You're The Worst (2014) s04e06 Episode Script

There's Always a Back Door

1 (BOONE MOANING) (BOTH MOANING) (GRETCHEN GASPS, MOANS) Don't let space junk punch holes in the wings (PANTING) Hey.
Uh, are you sure it's okay that we're here? Yeah.
We have the house to ourselves for hours.
Sure, but, uh, aren't you worried about someone coming? Yeah.
Oh, you were serious? - Well, okay then.
Did you? Oh, yeah.
I had the floor a few minutes ago.
Yeah, remember when I yelled "Boomtown"? - You're a weirdo.
So I was thinking Gretchen? Someone break into the house and take you hostage? Did you tell them I've watched John Wick and John Wick 2 so many times? (KEYS CLINKING) (GASPS) Jesus! You scared me.
Why are you in a towel? Nothing.
Just showering.
- Listen, I can explain.
- Shut up! Damn it, Boone, I swear to God, if it's one of my friends Just calm down.
Let me speak.
- She still here? - No.
I mean, who? (SIGHS) Whatever.
I don't even care.
Olivia! Come on! Hey! Oh! Hi, Daddy.
Girl Scouts got cancelled.
- Aw.
- Did you get my Bitmoji? I was going to send you one of poop, but Mom said that was beneath me.
She's insane.
Mom, come watch me play piano.
I just learned "City of Stars.
" Isn't that, like, four notes? (PIANO PLAYING) (PIANO MUSIC CONTINUES) (SIGHS) - Hi, Boone.
- Hey, Neil.
Nice Subaru.
- Thank you.
- Is it new? - Yeah.
- I didn't know you were a lesbian now.
They are gonna love your fat little tits.
See, this is exactly why my therapist told me not to talk to you.
Neil? Neil? Neil? Neil? Neil? Neil? Neil? Neil? - What?! - (MUTTERS) - (LAUGHS) Ow! - What, Boone? I didn't mean it.
No, don't you dare! Stop! Stop it! Mm (WHIMPERS) - Where are the locks on this thing?! - Whoa.
That's it.
- Damn it, let me go, you maniac! - Aah! - (SHOUTING) - You are a child! - Oh, get off of me! - My dick's on your leg.
Oh, my dick's on your leg.
- No! - My dick's on your leg! - WHITNEY: See you tomorrow, honey! - Oh.
Sorry about your leg.
I'm gonna leave you anyway I'm gonna leave you anyway Gonna leave you anyway.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, okay, get this.
So we pull out to reveal that the 7-Eleven - it's actually a 9/11.
- Which is why the Slurpee machines got hit by little airplanes.
MAX: Oh.
I like it.
7-Eleven, Building 7.
- Maybe there's something there? - EDGAR: Oh, hell yeah, - there's something there.
- You teach me every day.
I saw this video on YouTube Every day, you teach me.
Any calls? No.
Got to tell my buddy Brent - the good news about our sketch.
- Why? He's my main dude.
So much of a best friendship is supporting each other through disappointments, that you got to share the small, good things just to balance it out.
Sounds like me and Carlos.
- Oh.
- We ride our Ducatis down PCH every Sunday, and then we just chat for hours.
- Just talking? - Mm-hmm.
This sounds weird to me for some reason.
It's because, as men, we're conditioned to emotionally shut ourselves off from each other.
It's why half of all men die of loneliness.
These relationships sound beautiful.
- I want that.
- Me, too.
I thought your roommate was your main dude, the Australian.
Oh, Jimmy? Yeah.
But we don't have that kind of relationship at all.
If your needs aren't being met in the relationship, you need to take a stand, bro.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm so proud of you, Edgar.
It's no Ducati, but, uh, I have an old ATV that's street legal if you and Carlos ever want a third.
We do not.
Copy that.
Stupid-ass stoner.
So I'm tearing down the stairs just as his wife is walking up to the house.
(GASPS) I have no way out, but I remember there's a back door.
Mm, there's always a back door.
(GRETCHEN SIGHS) I thought banging a hubby was hot, but now that I almost came face-to-face with his wife, I don't know.
I feel slightly Ugh! What's the word? It's like bad, but involves other people.
- Carsick? Hard fart? Murder? - No.
The point is, you like taking that "D" on the reg, right, dawg? - No diggity.
- Then enjoy that shit.
If this hubster's cheating on a frumpus who masturbates with a children's vibrator, that's his problem.
You do you.
You know what? You're actually right.
I know.
Business has made me hella smart.
Pass the sweet salt.
Plus, I have to admit, it was pretty hot almost getting caught banging in their bed.
- (PHONE WHOOSHES) - So, what's up with you? Not much.
Now that you're taking old dick, I don't really have anyone to party with.
What about your work friends? They seem Yeah, they're cool.
Tara makes ugly metal art and Jeff is a Halloween person, but we're not really friends.
- How come? - I don't know, I just feel like when I'm at work, I need to keep shit locked down.
Sounds like Work Lindsay sucks.
So, what you're saying is I should just be myself, and they'll want to be my friends? (PHONE CHIMES, VIBRATES) Uh, okay! Sounds great! - Call you later.
- Have fun with that "D" for me.
Jimmy? (DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS) - Are you okay? - Edgar, last night I had a revelation.
Gretchen clearly brought that man home for my benefit.
I thought she brought him home to have sex with him.
That's what she wanted us to think.
I mean, they absolutely did have sex.
A lot.
The noises were highly disturbing.
And he's a screamer.
But then around 3:00 a.
, I realized it was a false flag.
They could have had sex anywhere, so why here? - Because she hates you? - That's what I thought.
But then, around 4:00 a.
, I realized, no, it is because she loves me.
So I am not leaving this house until I blow the lid off her ruse.
What about the book expo? It's your book release.
- Staying here is far more important.
- Well, it sounds like you have a lot going on and just need a friend to talk through it with.
Why don't we go get some steaks, have a nice Cab, and - we can hash it out? - I didn't start listening until "steaks and Cab," but yes, very smart.
Edgar, you're not as dumb as I think you are.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) - (COUGHING) En, en, en, engine off, windows up That's the way I like to puff Engine on, windows up So, I'm at Coachella, and Hozier kicks me out of his trailer, and I'm already sore, (CHUCKLES): and then there's Father John Misty, all cranked up and ready to go, so I'm like, all right, I guess we're doing this.
Now, can you handle that The way I drop it to the floor and then I bring it back I keep them boys I get from over, you agree with that? I'm so bad, I'm mean, you know what I mean? Or am I confusing? I been noticing lately how I don't think that you can handle that, can handle that Come on and make a move, or don'tcha know just what to do? I'm on fire Are you done? Item four.
You're pretty limber for an old guy.
And loud.
Can't you hang for a bit? Oh.
It's just I know we're both grown-ups, but I have some residual murder feelings.
Ugh! I feel like it starts with a "G.
" Gauche.
Gout? - Guilt? - That sounds wrong.
I have guilt on Olivia.
I don't feel like I'm using it right.
(SIGHS) She texted you yesterday.
That's why I bailed.
Sorry for snooping.
- I'm a stinker.
- It's my fault.
I've been trying to keep her out of this.
- Do you love her? - Of course I love her.
Then aren't you worried about having to face her knowing we just had sex in her house? (GROANS) Why'd you bring that up? I'm just trying to be real, dude.
I mean not to be gross, but at some point she's gonna come home, get in bed, and what, lie in it? - Jesus, Gretchen! - What? She is.
She's gonna lie right in it.
- No, she isn't.
- She sleeps here with you, doesn't she? - I mean, every now and then.
- Enough to keep her toys here.
- What?! - I found one of her toys yesterday.
So? They're all over the house.
What does that - have to do with anything? - I don't know! I'm just not thrilled about the idea of getting into your bed and seeing Olivia's pubes everywhere.
She doesn't have pubes! And I just said that.
Wow! Okay.
You know what? Forget it! I shouldn't have said anything! Where's your other bathroom? Just out there! You psycho! Psycho you! (KNOBS SQUEAK, SHOWER RUNNING) So, you see, this can only mean that her levels of anger are accelerating.
She went from pure rage to sex revenge in record time.
Our inevitable reunion can't be far off.
- This sounds like an uncert - Plus, a family of raccoons has taken residence in the box spring Gretchen jettisoned into the yard, so that's a dangerous wild card.
Why do you think she did that? Like, I wonder if there's some - deeper meaning - And Book Lady can't seem to understand why I must stay here and forgo The Romance and Erotica Book Expo.
God, that's a bad name.
You'd think a room full of writers could do better.
- Oh, well - Where the hell is our waiter? This mediocre Nebbiolo isn't gonna refill itself.
What are you doing? Jimmy, I've got to say something here.
We've lived together for what, four years now? Hey, no.
Look at me.
Look at me.
- I care about you.
- VERNON: Jimmy! What's up, ladies? Oh, thank God.
Vernon and Paul? Why do you look so like that? Generally: Men's Rights Activism.
Specifically: Signaling.
Tells people I have my shit together.
I cuss now.
Sorry, guys, but we were just in the middle - of something.
- Yeah, Bec forbade me from ever seeing him again.
You know, on account of loyalty and junk.
So, one day we're both online, playing League of Legends, and I realized I miss the little cuck.
Reformed cuckold.
Hey, why don't you two join us? Wait, but we were just starting Hell, yeah, four-way bro-down? We look like the poster from Rounders.
So tight! Excuse me.
- Yes? - I'll have a vodka soda.
And no, I'm not trying to rape you.
A little boy and a pedophile are walking in the woods.
The little boy says, "Mister, I'm scared.
" So the pedophile says, "You're scared? I have to walk back by myself.
" Oh, my God.
I know.
(LAUGHS) He has a kid! No, Gretchen, he killed the kid.
That's the joke.
He has a daughter! Ooh! I was just starting to be okay with the wife thing.
Now I have to be okay with him having a kid? No.
Gretch, some ding-dong wife is one thing, but a kid, that's way too much drama.
But now that he has a kid, isn't it like he's even more unavailable? - No! - Okay, but just hear me out.
- No.
No! No, no.
- Oh.
Oh - (GRUNTS) - All right! Jesus! I won't! But what if I try to end it and he cries, and then I Oh, never mind.
No one ever fights for me.
Hey, how's the "making friends with your coworkers" thing going? Great.
I'm totally being myself.
They love it.
You missed my Chris Rock impression.
Seen it.
Does Carl have anything good in the fridge? Homemade lasagna from his mom.
It's amazing.
But there's only one piece left, so hurry.
(ROCK STRIKES WINDOW) Why are you throwing rocks at my house? I can't see you anymore.
'Cause I just talked to my friend, who once dated a Romanian gymnastics coach, and even she thinks this is a bad idea.
Anyway, I just wish you'd told me you had a kid.
I did.
We just had a whole conversation about her.
No, we talked about your wife.
I'm not married.
When did we talk about my wife? First of all, you told me about your wedding the day that we met.
And second of all, we just talked all about her, like four hours ago.
First of all, people get divorced.
And second of all, I was talking about my daughter, Olivia, who's awesome.
My ex-wife's name is Whitney, who sucks.
So this whole time you're not married? - No.
- Then why have we been sneaking around and boning in hotels and cars and shit? Because it was sexy and exciting.
You thought I was married and you were just cool with it? It was sexy and exciting.
Why'd you want me to be married so badly? Because with a married dude, there's no future in it.
You know what? This is all just too much right now.
Just one cigarette.
PAUL: Men work harder, men die earlier.
But do we worry about men's health? (LAUGHS) Did you know that 50% of domestic violence - is woman on man? - Absolutely not true.
I can't believe I haven't seen you in three months.
Gretchen was on the pod talking mad shit the other day that you proposed to her and then bailed, but I know that couldn't be right.
- No, that's accurate.
- So epic! So, Jimmy's actions are vilified, and yet Julia Roberts's antics in Runaway Bride are delightful and quirky Nauseating.
Hey, Jimmy.
You want to go somewhere and get a real drink? - Continue our conver - Edgar.
I was being deliberately obtuse before, - but I know what you're doing.
- You do? You're trying to deepen our relationship, become more intimate.
Yes, exactly.
- I'm so happy you - Edgar, look at me.
From the bottom of my heart, this thing you want between us, is never ever going to happen.
I truly appreciate the effort, but no thank you.
(LAUGHS, SNORTS) Screw you, Jimmy.
Anyway, I'm not proud of my cowardly behavior, so I'm biding my time whilst Gretchen punishes me.
To tell you the truth, it's massively painful to see her with someone else.
I gave myself a hernia crying so hard after one of Lindsay's sessions.
That's really rough, Jimmy.
Aw, you guys.
Edgar was right.
Male bonding can be enjoyable.
It's too bad he left before things got deep.
- Actually, I'm having a hard time - (PHONE CHIMES) with Becca lately.
She's been, uh Bye.
Let's go run game on some creep-shaming lezzies.
Well, there's a couple of Clydesdales that need shoeing.
Want to grab - a drink or something? - Oh, can't.
I'm on a strict early agrarian sleep cycle.
JEFF: Man, I could really use one, but I got band practice.
I'm already late.
Hey, you were funny today.
TARA: Yeah.
Jeff told me your pedo joke.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) (MAN SINGING KARAOKE NEARBY) And you know I like your style Yeah, you know I like your style and All the jewelry And the platinum Don't move me I'm a real one They all like my style And, yeah, I know you like my style.
Jimmy sucks.
I just wish I had someone I could really connect with.
Right? It's like, no one gets me.
Peanut shell? I went to the circus for lunch.
(BOTH LAUGH) See? I just want to have stupid fun like this - with my dumb coworkers.
- I know.
Why is it so hard to find someone to get close with? You dropped something.
- Oh.
If you want to go away from your shell To free yourself, finally get out of your cell You said there's a place where you used to hide Where no one ever asks what you got on your mind You said it's Take me for a ride Take me by your side, take me with you Take me for a ride Take me by your side, take me with you Take me for a ride Take me by your side, take me with you Take me for a ride, take me by your side Take me with you.
Whatcha doin'? I told myself that if you came out and asked me to stay, I would.
It's just, I've never had anyone fight for me and I thought: maybe someone would someday.
(SNIFFLES) Maybe that's a thing I'm deserving of.
But then I thought, "Hey, maybe you just don't give people a chance to fight for you.
" So I thought I'd give you a couple cigarettes' worth of a chance.
Oh, my God.
(SIGHS) (FLATLY): Don't go, Gretchen.
You fought for me.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) You want to stay over? Olivia went with Whitney to Neil's French horn recital.
I hate him so much.
Whose vibrator did I find in the bedside table? Mine.
Oh And I heard you're moving on On to someone new I don't blame her At all Sitting wide awake In a crowded space I know that I can make it Find myself just thinking of you Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Candace.
Listen, I've changed my mind about the expo.
I'll, um I-I'll see you Sunday.
And he becomes the man That I could never be And if I could do it different I never would have let you go