Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e10 Episode Script

The White Dress, Stained with the Girl's Dreams and Blood Part 2

1 Misaki, you really like greasy food, don't you? Well, I'm hungry.
You don't get fat, either.
That's because I move around every day.
Kanami, what are you filling out? Oh, the career survey.
What a hassle.
We're still in our first year, you know.
It's not like we're thinking about our careers yet.
What are you going to be? I don't know anything about my future so I might look into a college education, unlike someone who's already set her academic and vocational goals.
Did you know she already decided to join the police right after she graduates from Tokyo University? Police? Kanami! You really have a father complex.
That's not true.
Is that so? My father might have suggested it, but I have my own reasons.
Like what? There are a lot of people in this world who seek to gain at the expense of other people's misery.
That's something I can't tolerate.
So you want to defend the weak, huh? You're still the same old goody two-shoes, Misaki.
Hey, is that any way to treat me for telling you about it? That's mine! Hey, give it back! Too late now! You eat too much! Delicious! Give me another one! No! Why not? Today is such a wonderful day.
Don't you think so, Misaki? Don't hide.
Come out and celebrate with me.
What are you doing in a place like this? Well, I was told to bring drinks to the owner, but when I arrived At this rate, we'll be killed as well.
Try to do something.
Easier said than done.
Even after I started using the bees, there was one thing that wouldn't disappear from this world.
That will come to an end tonight, though.
Everything that held me down My father, Chen Long Tang Everything Wei You bastard Wei has been assisting me.
He's a confidant of mine.
Besides, today is a good day.
It must have been fate for us to have been reunited today.
When I give you the signal, run.
Misaki, that's why you should die for my sake and set me free.
I'm talking to you, Misaki.
Now! I won't let you escape, Misaki.
Who are you exactly? I'm from the police.
Aren't you a friend of the debutante? What are we going to do now? I'd like to get out of the building, for one.
Closed for periodic inspection We are very sorry.
We are currently in the process of identifying the problem.
Please be patient.
They're not allowing anyone to go downstairs.
How about the emergency stairwell? That's definitely been closed off.
You cannot allow anyone to leave.
Is that clear? Yes? Yes, I understand.
The board meeting is over.
Clean up the room.
Um What are we going to do now? I'm thinking about that right now! Okay Do you have a cell phone? No, carrying one around during work is against the rules.
I'm sorry.
It's a blackout, but there's no need to worry.
This hotel is equipped with a proprietary power generator.
See? Did they cut the power from the lines to prevent observer apparitions from entering? Observer apparitions? It's nothing! Why is this happening? Who knows? Why would Alice want to kill me? She's my friend Why? You were betrayed, poor thing.
What would you know about this feeling? I'm sorry.
I'm the one who should be apologizing.
Being betrayed by a friend is probably a terrible experience.
Why are we talking about these things in a place like this? You're right.
You're a strange one.
That's what everyone always says about me.
I wonder why.
That aside, you don't have to hide here since you haven't been seen.
Didn't you realize that? Wait a minute In that case, can you go to the hall and bring Saitou here? Once you do that, you can run away or do whatever you want.
My name is Li Shun Sheng.
I don't think I've introduced myself.
I'm Kirihara Misaki.
It's the first time I've introduced myself inside a toilet stall.
Me, too.
Misaki is inside the hotel? How can that be? It's the building that had its power cut off, so we can't use observer apparitions.
The usage of his powers has been detected.
It's obvious that VI952 is inside! Why would she be at a place like that? I already know that! She can't be reached by phone, and there's no doubt something's going on there.
There aren't any signs of a distress signal, and we can't conduct a search without a warrant.
In that case, have them issue a warrant immediately! What in the world are you doing, boss? Don't ask.
Shut the door now! Y-Yes Wei, please capture Misaki for me.
Otherwise, I can't be free.
Yes, it is just one woman.
I shall bring her to you shortly.
No, you're wrong.
Misaki isn't alone.
She was with a man.
A man? Episode Ten The White Dress, Stained with the Girl's Dreams and Blood (Part Two) Saitou, isn't there a better way? You want to go outside unnoticed, don't you? The best way to escape is to go down to the laundry room.
More importantly, what happened? Everyone seems so uptight.
I'll explain later.
By the way, Li-kun, what's this all ab What's wrong? No, it's nothing.
You came, as expected.
Did you think you could use that officer as a decoy? Very imprudent of you.
I don't know which organization you're from, but you're no match for me.
I will make sure you return it to me.
Oh, this? Shedding blood is my remuneration as a contractor.
Shall we begin? What's wrong? The show has just begun.
I've heard a rumor about the existence of a proficient contractor who manipulates electricity at will.
I see.
You're that BK201.
You intentionally lured me toward you so that I'd drop my guard.
However, it seems that you've made a critical mistake at the last moment.
Apparently, I'm faster than you are.
Saitou, this way.
But Don't panic.
Act as you normally do.
You're in charge of this room.
There aren't any tables.
That was close.
I almost had you.
Alice! What are you doing? Didn't I tell you? Today will be the end of everything that has been holding me down.
Kinship was what Chen Long Tang revered more than anything else.
That's why, as the successor by lineage, regardless of whether I wanted to or not I had to live a life shouldering the burden of Chen Long Tang.
Even when the gate appeared and the world was in turmoil, nothing changed.
However, Wang Shao Tang is dead, and Chen Long Tang has disappeared without a trace.
All thanks to Wei Zhi Jun.
Boss, who is he? VI952.
Saitou Please, Wei, set me free.
With this, you are now free.
Alice! Why? You didn't want freedom.
You only sought to be bound, always relying on someone else, Alice.
No Sometimes it was Kirihara Misaki, and sometimes it was me.
You didn't want to be freed from your father, but rather bound to him, didn't you? Alice! Alice! Alice! You're a heartless person.
Haven't you realized you were the one who liberated Alice from her dependency on her father? What did you say? It was the first time someone questioned her father's authority.
Your father has nothing to do with this! That's when she found another person to rely on.
However, you became a police officer, a person deemed unacceptable in the world of Wang Shao Tan's daughter.
It can't be Boss! Saitou! Get out of the way! BK 201 How are you still So that was your own blood In an instant That can't be It looks like I was faster than you.
Hold it! Wei Zhi Jun attempted to take complete control of Chen Long Tang, killing Wang and the executives, as well as the daughter, for good measure.
He also tried to frame you as the suspect.
Strangely enough, Wei's corpse disappeared from the morgue.
As I thought.
His star didn't fall that night.
The mission is over.
Do you think I would have been able to save Alice if I didn't join the police? Who knows? No one can read people's minds or predict the future.
Then again, can you imagine yourself as someone who isn't an officer? Kanami when did you start smoking? I'm also a weak person who has to depend on something in order to live.
There are a lot of people who rely on you.
However, you have a bad habit of shouldering the entire burden by yourself.
It'll be a problem if you don't come to my aid when I ask you for help.
I see.
Would you mind not smoking next to me, though? My clothes are going to smell.
You're going to decline the promotion? Yes.
Can you tell me why? I realized my shortcomings during the most recent case.
I cannot go further as of yet.
I was unable to save someone who only I could have saved.
Do you know the consequences of rejecting an offer like this? I stand firm in my decision.
Very well.
Inspector Kirihara, you may leave.
Boss, is something wrong? Why do you ask? It was just a thought.
Don't say things on a whim.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Saitou, I'm counting on you.
Did you say something? It's nothing.
Referred to as "Hell's Gate" A strange field, a discontinuous space-time, randomly and arbitrarily distorted physical laws.
The Pandora's Box of a dubious science beyond one's grasp.
In exchange, mankind has lost multitudes of lives, part of a continent, genuine stars in the sky, Episode Eleven When One Takes Back What Was Lost Within the Wall (Part One) and its sanity.