Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

A New Star Shines in the Dawn Sky Part 1

1 This is the command car.
What's going on? What happened? Do you read me, Tahara? I don't know I can't describe it.
I can't hear you.
Was there an accident? Where are the other reconnaissance members? I told you I can't describe it.
We cannot confirm your vitals or coordinates.
Your location? I'm headed towards the Fukagawa entrance point, passing Kiyosubashi.
We're coming to rescue you.
Don't move.
Don't come! You mustn't come! This isn't a place man should tread.
Say that again! This is the command car Oh, good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Morning! Oh, how commendable of you, taking out the garbage in the morning.
If only everyone else followed the rules like you, Li-san.
That cat I've seen this black one around here lately.
It's probably the same one that's been rummaging through the garbage at night.
Is that so? What a naughty cat.
It seems like someone's been feeding him.
You better watch out, too.
Pets are forbidden here.
Off to school? No, I'm going to my part-time job.
It better not be a sleazy job.
Of course not.
I'm running late, so Really? Speaking of which, don't they eat anything with four legs in your country, besides tables? I haven't tried it myself, but It might taste good.
I'll be going.
Alright, take care.
Hey! Ouch! Hey, you! Wait Hey, you stupid cat! Bat.
One hundred and forty yen.
School Visitation Day Notice Li-kun, Li-kun, Li-kun.
Yes? Can you deliver this to the annex? Annex? You know, to Consultant Tahara's place in front of the office.
Isn't a consultant a high-ranking position? Maybe.
It looks like he's been sleeping there and not going home.
I have no idea what he's working on.
They say he was once an important scientist.
Before he came here, he was apparently conducting strange research abroad.
Heard about the Hell's Gate First Reconnaissance Troop? Rumor has it that he was the sole survivor of the incident.
Reconnaissance troop They say he lost his soul in that gate.
Well, I don't know whether it's true or not.
Consultant, there's a package for you.
Consultant Tahara? It's unlocked.
Um, the factory manager asked me to hand you this.
I-I'm sorry.
Forget it.
Aren't you being paid by the hour? Huh? Oh, yes.
Get back to work if you're finished.
Your room number is 802.
Thank you.
In order to avoid bankruptcy, you need that man's power, right? Let's hurry and obtain it if that's the case.
Isn't that why I'm here with you? There are necessary procedures one must follow in order to conduct business.
Those procedures are a pain in the ass.
Honestly speaking, I hate you contractors.
Do you know why we're breathing the same air, even though it stinks of your bad breath? Reluctantly, all for the sake of business.
Furthermore, do you know why you're acting indifferently, despite what I just said? It's because you're a piece of garbage that can't manage to live without the protection of your patron.
If you understand where I'm going with this, don't ever second-guess me.
Where's the bottle opener? I see.
I better work hard so you don't throw me away.
If he declines, we'll move on to the next step.
We'll keep going until he says yes.
If he still won't concede, we'll persuade him by force.
That's how I handle things.
Hey! Go away! Hey, what are you doing in a place like this? Yes? Consultant? There's a call for you from the headmaster of Nishi Toyotama Middle School.
Huh? Hey, you! Do you have a Japanese driver's license? I'm asking if you can drive a car! Yes.
Episode Three A New Star Shines in the Dawn Sky (Part One) Geez, you're heartless.
Two employees from Meyer & Hilton checked into a hotel at Shinjuku thirty minutes ago.
How are things on your side? Why is this person here? Well, you were under the custody of your mother, but ever since your mother passed away, you've been living with your father, correct? In that case, your legal guardian is I don't consider a person who only comes home once a month as my legal guardian.
My, we're lucky the notice came to the school and not to the police, but I'm telling you that I didn't commit arson! However, the person who witnessed it said you were burning trash at the back of the building.
I wasn't the one who burned it! It was burning right in front of me before I realized it.
Why Why don't you believe me? We'll be leaving now.
We're going home! W-Wait a minute Mr.
Tahara, I still have more to say Mr.
Tahara! Are you telling the truth? Was the trash burning on its own before you realized it? Is this the first time? Do these occurrences happen frequently? Did you eat something strange? When did you start acting unconsciously? Talk about a rarity, for you to be talking to me.
Don't touch me! Mai? What? A chauffeur? You're like a celebrity! Are you going anywhere? The same place, as usual.
It's dangerous.
Is it okay? No problem.
Let's go.
O-Okay Is it okay? It doesn't concern you.
Hurry up and return to the factory.
You've recently been acting as if your mind has been drifting, Mai.
I think my soul has been drifting on occasion.
Tired from doing too many chores? You don't have a mother, do you, Mai? Yeah.
But you have a father, right? Yes and no.
What do you mean? Are you doing the cooking, Mai? I am.
I'm also eating by myself.
Your dad doesn't come home? How come? I don't know.
Why don't you eat dinner at my place from now on? Huh? I have a brother and sister, so it's kind of noisy, but Meals taste better when there are people around.
Papa and Mama will be glad to have you, so come over! Yuka, what about me? We won't have any food left if you come.
Huh? I guess I'll have to decline.
Mai? My father might come back today for once.
I see.
Yeah, you know A lot of things happened, so I'll probably be lectured.
I see.
Next time, then.
Sorry, Yuka.
How many times do I have to tell you before you understand? I've been saying that I won't return to your company.
In that case, we'll be forced to change our attitude.
Are you okay with that? I refuse! Yeah, it's me.
We're proceeding to the next step.
That's right.
The daughter.
Excuse me.
Miss? Um I'd like to pay for both of these items.
Yeah, sure So what are you doing at this time of night? Middle school student? Are your parents with you? That's none of your business.
Young lady I'm sorry.
I'm her older brother.
Hey, don't follow me! What? Did that person tell you to keep an eye on me? If he did, tell him this: You're annoying! Leave me alone! I don't want to see your face! Don't ever come back again! I hate you Do you feel better? Let's go home.
I'll walk you back.
I don't want to go home.
I don't want to go back to that dark and empty room.
Then let's play until morning.
Huh? It's a little scary.
Can you close your eyes for a second? Huh? Okay.
Hey! I'm hungry.
Here you go.
The capricious patissier's parfait with fresh fruit and choux chocolat, topped with rice dumplings and almond seeds! I see.
So you're from China, Li-san.
You speak Japanese well.
It may not look like it, but I've been living abroad.
My family lived in Africa until I entered grade school Okay, as an exception, I'll show it only to you, Li-san.
Take a close look.
See? The glow was stronger in the past.
It gradually became darker, and now it even disappears from time to time.
When I was a child, Papa told me there was an amulet inside that was protecting me.
Your father told you that? Was he a doctor? No.
What did he do? Research.
A scientist? What kind of research did he do? I don't know.
Li-san, why did you come to Japan? To study abroad.
Do you have any brothers, sisters, or family? No, I don't.
I see.
You're the same as me.
It's almost time for the first train.
It's moving, but it isn't the one.
Li-san, you're kind of like an older brother.
We're going into the next alley.
Huh? Li-san? Run! Don't think! Run! Hey, you can't come in here! Hey! Yes, Kirihara speaking.
Boss, it's a new star! A star has appeared! Moratorium, those who have deferred the conditions of their contract.
Power that doesn't come with an immediate price requires a larger compensation.
The withering affection is a one-way ticket with no return.
Its destination, either heaven or hell.
Her scream will become a new flare, and her fate will be sealed.
Everything will be engulfed by the roaring flames.
Episode Four A New Star Shines in the Dawn Sky (Part Two)