World of Dance (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

The Qualifiers 2

1 [dramatic electronic music] Male announcer: This is the biggest dance competition in the world.
"World of Dance.
" [upbeat music] Yeah, I know no limits No limits We're taking it all Announcer: Last week, the world's biggest stage came alive Let's go, let's go.
That is setting the stage on fire.
Announcer: With explosive talent Whoo! Ah, uh-oh.
This was the first million dollar performance we've seen yet.
Announcer: And powerful breakthroughs.
So I've always been teased and, like, bullied about my skin color.
You embody what it is to be a dancer.
Sorry, I'm, like, emotional.
Congratulations, we'll see you in the duels.
And we cannot wait.
Oh! Boom.
Announcer: Tonight, the qualifiers continue as the world's greatest dancers dance their hearts out.
Yeah, I know no limits You guys were incredible.
Oh, my God.
- We're taking it all That was hip-hop, Latino style, like that.
[laughs] Like the opening of the Olympics or something.
Announcer: The acts will need 80 points or more to make it to the duels.
$1 million is on the line, as the qualifiers continue tonight.
All right, let's see if you made it through to the duels.
[dramatic music] [upbeat music] Announcer: Now, please welcome your host, Jenna Dewan.
[cheers and applause] Hello, everyone.
Welcome to "World of Dance.
" Tonight we have more incredible routines from some of the best dancers in the world.
And we have the best judges in the world.
Here are your judges.
Announcer: Derek Hough.
And Jennifer Lopez.
"World of Dance" is on.
The qualifiers continue right now.
- Whoo! - Yes.
- I'm excited.
- Very much so.
I remember last season being most impressed by the junior.
The anticipation is killing me.
I know, it really is.
[laughter] Faster, faster, faster.
[electronic music] We are All: The Lab! We're a hip-hop crew from West Covina, California.
And we're back.
[cheering] We competed last season, and we didn't make it as far as we wanted to, but the experience for us, I don't even know how to explain it, because it's literally, like, unexplainable.
Is that a word? All: Yeah.
It's a word.
[inspirational music] This is actual fan mail.
[gasps] One of the coolest things about this past year is about all the great and lovely messages that we've been getting from supporters.
You don't let anything limit you.
You prove stereotypes wrong.
And don't let anyone put you into expectation boxes.
So all 15 of these dancers on this team have all come from very broken homes.
The Lab is like a home away from home.
It's a place where you can go to get away from all your problems.
And you just start thinking about dancing and you forget about all the negativity.
You guys tapped into something.
You guys are a family, and that's what people connect with.
Dance has helped us through a lot of things that we've struggled with at home.
So to know that we've inspired kids by that, it's really awesome and amazing.
[upbeat music] This year we really wanna win, and we try our best to come back better and bigger.
It's super awesome and amazing.
It motivated us to work harder, to prove to others that you should always keep pushing no matter what.
You think you know The Lab, wait till you see what we can do now.
[suspenseful music] Announcer: Make some noise and welcome to the stage The Lab.
[cheers and applause] - They're back.
- They are back.
[lights clank on] [Trick Daddy's "Take it to Da House (remix)" playing] Callin' my peoples from across the world This song goes out to all the boys and girls Yessuh Slip-N-Slide get loose More punch than a bowl of juice And ain't nobody mo' jiggier than us Rush like what? Whoo.
Don't stop Hit me up, Tre+.
com And tell me where you from We don't play Take it to da house MIA Take it to da house This the way we take it to da house Take it to da house, take it to da house Three O five, take it to da house Boy, we got that Slip-N-Slide, take it to da house Take it to da, take it to da house We don't play take it to da house MIA, take it to da house This the way we take it to da house Take it to da, take it to da house [cheers and applause] Oh! Oh! Come on.
Let's go.
I got chills.
Come on.
[overlapping chatter] You guys are a serious competitive dance team.
World class.
The Lab is a force to be reckoned with.
Thank you.
To say the least.
And that head spin at the end with the little Unreal.
Thank you.
The exclamation point right at the end.
[laughs] It was like an exclamation point, like-- If it wasn't already the most incredible thing ever, you're like, "And I'm just gonna hold this "because I'm amazing.
" [laughter] It was amazing.
Congratulations, guys.
All: Thank you.
The Lab.
Um, you guys were incredible.
Oh, my God.
It was just like laser sharp.
Just so perfectly together, so in sync, that the illustration of the-- the choreography throughout the whole thing with the musicality.
Everything was so enjoyable.
You guys are like a perfect recipe for greatness.
Two new guys in the front.
How old are you guys? - I'm ten.
- And I'm eight.
It looks like he was just born an hour ago.
[laughter] Goodness gracious.
From the technical moves to the moves that are supposed to start and stop real quick to the grooves, you literally danced like it's one person up there.
Like, so, so very tight.
[cheers and applause] And so there was no prop back there? You didn't jump off a trampoline and jump? [dramatic thump] Okay, so you have latent superpowers, clearly.
[laughter] You fly and you just don't know yet.
Thank you.
We're gonna go ahead and score you, but I gotta say, teams like this is what "World of Dance" is about.
They're just-- I'm happy you guys are back.
We're gonna do the score.
We're gonna do the score.
[Sigala, Paloma Faith's "Lullaby" playing] Will you lay me down? All right, as you know, you need 80 or better to get to the duels.
Let's see if you made it through.
'Cause all I need is somebody near me When my heart gets weak Somebody out there watching over me When I'm so tired I can't even sleep [yelling] Won't you sing me your sweet lullaby? [cheers and applause] The thing that I need As you sing me your sweet lullaby I could fall for the sound of your sweet melody You've been here before.
You know what comes next.
You know it only gets harder from here.
We'll see you in the duels.
Just the sound of your voice Feels amazing.
It feels really refreshing to be back on that stage, in front of the judges, in front of the audience.
It's just It's been a long time, but it feels good.
It cracks me up seeing, like, little babies do all that.
"Let's go.
" - Yeah, yeah.
- It kills me.
I love them.
[upbeat electronic music] Announcer: Coming up Oh, my God.
It was so clean.
It was so dynamic.
That's what I'm talking about.
You can feel your guys' souls.
Like, that, for me, makes me enjoy the performance even more.
This is how you compete for a million dollars.
It was riveting.
I just could not take my eyes off of you guys.
[Dan Murphy's "One Night" playing] I gotta say, uh, J, I feel a little slighted.
Me and Derek did not get a sparkly cup.
You didn't get-- you're getting one, though.
You're getting a special one.
- Oh, really? Yeah, yeah.
Okay, I'm-- I'm gonna wait on my special cup.
I'm excited about that.
[laughs] As a little kid I couldn't imagine I'd be here, but I was dreaming about America.
I feel it all coming back to me - I am Pasha.
- And I'm Daniella.
We're from Staten Island, New York, and we've been married for 3 1/2 years now.
[laughs] Maybe there's a way we can survive Everyone sees ballroom in such a distinct way.
The gelled hair and the crazy makeup and the beautiful dresses.
But we're kind of breaking the rules.
It only takes one night What's it mean to you guys being here? It's a lot of sweat, it's a lot of blood, it's a lot of tears.
It means everything.
Back in Russia, my parents realized that there's future for me in this country.
My dad won the green card and was allowed to bring his kids that are under 21 years old.
And my brother was already over 21, so therefore, we had to make a decision on what to do.
[solemn music] Just let me go My brother, who is a huge part of my life, still can't come and live here with us.
We've let everything behind, so we can support my dreams, support my dancing.
All I wanna do is give back.
That will just make me the happiest person-- So we better win "World of Dance.
" [laughter] We better win.
[suspenseful music] Male announcer: Put your hands together for Pasha and Daniella.
[cheers and applause] Good looking couple.
[James Blake's "Limit To Your Love" playing] There's a limit to your love Your love, your love, your love There's a limit to your care So carelessly there Nice.
Is it truth or dare? There's a limit to your care [cheers and applause] Yeah.
Like a waterfall In slow motion Like a map with no ocean There's a limit to your love There's a limit to your love [guffaws] All right.
[cheers and applause] Okay, honestly, my eyes were glued to you the whole time.
- Thank you so much.
- Your quality of movement.
His strength.
Your slinkiness.
All of it just went perfectly together.
I was watching a very sexy, dramatic, very interesting ballroom routine for me.
Thank you.
We've seen ballroom on this stage before.
And normally when it's ballroom, it's glitter, and it's sparkly, and it's-- and you have on jeans and a-- and a tank top.
So I was a little like, "Okay, "please make this make sense for me.
" Right, so, are you guys a couple? Just curious.
- Yeah, we're married.
[cheers and applause] - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- She said It's so funny, because, like, these are two people who've been together a long time.
That's what the outfits say to me.
It's that thing, that everyday routine of, like, that back and forth, that battle that happens between a couple that's been together-- and you're married.
Yeah, makes perfect sense.
Makes perfect sense.
I thought it was great.
It wasn't as "wow" for me as I've seen.
[scandalized chatter] So, in my honest opinion, it wasn't as competitive for me as I would've liked it to be.
For me.
That's He's entitled to his opinion.
Okay, expert.
- Whoa, hold up.
The quality of movement from you, Danielle, is stunning.
Thank you.
I appreciate in the choreography those moments when you hit something fast and then hold slow, and then you let it-- then you let it ooze, right? And then you're using every muscle internally, squeezing, like wringing, like, a towel.
But I will say this.
You have a very limited amount of time.
So, I found in the choreography there was a lot of that.
It's like, quick, quick, quick, slow.
Right? And I--and I understand that.
But maybe a little bit too much, because then you're kind of like-- you're wasting valuable time.
But I have to disagree 'cause I felt like the music dictated that.
[cheers and applause] I don't know, I thought you guys were both great.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
All right, we're gonna lock in scores.
Let's get it on.
[OneRepublic's "I Lived" playing] Hope when you take that jump You don't feel the fall That wasn't typical ballroom.
You've seen not-typical ballroom that had us on the edge of our seats.
That didn't do that for me.
I don't know.
It was totally different.
Hope when the crowd screams out It's screaming your name All right, guys, you need an 80 or better to get to the duels.
Let's see how you did.
Good luck.
Hope that you fall in love and it hurts so bad [suspenseful music] [scandalized chatter] [OneRepublic's "I Lived" playing] Only way you can know Give it all you have Hope when your moment comes You'll say [cheers and applause] I did it all Congratulations.
Clearly you had two of the three of us believe you.
Next time you touch the stage, make me believe it.
- I promise.
- All right.
See you in the duels.
This world could give I saw so many places The things that I did That was pretty controversial.
That was, you know, varying opinions.
We knew we were taking a risk, uh, but, uh We didn't have any tricks or lifts or anything, but-- - Do you have tricks and lifts? - We do.
And they're gonna make us bring it out.
I think you should.
When that 79 came up, people were like Hey, listen, you know, I loved that.
They thought they were going home.
I've seen better ballroom on this stage.
That's my opinion.
- That's you.
- That's me.
[upbeat electronic music] Announcer: Coming up I know Chihuahua's kind of a tough town, right? Have you got what it takes to compete next season for a chance to win $1 million and be crowned the best dancer in the world? Go to WorldOfDanceCasting.
com for more informations.
[salsa music] Wow.
Oh, oh.
[cheering] - Hay que luchar Para 'lante no pa'tras Lo bueno puedes cantar Vamos, vamos, vamos.
"World of Dance," Mexico's in the house, yo.
[cheering] [NEEDTOBREATHE's "Brother" playing] [sirens wailing] Everybody needs someone beside 'em Male announcer: Make some noise [suspenseful music] and welcome to the stage It's connection.
[cheers and applause] Okay, I'd like to know what's going on in each one of their minds right now.
[J Balvin & Willy William's br/"Mi Gente" playing] Si el ritmo te lleva a mover la cabeza Ya empezamos como es C'est comme-ci, C'est comme-ça Ma chèrie, la-la-la-la-la Francia, Colombia Me gusta, Freeze Tamo' rompiendo la discoteca Un, dos, tres, leggo Hey, hey.
Toda mi gente se mueve Mi música los tiene fuerte bailando Y se baila así Un, dos, tres, leggo [cheers and applause] That's what I'm talking about.
You guys were great.
Right on.
[laughs] That was hip-hop, Latino style, I think.
[laughs] - That's right.
- I think it was.
It was so clean.
It was so dynamic.
Which, for hip-hop, you know, we always have this aggressive kind of hip-hop feel.
But you guys gave me, like, suave moments in there.
[cheers and applause] You're like, "Yeah, you could fall in love with this.
" Great job.
- Thank you.
Your ability to build this anticipation and be like, "Are you ready for this? Let's go--boom.
" It was so good.
You right here, my man, you were cracking me up.
He's like-- he's like that.
- Ah.
- Yes.
I love it when people go like-- - Ah.
[laughter] When--when performers know you're about to love something.
They're like, "You gonna love this.
" You don't even know.
You don't even know what's about to happen.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- He knows, he knows.
- All of that.
Man, I'll remember you fellas.
Great job.
Thanks a lot.
Super clean, super together.
Your transitions were beautiful.
Your formations were beautiful.
I thought there might've been lines on the floor.
Everybody was in their perfect spot.
This is how you compete for a million dollars.
Just like that.
I know Chihuahua's kind of a tough town, right? You can just feel who you guys are.
You can feel your guys' souls.
That-- that for me makes me enjoy the performance even more.
All right, guys, we're gonna score you, and we'll see if you can make it to the next round.
[NEEDTOBREATHE's "Brother" playing] Brother, let me be your shelter Never leave you all alone I can be the one you call [cheers and applause] Be the one to light the way Brother, let me be your shelter Never leave you all alone I can be the one you call - I'm very proud of you guys.
- See you at the duels.
Brother, let me be your fortress When the night winds are driving on Be the one to light the way Yeah.
I love that they allow dance from all the negative things that are happening where they came from.
That's dope.
I mean, dance does that for so many people, right? When you find your passion, it saves you.
[upbeat electronic music] Announcer: Coming up Whoa.
It's so magical.
I would pay money to see an entire show of that.
Like the opening of the Olympics or something.
Oh, my God, I've been initiated.
[shrieks] Oh! Yo, bring it in, bring it in.
[upbeat music] [laughter] Let's do it.
[light music] - Can't believe we're here.
- This is crazy.
I'm Charity and I'm 17.
I'm Andres and I'm also 17 years old.
- We're from Utah.
- And we do contemporary.
To not know who I am but still know that I'm good Long as you're here with me After watching season one of "World of Dance," I wanted to be on that stage.
And I was gonna look for any way that I could do it.
I called up Andres.
And I was like, "Do you wanna audition for 'World of Dance' with me?" I was like, "Yeah.
" [chuckles] We got this.
We created a dream board, because we knew we were gonna be here one day.
And one of the quotes says, "Stop wishing for it.
Start working for it.
" I took that one to heart.
I like me better when I'm with you I was watching you guys from over there, and you look super focused.
- Yes.
- Oh, yeah.
- Like, game face on.
- Competition mode.
If "World of Dance" was a class, I think we'd be getting an A+, 'cause we're doing so much research, so much homework.
Yeah, we got that extra credit in.
How do you prepare for this? To get the feel of, like, being in front of judges, we got three stuffed animals for NE-YO, J-Lo and Derek.
- Yep.
- [laughs] Being on that stage means a lot to us.
And it feels like a dream come true.
I like me better when I'm with you [suspenseful music] Male announcer: Joining us next, it's Charity and Andres.
[dramatic thump] [cheers and applause] All right.
[James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go" playing] I'll wake you up with some breakfast in bed I'll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head When you looked over your shoulder For a minute No way.
I wanna dance with you right now Oh oh ah, I'm so in love with you And I hope you know Darling, your love is More than worth its weight in gold We've come so far, my dear Look how we've grown And I wanna stay with you Until we're gray and old Just say you won't let go Oh, just say you won't let go Oh oh oh [cheers and applause] Whoa.
- Yes.
- Wow.
Where are you guys from, real fast? - Utah.
- U--Utah! [laughs] - Represent.
- That's my people.
You know it.
[chuckles] Honestly, could you be any cuter? I mean, adorable.
And when you dance, you're so beautiful.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
It was like one person.
It was like you were extensions of each other.
And it-- it was so magical.
You know, a partnership is hard to find in life, in--in--in work, in--in--in dancing.
And you guys have that.
You have magic.
- It's organic, yeah.
- You have magic.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
You guys were so together.
The athleticism.
You were doing, like, b-boy moves.
540s, flairs.
But in the most elegant, beautiful way.
And then I saw there's a little rumba in there as well.
I saw that little overturn action.
Oh, come-- all right.
That is what we're talking about with this competition.
You guys, I loved it.
Uh, I would assume that you guys are a couple.
The connection is that strong.
[laughter] Oh, not by that face.
- No, yes, no? - Acting.
It doesn't matter if you are or if you're not.
I believed that you were.
Listen, this is what $1 million contemporary looks like.
[cheers and applause] This.
All right, we're gonna lock in our scores.
[Ariana Grande's "Break Free" playing] - Are we locked? - We're locked, baby.
Oh Charity and Andres, as you find out your scores, you need 80 or above to move on to the duels.
Good luck.
Thought of your body I came alive It was lethal It was fatal In my dreams it felt so right - Whoo.
But I woke up very time This is the part when I say I don't want you Congratulations, Charity and Andres.
Keep doing what you're doing.
It's beautiful.
You make it to the duels.
Good luck.
'Cause I can't resist it no more Oh, my God.
You guys.
[laughs] Every single person is talking to their stuffed animals and making a vision board, because all that preparation paid off.
I'm just thinking of the moment when Charity first called me up, to this moment now.
Just it's crazy.
[laughter] 'Cause I can't resist it no more [Flo Rida's "GDFR" playing] Boom, boom, ooh.
He up in "Advanced World" right now.
- What're you guys doing? - Krump basics.
Y'all-- - Yeah, let's learn.
- Okay, tight.
- I'm Bdash.
- And I'm Konkrete.
- We're a krump duo.
- From Los Angeles, California.
Goin' down for real Krump is a street dance.
It was not raised in a studio.
It's straight raw and rugged.
You'll see chest pops, jabs, stomps.
What really makes it krump is the energy behind it.
Put your hands up, uh It's goin' down for real A lot of people limit krump to freestyling.
But we added choreo to it.
It's like some krump, and some choreo, and you-- you make 'em kiss.
[laughs] We're a new breed.
Now we're creating something crazy.
We're pushing it to a level that had never been before.
It's goin' down for real Do you guys have family back at home? - I have a son.
- You have a son.
- I have a son too.
Same age.
- Same age, six.
- We have two daddies, do we? Aw, I love that.
For a long time, you know, we didn't have anything.
You know, but now, since we're fathers, man, we have everything.
Winning "World of Dance" gives us a chance to give our kids a better life.
We're not dancing for ourselves anymore.
And we wanna show our sons that we've built them an opportunity to not worry about tomorrow.
You could be what you wanna be as long as you put the work behind it.
For us to even get here to this level is amazing.
We can rise above anything, and just never stop battling.
There's no limit.
[suspenseful music] Male announcer: Put your hands together for Bdash and Konkrete.
[cheers and applause] Let's go, fellas.
[lights clank on] [rhythmic beeping, clanking] [Big Sean's "Moves" playing] I got the moves, I got the moves I'm making moves, We got the moves She make that back move, She make, uh I make the city move, I make the city move Give me the ball and I won't have to pass it I'm not passing out until I'm asthma attacking I take a plan and then I back-to-back it Hit after hit, check the batting average I take the work, flip it, acrobatic Got a little time and a lot of talent Do a little talking and a lot of action Seen the competition, hmm, not a challenge I lean, I move, I walk through in this I got the moves I got the moves Got, got, got ,got I got, I got Moo, moo, I've got the moves Yeah.
I'm making moves, We got the moves She make that back move I make the city move, I make the city move I'm a Don, I'm a Don, I'm a Don I gave my whole family jobs and I take care of my mom Gone [cheers and applause] Nasty.
That was nasty.
The whole room just got smelly as hell, like "argh.
" Damn.
In a good way.
So, it had that nasty krump quality.
That grittiness, that kind of like sickening thing.
But it was also so damn smooth.
Like, those hat tricks.
I know how hard hat tricks are.
No hate, but I was waiting on the dr-- I was waiting for somebody to drop the hat.
Me too.
[laughter] - Nah, they're professionals.
- No, baby.
Professionals drop the hat.
They drop the hat.
This was something else.
"World of Dance.
" Another level.
Bring it.
[cheers and applause] How the hell do you choreograph krump? Uh Krump is about the individual for the most part.
- Yes.
- It's hard to get two krumpers and get them to do the same thing at the same time.
So the fact that y'all took-- and clean.
Like, synchronized perfectly.
Before, krump was real boutique, and it's-- you know, if you knew you knew, and if you didn't, ah, nah.
But like, you've taken it and turned it into something that everybody can get into.
That's achievement.
When I was listening to NE-YO comment, when he-- when he says "super clean," you guys were like, "Oh, yeah.
" That's what we were concentrating on, which is cleanliness.
That's why we took choreo classes, so we could start understanding this stage right here, you know.
What's awesome and what shows your guys' dedication is just that.
When something is difficult, it's worth doing.
- Yeah.
You know, and it pays off, because that paid off because you worked, you put the effort and the time into the details.
I'll remember this routine.
For sure.
So good.
You're great.
We're gonna lock in our scores.
We're gonna lock in.
[Rudimental's "These Days" playing] That choreography really meant something in the routine.
Yeah, and creative and innovative, you know? Yeah.
All right, guys, you need an 80 or better to get to the duels.
Let's see how you did.
Good luck.
I hope some day we'll sit down together and laugh with each other about these days These days All our troubles We'll lay to rest And we'll wish we could come back To these days, these days [cheers and applause] Sit down together Yeah.
So, y'all are krumpers, so you all understand what a duel is, right? We battle.
We battle all the time.
All right, then you already know.
I'll see y'all at the duel.
I hope someday we'll sit down together And laugh with each other about these days We came from a long way.
And to see that, to court them to respect our craft.
- Yeah.
- And our movement.
And also for them to understand.
And I was like, boom.
- They understood.
It was like, "We got the keys now.
" We understand this.
- We got the key now.
- We got the key.
- Bing.
[upbeat electronic music] All: Konnichiwa.
Oh, I love this.
Both: Wow.
[upbeat music] [cheering] Male announcer: Hitting the stage next it's Fabulous Sisters.
[suspenseful music] Let's go.
[cheers and applause] - Super cute.
- So cute.
[classical/rock music] Whoa.
[laughs] [cheers and applause] Bravo.
Fabulous Sisters.
Both: Wow.
I felt like I was in an opera house.
I mean, I would pay money to go see an entire show of that.
Like the opening of the Olympics or something.
[speaking Japanese] Exactly.
[laughs] All: Thank you.
It was so theatrical.
It was so dramatic.
I love this-- this part right here just got me, was like, "Ah-ta, ah-ta, ah-ta, ah-ta.
" Whoo, I loved it so much.
The precision.
The roll offs, the prrrr-oom, were so clean, it was just magical to watch.
I loved it.
Oh, I loved it.
All: Thank you.
There was texture.
There was levels.
Every move made a statement.
Every move meant something.
This was the kind of routine that makes me really anxious to see what else you guys have.
- Yeah.
- The quality of performance.
all: Thank you.
It was a really special routine because in the chaos it was beautiful.
When you guys broke out into, like, your own chaotic moment, it was beautiful.
But also when the precision was there, when you were all together.
It was so beautifully together.
Honestly, it was riveting.
I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
And I just could not take my eyes off of you guys.
[speaking Japanese] [Lea Michele's "Believer" playing] All right.
Should we score? - Let's do it.
- Should we do it? I'm screaming at the sun I'm scratching out my eyes Trying to cut my way Through this jungle of life - You good? - I'm good, baby.
Fabulous Sisters, you need 80 or above to make it through to the duels.
Good luck.
All I know is I will survive I'm still a believer [shrieking] Can nobody tame this raging heart? I'm fighting my way Up to the stars [cheers and applause] I'm flying high I'm screaming out Whoo.
I'm still a believer Congratulations, you're making it through to the duels.
Thank you so much.
She made me cry.
[laughter, sobbing] Good luck, guys.
See you in the duels, okay? [cheering] I'm fighting my way up to the stars [instrumental hip-hop music] [percussive music]