Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e09 Episode Script

The White Dress, Stained with the Girl's Dreams and Blood Part 1

1 Richard Lau? Yeah.
Is it true that you have information regarding the contractor? It's true.
I'll tell you everything, as long as you guarantee my safety.
That depends on the quality of the information.
I know about the person you've been frantically looking all over the city for.
Is it VI952? Yeah.
Take me Very well.
You'll be put under our protection.
You'll also be provided with a new identity.
However, the information comes first.
I know.
His name is Hey What's on your back? What's wrong? What are you doing? Boss, are you okay? I'm fine.
Contact the division manager at once.
Call forensics.
Preserve the crime scene until they arrive.
It looks like it's a material teleportation-type ability, although he uses it in a pretty gruesome way.
Apparently, the boss saw some kind of correlation between the bloodstain and the area of mutilation.
There's no doubt that it's the face of Richard Lau, known as Wang Shao Tang's right hand man.
What a pitiful fate.
Are you all right? What? I'm just frustrated.
Hey, come on.
You can't go in.
No, I'm An incident just occurred, so this area is off limits to unauthorized personnel.
Um, I'm Father? Who is he? Superintendent Kirihara Naoyasu, head of security at the National Police Agency.
This makes nine cases, doesn't it? Yes.
The victims are all officials from the mafia situated in Hong Kong, Chen Long Tang.
It's either a feud between organizations or an internal power struggle.
Do you have any ideas about the perpetrator? From the nature of the homicides, it has been determined to be the acts of a single contractor.
Its Messier Code is VI952.
Don't ask if you already know about it.
You don't have to act so distant.
Working hours are already over.
The case hasn't been solved yet! How about we go out to dinner? I'm telling you Do I need to order you as the Superintendent of Security, Chief Kirihara? In that case, let me choose where we go.
Of course.
What were you thinking? You didn't have to choose this hotel.
It's delicious, though.
I'm not talking about that.
This hotel is owned by Wang Shao Tang.
So what? Wang might be a hotel owner to the general public, but he's actually the boss of Chen Long Tang.
Even a child knows that here in Shinjuku.
Then I can't leave the immediate vicinity due to search obligations.
Besides, I'm only here to eat.
Just act like you normally do.
What did you want to talk about? You insisted on inviting me, so it must be important.
There will be a notice for you in the upcoming future.
Congratulations, Misaki.
You're going to be a superintendent.
You'll probably have to be a precinct chief for a while somewhere, then return to the NPA as an assistant to a councilor, though.
Why do you have everything planned out? There's more to it than that.
After all, we have great expectations of the first female superintendent.
I'm just an attraction, then.
You're harsh, but it's not like I can deny it.
Why did you join the police? You said you wanted to become a policeman to help the weak, didn't you? Yes.
Receiving a promotion isn't a bad thing, after all.
You can help more people at a position with a higher profile.
That might be true, but There's still time before the order becomes official.
Be prepared for it.
Well, don't do anything reckless.
I know.
Misaki! Alice? You came, after all.
Thanks! Oh, so it was for another reason.
What is it? Work? Y-Yes.
Don't you remember what day it is today? Today? Yes, today's my birthday.
That's why I thought you came over.
It is time, Alice-sama.
Misaki, do you remember? Wei Zhi Jun, my bodyguard since high school.
Yes It has been quite a while.
Say, stop by if you have some time.
But I'll show you places the police could never gain access to.
I will see you later.
There aren't any cameras.
The penthouse my father and I live in is on the top floor.
It's a private area that unauthorized people can't enter.
That's why there aren't any cameras.
It goes without saying that the police have never been here.
I see.
Say, wasn't the food downstairs delicious? Y-Yes.
You were eating there after all! You still like greasy food, don't you? You're going to get fat.
I'll be fine, since I move around every day.
It feels like we've had this conversation before! It really does.
You finally smiled.
Were you nervous? No I was just surprised since I ran into you so unexpectedly.
I-Isn't the slit too high? That's your punishment for forgetting about my birthday.
Alice! You're going to dress like that for the party, okay Misaki? All right.
Hey! It looks good on you.
You too, Alice.
Isn't it strange? The daughter of Wang Shao Tang and a chief inspector from the metropolitan police, together like this.
What are you doing? You shouldn't smoke! It's none of your business.
Of course it is! I'm your classmate.
Are you making her do this? No way.
As long as you don't get caught, I couldn't care less.
Kanami! You heard what the class representative said.
Take a hike.
Give it back.
I won't.
You know who I am, don't you? You're Alice Wang.
That's not what I'm talking about.
My father is Your father has nothing to do with this! The reason why you're smoking is either because you're a child who wants to act like an adult, or a weak person who depends on something else in order to live.
Oh, yeah? That's fine with me! Whatever the hell I am has nothing to do with you! Yes, it does! You sit next to me in class, and you stink of cigarettes! Is there a problem, Alice-sama? It's nothing.
What a strange person.
Episode Nine The White Dress, Stained with the Girl's Dreams and Blood (Part One) Happy birthday, Alice-sama.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Alice-sama.
Thank you.
Come with me.
I'll introduce you to my father.
I'm Kirihara Misaki.
I'm Wang Shao Tang.
The qipao looks wonderful on you.
Chiipao? He's talking about the Mandarin dress.
Thank you very much.
I hear about you all the time.
It seems Alice is fortunate to have such a good friend.
I feel the same way.
Give my regards to your father.
Enjoy yourself tonight.
Thank you very much.
What were you thinking, inviting that bitch? She's a dear friend of mine.
That's all.
What's with that attire? A Japanese wearing a qipao, and you in a Western dress? Doesn't it look nice? You xenophile.
Oh well Speaking of the police, it looks like they're on our tails.
Be careful.
You too, father.
I'm going upstairs for a while.
Well, it probably doesn't have anything to do with us.
Would you like a drink? Saitou! You did a nice job of sneaking in, boss.
It just ended up this way.
Even so, isn't that outfit a bit revealing? Shut up.
More importantly, how are things? It seems like they still don't know who's killing off their executives.
Although it's been dubbed as the daughter's birthday party, it's actually an emergency board meeting.
They decided to assemble the executives at a time like this? He's testing their loyalty.
He's basically saying "you're not qualified to be an executive if you're scared of something like this".
W-What? Oh, it's you, Li-kun.
Li-kun? He eats a lot for a guy his size.
I don't know whether to call it gluttony or something else, but You again! Again? I'm sorry.
Instead of being here, go inside and wash the dishes! Okay.
What are you up to, Saitou? You're a lucky one, picking up women during work.
Ouch! It's not like that! No excuses.
You're going to wash dishes, too.
Come on now! Ow! Saitou Infiltrating under his real name That idiot! Li-kun, you went there? Yes.
I made a wrong turn, and I was surrounded by those scary people.
I thought I wasn't going to make it back alive.
It's your fault for getting too close to that elevator.
It's a direct connection to the top floor, exclusively for the owner and his daughter, so security's going to be tight.
You know a lot about it, Saitou-san.
No, I only know a little.
No matter how many dishes you wash, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.
You're right.
That manager Making me do this just because I was talking on the job Do you know her? The woman in the Mandarin dress.
It looked like you two were close.
A little.
She's pretty.
No way.
Looks can be deceiving.
She's really scary.
Is that so? Oh, yeah.
That's right.
They must be the executives.
You can't go in there.
I can't even let you near that room, Misaki.
I'll give you a piece of information instead, and an important one at that.
Don't you want to know the identity of VI952? There aren't any guards around.
Stone Yes, stone flowers.
However, unlike a synthetic, they actually grow.
There's no way Yes.
They were smuggled from the gate.
The honey bees that feed off this stone flower can create a special substance within their bodies.
Alice My pain and sorrow will disappear with this.
My world, radiant with light, will now begin.
Do you want to try it, Misaki? Here! Wei, where's the boss? It's way past schedule.
I don't see his daughter, either.
Why are you laughing, Wei Zhi Jun? If you're talking about Wang Shao Tang, he won't be joining us.
What? This is the beginning of a new era for Chen Long Tang.
What are you saying? This wound is Wei did it.
Wei Zhi Jung is VI952.
Alice, you Farewell, Misaki.
Misaki! Oh, hello.
Betrayal induces further betrayal, and blood thirsts for more blood.
Residual thoughts have nowhere to go and begin distorting at the brink of appetence and despondency.
Is it really something you can call a betrayal? The enigma takes the form of a thorn, pricking the innocent soul into a bloody state.
This wasn't what I had intended.
The girl's dream decays into futility.
Episode Ten The White Dress, Stained with the Girl's Dreams and Blood (Part Two)