Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e05 Episode Script


Xiaolin Showdown.
Xiaolin Showdown.
Oh! Waah!
Anytime here, cowboy.
Seismic kick!
Go, Clay!
Most impressive.
You show an excellent mastery
of your Xiaolin element.
It appears your
promotion to apprentice
was well-deserved.
Thank you kindly. Guh-uhh!
Sure you couldn't
cut it any closer?
Raimundo, it is time to
test your Wind element.
The test is to float a teammate
safely onto the cool stone
in the middle of
the hot coal bed.
No problem.
We mean you no
disrespect, Raimundo,
but you are still the only
non-apprentice on our Xiaolin team.
If there are no volunteers.
But, master!
OhhYes, master.
As a Xiaolin apprentice,
it is my duty
to offer advice to my
non-apprentice friend--you!
Omi, I'm trying to focus.
Oh, yes, focus is very good.
Wahh! Forget all
outside distractions.
Feel the element inside you.
Ignore every--
I will get out of your
sight until you are ready.
Shroud of Shadows!
I forgot my--
Oh, thank you, Clay.
Once again, you
have saved the day.
A good first try, Raimundo.
We will test again another day.
But--but I had it. He--aw!
Not to worry, Raimundo.
One day, you, too, will
also be competent.
"One day, you, too,
will be--" nah!
Kimiko: That's weird.
Check out this police
report from Hong Kong:
"A string of heists by thieves
using very unusual powers."
Those are Shen Gong Wu powers:
Serpent's Tail,
Fist of Tebigong.
And they're all supposed to
be holed-up in Jack's corral.
Why would he and Wuya start
acting like common criminals
instead of wanna-be
world conquerors?
Jack, are you still toying with
that ridiculous piece of scrap?
No. I'm still perfecting this
thrilling piece of genius.
Isn't that right, yes-bot?
Yes. Yes, it is, Jack,
like it is always.
How about a snack and
a beverage, huh?
The perfect companion
you should be practicing
your Shen Gong Wu skills!
Start with the Fist of Tebigong.
UhFist of tebigong?
Uh, i-- I practice that
one when you're asleep.
Then fetch the Serpent's Tail!
I'm, uh
Having it cleaned?
Wuya: Pick any one!
Just open the cabinet
and get to work.
I--i can't because i--
I, uh, lost the key?
Wuya, no!
Uhh! AhAh!
Enh! Ehh!
Where are my Shen Gong Wu?
Funny story about that.
You know, it ain't cheap
keeping up with
robot technology,
and when a criminal
genius is short on cash,
panda bubba
The richest, most
dangerous crime boss
in Hong Kong's underworld.
I talked him into
giving me a loan.
But all I had for
collateral was--well--
you know.
You mean, you traded the most
powerful objects in the world
for robot parts?
I kept the Monkey Staff.
Unh! Uhh!
You totally don't have to worry.
Panda bubba just thinks
they're priceless antiques,
so I figure, with
the Monkey Staff,
I could break into his palace
and steal the others back.
Genius, no?
Genius, yes, Jack-o.
Brilliant plan.
Rawwrrr! Aah!
Clay: You guys
better stay close.
This is the part of Hong Kong
that Dashi never let me play in.
I'll lead the way.
This place is like
the bad side of rio.
It's my element.
Clay: Uh, no offense, Rai,
but we've seen what you
do with your element.
Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes. Ha ha ha!
The apprentices
will take charge.
First, we must search carefully
for anything suspicious.
Woman: Stop! Thief!
Looks like suspicious found us.
Who was that guy?
He had the Serpent's Tail.
After him!
This had better work, boy.
No problem.
I'll be in and out before
the big guy even notices.
Monkey Staff!
Be careful.
Panda bubba and his men have
nearly all our Shen Gong Wu.
Those idiots will never
even know I'm there.
This fella's slippier than a
greased pig in a sausage factory.
We must box him in.
Split apart!
Falcon's Eye!
Whuhh! Eh! What? What happened?
I had him, but he slipped
right through my fingers,
and I think my pancreas.
Ahh, yes.
A common non-apprentice mistake.
I would have grabbed the
Serpent's Tail first,
but I suppose that is something
we learn at the apprentice level.
You did your best.
I still don't get it.
Why would Jack and Wuya
hire a new henchman
just to steal
ordinary valuables?
That man was a servant
of panda bubba.
What is a panda bubba?
Ha ha! Can you believe this guy:
No guard, no alarm?
I knew that. Its
your standard array
of crisscrossing
infrared tripwire beams.
Back to Jack!
Never steal from a thief, thief.
Panda bubba, uh I was
just coming to--uhh!
To tell me you lied to me
and that these Shen Gong Wu have magical
powers beyond most men's dreams?
UhHow'd you find out?
You left your cheat sheet
in the left Jet bootsu.
This is what you do
instead of practicing?
Hey, whoa! Whoa!
Hey, guys, let's not, uh
Uh, how about a deal?
What kind of a deal?
Uh, partner up with me.
I can help you get a
lot more Shen Gong Wu,
a lot more.
All in due time
I will take the 12
guards on the north,
Clay, the 10 on the east,
Kimiko, the 11 on the west,
andDo you think Raimundo can
take the one on the south?
He does look old a
very out-of-shape.
Ah-hack hack!
Who called in the loser patrol?
Jack Spicer!
I do not know why
you have chosen to
work with panda bubba.
I'm here for the same reason
to get back what panda
bubba stole from me. Awk!
Yeah, but I found a secret
pass into the mansion
where they're
holding all the wu.
A tough fight for me, but
with the right help--
Jack, you can't possibly
be suggesting
A team-up.
Help me in,
and we'll split my
ex-Shen Gong Wu 50/50.
Forget it, Jack. We can bust
this place open ourselves.
You want to take a
Falcon's Eye look inside
and tell me you're so sure?
Falcon's Eye!
Jack is right.
We are outnumbered and
out-shen gong wued.
Jack tells you he has
a secret pass inside,
and you're just
gonna believe him?
Tell you what. As a
show of good faith,
I'll even give you my
last Shen Gong Wu.
What? Jack, don't be a fool!
I forbid it!
Ehh! Eh-ah!
It's the only way to
earn their trust.
AhCome on, Omi.
It's a classic con game.
Ok, I hear your concerns,
and I will take them
under advisement
with the apprentices.
Clay, Kimiko?
I reckon we got
no better choice.
Let's give it a shot.
What? You're gonna trust
Jack Spicer over me?
That's it! I'm finding
my own way in,
uhSorry, pal,
I've got to go with the
crowd on this one.
Hey, easy buddy.
Come on, Rai!
Don't take it so hard!
I hope you're sure
about this plan.
Totally. Once panda bubba
gets their Shen Gong Wu,
we just double-cross
him, and it's all hours.
And how exactly do we do that?
It's a plan in progress.
I'm a big-picture guy,
not a detail guy.
I found the building
plan on the net.
There should be an old
servants' entrance right
It is very dark in here.
Yeah. A little too dark.
Anybody else smellin' a setup?
Jack: Gimme! Gimme!
My Shen Gong Wu!
Gimme that thing!
Hey, hands off!
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Star Hanabi!
It is a trap!
Uhh! Ooh! Uhh.
Fist of Tebigong!
Tornado strike Water!
Serpent's Tail!
Serpent's Tail!
Serpent's Tail!
Two delay flip!
I got your back.
Enough! Tangle Web Comb!
Eh! Enh!
Jumpin' Jupiter! I gotta
warn Master Fung--mmph!
We did it! We got them!
We? There is no we.
What? We had a deal.
You, bring them to
the Xiaolin temple
and bring me the rest
of the Shen Gong Wu.
Raimundo, where are the others?
They've been kidnapped
by panda bubba.
His goons are on their way here
to steal our Shen Gong Wu!
I will alert the monks.
No! I have a plan, but
i have to do it alone.
Raimundo, this is
all very sudden,
and you are the only--
I know! I'm the only
But you brought me here because you
knew I could become the dragon of Wind.
If I'm ever going to learn
to be who I can be,
people are gonna
have to trust me.
I was going to say,
you are the only one who
knows the full situation,
and I trust your judgment.
No way.
You want the Shen Gong Wu,
you gotta go through me!
We're good with that.
Lotus Twister! Hyah!
Fist of Tebigong!
Come on, guys,
you're making this
too easy for me.
Ring of 9 dragons.
Whuh-uhh! Whuh-uhh!
Hey! No fair! Unh! Ehrr!
All right, let's get these
things back to the boss.
Let go!
Get off of me!
Ah! Urgh! Ah!
Put him with the others.
You'll never get away with this!
I already have.
Soon I will rule the Hong
Kong criminal underworld.
All you want is Hong Kong?
Can I at least get
by somebody with some vision?
Hey, you all right, Rai?
Yeah. I'm cool.
Sorry about the whole
not-trusting-you- about-Jack thing.
Yes. We were captured
most shamefully
while you tried your best to defend
the Xiaolin temple And failed.
But at least you tried
your best And failed.
Oh-ho. I don't know about that.
What powers do we add
to my collection?
We've got some good ones, boss:
The stick of throwing
The large rock of hitting.
The shoes of running real fast.
Panda bubba: You fools.
Where are the real Shen Gong Wu?
Looks like your double-cross
just got double-crossed.
Is it time for my big entrance?
No way!
You really thought those
goons could take me?
I knew I had to rescue
your sorry butts,
so I let myself get caught,
along with this
shroud-hidden backpack
full of Shen Gong Wu.
Clay: Nice one!
Kimiko: Smart move, Rai!
Omi: Amazing!
Two ton tunic!
Eye of Dashi!
Third arm sash!
Orb of Tornami!
Huh?! Huh?
Get them!
Jack-bots, attack!
Third arm sash!
Fist of Tebigong!
Huhh! Hehrr!
You're doing very well, Jack.
Excellent, excellent job.
Care for a bite?
EhNot a good time.
Star Hanabi!
Aah-hah hah hah!
It's gonna blow!
It looks like it's
a free-for-all!
Go! Go! Go!
Orb of Tornami!
Tangle Web Comb!
Third arm sash!
Jack, I challenge you to a--
A showdown trio.
This was on your
cheat sheet, too.
How about my Tangle Web Comb
for Raimundo's Eye of Dashi
and panda bubba's
Fist of Tebigong?
I'm cool with that.
Winner takes a Longi Kite.
What's the showdown?
Last boat afloat
wins the showdown.
Let's go! Let's go!
Xiaolin Showdown!
Xiaolin Showdown!
All: Gong yi tan pai!
Dead end?!
Eye of Dashi!
Playin' rough, huh?
Well, I can, too.
Tangle Web Comb!
Ha ha ha!
So long, sucked-under.
Ah! AhAh!
Go, boss!
Faster, Jack.
Typhoon boom!
Did you see that?
Raimundo's Wind has
finally broken
Looks like he's too late!
Come on, Rai! You can still win!
Just think, "what would Omi do?"
Eye of Dashi
Surf's up!
Help! Waah!
Ha ha! Yeah!
Ooh ooh-ooh-hoo!
That was hard to watch.
All right, buddy!
Great surfing, Rai!
That was incredible!
As a Xiaolin apprentice,
I could not have
done better myself.
Better? I could teach you somethin'
about surfin', little man.
This is it?
This is all I have left?
I got robbedTwice!
Forget it, Jack.
What happens in pandatown
stays in pandatown.
Panda bubba, we have a
warrant for your arrest!
Congratulations, partner! All right!
Eh, no biggie.
Now, with all 4
Xiaolin apprentices
you are prepared to perform the
next level of signature moves.
With Dragon X Kumei Formation.
Dragon X Kumei!
I never thought that i
would see this day.
Master Fung, thanks
for trusting me.
You deserved it.
Now, as long as we're
talkin' promotion,
let's talk perks.
First, the robes--
got to go.
Hey, Rai needs some bling
and a real bed, one
with a mattress,
firm, but not too firm.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Just real comfortable.
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