Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e12 Episode Script

The Evil Within

Xiaolin Showdown.
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Xiaolin Showdown.
Ah! There it is!
Lotus Twister!
Whoa! No!
This Mosaic Scale is mine!
Too bad!
whoo, whoo, uh, uh
you do the dance of happy
too soon, Jack Spicer!
Yah! Cha!
Jack-bots, attack!
Need a little help
there, pardner?
No. There is only 5 of them.
Hyah! Ha! Hyah! Hyah!
And it's a corner kick by Omi,
in for the goal!
Aah! My hair!
Ha ha ha!
Hey, no one said anything
about you going for a swim.
Water's fine. Want to join me?
No, Water's not my element.
Looks like you dropped this.
Is that why Jack got to the
Shen Gong Wu before you?
Then he outran you?
Oh, then, uh, he must
have outsmarted you
with one of his
underhanded trickeries.
Just drop it, ok, Omi?
Aw, it don't matter
much how it happened.
It's ours now.
Let's head 'em up
and move 'em out.
Yes. We should forget
the whole thing.
Anyone can make a mistake.
I don't make mistakes!
That was fast. How'd it go?
Be quiet!
What?! What did I say?
The young Omi is an
impressive warrior.
It's a pity he's
wasting his talents
fighting against the
forces of evil.
What are you doing?
Do you have to sneak
up on me all the time?
Would you prefer I did this?
Whatever you do, please!
Don't do that.
You're here looking
for Chase Young.
Could it be that one certain
disembodied floating head
is getting jealous?
Don't be ridiculous! Ah ha ha!
What's so special about
Chase Young anyway?
He's only the world's most
skilled master of t'ai chi.
You know, that's how you
get to be the best?
Hanging with the best.
Heh heh heh heh!
What is your purpose?
Uh, hi, Chase. It's Jack.
I thought you might
want to, you know,
hang out?
Chase: I do not "hang out."
Be gone.
Nice, tigers.
Anyway, I was just, you know,
wondering if you'd
given any thought
to us working together
as evil cohorts?
For me to even consider your
disturbing proposition,
you must first bring
me something of value.
If you want to be Chase's
pathetic little lackey,
fine! I will have no part in it.
Now, what do you get and evil
super-genius who has everything?
Hmm! Nobody's ever
going to accuse me
of making a mistake
like that again.
Raimundo: Kimiko,
you down there?
Aah! I am so busted.
Master Fung will have me scrubbing
tiles with a toothbrush
till I'm 90 for this!
Hey, Kimiko.
You want to join us in a
game of Texas hold 'em?
Sure. Be right there.
If you are still
in a stinky mood,
I can teach you some
meditation techniques
to control your--
No problem. I'm all over it.
I'll join you in just a second!
Clay won't mind if I stash this
in his room for a while.
good to be free again.
And this time, nobody'll
be able to stop me.
Kimiko: Can't catch me!
Heh heh heh ha ha ha!
Hey, Clay, what gives?
Oh, I believe, you!
Heh heh heh ha ha ha!
Raimundo! Are you all riiight
Heh heh heh ha ha ha ha!
It appears that someone
sawed the limb.
Yeah, same with this one.
Clay: Unh!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Gotta go, but let's do
it again sometime, hmm?
Hmm hmm hmm ha ha ha ha ha!
Anyone notice Clay's
acting a little strange?
Mwah ha ha ha!
Uh, I'm not here to
raid your Shen Gong Wu.
Who's stoppin' you?
Well, Jack, if you help me
find the Monarch Wings,
I'll make it worth your while.
Are you asking if we can
form an evil alliance?
Put it there, Baby.
Oh! Ha ha ha ha!
Clay, what are you doing
with Jack Spicer?
Clay and I have formed an
evil super-genius alliance.
Clay, I order you to put
down those Shen Gong Wu.
I do not wish to hurt you!
Huh? Uh-oh!
Ah ha ha ha! Yah!
Clay, what's gotten into you?
Heh heh heh!
Come on, Clay! It's
us, your pals!
Ow! Stop that! Ow!
Ah ha ha ha ha!
Clay, you have turned
into such a freak!
I love it! Ha ha ha ha!
Dojo: Another raid?
You know, maybe we should
look into getting insurance
on these things.
Most disturbing.
They have taken
the Mosaic Scale.
It is a most unpredictable
Shen Gong Wu,
used to create mischief.
Kimiko: They didn't take it.
I did.
Chase: What do you
want now, you insect?
I brought you something
I think you'll like.
Very well.
Aah! That's ok.
I don't mind walking.
Chase, you know, your
crib really rocks!
Silence, worm!
Or would you like to become a
chew toy for one of my cats?
No, no, wait! Check it out.
I brought you these
Shen Gong Wu.
I have no need for
your trinkets.
OkYou're a hard
guy to please.
How about a Xiaolin warrior?
This guy will do anything evil.
I taught him every
evil thing he knows.
See what I mean?
Nice undies. Ha ha ha ha!
You half-wit!
This monk is clearly possessed.
Right. And that's
One can only be truly evil
when one chooses its path.
Clay has not.
I see we are still up to
our old tricks, sabeeny.
What's it been, a
thousand years?
A thousand and one,
but who's countin'?
Heh heh heh heh
Leave at once.
I have no interest
in your idiocy.
You're more annoying
than you are evil.
What's a sabeeny--aah!
It was nice seeing
you again, Chase.
Hey! Don't be a stranger!
Master Fung: For centuries, a
mischievous spirit, sabeeny,
was trapped inside
the Mosaic Scale.
When the scale was broken,
that spirit was freed and
took over Clay's body.
Oh, it's all my fault.
I broke the scale and
hid it in Clay's room.
I never knew it would
turn him evil.
Making a mistake is not a
sign of weakness, Kimiko.
It is not being able to admit it
that is the true mistake.
What does this sabeeny want?
The Monarch Wings.
It is the sister Shen Gong Wu
of unimaginable strength.
It will reveal itself within
a short time of the other.
When the two join,
their powers will
become far greater
than the 2 individually.
If sabeeny gets the
Monarch Wings,
he will no longer need a host.
He will become invincible.
Then we must stop him at once!
Be cautious.
The longer the sabeeny's
spirit inhabits Clay,
the stronger he becomes.
We've got to find Clay
and stop sabeeny.
Rai, you go north.
Omi, you go south.
Dojo and I will
take east to west.
Golden Tiger Claws!
Clay! Clay!
Chase Young! If you are
looking for trouble,
you have found it.
You have nothing to fear.
There's nothing at stake
At the moment.
What are you doing here?
There's only a short time
before the Monarch Wings
are to be revealed.
It will be your challenge
to stop sabeeny.
You know about sabeeny?
Fight him until he
can't fight anymore.
Uh! Uh!
That is the only way
to release the spirit.
You skills are most impressive.
It is unfortunate you
are on the wrong side.
I was just thinking
the same about you.
However, just because
we're on opposite sides
doesn't mean I cannot teach you.
Ha ha heh uh, heh heh heh.
It is not the strongest
opponent who wins,
but the strongest will.
Monkey strike!
Repulse the monkey!
When fighting an opponent
with superior strength,
you must use his
strength against him.
Why are you teaching
me your tricks?
Teaching is the only
true path to learning.
Kimiko: Omi!
Raimundo: There he is!
We'll be right
down, little dude!
Hey, Omi, everything cool?
Yes, I believe everything
is the correct temperature.
Come on, kid. We
gotta burn rubber.
The Monarch Wings has
revealed itself.
Prepare for a
humiliating defeat!
You? I eat bigger things
than you for breakfast.
Ha ha ha ha!
Talk all you want,
but you are going up.
I think he means down.
Sorry, Clay, but this
is for your own good.
Judo flip! Fire!
Typhoon boom! Wind!
Unh! Hah!
Unh! Ohh
Tornado strike! Water!
Reversing Mirror! Ha!
Aah! Whoa!
Ha ha ha ha!
It looks like super
evil genius Jack Spicer
has finally found the
perfect partner.
Tangle Web Comb!
Hey! Why'd you do that?
What makes you think
I need a partner
I've got what I came for.
We have to keep fighting.
We cannot let sabeeny win!
Whoa! Unh! Unh! Unh!
How can we stop the unstoppable?
It is not the strongest
opponent who wins,
but the strongest will.
Repulse the monkey!
Nice move, Omi!
Whoa! Unh!
Ha ha! I have successfully
exhausted Clay, sabeeny.
Now you must come out!
Omi! Watch out!
No need to worry.
I never fight an
earwig without them.
I can't believe
something that small
could put up such a big fight.
What? I am not that small!
I think he was talking
about sabeeny.
Oh, yes.
He is very small.
Kimiko: Omi, you were amazing.
Where did you learn
repulse the monkey?
Just something I picked up.
Sabeeny is going after
the Monarch Wings!
The Monarch Wings are mine!
Sabeeny, I challenge you
to a Xiaolin Showdown!
I wager the Eye of Dashi
against the Tangle Web Comb.
Does that mean he accepts?
I think so.
The contest is
first to grab the Monarch Wings
and make it outside the
ring of geysers wins.
Let's go!
Xiaolin Showdown!
Xiaolin Showdown!
Gong yi tan pai!
Gong yi tan pai!
Raimundo: You can do it, Kimiko!
Omi: Keep your focus, Kimiko!
Do not think of the
dishonor you're committing!
Unh! Aah! Uh!
Aah! Aah! WhooAah!
Tangle Web Comb!
Aah! Unh!
Eye of Dashi!
Raimundo: Whoo! Yeah!
Nice move!
Yeah! Way to go!
No! It cannot be!
Kimiko, do something!
Master Fung: If sabeeny
gets the Monarch Wings,
he will no longer need a host.
He will become invincible.
Ahh! Ahh!
Just because I made a mistake
doesn't mean I can't fix it!
Eye of Dashi!
Dude, that is so cool.
She is trapping sabeeny
inside the Shen Gong Wu!
Go, Kimiko!
Raimundo: Whoo-hoo!
Way to go, Kimiko!
Kimiko, you have
redeemed yourself.
I am most proud.
Sabeeny won't be getting
out of here again.
Clay, how you feeling?
More tired than a
5-legged bronco
after a buckin' contest.
Well, the big fella's back.
You did well, Omi.
Thank you so much for
your assistance.
Are you giving up evil for good?
Things aren't
always that simple.
Then why did you want
to get rid of sabeeny?
Let's just say I did one
small thing for you.
One day, maybe you can
return the favor.
Hey, kid, time to go.
You ok?
I am most uncertain
But I hope so.
So what do you remember?
Not much.
We were playin' cards,
I went to bed, and
Now I'm here.
Well, that about covers it.
Master Fung: Kimiko?
Ok, so I accidentally
broke a Shen Gong Wu
and didn't tell anyone and
hid it under your bed
and then this gross, evil
earwig named sabeeny
crawled into your ear
and you were possessed by
an evil, annoying spirit.
But then we fought it
and had you beat up
and chased it out of your head
and trapped it forever
back where it came.
Whew! That's all.
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