Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e13 Episode Script

The Deep Freeze

Xiaolin Showdown.
Xiaolin Showdown.
Whoo! Dude, can you believe
the man broke down and
gave us a day off?
No. It is so very much
unlike Master Fung,
especially when we
have so much to learn.
Easy there, pardner.
You gotta learn to chill.
Uh, kick back.
I'll get the Barbie going!
Eye of Dashi!
Fist of Tebigong!
Orb of Tornami!
Surf's up, Omi! Ha ha ha ha!
Aah! Yee-haw!
Who wants to catch a few waves?
Sword of the Storm!
Aah! Aah!
Hey, dudes, look!
I'm hanging ten!
Aah! Aah!
Hey, gang, got a
live one incoming.
It's the Shen Gong Wu
called the Lunar Locket.
Whoever possesses it
can control the
phases of the moon.
There's no time to lose.
Say, is that a double
garlic bratwurst
I smell grilling?
No reason to go after
a Shen Gong Wu
on an empty stomach.
There is too much
at stake, Dojo.
I'm afraid this cannot wait.
Tell that to my stomach.
He so hates to be teased.
Why are you stopping?
Get the Lunar Locket!
First a test of my greatest
evil creation ever.
Bring me that Shen Gong Wu.
Anything you say, buddy.
I like you. And you know why?
Because I just do.
Isn't life great?
What's so special
about pretty boy?
He's not a boy.
I used the heart of
jong to turn him human,
into a fearless, evil
Wu-hunter, like me.
Another useless
human I don't need.
Kimiko: There it is.
The Lunar Locket.
That bot's gonna
get there first!
Not if I can help it.
Seismic kick!
Just because we're
mortal enemies,
does it mean we
can't be friends?
Typhoon boom! Wind!
What do you say afterwards
we throw around the old pigskin?
Sorry, I don't play
ball with machines.
Something I said?
Judallet flip!
Can't stand the heat?
Then get off the
mountain, tin man.
Perhaps we could add each
other to our buddy lists.
Tornado strike! Ice!
Why do we have to
fight all the time?
Life is too short.
We could have been
like brothers.
Get that Shen Gong Wu
before we lose it.
Nobody wants to be my friend.
I never had a real friend.
Let's go, dude-bot.
We got what we came for.
I don't like feeling human.
No! No!
Go down there
and get me the Heart of Jong.
But it's dark.
And it'sDark.
We must find another way inside.
Ha ha ha ha!
I'm alive!
Jack: Ha ha ha!
I'm the ruler of the moon!
Watch! Look at it dance.
This is so cool!
Stop playing with
the moon, Jack.
It isn't a toy.
Jack-bots, stop the intruder!
Whoa! Who's the ice guy?
He's wrecking my lair.
Ha ha ha ha!
Yes, quite aggressive.
My kind of monster.
Omi: Sometimes we
must lose to win.
Aw, don't go all master
fung on us, Omi.
Last thing we need right now
is another lesson.
It appears to me that you do.
You must leave the
land of despair
and follow the road
that will lead you
to the lost Shen Gong Wu.
At least that one
was kind of short.
Master Fung is right.
We must strike when Spicer
is most vulnerable.
That would be anytime.
Something weird happened here.
Easy there, monkey boy.
What's goin' on here?
Hi, guys.
Man, am I ever glad to see you.
Did we just walk into some
kind of parallel universe?
I don't want to fight you guys.
I just used the Monkey Staff
to escape the evil snowman.
Oh, I like snowmen!
Does he have a
carrot for a nose?
No. But he does have
the Heart of Jong.
He destroyed all my robots,
and then he left with Wuya.
We must track down this
most evil of snowmen.
Please, take me with you.
I'm all alone.
I have no robots.
I'm weak and helpless.
We are Xiaolin warriors.
We must protect the weak,
even if it is Jack Spicer.
That means yes, doesn't it?
I am feeling most uncomfortable.
Please be only touching me if
you're kicking or chopping.
Wait here till we figure out
where you're gonna bunk.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
Give raksha Shen Gong Wu!
We got some serious
ice to crush.
Kimiko: Don't let him
get near the vault.
Please! Not the face or hair!
All: Uhh!
Typhoon boom! Wind!
Judallet flip! Fire!
Well, I'll be hogtied.
Leopard attack!
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
You have been, as they say, disarmed.
Ha ha!
Raksha, get the Shen Gong Wu.
Prepare yourself for defeat.
You shall not
All: Uhh!
Sword of the Storm!
Star Hanabi!
Fire! Huh?
Snowman! No!
Fist of Tebigong.
So many Shen Gong Wu.
So little time.
Is it luck or sheer brilliance?
Give raksha Shen Gong Wu!
Oh, this? No. It--it's
not Shen Gong Wu.
It's--it's, uh
My laundry?
Help me!
You made your bed, Spicer.
Now you have to eat it.
I was only luring this walking
ice sculpture into a trap.
In our vault?
You can thank me later.
How do we stop that guy
when he changes from
ice to Water so fast?
It is most impressive.
I, too, wish to learn
how to shape-shift.
Omi: Guess not today.
Prepare to battle!
Tunnel armadillo!
Jack Spicer!
He has our Shen Gong Wu!
Ha! Jack Spicer, boy
genius, fools them all!
Give raksha Shen Gong Wu.
Tell you what. How about
we join forces, huh?
I have the Wu. You have the
whole shape-shifting thing.
Aah! Aah! Aah!
We don't need you anymore, Jack.
Lunar Locket.
ha ha ha ha ha ha!
ha ha ha ha ha ha!
All that upper-body strength
and a killer evil laugh.
Look. My Shen Gong Wu blisters
have frozen into
little hard peas.
Look. Look at me. Look.
Sorry, but that is too
much information.
Raimundo: Jack Spicer.
Maybe we can warm up by having a good
old-fashioned butt-kicking contest.
Hey, guys, I know
what you're thinking.
You couldn't possibly,
or you'd be screaming that
little girlie scream of yours.
I've been bad!
Now that's over.
Please let me stay with you!
Oh, so you can rip
off more of our Wu?
No. I wanna help you get
back your WuAnd my Wu.
That evil snowball
cleaned me out.
Raimundo: How do we stop
a guy we can't find?
Sometimes the way
to find your enemy
is to let him find you first.
I get it.
Maybe we should warm
things up a little.
Orb of Tornami!
Star Hanabi! Fire!
Sword of the Storm!
Young monks, we must
prepare for evil forces
that have grown so very close.
We're not talking about you.
There is evil far, far greater.
Not true!
Ah. Beautiful cold.
Yeah, yeah. We all like it cold,
but we should be out
gathering Shen Gong Wu
so we can rule the world!
Ice. Snow. Darkness.
Raksha already rule the world.
Of course you do, but--
who dares bring heat
into raksha's world?
Wuya: We should explore
And grab some Shen Gong
Wu while we're at it.
Care for a little Fire, snowman?
Star Hanabi! Fire!
Seismic kick!
Sword of the Storm!
Whoa! Uhh!
Well, looks like the
iceman's been iced.
Both: Whoa!
Orb of Tornami!
You are supposed to
melt smaller, not bigger.
Yaah! Forget about them!
Get the Wu.
Shroud of Shadows!
Please don't hit me!
I'm neutral.
Omi: Honorable snowman,
I challenge you to a
Xiaolin Showdown.
My Orb of Tornami for
your Lunar Locket.
Snowman accept.
And I call for a
Shen yi bu dare.
My Golden Tiger Claws
for your Heart of Jong.
Ok. Snowman accepts.
The game is ice hockey.
First puck in wins.
Both: Let's go!
Xiaolin Showdown!
Both: Gong yi tan pai!
Puuhhh! Uhh!
Ha ha ha ha!
Orb of Tornami!
You fool. You can't win.
Your element is
raksha's element.
Lunar Locket!
Tsunami strike! Water!
Way to go! You iced the big guy!
Lunar Locket!
All: Ahh.
As long as we have so much snow,
anyone up to making a snowman?
Young monks, now that evil
has grown very strong,
we must prepare as we
have never done before.
I have brought each of you armor
for your further protection.
I can see myself already.
I am most impressed.
Awesome colors.
Killer style. Nice duds.
From here on, you will
wear the special suits
when fighting a
Xiaolin Showdown.
I've got to get me an
evil suit of armor.
They say it's the clothes
that make the evildoer.
Well, what do you say, Jack?
Ha ha! Partners?
Don't I at least deserve
an insincere apology?
Never! You need me as
much as I need you!
I need you like I need
more snow down my pants.
Apology accepted.
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