is a jungle, jungle My Ooh-ow Oh-oh-oh-oh What's she done with my beers? Suddenly, the pain in your eyes I've been aching, aching for you My love My head is a jungle, jungle My heart Miranda! The morning sun set alight The future and all that it holds And I walked with intent Left no room for regret You don't miss something you never had Come on, come inside Whoa-oh whoa-oh oh We don't see what's Right before our eyes.
- Miranda! - Yep? What's dripping all over the tub? I'm sorry - I got the wrong colour flags and the client went nutso at the pre-production meeting and now I'm trying to dye them.
I don't even think I'm getting the right colour.
If I don't get it in time, I'm not gonna get a gig with this photographer ever again.
Just breathe.
It's OK.
No, it's not, you know? You stuff up once, you don't get a second chance.
- Miranda, listen to me.
- Do you want some cake? Listen to me.
Miranda, you've got talent.
You don't need to worry.
- You think so? - Yes.
II moved your beers, sorry.
I noticed that.
I also rescued our toaster from its little excursion to the workshop.
And I I don't have rent again this week.
I'm really sorry.
I just Blew it on cake.
I have an idea, though.
Mmm? Sort of a 'trade you' type thing.
Trade me? Oh, yeah! We made it in time.
We got the spot.
Good spot! Oh, no need to squish.
We've got the whole beach.
But I like it when we squish! Hey, um, I was thinking - maybe this afternoon, when we're done, you could head home and do some work on your assignment.
That way I get some time to get ready for dinner.
No need - I already finished my assignment.
I'm all yours.
Here's good.
- Yeah, cool.
- Quick, spread out.
- Huh? - We need to stake more space.
Spread out.
Oh, 'scuse me - we're here.
Oh, sorry.
No, we were here first.
Public beach.
Yo, guys! Over here! Guys! Over here, hurry up.
Hey, guys! It's doing my head in.
I've gone from being single and independent to having two men in my face all the time.
Oh, there are worse things, like no men in your face.
I know what you're thinking.
"What a lovely pair of melons.
" Harry, you're home.
Something smells great.
That would be my romantic dinner for two.
And you won't even know I'm here.
The invisible man - that's me.
So you're just gonna drop your melons and go? Uh no, now that I'm home, I think I'll hunker down.
Don't worry.
I told you, I'll be Jack Griffin.
I'll ask.
You'll be who? 'The Invisible Man'.
- Terrific read.
- Harry! Hey, it's cool.
Is that our hot Brazilian in the shower? Officially claustrophobic now.
Yeah, I think Grace is protesting too much.
She is loving having that man in her face.
- Babe - She's got it so bad! Carlos is the best thing to happen to her in years.
- Dani.
- Hmm? I'm on the loo.
- So? - Bit of privacy wouldn't hurt.
Don't be silly! We're married.
- So? - Well, we share everything.
Not this.
- Why not? - Because it's personal.
I let you see me take off my make-up.
THAT is personal.
Completely different.
You like it when we shower together.
That's pretty personal.
So, so different.
Colette again? What is going on with you guys? We have a lot to discuss.
You were with her this arvo.
What else could there possibly be to discuss? - Well, um - Close the door! Oh, is this too loud? Sorry.
No, no, no, it's fine.
Are you coming to bed? Soon.
I'm just gonna watch the end of this.
I'll see you in there.
Yeah, I'll see you in there.
- 'Night.
- 'Night.
So, what do you want to do tomorrow? You're not sick of me yet? Is that even a serious question? - Don't mind me.
Melon? - No, thank you.
- Carlos? - No, thanks, man.
- What are we watching? - Um, a movie.
But you kind of It's nearly finished.
Oh, no, it's cool, I've seen it.
It's so sad when she dies.
Rob? You said everything's gonna be alright Gonna work out this time It's a long way home It's a long way home And it's too late For wanting The best thing for me now Is to walk back Back home He says he wants me to stay.
He says he wants to work at it.
But every night, he sleeps on the couch.
That's confusing.
I mean, does he want to work it out or doesn't he? And he still hasn't talked to anyone else? Carlos tried, but Rob shut it down.
He knows, and Steve and Tom don't? They're the ones that really should.
Carlos knows we have problems.
He doesn't know the details.
It's too humiliating for Rob.
Tom and Steve are his best mates.
Did you see my Warrior III pose? - Uh, yeah! Amazing.
- Thank you.
You've been so great.
I honestly don't know what I would have done without you.
I just want you guys to work things out.
Yeah, me too.
Hey, um, I should probably go in, but maybe we can catch up later? I'm cooking all day, so probably just see you for FAT night? OK.
Can't wait.
Is yoga really that hard? Don't tease me.
You know I have humour failure when I'm over-tired.
We were in bed for eight hours? You snore.
Never used to complain about my snoring.
That's because I used to get a night off occasionally.
Now it's just Snore City for the rest of our lives.
- I can make it up to you.
- Ooh! Lunch at the Tratt for four.
It expires today, so you and the girls can use it while Rob and I are off being men with golf clubs.
Well, Colette couldn't go.
Why not? She didn't punch the barista.
Did did you ever ask Rob why he did that? Nah, it was over some bill issue or something.
What, is that not why? Ask him again.
If you know, you should tell me.
I can't.
So just when you see him today, ask him.
Dani, apparently we have no boundaries.
Colette slept with the barista.
No! Shit.
They're trying to work things out, but it's been tough.
Why did you tell me? - 'Cause you made me.
- I didn't think it'd be that! How the hell am I supposed to hang out with Rob now I know that? Well, just talk to him! And say what? That that you're there for him.
Tell Rob I'm there for him.
That's not REALLY not what we do.
We we drink beer, we hit balls and we do not under any circumstances talk about the fact that our wife slept with someone else.
- So enlightened.
- I know, I'm being I'm just gutted.
So, what do I get in lieu of two weeks rent? The full treatment.
Sounds intriguing.
Oh! Wow.
That look That looks good.
Yeah, it's amazing what the right lighting can do.
- Almost good to go.
- OK.
What you lost? USB cable.
I had a whole box of them somewhere.
- Uh, box.
Like that? - Ah! - How'd they get there? - I wonder.
Here we go.
- That's good.
- That's good? That is awesome.
- Mmm! - OK.
Oh, no, no, no.
Stay there.
You help dress the frame.
What are you doing? I'm smelling the fart.
It's a catalogue pose thing.
- You gotta smell the fart.
- Oh, you missed your calling.
I know.
Check this out.
Wait, wait.
From behind.
Smell the fart.
Hi! - Hi.
- Hey! Hey.
Oh, we're just doing a photo shoot.
For Tom's website.
His photos aren't great, so we're just updating it.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
Uh, hey, are you interested in a girls' lunch? I've got a free voucher.
- Oh! When? - Today at the Tratt.
- You, me, Maggie.
- Maggie? I don't think you should encourage her, because I'm starting to think she's never going home.
So? Maggie's great.
She is, but it It's a bit like dog years, don't you think? What? The distance that one should keep between themself and their mother, it's five times greater than anyone else.
- It's the truth.
- Whatever.
- I'll see you at 1:00.
- See ya.
- OK, I'm getting serious.
- OK.
Another? This one? Yeah, that's great.
- Shot.
- Nah, I sliced it.
Oh, it still hit the water.
These fake balls feel like fake balls.
I told you, man, they're eco balls, just like on the cruise ships.
We're not on a cruise ship.
So, how's your week been? Alright.
- Yours? - Good, yep.
Ah, shit, I hooked it! Oh, looks alright to me.
Are you taking the piss? That was rubbish! You got any real balls? - No.
- You don't? Nope.
No real balls here.
So haven't seen you much lately.
What's been happening? - Are you alright? - Yeah.
- You look constipated.
- No, I'm good.
I'm good.
Hey, what do you reckon we piss this off and go get a beer? Yeah.
Suits me.
Worked up a thirst.
Finding marriage does that to you.
So after this long, you must be pretty bloody thirsty.
You know what, dude? I better skip that beer.
I forgot I promised Colette I'd help tidy up.
That cool? Yeah.
Thanks for, um this.
Yep, no worries.
I'll see you guys tonight, eh? Where's our hot Brazilian? Don't wanna walk in on him in the bathroom.
He's on his way over.
We're going out.
We're gonna get the spot.
Ah, yes.
The spot is always worthy of another shot.
Good luck.
Harry, what happened to the Invisible Man? He went insane and turned into a homicidal maniac.
- No, I meant last night.
- Last night? Never mind.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- All set? - Yep.
Dani's invited you to a girls' lunch.
- Harry! - At the Tratt.
We don't have to do the beach if you want to go out with the girls.
No, you wanna go to the beach.
I mean, I wanna go We're gonna get the spot.
Thank you! - Melon? - No, thanks, man.
- He's driving - Driving you mad? I can tell.
You know, I'm good at this stuff.
I respect other people's privacy.
I clean the shower, I pay rent.
I lead by example.
Harry just does not follow.
Well, talk to him, then.
- Yeah it's his place.
- But you pay rent.
I don't want to hurt his feelings.
Harry is like a special needs housemate.
And to think you turned down the offer to stay with me.
Yeah, well, maybe I just need to drop the hint that I'm the kind of person who likes a little time to themselves.
Can't hurt, can it? OK, next? Um, no, that was the last one.
That's it.
- Oh! - Top job.
Oh, wait, wait - one of the master craftsman himself.
Uh, no, no, no.
We won't be doing that.
Tom, come on.
People wanna see the face behind the furniture.
- No, they don't.
- They do.
Just stand there, shut up and smile.
You know, I'd be working on my people skills if I were you.
- Smile.
- Do I have to? Yes.
OK, there, done.
Thank you.
No, no, that was a test shot.
I need to tweak.
Stay still.
- Tweak? - Yes.
- Tweaked? - Tweaked.
Should I hold it? Just try and look a little bit more casual.
This is the only look I've got.
Uh, wait.
What is it? - All good.
- Yep.
Great! That's a wrap.
I've gotta get to lunch, but I'll pack all this stuff up later.
- Nice work.
- Mm-hm.
- See ya! - OK.
- See ya! - OK.
What takes your fancy? Oh! I haven't even looked.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Oh, hi! Did Dani tell you I was doing a photo shoot with Tom? - Oh, no, I didn't.
- For his website.
Oh! How is the fruit of my loins? Behaving himself? - Yeah, he's good.
- Actually, I invited him today.
I'm sure he was way too busy avoiding me.
- No! - What was he doing, then? - Uh, surf - Working.
- Mmm.
- Oh.
So he really is avoiding me.
Shall we order? When he was 10, I was like a rock star to him.
Ha! So, what are you girls having? FAT night tonight, so nothing too crazy.
Colette not coming? She's busy cooking and shopping.
How nice is this? Nobody is going to usurp us today.
Nobody is going to usurp us today.
I love it when you use words I don't understand.
Oi! Jared, I told you not to run.
- Sorry about that.
- Yeah.
- Jared, say sorry.
- Sorry.
- It's OK.
- Yeah, this'll do.
- You want to move? - No.
No, I've had enough.
This is my spot.
We're not going anywhere.
Yeah, but my set No, it's pretty chill.
I wouldn't know house music if I fell over it.
Listen, I'll put your name on the door.
All of you.
I tell you what.
You know what I'd really like? Um, I have no idea, but I would love an espresso.
One sugar and a lot less conversation.
Uh, anyone else? - I'm good, thanks.
- Not for me, thanks.
That was my fault.
We always have a chat.
Five minutes he's been standing there, butting in on our conversation.
I was encouraging him.
He's interesting.
He's got a finger in every pie.
It's fine to be friendly, but there is a cut-off point.
Well, it didn't spoil a lovely lunch for me.
- Thank you for including me.
- Great to catch up.
- Yeah.
See you later.
- 'Bye.
- That was a bit harsh.
- Can't stand that guy.
Since when? Since Rob punched him? I don't get it.
What was that about? I mean, I don't think Rob would punch this guy over a bill.
Pff, who knows? You do.
What? No, I You are a really bad liar.
What, did he do something to Colette? No, he What? You have to promise that this stays in the vault, OK? - OK.
- No, total cone of silence.
You can't tell Tom, you can't tell anyone.
Does Steve know? Yeah, but he won't say anything.
He's a guy, they never talk about this sort of stuff.
How do you bring that up in casual conversation? "Mate, by the way," "sorry to hear your wife banged a barista.
" - Awkward.
- Bloody awkward! Still, we're his mates.
Where is he now? Turned down a beer to give Colette a hand with the housework.
He's in a bad way, dude.
- Hi! - Oh! Hi.
- Let me grab those.
- Thanks.
You have fun with Steve? Yeah.
I'd offer to help, but - It's against the rules.
- Rules are rules.
What sort of lasagne are you making? You'll just have to wait and see.
Fair enough.
You know how I love surprises.
I better get out of your way, then.
Or you can stay, if you like.
Can't help me, but you can keep me company.
- That'd ruin the surprise.
- Yeah.
Anyway, I'm meeting Steve at the pub.
I only really came home to drop off the golf clubs.
Keep up the good work.
We're his mates.
We've gotta do something.
I need a beer.
Yep, go nuts.
They're in the crisper.
In the crisper? Sure, why not? Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing? I'm inviting him up here, dude.
Hey, Colette, it's Tom.
Um good.
- Dude - You? That's good.
Is Robbo there? Uh-huh.
Um, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna be there.
So I'll see you tonight.
Apparently he's gone down the pub.
With you.
Want to go for a swim? What, and give them free range to encroach on us? No, thank you.
'Encroach', 'usurp' - so many big words.
'Encroach' - move in.
I don't think they're encroaching, I think they're roasting.
Well, that's not good.
You've got beautiful skin.
Do I? - Ow! - Jared! Sorry.
It's not No, it's not funny.
A little bit.
Come on, let's go for a swim.
Hey! - Mate.
- Hey.
Changed my mind about the beer.
Yeah, good call.
Maybe we should get something a bit stronger to go with that.
A single malt, top shelf? Ah, shit.
You bastards know, don't ya? Well, that's just great.
That's exactly what I didn't want to happen - people finding out.
We're not people.
We're your mates.
Our opinion of you doesn't change.
Or her.
That's right, man.
Always thought you were a loser, she was a ho.
Same old.
Same old.
Who was I kidding anyway? What? What do you mean, "What?" Look at her and look at me.
It's like Shrek and Fiona.
So what? You've given her everything.
And you've been faithful to her.
- Haven't ya? - Yeah.
You guys are trying to work things out, aren't ya? Well, I told her I wanted her to stay.
But you know, you say that and it doesn't make all that other shit disappear.
I'm still sleeping on the bloody couch.
Hang on, shouldn't she be sleeping on the couch? No, it's not like that.
I just can't.
It's too hard.
And don't you two idiots start feeling sorry for me.
I know you think I'm weak for staying.
- No.
No, we don't.
- No, we don't.
Isn't that the whole point of 'for better or worse'? - Like you'd know! - Eh? Has Rob said anything to you since he got back? Just like it never happened.
I wonder what started their problems.
You should ask Colette.
Yeah, I just I don't want to intrude.
Ohh! Sorry! Get away from us, you horrible little snot, before I jam this ice-cream down your snorkel! Dad! Oh, brain freeze! Here, take this, clean your hands.
What's she done with her mess? Now we're talking! They're giving us a look.
Yeah, I wonder what that little snot told them.
Beautiful day.
Ignore them.
They're interlopers.
You are a very funny woman.
You don't make that sound like a good thing.
Well, you don't want to hurt Harry's feelings but you don't mind telling a little kid you'll put a cone in his snorkel.
Yeah, OK.
Maybe I went a little bit far.
Or maybe you take anger out in the wrong places.
What do you mean you got Harry to do it? I got Harry to do it.
- I said I'd do it.
- But you didn't.
Later! I said I would do it later.
Oh, well, I guess I filed it away with your other "I'll do it later" promises.
All done! Oh! - G'day, Tom.
- Harry.
Had some hiccups.
Broke a drill bit, and there's a few holes, but we got there in the end, and the good thing is the picture covers all the boo-boos.
- Oh, thanks, Harry.
- No probs.
That's a nice drill, Tom.
Hammer? Uh, yeah.
Anything else you need doing, Maggie, you just ask.
Only too happy.
I will do, thanks.
Thanks again.
You know what they say, Tom.
Small drill - Thanks for the tip.
- See ya.
Mum, I couldn't get here before.
I had a issue.
It wasn't a problem.
I didn't need you.
- I was busy.
- Of course.
Did you talk to Dad while he was here? Doesn't he want you to go home? About as much as you do, which is a lot, I feel.
Mum Darling, home is three hours away.
With no license, I can't even get to the shops unless your dad drives me.
Yeah, well, if you'd told Dad and got a decent lawyer instead of looking in the Yellow Pages for one That magistrate made an example of me.
Mainly because of the vineyard, thank you! Oh, so the DUI is Dad's fault too? Oh, no, the DUI is a PCA and it's mine - all mine.
Well, last time I spoke to you, you said you were staying here for you.
Meaning I want some space for myself - something you'd understand.
Darling, I'm not out to cramp your style.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Love you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi! Cooking up a storm? - Hopefully! We missed you at the girls' lunch! Next time.
You didn't include me.
You didn't even mention it to me.
Because you said that you were busy and we'd catch up tonight.
- You deliberately cut me out.
- No, I didn't.
Are you judging me? Of course not.
Look, I had a free voucher for the Tratt.
I didn't invite you to protect you.
I don't know - maybe I'm being oversensitive, but it seems a bit convenient.
It's the truth.
Look, I know I'm putting a huge unfair burden on you, but you're my vault.
You ARE my vault? Please tell me you didn't tell Steve.
You put me in a really difficult position.
- Dani! - He's my husband! How could you? You know Rob didn't want anyone to know.
You said this morning you wished Rob had someone to talk to.
- Steve's gonna tell Tom.
- Maybe not.
Of course he will! They're guys, they don't talk about this stuff.
Oh, God, Dani! I thought I could trust you! I should never have told you.
I should never have told anyone! I should never have told you.
I should never have told anyone! - Can I just have a look? - No.
- Please? - No.
- Patience? I don't have any.
- Yes, you do.
No, I never have had it.
You do.
You just don't know you do.
- That looks good.
- Oh, Tom! - I've seen it now.
- Fine, have a look.
- Can I? - Yes.
Still got a bit of fiddling to do, but the gallery's all done.
That looks awesome! And, oh, it gets better.
What's that? Rent for the other two weeks.
How'd you A photographer finally paid me.
Have you got enough for you for Yeah, yeah.
But next time I do your website, I'm charging you market rates.
Oh No, no, no! Wow, look what you've done! You make my stuff look really fantastic.
Yeah, because it is fantastic.
About You even made me look halfway decent.
Look at that.
Yeah, well, that took hours of Photoshopping.
Thank you.
We should get ready.
- First shower? - Yeah.
I put your beers back where they belong as well.
- Colette! - Ah! - What happened? - Ah, I burned myself.
How's that? It's good.
It's nothing serious.
Yeah, well, burns always hurt, though.
- Yeah, they do.
- You OK? Yeah.
- You look nice.
- Thanks.
How was the pub? You know, had a chat with the boys.
They know.
I'm so sorry.
I told Dani, but I made her promise not to tell.
You know what? I'm sorta glad.
And you were right.
They were pretty cool about it.
No judgment.
Well, that's good.
I doubt they'll be the same for me, though.
Well, I said we were working through it, so Oh, sand in the ear.
That is the worst.
But masters of the spot! I just hung my towel on the rack.
And I hope you don't mind, I borrowed your toothbrush - the pink one.
I thought since we've been you know Pink one's mine, buddy.
But that's cool.
Oh, I'm going to go mouthwash.
Funny guy, our hot Brazilian.
Oh, hey, Gracie, by the way, your razor.
What? The one you use for your legs, pits and bits.
A little on the blunt side.
Harry, you don't use my things without asking first.
- It's just a razor.
- Ask first.
And don't read my text messages or crash my romantic dinners or tell me the end of movies that I haven't seen.
- She doesn't die! I was joking.
- That's not the point! And he's not OUR hot Brazilian, he's MY hot Brazilian.
People who do not understand space do not understand subtlety.
You have to hit them - bang! - right between the eyes.
- You think so? - Absolutely.
Otherwise they just don't get it.
I hate it when people sit right next to you in a half-empty cinema and then brush your arm every time they reach for their popcorn.
Oh, slimy! Which is why you're the girl who always puts her bags on the seat next to her on the bus.
- I do not! - You do so! I get it.
She just doesn't like strangers touching her.
Oh, all I meant was This entree's delicious, Colette.
I'll go and get the lasagne.
What? I didn't mean it like that.
He really didn't mean it to sound like it might have sounded.
That I'm a skank? Well, something like that, yeah.
That's so reassuring.
Col, it's none of our business.
It's between you and Rob, OK? Oh, I just wanna get through tonight.
So let's get on with it.
Want me to take these? Yes, please.
- Oh, smells sensational! - I made it with a duck rag Oh, that sounds delicious! Who would think of a duck ragu lasagne? Yeah, where'd you get the idea? Duck ragu was the first meal Colette ever cooked me.
I didn't know what the hell it was, but it tasted great.
- Well, that is genius.
- Thanks.
I can remember all of that meal.
It's just this unexpected combo that just kinda worked.
Here we go! Hey, that dessert looks awesome.
What is it? Uh, panna cotta.
- Ooh! - Yum! - Mango.
- Yep.
Colette, this is sensational.
Delicious! Knocked it out of the park! Yep, I would officially like to say a really big thank you to you, Colette, for a very fabulous meal.
Hear, hear.
But, I mean, these nights are about a lot more than just food, right? I mean, where else am I gonna find such an ugly bunch of misfits to hang out with? Hey! Hey, speak for yourself! And I would like to say thank you for including me.
I miss my home, and you misfits are like my family now.
Aww! So thank you.
To friends and FAT nights.
Friends and FAT nights.
Grace, you do know that's me you're playing footsies with.
I'm sorry.
Still hate me? Like crazy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Can I ask you something? Yep.
Why the big clean-up? You know, bathroom, the fridge, workshop.
Oh, I just thought things were getting a bit messy.
I might stretch my legs.
- Ciao.
- OK.
It's an apology gift.
A bottle of red from our vineyard.
Oh, darling, you shouldn't have.
Oh, it's nothing.
How can I miss your father when you're so like him? And I'm sorry about before.
It's your deal where you live, Ma, OK? And for the record, I like having you around.
- I'll get my drill? - I'll get two glasses.
- You OK? - Mmm.
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm great.
You? Yeah.
Promise me one thing.
Never do what Colette did.
You mean sleep with a barista? Yeah, well, that too, but If something's wrong with us, you have to tell me.
Never let it get that bad.
So in your book, the only thing that we shouldn't share is toilet time? Yeah, that's about it.
It was a hit! That combo just works.
Yeah, it does.
All done.
Making my way to you this time The road so clear and the wind so kind On my back, on our side I failed in love I can't.
Now helped by the shouts That have haunted these walls as I sleep Wait for sound So Colette must have Been touched by a stranger.
Yeah, that really got a reaction.
That would explain why Rob went away.
Yeah, but the whole vibe was weird tonight.
But then again, it is awkward when you're playing footsies with your best friend's husband.
What are you doing? Going.
I get what you said.
You need your space.
Not right now I don't.
You sure? And the lies don't help me out now And the truth is uncovered by the brighter lights Oooh Oooh Stayed so quiet, felt too Can I sleep in here? Prayed for the sun That'd be nice.
I'm just not ready for anything.
Not yet.
The road so clear and the wind so kind On my back, on our side Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh 'Night.
Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh And the lies don't help me out now And the truth is uncovered by the brighter lights.