Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e06 Episode Script

Sizing Up Omi

Xiaolin Showdown.
Xiaolin Showdown.
Can't you go any faster?
Maybe you'd like to take over
while I sit on your back.
We just don't wanna miss
finding this new Shen Gong Wu,
the Wings of Tinabi.
Dojo: It lets you
fly like an eagle,
leaving a cool
rainbow vapor trail.
Ooh, I must possess
the Wings of Tinabi.
I want to fly like an eagle!
Whoa. Easy there, pardner,
or you'll go down
like a rack of ribs.
hmm, hmm, hmm
ah, good, cyclops.
We almost have the Shen Gong Wu.
Look at him.
No depth perception.
Why waste your time on these
lame, old-school monsters?
I happen to prefer the old ways.
There is much to be
said for tradition.
Yeah, like it's
totally obsolete.
Here we are,
but it looks like
we've got company.
Har har har!
Heh heh heh.
Give it here before you get
any more slobber on it.
Cyclops, rid us of those pests!
If you accept defeat now,
you will save yourself
further embarrassment.
Hah, hunh, hunh! Hie!
Hyah, unh!
Aah! Unh!
Bad idea.
Huh? Aah!
You'd better get ready
for a good old-fashioned
All: Dragon X Kumei Formation!
All: Whoa-oa!
Excellent, cyclops. Use
the Wings of Tinabi.
We have evil to spread.
Har har har!
Wuya! Wait!
Wait for me!
Whew. I thought my
cousin buford was big.
I'd hate to see what that fella
puts away for breakfast.
Omi: We will have
to stand together
to defeat the evil one-eyed one.
You're a tough little
guy, Omi, but face it,
the cyclops isn't exactly
in your weight class.
That's right. If he
was much bigger,
he'd be his own country.
We may never win
another showdown.
That dude is unstoppable.
If only I was big, I, too,
would be unstoppable!
Ah, but strength is not
determined by one's size.
Rather, by the size
of one's strength.
You, uh, really think
you're gonna stretch
your way to being bigger?
As the grass grows
towards the sun.
I weigh one pound less!
Here, try a protein shake.
Maybe it'll help.
Thank you, Clay. I have
already gained 3 pounds!
Uh, maybe I should hold the jug?
Oh, no! So fast!
It is one step forward
and 2 steps back.
Perhaps the secret
lies within the food.
I shall eat until I am big!
You know, we got a
sayin' down in Texas:
You can't put a 20-gallon
head in a 10-gallon hat.
Yeah. You just made that up.
Hey, here's an idea! Watch this!
Changing Chopsticks!
Now you can eat every last bite.
Raimundo, that is the answer.
I will grow bigger backwards!
You got me on that one.
Clay, may I please borrow
the Reversing Mirror?
Raimundo, may I please borrow
the Changing Chopsticks?
Where are you goin'
with this, Omi?
Changing Chopsticks!
Reversing Mirror!
Now there is nothing
I cannot accomplish!
Except perhaps explaining
to Master Fung
about the temple ceiling.
Ha--uhh! Oof!
Everybody, hot off the wire!
A new Shen Gong Wu
has revealed itself.
The Glove of Jisaku.
Whoever holds it
attracts other objects,
sort of like a mystical,
magnetic, uh,
uh, uh, whatever.
Ooh, I have been
awaiting this moment
since I was so big.
Yeah, like 2 minutes ago.
All: No! Don't do it!
Too big! Too big!
Can't fly
Or breathe!
Guess you'll have to hoof it.
Just be careful not
to step on anybody.
Here, take my GPS.
It's programmed to track Dojo.
That's why we had
that chip installed.
Xiaolin Showdown!
Gong Yi Tampai!
Seismic kick
Come on, Clay! Hold on!
Kimiko: You can beat him!
Reversing Mirror!
Omi: What has happened?
I got my hat handed
to me, that's what.
The cyclops is
still unstoppable,
and now because of me
we have lost 2 Shen Gong Wu.
Don't be so down
on yourself, Omi.
I'm the one who
blew the showdown.
Yes, but only because I was not
there to fight your battle.
It is I to blame for your
most humiliating defeat.
Excuse me while I
crawl under a rock.
Since you clearly cannot
get along without me,
I will return to regular size.
Changing Chopsticks!
Huh. I do not remember my fellow
warriors being quite so big.
Yeah. Maybe you ought to give
that bronco another ride.
Changing Chopsticks!
Changing Chopsticks!
Changing Chopsticks!
Maybe you should stop
while there's something left.
Raimundo: You know, you
used the Reversing Mirror
and the Changing Chopsticks
to get into this.
I'll bet you need 'em
both to get out.
I'm afraid 'cause of me
we're shy one Reversing Mirror.
I have much thinking to do.
Can you carry me to the temple?
If I walk, I fear it
will take many months.
Most certainly a walk
in the fresh night air
will empty my head of thoughts.
I have traveled
this path before,
but none of it looks familiar.
Perhaps my head is
emptied enough.
Waah! Uhh!
I warn you, large mantis,
you will be shown no mercy.
Leopard strike!
Hah, hunh, hah, hah!
This does not appear
to be my day.
Unh! IAmGlued!
Omi, what you doin'
out here all alone?
Taking a most restful
walk in the garden?
We thought maybe this
would make you feel safe
until you're back to normal.
Safe! Just because I am small
does not mean I am
no longer brave.
Aah! Look out!
It's an enormous beast!
Oh, that's just a worm.
I meant to clean the
birdhouse out first.
We just don't want
you to get eaten up
by a stray cat or something.
It's only temporary.
Perhaps not.
To normal within a day,
I will forever remain small.
All we gotta do is sneak inside,
find the Reversing Mirror,
and take on a creature
1,000 times our size.
In other words,
same old, same old.
Jack: This is a sad day indeed.
An evil genius on the
verge of world domination
lowered to this.
la la la la
ah, ah, ah. You missed a spot.
Har har har!
Hey, no splashing!
Why do I have to be
the one to bathe him?
Because I have no hands
and there's no time to find
someone who's competent.
Wuya: And don't forget
to clip his toenails.
Maybe I should wear
protective glasses.
Something's wrong. Check it out!
At least we've got the
element of surprise.
Rrah uh-oh.
Looks like trouble.
When it rains--ohh--
it pours.
The cyclops looks hungry.
What do you think he eats?
Clay: My guess?
All: Aah! Unh!
Come on, guys, we can take him!
Sword of the Storm!
Tangle Web Comb!
Fist of Tebigong!
Looks like you met
your match, big guy.
You might as well give up.
None of you are a
match for cyclops.
I got to admit. I was a
doubter at first, too.
We'll never give up,
not until we get that
Reversing Mirror.
Of course.
We all want to help your little friend Omi.
Heh heh heh.
So you'll help us?
Ha ha ha! Heh heh heh!
I guess we'll take that as a no.
But we might be willing
to make a trade.
What kind of trade?
The Reversing Mirror for
all your Shen Gong Wu.
Ah, brilliant, Jack!
I do have my moments.
We can't agree to that!
That's my final offer.
Either that or Omi will
remain tiny forever.
Ha ha ha! Heh heh heh!
Har har har!
Unh! Hah! Hunh!
Sorry about the ants.
I knew I left my
chocolate bar somewhere.
No. I must thank you.
Battling ferocious ants is
most valuable preparation
for return to normal
fighting size.
Yeah. About that?
We weren't able to get
the Reversing Mirror from Jack.
No! I will not allow it!
No matter what you say,
you cannot trade the shen
gong wu for my mistake!
Well, that's kind
of what we did say.
You did?
Uh, yes. I would've
done exactly the same.
I just did not think you would.
Hey, everybody,
according to these oddly
shaped welts on my tail,
we've got a Shen Gong Wu
just ripe for the picking.
We will leave at once.
The cyclops will be there,
and so will be the
Reversing Mirror.
It's too dangerous, Omi.
I live for danger!
I have tiger instincts!
I am still a fierce warrior!
Ha ha ha! It's adorable
how someone so small
can still think they're fierce.
Maybe "adorable"
is the wrong word.
You ok down there, pardner?
Oh, yes. Dojo's earwax
is most convenient.
I do wish it had a better view.
Ah! That is much better.
Better hope I don't sneeze.
No. You have very clean sinuses.
I thank you.
Ohh! When we get home,
Jack will give you a
nice foot massage.
Not if I get that
Shen Gong Wu first.
Wings of Tinabi!
All: Whoa!
Whoa! Take off those wings!
How do you control
these things?!
Can't stop!
Ah. Har har har!
No! He must not get
the Shen Gong Wu!
Unh! Huh?
I challenge you to a
Xiaolin Showdown.
My Orb of tonami
against your Reversing Mirror.
Cyclops accepts.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
I call for a shen yi bu dare.
I also want to add
The Wings of Tinabi
for the Jet bootsu.
You fool! Very well.
Cyclops accepts again.
The game is a race across
the valley of death.
Let us go Xiaolin Showdown!
Maybe we should change the
name of this showdown
to Xiaolin annihilation.
Yeah. It's like a
tiny little termite
going up against a grizzly bear.
Ahem. You know, I am
standing right here.
Wings of Tinabi!
Come on, Omi. I
know you can do it.
Ha ha--ohh!
Kimiko: Ha! The big oaf.
Can't see a thing.
Huh? Aah!
I can't watch.
Me, either.
Yeah. I'm done, too.
Orb of tonami!
Whoa! Who-oa!
Aah! Unh!
All, overlapping: Yay!
All right! Yeah!
You showed 'em!
Well done, pardner!
You did it, you fool!
Losing the Wings of Tinabi
cost us 3 Shen Gong Wu!
Oh, right, like your
trusting that one-eyed freak
had nothing to do with it.
When we get back,
how about a nice sponge bath?
Here we go.
Changing Chopsticks!
Reversing Mirror!
It's good to be regular again.
Yet why do I still
feel so small?
Just stay the way you are, Omi.
You're perfect.
I know.
I just cannot help myself.
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