Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e13 Episode Script

A Heart Unswaying on the Water's Surface Part 1

1 That's not right, Kirsi.
Play it like this.
Hold the pedal a little longer.
That's what I'm doing! Play it with a little more emotion.
Emotion? Your feelings.
Try and grasp the form for the time being.
Just the form? Feelings and form are different.
I know that mu Listen, Kirsi.
Once you grasp the feel of it, your emotions will be able to flow freely.
For example, if you smile when you're sad, your sadness will lessen.
I don't understand what you're saying, sensei! Maybe that analogy was a little too difficult.
She talks like an adult, but she's still Don't treat me like a child, Mama! What's wrong? Sensei, is there a full moon out tonight? Let's see You're right.
Of course I am, sensei.
I like this light.
I can't see it, but I can feel its silver glow.
plane crash Are you sure the people looking for us are already here? It was information from above, so keep your eyes open.
We've become popular, haven't we? Do you have any leads? Not yet.
Yin's unreliable, as usual.
She can't even fulfill her only purpose.
Number Six's lips look discolored to me.
Increase the sodium concentration by point zero-one.
Everything is going according to standard procedure.
Recognize the differences between them, and don't rely so much on monitors and instruments.
They're delicate in body and soul.
Is something wrong? No.
His lips seemed to move, as if he was talking in his sleep.
He might have been seeing a dream.
Dream? But mediums Just kidding.
I know it's been proven that they don't dream.
Then again, maybe they can experience it A sweet dream.
Chief Ishizaki, there are some changes in the observer apparitions currently on patrol.
Contractors? Most likely.
Several are gathering near a specific coordinate.
I thought I told you not to go out alone.
Did you do that? Well, it looked like he was spying on us.
One of our targets? Who knows? He might have been from a higher level.
Let me remind you that our job is to identify their numbers, identities, and abilities.
We're not supposed to kill them.
It's an emergency! The mediums are What the hell is going on? Retrieve the observer apparitions.
About that They're not returning.
That can't be.
The only explanation I can think of is that they might have been captured.
How about the stars? Activity in CY-463.
A contractor that can capture observer apparitions? How pretty.
What's wrong? My mind suddenly synced with a doll that sent out an observer apparition.
It isn't a good feeling.
You're still there? This is too good to be true.
It looks like I was able to establish a connection with one of our targets.
I'm surprised you were able to see her in this picture! You want me to find this girl, right? Understand? Can you understand? Please take the job.
Leave it to us! But Mr.
Foreigner, um Mr.
Kashite Kashite Kashite Kastinen.
Eelis Kastinen.
Oh, Kastenee-san! You've come to the right place! A famous pianist like yourself, coming all the way from Scandinavia to hire me, Kurasawa Gai I didn't know you were well-known overseas, boss.
Gai? Yes, Gai Kurasawa! Japanese most famous detective! Just kidding.
Gai Gai Kurasawa? I've been saying that I'm Gai, Gai Kurasawa.
Does the name sound familiar? You're relatively calm about this.
You've identified the target, haven't you? Aren't you going to make your move? Don't panic.
It isn't difficult to lure a doll out.
If it hasn't recovered from last night's incident, it'll just wander about as if it was sleep-walking.
You're all set, then.
By the way, do you have any cigarettes? Is it okay for you to smoke? Aren't you supposed to be a singer? That's a mean way of saying it.
I stood on the stage of Volksoper a long time ago, you know.
I was one of many, though.
It's a problem if I run out, since it's my remuneration.
What are you writing? Don't.
"A maiden stands still by the lake in the midnight sun, falling into the bright night alone.
" "The blank, cold, silver moon, her only companion.
" That's my remuneration.
An elegant one, at that.
Not bad.
It's a little too feminine, though.
It'd be better if you made it rhyme.
Don't look into it too much.
I've never written a poem in my entire life until I became like this.
Isn't that great? You still have a soul capable of functioning, even if it is someone like you.
I haven't been able to contact Yin since last night.
Does that mean she escaped? There's no way a doll could act on its own.
She's only been programmed with enough information necessary to live.
What else could have happened? One of the syndicate's men was murdered.
This occurred last night as well.
Was it the work of the group that infiltrated the area? Probably.
There's a possibility that Yin was abducted by them.
Abducted? In an effort to acquire information about us.
She doesn't have any emotions, but unfortunately for us, she has a great memory.
The syndicate was aware of it, then? That's how it is.
They've also been keeping tabs on us.
You better be careful.
If worst comes to worst, dispose of the doll.
Hey, you're in the way! What's with this girl? Forget about it.
Let's go.
Where am I? She hasn't come back.
Shit! It's that clumsy detective.
She's not here, as I thought.
We're going to ask questions around here, Kiko.
Good luck! "Ncha"? You're also Didn't I tell you I was going to take the rest of the day off? I'm meeting a friend.
I only tagged along because it was on the way.
See you later! Geez Investigator? That guy? That's him.
He's looking for Yin for some reason.
I see.
Let me know if anything happens.
Are you saying I should follow him? He knows what I look like.
You have an ordinary appearance.
Don't worry.
Episode Thirteen A Heart Unswaying on the Water's Surface (Part One) That was wonderful, Kirsi.
Next, whoa Is something wrong? No, I just dropped my penlight.
Oh, let me turn on the lights.
No! No, I like things as they are.
I like this light.
The moonlight.
Kirsi It's all right.
I think it's around here.
Did you find the penlight? Yes.
I see.
Who do they think they're trying to fool? The character was completely different! I can't let that writer live.
I'm going to write his name in my notebook.
Geez, even though the artwork was amazing That's why they shouldn't make adaptations in the first place! You're kidding me It's that girl.
Don't worry.
Refills are free, so you don't have to drink sparingly.
You look gloomy.
Is that part of your character? Take my advice and try to smile, like this.
How is it? Cute.
Cute? See? That's the spirit.
First of all, you have to establish your external features, whether it's for cosplay or anything else.
Cosplay? Excuse me.
Bring me some coffee on the way back.
Get it yourself.
Oh, fine.
I'll be back soon.
Which family restaurant is that? Isn't there something that I'd recognize around there? What don't you understand? There's an anime shop on the corner Hey, wait! We're splitting the bill, you know.
You were lured by your own observer apparition, just as I planned.
You lost sight of her? Where did she go? T-That way, I think.
Hey, wait up! Boss! I can read a doll's mind.
Come here.
It's useless.
Run, Yin! I won't let you get away! You're W-What the ? Watch out, Hei! It's falling down! Hei, run for it! Yin! Get as far away as you can.
Kirsi! Kirsi Kirsi? Bertha, were you trying to get me killed, too? Bertha It's all right.
I'm not swallowing them.
Didn't I tell you this was my remuneration? Kirsi, it's me, Eelis.
Eelis That's right.
Do you remember? Yes.
Investigations are currently underway, but it will take some time to determine the cause.
Hide her? Only until she's able to leave the country.
I don't want to impose, but why was she there in the first place? To tell you the truth, I don't know.
I only know she was being chased.
Chased? By who? She wouldn't say.
Definitely a stalker! Stalker? Listen, it's already become a huge story.
There's no doubt about it.
Chasing such a cute girl Kirsi-chan, you should stay at my place.
I want to dress you up in Idiot.
This isn't a game.
You'll be handsomely compensated.
Well, I suppose I have no choice, since we're already in the same predicament.
That aside, where can we hide her? A hot spring! There has to be at least one! What do you mean by "at least one"? Everyone's looking forward to it.
Who are you talking about? Kiko will do her best! What's the meaning of this? Not only did you lose sight of the enemy, but you also lost Yin! What's your excuse? The next time you see Yin, kill her, regardless of the situation.
Wait a minute, Huang.
Don't you think we'll be playing into the enemy's hand if we become disorganized now? Disorganized? I'm not your ally, you know.
Don't treat me as one of your own kind.
What? Don't worry about it.
We don't regard you as one of us.
Contractors like us don't possess emotions that would make us tremble in fear like you.
Fortunately enough.
Don't be so arrogant! You don't know how frightening the syndicate can be.
Kill Yin, understand? If you won't, I will.
Why did you have to come along? It'd be unfair if you went without me.
I'm their bodyguard! I was the one who suggested a hot spring! Kirsi Let's go back once everything settles down, Kirsi.
Go back? Yes, back to our homeland.
I'm not going back.
I'm not going back.
The train never had a destination.
The drizzling rain reveals a secret crime.
An unwavering heart, a resolute mind.
You cannot be hurt any further.
Are the days that have disappeared with the moonlight asking for atonement? The light she felt in the past cannot reach her anymore.
Episode Fourteen A Heart Unswaying on the Water's Surface (Part Two) The light will radiate.