Wonderland (2013) s03e03 Episode Script


What's the worst that can happen? He'll be deported and she will go to prison.
And according to your plan, I move into your apartment next week.
So the weasel has changed his mind about not sticking to one girl at a time, has he? No, because we are not serious.
Hi, I'm Jade.
Jade, this is Dani, Colette Steve.
I want our life back here.
I want to come home.
You can't quit.
I just want us happy and normal again.
- Did Tom ever mention Sasha? - Yeah.
She's the reason he keeps stuffing up every other relationship.
Could have made it work.
Your parents didn't think so.
Warwick and I interfered in a situation in ways I still regret.
Hey, Sasha.
I want to see you again.
It will be pretty cosy with all four of you in the flat.
Yeah, we've been trawling websites.
Short-term accommodation is the worst.
It's always like someone with 400 cats just moved out.
Or died.
Everything stinks and nothing works.
You'll find something.
And until then, we just have to cope with a couple of days of cosy.
It's only temporary.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's temporary.
It's just temporary, I know.
Good to go.
How late am I? You're OK.
Everyone out there? No sign of Tom yet but everyone else seems to be there.
The kids invited you for drinks.
That's progress.
It came more from Miranda than Steve.
I'm glad you talked me into staying.
Oh, bloody hell! That's outrageous, really.
I know.
Do you want to maybe stare at her little longer? What is she doing here? Maybe she's a friend of Max's.
She's not a friend of Max's.
It's Sasha.
Tom told me he wasn't going to see her again.
She's she's chasing him! Well, I don't think we should hide in here.
No, no.
You're right.
There is a drink out there with my name on it.
Still keeping him on a leash, Maggie? I haven't got anyone on a leash.
I'm just leaving my apartment.
Sasha! Sasha! If you've come around here to cause trouble, don't.
I cannot believe he's seeing her again.
The thing is none of us know the full story.
So it's not our place to get judgey.
When someone treats a mate the way Sasha treated Tom, I will be as judgey as I like.
The way Sasha treated Tom? Yes! They were engaged.
She took off and never came back.
She's she's nuts.
I'm going in.
Oh no.
I'll go, I'll go.
Are you up to speed with the whole Sasha thing or do we need to fill you in? We can do you an interpretive dance.
No, no.
I've got the gist.
She's the devil.
You two have been pretty busy this week.
Yeah, well, trying to find a place to live and jobs Small stuff like that.
Well, now that you are back home for good .
would be really great if we could spend some time together.
We were thinking the same thing.
Yeah, sure, Dad.
Once the small stuff is under control.
Tom told me it was finished.
Well, seeing each other again must have brought up old feelings.
Is that what he said? No, no.
I know more than the others.
I saw the ultrasound picture.
Well, I don't have a grandchild, if that's your next question.
No, no.
It wasn't and I didn't bring this up to upset you.
Oh I just The thing is she does bring all this history with her and .
I don't want her back in his life.
Got your jacket? Yeah, yeah.
Getting it now.
Hey! Hey.
I was wondering when you would show your face again.
Why, did you miss me? Not at all.
How was Perth? Sunny.
Hey, Max, you're back! You should join us out the front.
You missed the show, though.
There was a little tension earlier.
I'll dump my bags and come back down.
Well, hurry up.
Ah, so you did miss me.
Rob, stop eating all the bread! Oh, and the cheese! You didn't tell me you and Sasha had met.
What do you mean? Well, when she showed up here you knew who she was.
Well, that's because when I was with Tom, I saw a photo of her.
If that is someone asking you to fix something tell them you will do it tomorrow, not now.
What does she want? "I'd like to see you.
Can we meet up tomorrow?" Stalker.
Harsh! What do I say to that? Tell her that you're back with your lovely wife.
That's how you deal with stalkers.
Yeah? Yeah.
# Let it go, let it go # Let it go, let it go # I need to let it go, let it go Before we go, go, go What was that? Oh, just the remote control.
Don't worry.
It'll still work.
Famous last words.
It's easily replaced.
Come over here.
Hello? Yeah.
It's me.
Yeah, I'm interested.
Where? I can do that.
What are you doing? Oh, you know Dani.
If I can find some sticky tape, I can do the repairs.
I'll buy a new one.
I need to go out.
What, now? Yeah, one of my leads has just agreed to meet.
Right, well, how long will you be? Grab your stuff.
I'll lock up.
Oop! Carlos, what have you got in all these boxes?! My personal things.
I couldn't give everything away.
This looks better.
Less showroom.
Harry, I liked my decor, thank you.
No, no.
What are you doing? I'm unpacking.
What does it look like? Alright, do you know what? Stop.
This way it stays contained.
If you let it loose, there will be no room to move.
You won't be needing this mattress.
I can take it off your hands.
Grace's mattress is better.
I tested it once.
No, I want that one.
Thank you, Harry.
I think we can take it from here.
Love nest.
OK, I will put up a few things.
Oh, no.
Not that one, please.
This? This was the first date we had that wasn't a FAT night.
I look like ET.
I have to have some things around for when Immigration come here.
Oh, wow! This has really ruined the feng shui of your place.
We're going to go check out a sublet that's available in a few days.
Yeah, Grace, we will be out of here before you even know it.
No, Carlos, that's not going there.
Ugh? Let's go.
Hey, you're not at Max's? No.
He threw me out.
What did you do? I looked through a drawer for some sticky tape.
What were you doing before you looked for the sticky tape? We were Do I even want to know where the sticky tape fits in? It was for the remote control.
For the TV! Anyway, everything was fine and then suddenly he went all emo and had to go.
Where were you yesterday, by the way? I was at the vineyard.
Twice in one month? Yeah.
I had to pick up some wine for someone.
And then I had a couple of beers with Dad and I stayed the night.
So you didn't invite Sasha round last night? She was here? I thought you said that things were over with you guys? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, she was picking up the wine.
So, you obviously met.
Not really.
What do you mean? Oh, you're going to find out anyway.
Um Things are a bit tense between Sasha and your mum.
You shouted at her in public! I thought you weren't going to see her again? Mm.
Maybe I'm rethinking that decision.
That face I don't need, Mum.
Are the two of you already back together? No! Of course we're not! She's only been back in my life like five minutes, Mum.
If I was you, I'd keep it that way.
So, we didn't get the flat.
Oh, no! Sorry.
That actually wasn't very hospitable.
No, but it was my reaction too.
Carlos, that's not going to fit.
Let's see.
Hey, we're going to find something soon.
Four people, one bathroom.
What could possibly go wrong? Grace, it's only temporary.
I just I don't know.
I think we're going to have to sort out some sort of roster or something.
'Scuse me.
Can you please not rearrange anything? Uh-huh.
Maybe we could see if Max has done any damage to the apartment? You know, grounds for an eviction? Hey, is Max away again? He's not answering his door.
No, he's gone to get you a new TV remote.
What happened to the old one? Accidental death.
Oh, hey, I'm taking Dad out for lunch later and Dani said you might want to come? Thanks, but I've got way bigger things to do right now.
Oh, obviously my advice counted for nothing.
Good to know.
I ignore a lot of things you say.
Can we narrow it down? Sasha.
Told you not to go there.
Thanks for the input.
Not something I'm workshopping.
Hey! Hey.
What's the deal with you and Sasha? You guys are back on? No! We're not! Got any more questions? No, just checking.
Look, if there is a general announcement that needs to be made to the entire building, you're going to be the first to know, OK? Touchy! Yeah.
Which means it's not going the way he wants it to.
Do you ever think maybe you're a little bit too close to this? He's an idiot for going back for seconds.
Sasha's not very nice.
How do you know? I don't.
I'm assuming.
No, you're not.
If I tell you, you'll think I'm crazy.
Maybe I already think you're crazy.
They won't even notice the difference.
You OK? Yeah.
Look, I'm sorry I was a shit last night.
You were a little snappy.
I was tired from the trip.
Phone call put me in a bad mood.
Never really clock off in this job.
So you did get your story? Got what I needed.
Catch you later? Yeah, so are you coming to FAT night still? Sure.
See you then.
Hello, Max.
I just I don't think he wants me to get too close.
Good! What do you know about him? Has he been married three times? Has he got kids? You don't go through life without collecting baggage - what's his? Yeah, I I honestly don't know.
That's what I'm saying.
Oi! I think you should go and sort things out with your fella.
So you don't want dessert? Go! Thank you! I'll call you later.
What are you doing here? It's the wine that you came to get last night.
Umm Maggie say something? Well, there's only about 500 witnesses, so Yeah, I heard.
Tell your mum I'm not trying to make trouble.
Just Hey.
Tom, you know that this us Hmm? .
it's not going anywhere.
That's not the impression that I got last week.
Tom, it was just sex.
Just sex? Yeah.
Come on.
Do you need me to give you a list of all the reasons why getting back together is really is a bad? Idea? Yes.
How long is that list? Alright, first thing is your mum.
She hates me.
No, she doesn't! She never wanted me around.
Not true.
I know you like to deny it but your parents were totally against us.
They offered to help us.
They actually wanted us to make a go of it.
Your mum paid for my abortion.
Did you give Sasha the money to do it, Mum? Mum? Did you give her the money to get rid of it? Yeah, I gave her the money, Tom.
But I did not tell her what to do with it.
You knew what she was going to do with it! Well, I could see that she had doubts.
You were just a boy.
Who was going to marry her, Mum.
Darling, no-one pressured her.
No-one pressured her.
She chose that option.
You wanted her gone the whole time.
What I wanted was immaterial.
It was up to Sasha to come to you and include you in the decision.
She let you down, not me.
I'm putting us both on a no-carbs regime.
Sounds depressing.
No, with this detox and yoga, I feel great.
Great and starving.
Green juice? Tell me what you know about Sasha.
You're kidding.
There are no secrets in this house, babe.
Actually, that tastes like crap.
It's all yours.
When I was together with Tom Mm-hm? .
I found out that Sasha was working in a restaurant in Newtown.
Oh, coincidence.
And about a month or so later I happened to be in the neighbourhood.
So I went in and of course Sasha was serving us.
What are the odds?! Anyway, I broke a glass, cut my finger, bled all over the white tablecloth and I was so flustered, that I ran out of the place without paying.
I didn't do it on purpose - I just forgot.
Oh, classic! What if she remembers me? What do we take from this story, kids? Stalking is bad.
It was helpful at the time.
Now it's not helpful.
Oh, God! What if her and Tom end up back together again? It doesn't matter whose idea it was.
Both you and Mum kept it from me.
You can't fix it.
Unless you can come up with some way to wind back the last 10 years.
Yeah, thanks Dad, but .
I think it's a bit late for sorry, mate.
Ooh, here is a sublet.
Three months starting asap and it's only a few streets away.
Looks great.
And it is fully furnished, so we don't have to buy anything.
I am going to message these guys right now.
Oh, Max busted our remote control, by the way.
That's damage to our property.
Wear and tear.
And he bought us a new one to replace it.
There was the damage to the door.
It could be a pattern.
I think Miranda would kill us.
I'll get in touch with these guys.
It sounds pretty good.
Hey, I've made up a schedule for us for the bathroom in the mornings.
Oh, right.
So we each get a five-minute window to shower? No, I've allowed 15 minutes.
You don't have to spend that whole time in the shower.
You can use it to brush your teeth or do your hair or whatever you need to do.
Offer them 100 bucks extra per week.
Miranda said you were looking for me? Yeah, we were wondering if we could do an inspection of the flat? Everything is perfect.
Don't sound so heartbroken! Well, why isn't he having wild parties and jumping up and down and breaking the couch or something? Everything alright? Yeah, mate.
Everything's great.
Look, I'm sorry about the remote.
We got the flat! Hey? The sublet.
It's ours.
We have to go pick up the key from the guy's mum in Woop Woop but we can move in there tonight if we want to! Thank you so much for putting up with us.
Oh, and you know where you can stick that bathroom schedule.
On the wall? Exactly what I meant.
Good luck with the new place.
Good luck with your new hubby.
Oh, no, no, no! Carlos, that is not going there.
Huh? No, no.
It's perfect.
No! Ugh! # Come on, take my hand # Let's undo the knots of the past # From the night where phantoms toss and turn Go further, deeper, as the day is closing.
Can I do anything? Short of getting into a time machine.
Even if I could, would I have done things differently? I did want her gone.
That's why I gave her the money.
# Watch the mind run faraway # Way ahead of us # And everything that will be and was Here and now.
There is nothing to tell.
There must be.
I mean, I asked you about Perth and you say, "It's sunny.
" It was.
Yeah, but what story was it for? What story was last night about? Look, I have to take leads where they come.
Give the editors coffee.
Get them off my back.
Yeah, but you work hard.
They must know that.
Yeah, but sometimes they want what you've got, even though waiting means you would get something better.
Look, I'm going to jump in the shower.
Why don't you grab us both a beer, hm? OK.
Max, where is your opener? Max.
Yeah? You think I'm pretty straight, don't you? I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to answer that.
Like, good little girl straight.
Well, if that were true, it wouldn't be a bad thing, would it? Did you keep me away from that drawer because you've got drugs in there? Was that a dealer that you went to see last night? What if it was? Max, I'm not naive about drugs.
What is it? Coke? Speed? It was cocaine.
What's your point? That you can trust me.
I mean, I'm not going to say anything to anyone.
I just don't want to involve you in .
any of that.
Iso don't understand you.
I think it's best we keep it that way.
Do it in one big load, do you reckon? Hey? I know it's not home.
I know it's only for three months.
But it's ours.
We can do whatever we like, whenever we like.
Bring that on right now! Ready? Yeah.
I'm ready.
Ooh! Argh! Ooh.
Thank you.
There was a mix-up.
No shit! So the guy's in North Queensland, his mum told him the tenants were moving out on the seventh, which is why he advertised, but they're actually there until the 17th.
I suppose we could sleep in our nice new car.
We've missed out on seven places.
How is that even possible? We could get a serviced apartment.
I'd have to put my kidneys on eBay to afford that.
Aw! Come here! Do you know what I want more than anything? Is my own bed.
Hey, this place will be ours in 10 more days.
Until then If you say the word temporary Surprise! We're back.
But it's only Temporary, yeah.
I know.
Hey, Max is having a beer.
Do you want one? Nah.
I'm good, thanks.
Yeah, I can see that.
Sasha told me something about Mum that I didn't want to know.
And then I spoke to Mum .
and she made sense too.
Well, does one of them have to be wrong? I don't know.
I want someone to be wrong.
Someone to blame.
But would it make any difference? Maybe.
The thing is .
you can drive yourself crazy with the what ifs.
What do you want now? That's what you've got to think about.
Hey, Miranda! Should I chop the garlic? If people want to eat before midnight I had better get to it.
Hey, Miranda.
Tom Not now, Mum.
Please tell me you understand why I did it.
Yeah, I do.
You thought you were doing the right thing for me.
But it was a decision you had no right to make, Mum.
Hey! Hey! I'm brushing my teeth! This is my 15 minutes in the bathroom.
Hey, take it easy.
I was just looking for something.
What, my privacy? It doesn't exist.
No, I was looking for my maracas.
I don't know where they are.
That's funny because I just found them! In the bin! Again! Why does anyone need a pair of maracas? I don't want to lose these.
Carlos, no-one in the history of the world ever died because they didn't have a pair of maracas.
That is not the point.
You threw them out without asking me.
You left them on a pile.
Of your magazines! I cannot believe we're arguing about maracas! Listen, Carlos, I just got my own space back for the first time in ages.
I gave you a chance last week to back out of this.
I sent you an email but you said, "We have a plan, Carlos.
Stick to the plan, Carlos.
" And now you don't want me here.
Steve and Dani were not in the spare room when we made that plan.
That's not my fault.
Just don't keep anything you don't absolutely need.
That's all I'm asking.
The maracas stay.
How long have you been here? Long enough for your neighbours to think about calling the police.
Would they be wrong to do that? My mum has interfered with us once before.
I'm not going to let her do that again.
Who cares what my parents think? I do.
You should base your decision on what you think.
Not what they think.
Tom .
I wasn't going to tell you about your mum and the money because I don't want you rewriting history around that.
I was looking for an excuse to run back then and I probably would have done what I did whether your mother gave me the money or not.
There is a dinner at my place tonight.
Me and the rest of the building.
It's a weekly thing.
Well, if you keep hanging around here, you're going to be late.
Come with me.
You are eligible, as a resident, to have a turn at FAT night.
I don't need to compete.
Oh, you cook! You are pretty proud of your mussels if I remember correctly.
Actually that's my only dish.
What?! So you're telling me that the only thing you can cook is something I can't eat? That's right.
How convenient.
Ha! So you're happy to eat, happy to vote, but you don't want to put yourself out there? Well, it's not my fault.
My mother never taught me.
Is your mum a good cook? My mother is worse than me.
I don't believe you.
Well, next time we're in country Victoria we will visit my mum and I will request burnt shepherd's pie especially for you.
Well, I might just take you up on that offer.
So, you guys are back again.
For 10 days only.
don't even think about arguing.
What's that?! Shower roster.
The only way the house will not become chaos.
We're already at chaos.
You guys should move back into your place.
I'll shift out early, find somewhere else.
But you have a lease.
It's alright.
I'll find somewhere else.
Oh, finally! Thought you'd bailed! I brought a guest.
Everyone, this is Sasha.
Hi, Sasha.
How are we all doing? Good.
Want a seat? Sure.
Here, sit down.
Salmon pasta with a spinach cream sauce.
In my opinion, you will probably get the wooden spoon for this.
I disagree.
I think it's really good.
Oh, the wooden spoon is a good thing.
Oh, OK.
It's like an in-joke? Course.
Carlos, you will have to do a FAT night now that you're living in the building.
Yeah, I don't cook.
No, he doesn't cook.
Which begs the question, why did you bring an entire set of saucepans with you? So Dani, you and Carlos, you live together? That's Grace.
I'm Dani.
I'm usually good with names.
Why don't we go round the table and say our names and something about ourselves? Lame! And we are not defined by our jobs.
Because some of us don't actually have one.
Thank you.
I'm Dani and I'm A shopaholic.
Shut up! All of you.
I am Dani and I'm regretting suggesting this.
I'm Miranda and I am her sister-in-law.
Rob, about to go on a detox tonight, so just pass the bread if you don't mind.
My name is Steve and I'm the mate who had to pick up the pieces.
Which is ancient history, so moving on.
You know what? I think I probably should go.
No, please don't.
Sit down, sit down.
You are our guest and you're not the one who is acting like a dick.
Yeah, you're right, man.
You stay, Sasha.
I mean, it is FAT night and it's members only but what the hell, I'll go.
Great salmon.
Thanks, Miranda.
Excuse me.
I'm so sorry.
It was a top game, Dani.
No, sorry, I'm not going to sit back and make polite conversation with someone who almost ruined my best mate's life.
If Tom can give Sasha another chance Then Tom is a bloody idiot! Back me up here.
I can't.
That was rude.
Oh, I get it.
Everyone's Team Sasha now.
No, but that was really embarrassing.
I'm telling you, if she's back in his life, it's going to be nothing but trouble.
Steve, it is none of your business! I care about Tom! Oh, you know what? Forget it.
Think what you like.
Where are you going? I don't know.
To get air, whatever.
Hey, I should apologise for Steve.
He can hold a grudge.
I didn't pick up on that at all! Well, he's loyal to the people he loves and Tom is pretty high on that list.
I'm sure you have all heard plenty of stories about me then.
We haven't, actually.
Short story? Tom and I got pregnant by accident.
I left and had a termination without telling him.
That's it.
It was It wasn't a good time in my life.
But now? I'm not sure yet.
I mean, you know Tom.
He gets so intense and totally commits himself.
And historically, I'm kind of the opposite.
Hey, what happened tonight, man Not cool.
If Sasha is not welcome at FAT night, well, I'm not going to be there either.
And so it begins.
Maggie? Yeah? Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
My wallowing? I made some dinner.
I can heat it up.
But thanks for asking.
I can't make myself feel better.
Easier if you don't try.
When Tom was little, I'd say to him .
we can get through anything as long as you always tell me the truth.
That only works if it goes both ways.
Such a bad decision.
Bad decisions .
something I know nothing about.
Oh, Cal, thank God you understand.
Steve was pretty harsh.
So what did you think of her? I don't know.
It's too early to tell, really, but .
I wasn't crazy about how the night ended so if that is Sasha's influence then I can live without it.
There's stalkers everywhere, babe.
Everywhere! I am back with Colette.
There is no point.
Dealt with.
See how I dealt with her? Nice of you to offer up your place to Steve and Dani.
Well, it was the right thing to do.
Well, you're certainly not wasting any time.
I don't have that much stuff here.
It won't take that long.
What about the sublet that Steve's lined up in 10 days? I mean, it's just around the corner.
The thing is there is a new job on the table.
Since when? I got the offer a few days ago.
I just didn't think I was going to take it.
Yeah, but you still need somewhere to live.
The work's in Jakarta.
I leave in three weeks.
Capi's not using his place so I'll just crash there until I go.
Where has this come from? Nowhere.
I was still making up my mind whether or not to go.
So you decided tonight? All the pieces just fell into place.
That's all.
What's going on? It was wrong wrong! I don't know what the hell we were thinking.
Hey? Don't try and talk me round, Cal.
It shouldn't have happened.
So where are you going? Home! What?! Home? To the vineyard.
To Warwick.
And when I get back, I want you gone.
Hey, where did you disappear to? I went to pick up my mail.
Final bills and takeaway flyers.
Don't want to miss out on those! Are you sure you're alright in there? Yeah, this is my favourite room.
I used to love sitting in here in the morning and watching you drink coffee.
Swearing at your emails.
I should be getting you home I suppose.
Let me think.
Have I created enough havoc yet? Yes, I think my work here is done.
I'm sorry about how things went down.
I sensed what I was walking into.
Only one of my friends gave you a hard time.
Don't let him scare you off.
Did I say I was going to? Do you really want to take me home? No.
Then don't.