Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e14 Episode Script

A Heart Unswaying on the Water's Surface Part 2

1 Yes? Yes.
Mama? What's wrong, Mama? The flight Papa's flight Do you really think you'll be able to kill Yin when you find her? She's just a doll.
Why did you save her the other day? I have a lead.
They're trying to get far away.
I'll leave it to you.
Does your power always have to be so extravagant? Aren't spectacles fascinating? It's more like La traviata than it is Aida.
I'm serious.
In that case, I'll explain it to you seriously.
All particles vibrate, so when I hit them with their vibrational frequency, they'll begin to resonate.
In other words, the vibration is amplified to the point of destruction.
Do you get it? Sort of.
In any case, that's what my ability is about.
That's why I can destroy any object I want, even the most obscure of things.
Yeah, and the original chestnut glutton rice, harvest rice kokeshi doll, and Boss, lend me some money.
We also need to buy something to eat.
You're on the job, you know.
What are you going to do if you get drunk? No problem! I fall asleep whenever I get drunk.
No, that's not the issue.
Why don't you want to go home, Kirsi? Aren't you happy about going back to your homeland? I'm not going.
Why not? I don't know.
Kirsi, how do I say this You're not the same person I once knew.
I heard there were many people who became like you after a certain point in time.
Your emotions seem unstable Yes, you must be ill.
Listen to me.
Go back with me.
I'm not going.
Kirsi I'm not go I tried to find you whenever I was on tour abroad.
Why? Why, you ask? Mr.
Kastinen, about the money for our expenses Can you cast it in? I knew you were going to say that.
That wasn't even funny.
Look at the guy next to the cop who's inspecting everyone.
He's trying to trace the connection I'm transmitting.
Are they looking for contractors? Cut the line already.
It's already been done.
It might have been a little too late.
Hey, what's wrong? Are you all right? Hey! Hey! Get a hold of yourself! Was that one of your abilities? An unimpressive one, at that.
I made his heart vibrate sympathetically, which made it come to a halt.
My remuneration won't change, regardless of whether it's spectacular or not.
We only know that much right now.
I'm continuously receiving information from our superiors.
Can you find out where she is at any time? That's how it is.
It means that no one can escape the grasp of the syndicate.
If people like you weren't associated with us, you'd probably be a bunch of serial killers or renegades.
Be grateful you're on our side.
My ass is on the line, so hurry up and go after her.
How's the connection? Still broken.
There needs to be water nearby.
That's a tough remuneration you have.
To tell you the truth, it doesn't have to be cigarettes.
Anything will do, as long as I put it inside my mouth and spit it back out.
It's a habit from your days as a human, isn't it? It looks like luck's on our side.
We will be stopping to allow the oncoming train to pass.
The delay will be approximately five minutes.
Kirsi, are you sure someone's They're coming after us.
Hey, where are those two? Now isn't the time to be sleeping! You could have at least watched over them while I was using the toilet! Damn.
We're getting off at the next station! Come on.
Wake up! No, you can't touch me there What are you taking pictures of? That could be considered voyeurism.
Hey! N-No I'm going to find something to burn.
Wait inside.
Kirsi? Episode Fourteen A Heart Unswaying on the Water's Surface (Part Two) Go ahead.
Play it.
I had a daughter in the past.
An infant baby.
Her father was a creep.
I broke up with him shortly after she was born.
She was unbelievably adorable, just like an angel.
Even though I was a singer, I was a heavy smoker.
Sad, isn't it? I stopped smoking while she was in my womb, but I should have stopped for good.
I carelessly left a cigarette somewhere within her grasp.
She put it inside her mouth.
Before I realized it, she had already choked to death.
It was so sudden.
I wept for the next several nights.
Before I knew it, the night sky had changed.
Why did you save her the other day? Kirsi? Mama Kirsi You were thinking about that night, weren't you? I think I know why you don't want to go back.
You have sad memories of your homeland, which is why Sad? Wrong.
Isn't that what it was? Kirsi The sadness, as well as everything else I remember it.
I remember everything.
If I didn't run outside that day, Mama wouldn't have died.
Kirsi, that's Ever since that night, it disappeared The silver light.
"Bearing the sins of the children of Earth, the moon begins to consume its light.
" Which poem is that from? I don't remember.
It might have been a stanza from an aria.
They say that a lunar eclipse is a symbol of atonement.
In that case, the moon must be in a perpetual state of atonement, since it can't be seen anymore.
You're a strange contractor, too.
Kirsi There wasn't anything going on between your mother and me at that time.
You noticed it after all, didn't you? The feelings I always kept inside of my heart.
Guilty thoughts about stealing your mother away.
I wanted to tell you I wanted to tell you one thing.
You don't have to feel guilty about it, Kirsi.
W-Who the hell are you? You look suspicious! Wait! I swear I've seen you before.
That's right.
I saw you at the construction site when it collapsed.
Are you the stalker who's after the girl? Go away.
Get away from here.
This is something you shouldn't be involved in.
What did you say? Don't screw around with me! What did you do to that girl? She's really quiet and doesn't show many expressions.
It's like she's some kind of doll! Hey, wait! Hey, listen! Even if it doesn't show in her expressions or her words, she's crying within her heart.
Understand? There isn't a single person in this world that deserves to be treated like a doll! Maybe so.
What? Someone's coming.
All the way out here? Who? Hei.
Who are you? Why did you take Yin? Yin? Are you talking about Kirsi? What are you people up to? Wrong.
Kirsi Wrong.
Did you run away on your own? Why? I thought my soul would be able to move forward.
Is she being chased because of you? Are you her partner in crime or something? Partner? That's right.
Kirsi! An earthquake? Run away! He's the one from the other day.
What are we supposed to do? Is collecting information still our top priority? Leave the doll.
He's coming.
H-How? I see You defibrillated your own heart with electricity.
Bertha! I'm through with you, Yin.
You're also Itzhak What kind of light is this? I can't see anything anymore.
It's like the moonlight.
Bertha Maiden, black night, mourning in sadness, falling into the night alone.
The moon that accompanies her radiates of silver, as the night of atonement quietly passes by.
That wasn't bad.
That's ridiculous.
Dolls can't shed tears.
Cold sake.
Coming right up.
I heard you ran into trouble with a doll.
Don't look.
Don't worry.
I won't make an issue out of this since there wasn't any harm done.
It's been assumed that the contractors you disposed of were from the FSB.
If they had received the information, you'd already be Here you go.
Turn in the doll.
It'll be reset.
No, I've only started to get the feel of using it.
Very well.
Don't let your emotions get the best of you.
Emotions? Idiot.
Kastinen? There was no doubt it was him, so I tried to start a conversation.
He looked at me as if he never saw me before.
It might have been his way of saying you should forget about it.
He's probably worried that it might become a well-known scandal.
He looked strange, as if his memory was erased.
No way.
Speaking of which, that girl Are you talking about Kirsi-chan? Right.
She was back at the tobacco shop.
Did those two not get along? Well, there's no point in prying into a private matter.
We received our payment, and you even went to the hot spring.
Well, I didn't have much of a choice after you deserted me, did I? You didn't have a choice? Any reasonable person would have come back after finding out they've been deserted! Well, everyone was looking forward to it.
What are you talking about? Let's go back, Kirsi.
Let's return.
There's no reason for you to be caught up in your past anymore.
Hei Am I your partner? Kirsi? It's up to you to decide whether you want to remain here as Yin or be someone else.
Decide? Me? Let's go back, Kirsi.
Kirs Yin.
Kirsi Are you okay with this, Yin? The sun shines a somber glitter as the hag sings.
The recurring destruction is a requiem for the lost past.
Is the remuneration for betrayal blood or tears? The chain reaction of indignation has started and cannot be stopped.
The town is full of chaos and dissonance.
Episode Fifteen Memories of Betrayal in an Amber Smile (Part One) The stage has been set.