Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e11 Episode Script

When One Takes Back What Was Lost Within the Wall Part 1

1 Do you believe in the urban legend? You can retrieve what you once lost inside the gate.
However, it comes at a substantial price.
I wonder what that price is.
Who knows? You don't believe me, do you? To tell you the truth, neither do I.
I'm Corinna Moku, a third-year student at Beijing University.
I'm Li Shun Sheng.
Nice to meet you.
It's larger than I thought.
Infiltrate PANDORA's research facility.
Are you serious? It's right by the gate.
If a contractor goes near a hot spot, he might lose control.
Besides, I don't think he'll be able to pass the initial security check.
That might be true, but the syndicate is serious.
What do they want me to do? Retrieval.
Retrieval? Two weeks ago, there was an incident involving an explosion at the research facility.
Two security guards were killed.
PANDORA, responsible for the investigation, concluded that it was a structural accident caused by faulty wiring.
A few days ago, a covert CIA agent discovered that the explosion was intentionally triggered in order to steal the gate-proprietary substance referred to as the "meteor fragment".
It still hasn't been transported outside of the wall, has it? That's how the syndicate sees the situation.
What's to be done after the retrieval? You're to transport it out of the gate in their place.
Don't worry.
Just do as you're told.
It's just business as usual.
Do you consider yourself a patient person? No.
Have you ever seen a UFO? No.
Do you believe in the existence of God? No.
Do you know any contractors? No.
Um, is something wrong? N-Nothing.
Um, I think Didn't I already say everything was fine? I'm sorry.
Is there a problem? It's nothing.
Next! You're coming with me.
No, let go! No! No! Take her back to testing! Next! Yes! Ghosts aren't a rare sight in here.
Things that exist tend to disappear, while things that don't tend to appear.
Auditory hallucinations and similar occurrences aren't out of the ordinary.
You won't get the job done if you lose composure whenever it happens.
Besides, world-renowned scientists are working day and night to solve similar supernatural phenomena in this facility.
Our job is to provide an optimal working environment for them, which isn't an easy thing to do.
In any case, you guys aren't allowed to leave this place for the next month without exception.
Even if you die.
If you get the message, answer me! Sir! This is Sector Three, the most important area we're responsible for.
Standard cleaning duties occur late at night, when research isn't being conducted.
Hey, you! Are you listening to me? Yes, I'm sorry.
You don't need to clean that room.
Why not? The man in charge of that room is notoriously meticulous.
Gentlemen Chief Sergei! Hey! Get out of the way! You idiot! What are you looking at? I'm terribly sorry.
Why are you just standing there? Hurry and pick it up! Okay.
I'll be going ahead of you.
I'm really sorry about this.
I hope you're not hurt.
Good day.
I'm sorry.
We're off to the next one! Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour Equipment room A-3 in 1 hour How did you know it was me? I knew they were sending someone to the sanitation division.
Is there anyone else from the syndicate? Yes, but I've never met them.
I see.
Listen, I want to tell you something in advance.
Don't rely on me.
I only cooperate with the syndicate so I can conduct research here.
It's the first time I've done this kind of work.
There wasn't any occurrence for two years, and suddenly this happens Rest assured.
I won't rely on you.
That aside, I want to ask you about the meteor fragment.
What about it? Tell me everything you know.
To be honest, the details are unknown.
However, a similar substance was confirmed before the disappearance of South America, so it's believed that collecting data on it will be invaluable when it comes to solving the mystery behind the gate.
I don't know why the CIA is trying to steal it, but This isn't part of the job, is it? Excuse me.
If anything else comes up, I'll contact you.
Sorry for the late introduction.
My name is Mina Khandar Swami.
By the way, that sticker doesn't serve much of a purpose.
There isn't any way to identify a contractor.
Don't touch it.
I'm in the middle of an experiment.
I thought my instructions explicitly stated not to have this room cleaned.
I'm sorry.
I noticed it was the same model as the one I used to have.
Satake? Do you also gaze at the stars? I did before the stars became what they are now.
Your name? Li Shun Sheng.
Li-kun? Yes.
How would you like to see a real star? Episode Eleven When One Takes Back What Was Lost Within the Wall (Part One) Satake may be new as a domestic manufacturer, but their products come equipped with an inexpensive, high-performance lens.
There are limits to the magnifying capabilities of an ML800, though.
Did you use a Barlow lens? No.
Compatible lenses were too expensive.
I see.
Your wishes will be answered in ten years time, then.
Um What are you doing? I'm looking at the stars.
What else would I be doing? But Are you going to give up because you know the sky is just a fabrication? I won't.
My entire life changed when this sky appeared.
I don't have any intention of giving up this hobby of mine, though.
You should take a look.
I can't see anything.
Forget about everything.
Forget that the moon has vanished.
Forget about all the rockets that have gone missing beyond the stratosphere.
You have to believe that these stars are the ones you were gazing at in the past.
Why? There was nothing there a moment ago.
We're within the gate.
"The impossible becomes possible" is the best explanation I can come up with at the moment.
The explanation is a little subpar coming from a scientist, isn't it? I can assert that what you've witnessed is the beginning of a likely scenario for the future of this planet, though.
Li-kun, what do you think will happen if everyone in the world experiences what we just did? I have a feeling we'll regain a genuine starry sky when that happens.
You're an honest person.
Your facial expression says "no way".
Well, that's okay.
You should join our group someday.
It only consists of my sister and me, though.
Sister? Yeah.
She can't move her appendages right now, but If only for a day, I want to remove this fabricated sky and take her into outer space.
That's my dream.
That dream I hope it becomes a reality.
May I sit here? Is everything all right now? I can see things that I've lost.
Two, three Everywhere.
I've decided to leave this place.
Leave? How? If I hand it to that man, I'll be able to I told you it's none of your business! How long are you going to chase me? You're already dead! Whether I betray the country or Mama, I won't take any more of this from you! I am who I am! If you go that far, it might be difficult to return to society.
She's thinking about leaving this place.
Without waiting a month? How? Well, I don't know.
That's a cause for concern.
What happened? That crazy woman named Corinna was murdered.
The security camera was out of order when it happened.
Are you sure? Yes, I saw it with my very own eyes.
It's him.
I heard you two were close.
Too many improbable occurrences have taken place here.
For example, a crime of passion involving two people who just met each other.
Did she tell you anything before she was killed? Nothing.
Keep an eye on him.
Roger! Yes, it's me.
Was it really not you? I had no reason to kill her.
Do you need one, even if you're a contractor? Is that all you had to say? If you have no further business Could you be upset? I'm sorry.
I'm surprised.
I thought contractors were people who lost their emotions.
If you didn't do it, then who There I go again.
I'm sorry, I was out of line.
You can make all the assumptions you want, but don't act on your own.
That is If you want to continue with your research.
Is that clear? Y-Yes.
The female victim was a courier sent by the CIA.
She was planning on handing us the meteor fragment in exchange for her release from the facility.
Unfortunately, she didn't mention its location.
I understand.
I'll do my best.
We will now commence an area search using the surveillance camera operated by Dr.
Sergei's Third Sector team.
All personnel with corresponding ID numbers, please proceed to Conference Room Two.
Within the premises, a phenomenon observed by different people will result in a myriad of experiences.
The reason I asked you to come here is to gather as much observational data as possible.
Let me know exactly what you see, hear, and feel.
The interrogation must have been tough.
I know the feeling.
I've experienced it myself.
Don't worry, I'm on your side.
You're not the type of person that can kill people.
It's time.
Begin the search.
The surveillance camera is now in motion.
It will soon pass Chiyoda Ward, Kanda 3-chome, and head toward Chuo-dori Avenue.
Stop it right there.
Can you zoom in just beyond that car? It looks like we'll have to rewrite the map again.
Return and travel on the west route.
Did you see that? Yes, definitely.
Right there! Play it in slow motion from here.
Right there! Lancernopt synchrotron radiation? My, my This is The meteor fragment? Within the gate, you can retrieve what you once lost.
What was seen inside the green mist was either a demon or a cursed remnant from the past.
The irrevocable past is a bloody memory.
The starry sky that disappeared beyond the mirror is the one I saw with you.
Contractors do not dream.
Episode Twelve When One Takes Back What Was Lost Within the Wall (Part Two) The remuneration is complete.