Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e02 Episode Script

The Fallen Star of a Contract Part 2

1 Did you know that whenever a star shoots by, it signifies that one of their lives has ended? A contractor just died somewhere in this world.
The starry sky disappeared and was replaced with an imitation ten years ago.
Cold-blooded, supernatural beings known as contractors Soulless physical entities called Dolls Various governments, who feared that information about contractors and Dolls would become widespread, utilized new, gate-derived technology called M.
to erase the memories of those who came into contact with them.
Those very countries were taking advantage of their newfound abilities at the same time.
You know a lot about it.
I've been working at a research lab for some time.
I learned things I shouldn't have known, whether I wanted to or not.
Besides, it seems we're destined to be acquainted for some reason.
I think it was during high school when my parents died in an accident.
Well, that's what I was told.
The truth was a little different.
I witnessed it The sight of a contractor killing my parents.
I think I became fascinated by them ever since that day.
The Division of Astronomy simultaneously confirmed French agent activity.
His name is Jean, and he has the ability to perform a material exchange type of teleportation.
Although the crime scene was identified through an observer apparition search, no clues were found.
My sincere apologies.
I missed a great opportunity to apprehend him.
Although taking occasional breaks is important, dropping your guard could prove to be fatal.
There are signs of activity from that BK201 we're looking for.
Be careful.
Roger! This is all your fault.
Huh? Why? Umitsuki Apartments I see So they're already on to us.
You should change quickly.
I'll be in my room next door.
If there's anything So it's true What took place today Louis is a contractor, and he's dead.
Wait! Don't leave me by myself.
Don't turn on the lights.
How strange I should be used to the layout of the rooms, but seeing the other symmetrical half is a little weird.
It's almost as if it's fake It's only been two weeks since I moved in.
During that time, I actually felt as if I was alive.
It was the first time I felt that way.
I thought it would be impossible for me to work at a club.
Once I tried it, it became surprisingly addicting.
One part of me was constantly mired in research, as if it were possessed.
The other part was as I am right now.
I couldn't tell what my real personality was.
I was even more confused because Louis was coming to pick me up soon, which made me feel overjoyed.
It looks like I can't go back.
Do you have any plans? Of course not.
Louis was my only hope.
I'll help you out somehow.
Huh? Let's run away together.
But But you just moved in today.
I was probably destined to come here today and meet you.
It said so on my horoscope.
What are you saying? You're more than capable of running away by yourself.
Forget about me.
They saw my face, though.
Sooner or later, this room will be Can I trust you? Whoa Someone beat us to it.
In any case, let's search for clues.
Think something will turn up? A cat, huh? There's an acquaintance of mine He conducts trading-related business in Macau.
He can provide passports and the like.
Counterfeit? You mean like forging documents for illegal residency? You told me you were an exchange student, didn't you? I have my own set of circumstances.
When did this country become so dangerous? However, lots of money will be necessary.
Money, huh? I should have withdrawn more from the bank.
If you have something that's worth money How about information? Information? Like confidential information obtained by illegally accessing Pandora's central system.
Really? Gate-related information usually sells at a high price, no matter how insignificant it is.
It's the most revolutionary theory since those on compressed gravitational repulsive elements and the M.
It'll definitely sell for a high price.
Don't worry, Haraguchi-san.
Haraguchi is a pseudonym.
My actual name is Chiaki.
Shinoda Chiaki, that is.
Chiaki-san That's a nice name.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
My name is Li Shun Sheng.
Nice to meet you, Li-kun.
That's a good name.
Thank you for waiting.
Is this everything you ordered? Yes.
Enjoy your meal.
I did say you could order anything you wanted, but are you really going to eat everything? I'm sorry.
This is less than what I usually eat, though Listen, you're going to get fat.
For sure! It might be okay for you now, but after you turn thirty, you're definitely going to become obese.
If that doesn't happen, there's something wrong with the world.
Then again, who am I to be worrying about the future? Are you okay? I've been feeling a little tired lately.
Go ahead and eat.
I see.
Although I've already heard about it, I'm impressed with how you conduct yourself.
Huang There isn't a better fit for these kinds of jobs than your kind.
After all, you don't have the slightest sense of guilt.
You have an idea about where the goods are, right? Hurry up and acquire it.
They're already here.
Trash the woman before she becomes a hinderance.
Thank you very much.
Welcome! Party of two? Sir Hey, you can't Hey, wait! Hurry! Are you okay? Don't worry.
Jean? They escaped.
Let's reconvene.
It's the mouse, there's no mistake.
Episode Two The Fallen Star of a Contract (Part Two) He's been offline.
What's going on? Don't tell me he's going to double-cross us.
He has nothing to gain by betraying us in this situation.
Contractors don't act unless they benefit from doing so.
Well, he's acting strange.
Why didn't he waste the broad already? He's taking too much time.
I must admit he's pretty unconventional.
What is Hei doing? I don't know.
What? There's no water near him.
Does it hurt? No.
I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
It's impossible after all We can't run away from them.
Your face looks tired, as if you were already dead.
You should rest now.
I am tired I've had enough of this charade.
Every time I try to run away, they appear before I realize it.
Always intruding upon my life I won't forgive them.
But even more unforgivable is that, despite everything, I keep watching them in the corner of my eye.
What's wrong with me? But I realized it.
That time When my parents died, I saw everything but I didn't testify against them.
The contractor was still a child.
Although I couldn't see the face The glow of the Lancernopt synchrotron radiation I saw in the dark lingered in my head.
It was beautiful.
It was my own life, yet it felt like I was watching someone else's dream.
Do you understand? You would be better off without them The memories of a contractor.
I couldn't bring myself to forget about these memories.
I wouldn't be the person I am today if I had forgotten them.
These feelings scare me.
I'm sure you have your own memories you wish you were able to forget.
Contractors aren't people.
They're killing machines beneath the guise of a human.
I know.
Witnesses are always eliminated in order to minimize risks.
They're liars and traitors.
Service suspended How did they know? You must forget.
What's the matter? Hey! This is Saitou.
A call came in from the Mita Precinct that stated they were taking Shinoda, the missing woman, into custody.
The presumably French agents were also seen.
I'm on the way to the scene.
I'll call for assistance immediately.
Activity from BK201 has been confirmed by the Division of Astronomy.
Boss, this is Matsumoto.
Shinoda Chiaki's corpse has been identified.
What? Can you stand? Come over here.
Hold it! Are you a contractor? So you're the one who killed Louis.
You killed Louis? That's right.
You're lying Didn't I already tell you? Contractors are liars.
The mouse was caught in the trap.
That woman isn't Shinoda Chiaki.
She's only a Doll with the memories of Shinoda Chiaki, extracted from her by the M.
By saying the keyword, she has been detached from her programmed personality.
In any case, her personality would only have lasted two or three more days.
It was a trap in order to lure you here.
To think he fell for it so easily Was Louis really killed by this guy? Unfortunately for you, Hei's jacket provides a bulletproof effect while he's wearing it.
Surprised? Alain! Damn! As I thought, this one was a decoy.
The goods have been confiscated through another route.
The syndicate predicted everything.
Why didn't you destroy that doll? She wasn't a Doll.
She was alive.
It's just a doll, a passive medium.
Much like how you contractors are mere killing accessories.
Enough, Huang.
Our work isn't finished.
Yin, where is he? I have a lead on him.
Yes? Excuse me.
We're from the police.
I wanted to inquire about your neighbor, Haraguchi-san.
Have you noticed anything peculiar about her? I only recently moved in, so I don't know Are you from abroad? Excuse me, but may I see your alien registration card? Yes.
Okay, thank you very much.
If you remember anything about her, please contact me.
I appreciate your cooperation.
Boss, is something wrong? No, it's nothing.
Let's go, Saitou.
Hell was supposed to be confined within the fog.
The blue light released by the petal is a memento of the forgotten past.
Stop it.
She's not to blame.
The scream becomes inaudible, and the illuminated star signifies the mark of a contract.
A permanent curse that cannot be erased.
Eventually, the light will be extinguished.
Episode Three A New Star Shines in the Dawn Sky (Part One)