Wonderland (2013) s03e02 Episode Script


They can't just cancel my visa before the case is heard.
It was your second assault offence.
Don't panic, we can work this out.
There's got to be a way around it.
Nice hug, no sex, separate apartments.
People will think we've been married for years.
What's the worst that can happen? He will be deported and she will go to prison.
What else am I good for except for farming? We both know he was punching above his weight when he married you.
Kids don't need to know.
No! It was a long time ago.
Hey, can I steal him away? A client's invited us for drinks.
Yeah, sure.
It's not a Rebecca crisis, it's work.
Steve, he's just trying to Will you just leave it? So that's it then.
Because I loved you too much? I hope I haven't caused any trouble.
No, it's all good.
You're the one letting Sasha get in between the two of you.
Miranda, he is still in love with her.
Safe trip.
I hope you get a whole row to yourself in economy.
Oh God, no.
I'm aiming higher than that.
She wants an upgrade! I told her to go to the airport with her crutches and look sad.
Hey, no way.
I am boot free and loving it.
Oh, and I'm loving you.
Oh, give my brother a big hug for me.
I will.
Hey, where's Tom? Uh, playing hard to get.
Ah well, I said goodbye to him yesterday.
You look after him and I will see you in six months.
Bye! We'll miss you.
Bye! See ya.
See ya.
Hey, Sasha.
I know you've just declined me again.
Um, or maybe I just keep catching you at the wrong time.
It's just The girl that I was seeing.
It's finished and I'm just listening to our song on the radio.
I just I want to see you again.
Welcome to the Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore, madam.
Are you checking in? No, my husband is staying here.
Steve Beaumont? Ah, 'Mr Change A Room'.
Yeah, he likes to be up high.
Sorry! Will I call his room? Yes, please.
Tell him his wife's here but he probably won't believe you.
No answer.
Oh, OK.
I'll try his mobile.
It's got to be the woman with the strange nose.
No, I don't think so.
Can't really go with the artificial leg because that's not politically correct anymore.
You're so funny.
I'm sorry, was I touching you? You're alright.
I was just taking up more than half the space.
I'm knackered, I don't think I can hold out.
No, stay! Come on, at least until we find out if it's the girl with the artificial leg.
You're not going to work till all hours again, are you? Oh, I've got to get this finished.
Oh, you've been working nonstop.
That's because of the new design.
It's just OK.
What? "It's just" what? It's just .
Max is away on his assignment until tomorrow, so I thought we could have dinner together at home.
Like old times.
Thanks but I think I'm going to have to pass.
I'm meeting with the store owner in the morning, so .
I've got to get this perfect.
Oh, well that should cheer Steve up then.
Oh! Hello.
Hey, darling.
Is my son still at the workshop? Yeah, I just left him there.
I keep asking him if he's going to come to my end-of-term swing class on Saturday but he's not committing.
Isn't Warwick in town? Why don't you just take him? I'd be wasting my breath.
I really don't think Tom's in the mood for anything at the moment.
Oh, he's a spoilsport.
Why don't we all go? Yeah, I'd love to watch you dance.
Oh, well you don't have to come for me but it'll be fun afterwards.
You'll all get to dance.
Do you Do you want a wine? Tempting but no, I've got to feed the hungry hordes.
So I'll put Tom down as a no then! So, Tom's not taking the break-up well.
Yeah, I actually don't really think it's about Ava.
Have my wine - it fixes everything.
You ready for this? No.
What's your relationship to Mrs Noscova? She was a client and we had a one-night stand.
Were you at Mrs Noscova's house on the afternoon of September 17? Yes.
Did you have sex with her that day? No.
I visited her to explain that Hold on.
Go on.
Do I say that I noticed the bruise? No, no.
That's later.
Ah, this is so crazy.
Just hang on in there.
This is all going to be over by tomorrow.
I can't wait until the truth comes out and just shows all her lies.
I really wish you would listen to your lawyer and plead guilty.
They can ask for a conviction not to be recorded.
But I'm not guilty and I want my name cleared.
But now that we are married, I do think you should go for the partner visa no matter what happens in court.
But when I get cleared of the assault, I get my student visa back.
For two years? And that's enough time for the trouble in Brazil to go away.
Let's just Let's just cross our fingers that that's the way that it turns out.
Now, did you want to go through this again? Yeah.
Why isn't Tom here having dinner with his old man? He's keeping to himself.
Mooning over the break-up with the redhead.
Though if you ask me, it's Sasha turning up like a bad penny.
Ah, here we go.
You're obsessed.
So what's this big job opportunity? Maggie mentioned it, did she? She talks about nothing but you, mate, round-the-clock.
No doubt.
He'll be selling boutique wine direct to retailers.
Young bloke, used to be a rep up our way.
Started his own company.
I've offered my services.
Sounds Shithouse? Your words, mate.
Thank you, Callum.
You're welcome.
How long is he staying? Be nice.
So did I tell you it's my last swing class on Saturday? What's that got to do with me? Wait till you see her outfit, mate.
You won't be asking that question.
Do you feel like being a nice guy on Saturday? To who? It's Maggie's swing class, end-of-term demonstration.
Are you kidding? You actually want to do that? Well, she'd love it if a few of us went along.
If you're keen, I will.
If we like it, we could keep going.
Make some new friends.
Swing, hey? Yeah.
Why? Well, it's got rules.
I'm more, you know, freestyle on the dance floor.
Do you reckon the other blokes will actually be good at it? I said swing dancing, not dick swinging.
Excuse me? Um, is there any way that I can wait up in the room? It's against our policy.
This surprise really isn't working out.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Look, I really need a shower.
It's very late in Australia.
In fact, it's after midnight and I'm just so tired.
I understand.
But I'm afraid I can't let you in to a client's room.
I promise that I'm not the deranged type.
We are very happily married.
I'm pleased for you, Mrs Beaumont.
But your husband will have to let you into the room.
This is so boring.
Sorry, did I wake you? No, that's OK.
You've started playing your guitar again.
Ah, I was just mucking around.
A bit rusty.
Well, don't stop because of me.
I like hearing it.
It's probably time for bed anyway.
Uh, Tom You want me to say you were right? Screwed up with your friend and hurt her feelings.
Well, it's OK.
I said it now, so you can relax.
I'm a .
serial flatmate offender and total shit.
Actually, I can record that and you can play it back anytime.
You did hurt Ava but .
that's not the issue for me.
What's the issue then? I I've been meaning to confess something to you.
I accidentally saw the photo of the baby ultrasound.
How did you accidentally do that? Well, Ava was looking.
Well, she shouldn't have.
Yeah, I know.
I agree.
Um, and I was putting it back and I just thought with all this stuff being stirred up, if you needed someone to talk to I'm OK.
OK, because .
what you and Sasha went through was Miranda, it's OK.
I don't need to talk about it.
Goodnight then.
Oh, excuse me.
May I call another guest's room? Hello? Hi, Rebecca.
I'm sorry to call so late.
It's Dani.
Oh, hi.
No, that's OK.
I've been in the hotel foyer for about four hours waiting for Steve.
Sorry, where? You mean this foyer? Yeah, I tried to surprise him but epic fail.
Uh, I don't suppose you have any idea where he is? Ah, no.
Um, yeah but he doesn't usually stay out late so I'm sure he'll be home really soon.
Yeah, OK.
Sorry again.
Oh, don't apologise.
It's fine.
I'll probably see you tomorrow.
See you see you tomorrow.
Excuse me? Sorry.
Um II can't wait any longer.
I need to take a room.
I can offer you a discount.
That'd be great.
Do you have anything available on my husband's floor? I can have a look for you.
Thank you.
Oh! Don't tell me you've been in your room this whole time? Hey! What are you doing here? I had no idea! Oh! I thought you were in 229.
Yeah, I am.
I was just watching a movie with Rebecca.
I must have fallen asleep.
What? Just now in her room? Come on.
I'll take your bags.
You have no idea Oh, my God.
She just .
she just lied to me.
Hmm? Is this all you brought? Steve, she just lied to me.
She said she didn't know where you were.
I don't know why she said that.
I I don't know what to say.
So we sometimes watch TV and chill out after what are massive working days over here.
How often is sometimes? Dani, it's human to want company when you're so far away from friends and partners.
Is it also human to lie to your wife when she asks you what you've been doing? Well, that's not quite accurate.
No, you have never once mentioned these little get-togethers.
I told you I had dinner with Rebecca, had a drink.
Yeah, not in her hotel room.
So what? What does it matter? I'm not that guy, Dani.
You know that.
All I'm asking for is a little bit of perspective here.
Right now, it is three o'clock in the morning, my time.
I I have been waiting in a foyer for you for four hours while you've been snoozing with your girlfriend, so I don't have a lot of fucking perspective.
I'm sorry.
No, you know what? So am I! I got my boot off four days early and all I wanted to do was surprise you.
I know, I know.
The last time we left things on such a bad note.
It's OK.
No, it's not because it's midnight and you are in another woman's hotel room.
Would you have actually even told me .
if I hadn't caught you coming out of her room? Would you have gone down to the foyer in your socks and lied about where you were? I don't know.
Neither do I and that doesn't make me feel happy.
What is this? Is this a condom wrapper? No.
It's a packet of wipes for glasses.
Whose glasses? You don't wear glasses.
She needs them for watching TV.
What, in your bathroom? Yes, we take it in turns with rooms.
I can't.
I need sleep and I need sanity and I'm not going to get it here with you.
What are you doing? I'm going to my hotel room that I have booked in my name and I'm going to sleep.
And I'm going to wake up tomorrow and hope this is some awful nightmare.
No! I just need to sleep.
Could be a pure '70s piece if I close one eye.
Well, it's a bit more commercial than what I go for.
But I'm trying to build a new business.
I like it.
Thanks, dude.
Oh! It's a first impression thing.
Not going to wear a tie on the job.
Reckon I'll get lucky? Hmm, with Mum, maybe.
On that, can I ask a favour? Hmm? Can you break your arm tomorrow? And I can take you to hospital instead of your mother's dance class.
Uh, she loves that dance class.
Yeah, well, it's her thing, not mine.
It's a heavy door.
Just stick your arm in, boom.
No, you're on your own.
Can you break mine then? So the leopard or the poodle? Wow.
Well, they're tame compared to what some of the old tarts wear in class.
Uh, which one does Warwick prefer? Neither.
I had to blackmail him into coming.
He'll have fun once he's there, though.
You say that because you can dance but if he can't, you're putting a man through hell.
Once he gets his motor chugging, he's quite good on his feet.
I would go the leopard.
Really? It says everything.
Sexy, abandoned, loose morals.
Are you ready to go? Ready and raring.
Oh, actually.
I forgot my filters.
See ya.
See ya.
You OK? Yeah.
Should I have said the poodle? So, I'll cook tonight then? No, no.
I can sort out dinner.
No way! Tonight we feast on my famous green chicken curry.
What about Maxi boy? Is he the dancing type? Who told you I was seeing him again? Small building.
He's alright.
So the weasel's changed his mind about not sticking to one girl at a time, has he? Actually, I don't call him that anymore and no, because we're not serious.
OK, it'd just be hard dating someone on a different phase of life.
Dad, he might be older than me but I'm happy.
I'm not invested.
As long as you don't get What, pregnant? I was going to say hurt.
But OK.
I mean, it's all wrong.
How can they convict me off a bunch of lies? Hang on, hang on.
I mean, why don't they look at her record? How can they not see the truth? Belt on.
Look, this is why it would have been better to plead guilty.
Can you stop saying that? You know that I'm innocent.
I can't believe this.
It could have been much worse.
I mean, at least he didn't fine you.
is nothing.
It could have been jail.
How can you love the law so much when it's not fair? They can only go on the evidence they've got.
So they choose to believe a woman who has an AVO against her? They believed her statement.
It's because I'm Brazilian.
No, no, no.
Your country doesn't want me.
That's what it is.
It's got nothing to do with that.
Carlos, what are you doing? Shut the door.
Carlos! This is why! Honey, are you awake? Dani, let me in.
I can't talk to you if you're not answering your phone or your door.
What are you doing? How did it go? Well, it didn't help that you lied about me being in the room.
I panicked.
I didn't know how to say, "Sure, Dani, he's right beside me asleep.
" Yeah, fair enough.
I feel awful.
I don't know whether she's jet-lagged or punishing me or both.
Oh, dear.
Yeah, she's being irrational.
You know, if I was your wife and I found out that you were doing this stuff with a girl from work, I'd be upset too.
Do you not realise how close we're getting? Not like that, no.
I don't know if you're lying to her or to yourself or you're genuinely that naive.
Seriously? I felt there's been something developing with us for a while.
No, not with me.
I mean, sure, we've been relying on each other a lot but I don't I don't feel like that about you.
Well, you'd better find a way to make Dani believe it.
Because I wouldn't.
Yeah, hi.
This is Steve Beaumont from room 229.
My wife's staying in 231, isn't answering her door and I'm slightly concerned about her.
Yeah, that's right.
She what? When did she check out? OK, thank you.
I haven't heard from Carlos since he got out of the car.
Well, he texted me to say he wasn't coming.
Do you think I should go round there afterwards to check on him? He just needs some time alone in the man cave.
Righto! Who's ready to taste my world-class salmon rissoles with Panko and parmesan crust? I can't believe there's so few of us left to impress.
I know! It's sad without Steve and Dani.
Well, all the easier it is to vote for me.
Not even using fresh salmon? Very disappointing, Duffy.
That's the way it's done, mate.
Dude, that is the stuff the John West rejects.
Baby, how much lemongrass did you put in this? Um, this is nice but There's hard bits in it.
Well, you're chewing it too much.
Just swallow it down.
It's the taste that counts, anyway.
Texture also counts.
Since when? Always.
Yeah, always.
That really is a lot of lemongrass.
Come on, these are perfect.
Admit it.
I can't believe you don't love my salmon rissoles.
Because they taste like salmon arseholes.
Oh, piss off! Look at him.
Sore loser Duffy.
You know what? This is why Colette wants to go to dance class to get new friends.
Your friends? What does that make us? Friends that John West rejects.
That's alright, I'll get something.
Plenty of wine sales companies around.
I'll tell you what - I'm not going to bust a gut getting down here unless I'm offered something concrete.
My .
my curry, giving you a bit of stick is it? Not big on spicy.
Well, I'll get you something else.
No, don't worry.
I'm going to hit the sack.
Don't be silly, you haven't eaten anything.
Don't patronise me.
I didn't get the job, it's not the end of the world.
Sorry about that.
No, don't.
Blow to his ego.
He's miserable up there working for the new owner.
Still, it's no excuse for him taking it out on you, though.
Grace, have you heard from the lovebirds? No, I haven't heard anything from Dani.
It's only been 24 hours.
They wouldn't have come up for air yet.
On that note, who wants to see the new love of my life? I do.
Um, it's a bar stool.
Oh, she's lovely.
Got Harry's approval.
That's what counts.
Dani? Hey.
The hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Singapore.
I've been and gone.
Steve and I had a huge fight and I got the first plane back and it made everything so much worse.
It's OK, it's OK.
You're alright.
It's OK.
My brother.
He just He wouldn't cheat on you.
No, I know.
Then why did you do it, crazy? I was just sleep deprived.
I kept telling myself, "Don't call Rebecca.
That's paranoid!" Then as soon as it turned out it wasn't so paranoid, I lost it.
And I didn't start getting any perspective until I was on a plane back to the airport.
That is a horrible story.
I overreacted.
Well, call him.
Tell him.
I've done that.
He's not answering.
Does he know you're here? Yeah.
There were, like, seven messages when I landed.
He's God, he's furious.
Well, you could leave seven messages saying you're sorry.
Done that.
I've called his mobile, the hotels, the office, I've texted him.
I've I've got to go back.
No, what? I have to go back to Singapore.
If I'm there, I can tell him how sorry I am.
Hey, calm down.
You've hardly had any sleep.
You're not thinking straight.
No, I wasn't thinking straight when I left Singapore.
I need to go back there.
This is your captain speaking.
You're staying home and you're going to go to bed and I promise you, when you wake up in the morning, he will call.
No Yes, yes.
Listen, Grace is right, OK? We'll see you in the morning.
"Dear Grace.
"I've been thinking hard about us.
"I was hoping I would win and everything would be OK.
"But I don't think it's fair to let you take this risk anymore.
"If I have to go back to Brazil one day, "I will face whatever is waiting for me at home.
"But know that I am grateful you were willing to go so far for me.
" All I'm saying is that even if there's a naked woman writhing on a bed in front of Steve, it wouldn't even occur to him to have sex with her.
Oh! Why won't Steve reply to my message? Because you're his sister.
He doesn't want to talk to you about a fight he's just had with his wife.
Well then, can you call him? Not my domain.
Unless he asks.
It's not a crime to discuss things that are emotional.
God! No.
Otherwise you, Dani, Grace and Colette would all be serving life sentences.
Oh, that could be Steve wanting to talk about his feelings.
What? What? What? What? Dammit.
What did he say? It's not Steve.
It's Is it Sasha? Why would it be Sasha? Just because I overheard you talking to her on the phone.
Nosy much? If I'm going to keep working with these turkeys, I've got to get back and haul that fertiliser out.
What about our weekend? I love you, darling.
But I can't stomach your dance thing.
And Bugalugs is getting on my notes.
Hey, why don't you ask him to go dancing with you? I won't do that.
It would be payback for his accommodation.
He'll go dancing with you.
He's the type.
Don't get your nose out of joint.
I'm not.
It looks like you are.
Why would I? I'm used to it.
See ya.
Drive carefully.
Is Dad off? Yeah.
I can't come to your thing today.
I've got to go pick someone up.
Oh, darling.
You surprise me.
I thought he was staying the weekend.
He had to go back.
What about your dance demo? Oh, I knew he'd wriggle out of it.
You know what? I could .
modify my samba.
Well, you're not bad.
I'm not bad, I am excellent.
Oh! Thank you but I don't need an audience.
I insist.
No, I don't want you to.
Why? Because Warwick suggested that I ask you and I feel bad about him.
So is that why you're being a little bit funny with me? Cal, you know and I know Warwick wouldn't have suggested it if he had had an inkling.
And I don't want you making comments about how my outfits look.
or sticking up for me against him.
It makes me feel uncomfortable.
Got it.
And it wasn't my intention to upset you or him.
OK? But I am starting to have feelings Stop speaking.
Go alone.
Go and dance with some far less attractive man.
Or a woman.
That'll teach me.
It's me again.
Sorry to keep calling you.
I just .
was calling to tell you to ignore my last message.
Um I don't know what I was thinking.
Probably would have been a huge mistake if we'd seen each other again so there's no need for you to get back to me.
You almost ready? Uh, Carlos isn't here yet so we're going to have to meet you there.
How are you feeling this morning? Mm.
I'll be better when Steve calls.
Alright, I'll see you there.
Yeah, see you there.
Answer my texts, dammit! Come on, Steve.
Wake up.
Where are these man caves that they go to? I swear I need a woman cave.
It was only meant to be like An insurance policy.
Yeah, exactly.
Like a backup plan.
And that's what it is, isn't it? Well, now I got convicted, it's the main plan.
Everything relies on this whole fake marriage.
Did part of you marry Grace because you're still in love with her? I .
thought I'd stopped.
Until she started helping me and we've been close and now I'm feeling it again.
Oh, Carlos.
That is so wrong.
Why? In what kind of a world is it wrong to be in love with your wife? True, but you know what I'm saying.
I'm Look, I guess you just have to be like Grace and think with your head and not your heart.
Are you OK? Yeah.
What's going on? Where have you been? I got your email.
What are you? Why are you doing this? I want to do the right thing for you.
That would mean talking to me.
But if I talk to you, you wouldn't let me pull out.
Because aside from my own personal situation which needs very careful handling, there's the whole Brazil issue.
But that's my problem.
I don't want you going over there and disappearing, body never recovered.
Listen, I have been thinking about this for a month.
I've been planning it, I know exactly what I'm getting into.
And according to your plan, I move into your apartment next week.
Are you ready for that? Hey, Carlos.
You ready to swing? Have you heard from Steve? No, not a word.
I'm almost desperate enough to call Rebecca.
She's probably in his bathroom, cleaning her glasses.
So you are going back? Yeah, this afternoon.
Oh, good, good.
I mean, Steve can never stay mad at you for long.
Hey, by the way, if you hear some plates breaking this afternoon, don't worry.
I got a whole box of reject china.
That sounds like good therapy.
Just tell me you know I would never cheat on you.
I thought I knew that.
What does that mean? Well, Rob didn't think Colette would either.
It's what happens when couples stop paying attention.
Baby, us being separated, it makes no difference.
I'm sorry about the surprise.
Well, I was certainly surprised.
You were disappointed, I get it.
No! I was excited, I had this vision in my head of what Yeah, I know, I know.
But seriously Checking out and flying home? You didn't You didn't tell me about your nights with Rebecca because somewhere inside, you knew that they were wrong.
Or not worth mentioning.
OK, but you can't tell me that she didn't know they were wrong.
I mean, why else would she lie to me on the phone? OK, look.
She might have had some idea in her head about us getting close but I never did.
I'm sorry.
I'm insane.
Yeah, you are.
I didn't get to dance with you at your wedding.
Oh, it wasn't really that sort of wedding.
Still, it happened so fast, I'm worried Carlos is a rebound.
What, from Nick? Sure, if that's what you want to think.
Harry, you're going to find the one.
Care to get down? OK.
So, what's the plan now? I thought I might dance with my husband.
Really? Hmm.
That's what wives do.
We were the best guest couple out there by far.
You nailed it, baby.
So did you.
Pity you didn't get a free second session.
What do you mean? Did you? The dance teacher invited me next week, hooking up with a single lady.
Oh, well, we didn't get a freebie.
I think you'll find there's a rule against obnoxious dance routines.
Oh, you're mean there! I may have bumped into a few people on the dance floor but I was in the zone, man! Technically, twerking is not a regulation swing move.
Ugh! You going to ask me how many they ordered? Oh, I wouldn't want to be nosy, Tom.
Oh, come on, don't be pissed at me.
I've had a bad day.
What? So you take it out on me? I don't want to talk about my love-life with you.
Why is that such a problem? Because I'm not being nosy, I'm just trying to be your friend.
Yeah, well, I don't know ask you why you're back with the weasel.
uh Well, at least Max doesn't pretend to be my friend and then push me away.
No, no.
Treats you like a sex buddy, which is so much better.
Oh, shut up.
Do you want to know who texted? It was the store buyer telling me that they don't want my stool.
So, wasn't Sasha.
It was never going to be Sasha.
So please don't bring up her name again.
Do you want to smash a plate? I'll pass but thank you.
I'm so glad they came.
It was fun.
But you were the best by far.
Oh, I wasn't the best by far.
Well, maybe I was just watching you, eh? I think Warwick missed out.
I find it easy living here and he doesn't.
Half of it's attitude.
You can't dance with someone on your own.
Oh! Oh, what are you doing? Oh! Oh, yeah.
Just We're gonna forget that ever happened.
That's OK.
Just OK.
I've made a decision.
I want our life back here.
I want to come home.
You can't quit.
Oh, quitting doesn't mean I failed.
I gave it a go and now I know I don't want it.
I want you to do whatever it is that you really want to do.
I mean that.
I just want us here, happy and normal again.
I love you.
So it turns out I'm a bad loser and an obnoxious winner.
Oh, so much to be proud of! Seriously, did I ruin your chance of making new friends? It's not our scene.
That's good.
Anyway, I love our friends who know we're obnoxious and love us anyway.
Do you know what I especially love? What? This.
Come on, you can do it better than that.
Hey, I'm glad you're back.
It's been lonely without Tom and Ava.
Come in.
Tom get away? Kind of, yeah.
Hi, it's me again.
Sorry to keep calling you.
I just .
was calling to tell you to ignore my last message.
Um, I don't know what I was thinking.
Probably would have been a huge mistake if we'd seen each other again, so there's no need for you to get back to me.