Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e07 Episode Script

Enter the Dragon

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
Kimiko: What's with Dojo?
I am afraid it is
Dojo's ailment.
It is about to
make itself known.
Why's everyone staring at me
like I'm some kind of freak?
I am not a freak!
Easy there, feller.
Nobody said anything.
Out loud.
It happens once every
1,500 years or so.
A craving for shen gong
wu so overpowering
he'll be forced to devour anything
in his path to get to them.
If not stopped
The world will cease to
exist as we know it!
He will have to be locked
in the box for 24 hours.
Has Dojo ever gotten
out of his box?
It has only happened once.
It was the last time
anyone saw Atlantis.
Raimundo: It's happening!
It's happening!
Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Heh heh. False alarm.
But I am sensing a
new Shen Gong Wu.
Or am I?
Uh, it's just a wu.
Ready to board.
Please keep your hands inside
the dragon at all time.
I am sorry, Dojo,
but I am afraid
it is too risky in your
current condition.
But I have to go! I always go!
If you like, you could draw up a
map for the others to follow.
Ok, ok. If you want a
map, I'll draw you a map.
Since Dojo will beIndisposed,
you will take the
silver manta ray.
All: Whoa!
Raimundo: Silver manta ray!
Whoa! Cool!
Fantastic! I'm gonna
do to the driving!
However, one of you will have
to remain behind to watch Dojo.
Master Fung is wise as always.
Raimundo, you will
remain behind.
No, Omi, you will be
the one who stays.
Why should I remain
behind and Raimundo go?
It took him the longest
to become an apprentice
and no one thought
he would make it!
Oh. I mean, except for me.
Master Fung: Remember,
the smaller assignments
are often the more
difficult ones.
If I say so myself,
this time I deserve
a pat on the back.
Unfortunately for you, you
don't have any hands.
Wuya: When you're done playing
with your little toys, Jack,
you should know a new shen gong
wu has just revealed itself.
And the timing
couldn't be better.
Dojo will be locked up
for the next 24 hours.
It'll give us the chance to get
to the Shen Gong Wu first!
Even you can't screw this up!
It appears I have
spoken too soon.
Ohh. Heh.
Dojo: Orthopedic sandals, check.
Foot ointment, check.
Entertainment center, check.
Are these bolt cutters?
Uh, yeah! How did
they get there?
Never saw them before!
Wouldn't bolt cutters
be most helpful in
aiding your escape?
Just making sure
you're on your toes.
You pass. Remember--
you can't believe a word I say.
Ok, then I cannot believe
what you have just said.
Yeah! And you should know,
I'll try every trick in
the book to get out!
I may even speak gibberish.
I am prepared to cover
my ears if necessary.
Dojo: Excellent!
Now, do me a favor, will you?
Open the door so I can
get those egg rolls?
No! You're not supposed to let me out!
That was a test!
Oh, I am most ashamed.
Remember, I can be very clever.
Now, really, let me out.
I need the egg rolls.
No! I sense another trick!
Once again you have proven
yourself most clever!
Ok, ok, enough already.
The test is over. I'm starving!
This is it, Dojo!
I can no longer hear
your trickeries!
la la la, I cannot hear Dojo
hey, I'm serious!
Look, nothing but
scale and bone!
I'm wasting away here!
Let's bag this wu!
Kimiko: It's the
tunnel armadillo!
Looks like you came a long way
for nothing, Xiaolin losers!
Use the Shen Gong Wu!
Good idea. Thanks!
Glove of gisaku!
All: Huh? Aah!
Brilliant, Jack! For once
you did something right.
You know, an evil genius could
take that the wrong way.
Omi, it is Master Fung. Dojo
is holding me prisoner.
No! I do not believe you!
Please let me out.
I'm lost.
No! No, I cannot!
Omi, this is your
mother speaking!
You open the door this instant!
Omi: Dojo, you are merely
wasting your efforts!
Besides, I am an orphan.
Omi, it's Omi!
You've got to let me out!
Ohh, this is now getting
most ridiculous!
Ok, so I got carried away!
But, honestly, I'm famished.
Please, the egg roll!
Just slip it through the bars!
Very well, but--Dojo?
This is not possible!
Where did you go?
Psst. Up here.
Now, give me those egg rolls!
Hate to eat and run, but
we're sensing a new wu.
But don't worry
We'll be back for
some stir-fried Omi.
Ha ha ha ha!
My fellow warriors, I would
be most appreciative
if you'd be so kind
as to open this door!
Omi? How in tarnation
did you get yourself in there?
Wait! What if it's Dojo
morphed into the form of Omi?
Oh, no, it is not Dojo
doing me, it is me!
Hey, that's pretty good, Dojo.
I am not Dojo!
Where's the real Omi?
He must have abandoned his post.
Pssh. Figures.
I did not abandon my post!
I am at my post!
Actually, I am inside my post!
But that Dojo pulled his
sweater over my eyes!
Ok, that's got to be Omi.
Clay: Looks like
we're all feeling
lower than a snake's
belly today.
We lost 4 Shen Gong Wu.
Who let Dojo out?
Oh, I am so ashamed.
It appears Dojo is one
very crafty dragon.
Oh, this is not good.
How bad is it really?
It has already begun.
A thousand years of darkness.
Why a thousand?
It is really 962 years,
but a thousand
sounds more ominous.
Wuya: Aaah!
Dojo's out! It's the
end of the world!
Jack: The ju ju flytrap is mine!
And take it easy with the
ear-splitting screams!
We must hide while we can!
Boundaries, please!
You know I don't like that!
It's only a matter of time!
We must prepare for Dojo!
So what are you so afraid of?
You don't even have a body.
You've got something
that belongs to me!
Yeah? Well, just try and get it!
I was hoping you'd say that.
Ha ha ha ha!
Yes! Jack Spicer, ruler
of the universe!
Enough warm up. Go ahead
Give it your best shot.
That was my best shot.
Changing Chopsticks!
Ok, ok, how about a deal?
Wuya: You fool! How could
you let this happen?!
Maybe we should just take
the Shen Gong Wu and leave.
It will not matter where
or how far we travel.
Dojo will find us.
As always, master
fung is most wise.
An honorable warrior
would stay and--
He does know how to
make an entrance.
I got me a powerful craving
for some Shen Gong Wu.
One stomach and two
mouths to feed.
Fist of Tebigong!
Kimiko: Eye of Dashi!
Aah! Aah!
Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa! Unh!
Clay! Clay: I'm ok!
First time I've been on
the wrong end of a fork.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
I will distract the dojos,
making myself bait.
Sounds yummy! Yum yum yum!
Star of hanami!
Sword of the storm!
We did it!
Oh, boy, did we do it.
Raimundo: So that's
what it looks like.
Kimiko: There are some
things I don't need to see.
Remember, Omi
The future of the world
is in your hands.
You have eaten Master Fung!
Now you have gone too far!
Ooh, I'm so scared!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
That's a good one! Ha ha ha
now, where were we? Oh, yeah
Hit the spot.
I must find my friends
before they are digested.
And expelled!
How does such a wondrous place
have so many foul odors?
Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay!
You have not been eaten
alive by stomach acids.
Reckon we're lucky Dojo never
learned to chew his food.
Aah! There's no way out of here!
Except one, but I wouldn't
recommend it without a wet suit.
You are such a
whiner, Jack Spicer.
What do we do now that
we're all captured?
I have not been truly captured.
I have only allowed
myself to be captured
as part of my elaborate plan
to save the world from
1,000 years of darkness!
What plan?
I will just need a few
of the Shen Gong Wu
Dojo's already eaten--
the reversing mirror,
the Changing Chopsticks,
and the Shroud of Shadows.
I got the mirror!
I think Jack has the
Changing Chopsticks.
Jack: You know, I've never
admitted this before,
but I don't do well in
enclosed spaces! Aah!
Easy there, pardner.
Jack Spicer, if we are
ever to get out of here,
we must have the
Changing Chopsticks.
You want 'em, you got 'em.
I have got to get out of here.
No! Aah!
By the way, why can't you
just fly out of here?
Good idea!
No! You can't leave
me all alone!
Haven't you forgotten
something Omi?
Like how you're gonna
get out of dodge?
Changing Chopsticks!
And now, if Kimiko could
summon her power of fire
to warm things up a little
Judallet flip! Fire!
Looks like Dojo's gonna
sweat the little guy out.
Mmm. The silk spinner.
Omi: Reversing mirror!
Changing Chopsticks!
Not so fast! I challenge
you to a Xiaolin Showdown!
We don't have anything to wager.
I'm sure you can
cough something up.
No, just a furball.
Or someone's cat.
I wager the Fist of Tebigong
for the Changing Chopsticks.
The contest will be who
can capture who first.
Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!
All: Huh?! Aah!
Gong yi tampai!
That phrase always
did make me hungry.
Changing Chopsticks!
Reversing mirror!
Reversing mirror!
Ha ha!
Yah! Yah! Yah!
With all these Shen Gong Wu,
I may have to go on a diet.
Nonsense. You never
looked better.
Ha ha ha ha!
Shroud of Shadows!
Ahh ahh
You have proven a most
worthy adversary.
Perhaps I may have the
chance to defeat you again.
Defeat us? Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Hey! What's going on?
Shroud of Shadows!
Changing Chopsticks!
Hey, nice move, Omi.
Never saw it comin'.
Thanks for stopping me.
I am most pleased you
have learned your lesson.
Now that that's over,
you can let me out.
Ok, ok. Can't blame a
dragon for trying.
You did well, young dragon,
in resolving your
most grievous error.
I will do my best not
to end the world
as we know it in the future.
I did all that?
Funny, I can't remember a thing.
You don't remember
eating Master Fung?
Nope. Nada. Just one big blur.
But I have to admit, though,
I've got one serious
case of indigestion.
Nice. And this shirt was a
present from my granny.
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