Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e14 Episode Script

The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back

Xiaolin Showdown.
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Xiaolin Showdown.
Dojo, what's the matter.
Either I got a hold
of some bad Sushi,
or something's happening
with the Shen Gong Wu.
Raimundo: That's pretty
weird, even for Wu.
Hold on, partner.
I got ya!
And I got you, big guy!
Clay: Anybody else
feel a breeze?
Ohh! Ohh!
Ooh, bad idea.
Very, very bad!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Oof! Oof! Oof!
Dojo, dude, how come
you didn't just fly?
Good idea just a little late!
Better look out for
my mad hook shot.
I've seen you shoot.
You're as lame as me.
Huh? Mmm.
Ha ha ha ha! Heh heh heh!
Ha ha!
I didn't touch him!
Did, too! Did not!
Wuya: Stop!
The ring of 9 dragons
is for creating evil,
not for copying yourself
for your own amusement,
or picking your teeth.
Besides, one of you is
about all I can stand.
Hey, what's up with the Wu?
It appears the time
we've long awaited
has finally arrived.
Ah ha ha ha!
The planets have
aligned themselves
as they do once every
thousand years.
"Once every thousand years."
That could only mean bad news.
The Shen Gong Wu will
act on their own.
They will travel the Earth
until they find each other.
Once they have,
they will form Mala Mala Jong.
Raimundo: I knew it-- bad news.
Ha! I am not afraid.
I defeated mala
mala jong before.
This time, Mala Mala Jong
will be far more powerful.
It will be made of
many more Shen Gong Wu
and will not rest until
it has found them all
and realized its destiny
to become the fearsome four.
Mala mala must not
be allowed to form.
You must work together by
learning to wisely use
your individual elements.
I promise you, we will
defeat this evil together,
even if I have to do
it all by myself.
Clay: This place is creepier
than auntie may givin'
herself a sponge bath.
Kimiko: Ew!
I say we spread out.
We will cover more dirt.
Eh! Ugh!
First to find anything
will call out for the others.
Dojo, what do you think?
I don't know.
I'm still thinkin' about
auntie may's sponge bath.
The Shen Gong Wu!
Not so fast, baldy.
First you'll have to
get by Jack Spicer,
evil boy genius.
Ohh! This is most ridiculous.
I don't need help to
defeat Jack Spicer.
Jack Spicer!
I order to to decease
and desist at once!
The ring of 9 dragons!
You have only weakened yourself
by dividing into so many Jacks,
and you had little upper
body strength to begin with.
Jacks, attack!
Hyah! Ha!
Aah! Aah!
Oh! Oh! Aah!
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Oof! Oof!
I was just getting heated up.
Aah! Unh!
Ah! Excellent work, Jack!
Your act of stupidity gave
Mala Mala Jong time to form.
I've always been a team player.
Wuya: Step one is complete.
Now we must be patient
and wait to make our next move
when the time is right.
I say the time is now!
Mala mala, how would you
like to join me on my quest
of world domination?
I may even throw
in team jackets!
Ohh. Ohh.
Some days, it's hardly
worth being evil.
Omi, what happened?
I am afraid, uh
Mala Mala Jong has come to life.
I can't believe we
got here too late.
Oh, man, I feel more embarrassed
than a mule at the
Kentucky derby.
According to the scroll,
the rise of Mala Mala Jong
will allow a new Shen
Gong Wu to be revealed.
It is called the
Emperor Scorpion.
Whoever possesses it
will have control
over all Shen Gong Wu.
If we can find it,
we can use it to break
Mala Mala Jong apart
before it turns into
the fearsome four.
Excellent. Great ending
and not too long.
Dragged a little in
the middle though.
Don't get too excited, Raimundo.
Here comes the bad part.
If the Emperor Scorpion
falls into the wrong hands,
the fearsome four
will be unstoppable.
This will be our only chance
to save the world from
certain destruction.
Why does there always
have to be a bad part?
How are we ever gonna
find Mala Mala Jong now?
Relax! Everything is
going as planned.
Wipe your nose.
Hey, I'm the evil boy genius.
How come I'm the last to
know what's going on?
I prefer to keep things
on a need-to-know basis.
But I don't know anything.
Yes. It's the one
thing you do well.
The ring of 9 dragons.
Mala mala, I've
been expecting you.
I see you've reconsidered
my generous offer.
First, we have to work
on your evil laugh.
Try this.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ok, maybe that was
a little advanced.
How about we start
with an evil sneer?
Ha ha ha ha!
Well, you definitely
have the evil roar down.
What's he want?
He's looking for a
certain Shen Gong Wu.
But he's got most of them,
except for the
ring of 9 dragons,
which I have in my pocket.
Aah! What'd I say?
Unh! Ah!
Hey, hey! Boundaries!
Ah haAah!
Yes! Step two is now complete.
What's goin' on?
The Emperor Scorpion
Shen Gong Wu
has just revealed itself.
Once we possess it,
we will be able to control
the fearsome four.
The who?
Then together, we
will rule the world!
Ok, I got that part.
Let's do it.
Come on, kids. We've
got no time to lose.
So where is the
Emperor Scorpion?
center of the Earth!
Dress light.
It's always summer down there.
And bring ice.
Tunnel armadillo!
Ooh! If I were a Shen Gong Wu,
where would I hang my hat?
On a small mound
of hardened lava.
What makes you say that?
Oh, no! We're too late!
It's the fearsome four!
According to the ancient scroll,
the fearsome four's
appearance marks
the end of the world!
Hello, Xiaolin losers!
Ready to admit defeat?
Never! I will defeat you
and the fearsome four!
"I will defeat you and
the fearsome four."
Dude, get over yourself!
So, which one do
you want to take?
I will take them all!
Ha! Loki strike!
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
Ha! Ha! Hyah! Hyah! Ha! Ha!
I can't tell. Is he winning?
I'm guessing no.
I say it's time to kick
some mala mala butt!
Ohh! Oof!
I hate to interrupt your fun,
but guess who gets
to rule the world.
Yes! At last, the final step
towards world domination
is complete!
Emperor Scorpion!
Fearsome four, I
command you to
Laugh evilly.
All: Ha ha ha ha!
Now laugh evilly while
hopping on one leg.
Ha ha ha ha!
Enough gloating.
Let's get out of here.
Ok, ok, one sec.
Now, laugh evilly while
Tap dancing!
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Ah ha! Ha!
Now, for the grand exit laugh.
Ah ha ha ha ha!
Now that Spicer is in control
of the fearsome four,
there's no stopping him.
Kimiko: I can't believe
how badly we messed up.
Yeah. It's not every day
a fella's responsible
for the end of the world.
No! Stop!
It is my fault.
When mala mala first
came together,
I could have called
for your help,
but I, uh
Chose to do it alone.
I may have forgotten to
mention that before.
It doesn't mater now.
Whoa! We tried fighting the
fearsome four together and lost.
Yeah! We got our
butts handed to us.
Working together is more
than just fighting together.
It is knowing how to use each
other's strengths wisely.
Hey, could somebody
please translate?
Well, I reckon Master Fung
is speakin' of our elements.
In other words, we should
focus on what we do best.
Ah! If only snoozing
was an element.
Cheer up, kiddo.
You'll get another chance
to save the world.
And when that time comes,
I will show true
leadership by, uh
Not showing true leadership.
It is time to trigger
the doomsday scenario.
And which doomsday
scenario would that be?
The one where we unleash
the evil forces
of the fearsome four
and destroy the world!
Ah ha ha ha ha!
I believe you have something
that belongs to us!
And I believe you just ruined
my freshly painted wall.
Emperor Scorpion!
Fearsome four, do your thing!
Dragon "x" cool day formation!
Kimiko, I believe this
is your department.
Judo flip, Fire!
Rai, looks like this
bronco is all yours.
Typhoon fu, Wind!
What do you say we switch
partners, partner?
Tornado strike, Water!
Seismic kick, Earth!
This is what you call evil?
You look like bigger
losers than Jack!
You know what do do!
Golden Tiger Claws!
We challenge you to an
8-way Xiaolin Showdown!
We wager our Falcon's Eye
against your Orb of tournabi.
Rarr! Rarr! Rarr!
Sounds like a yes to me.
The game is the
ropes of darkness.
Last to fall wins.
Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!
All: Ha!
All: Gong yi tan pai!
What a rip-off!
I can't see anything!
And these are the good seats.
Aah! Oh!
The blood seems to be
quickly looking for my head.
Ohh! Aah!
Mala mala is very good at
guessing my whereabouts.
I'm afraid it's
more than guessing.
If they can't see ya,
they can't find ya.
Clay: Sorry.
Way to go, Clay!
One down, three to--
Falcon's Eye!
Clay, go left!
Now right! Now left again!
Clay, catch!
Falcon's Eye!
Omi, mala mala's to the left!
Is that my left or yours?
Ohh! Ooh!
Omi, grab the rope
in front of you!
Unh! Oh!
Rarr! Rarr!
Kimiko: Go right, Omi!
Clay: No, no! Your other left!
Poor little fella's
gonna last as long
as a dab of gravy on my
uncle Otis's lower lip.
I have an idea!
Judo flip, Fire!
Rarr! Rarr!
Tornado strike, Water!
Orb of tournabi!
You did it, Omi!
Great job, dude!
You are the best, buddy!
No, my friends.
We are the best.
Guess he doesn't have
such a big head after all.
Raimundo: So, you ready
to do the honors
and break up mala mala
jong for all of us?
Omi: Yes, but first, I
have a better idea.
Emperor Scorpion!
Mala Mala Jong, I understand
that Jack likes basketball.
Perhaps we should have a game.
Cool. So who gets first pick?
Jack: Ow! Ow! Unh!
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