Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e15 Episode Script

Memories of Betrayal in an Amber Smile Part 1

1 Do you need a receipt? Yes, please.
Who should I address it to? British Secret Intelligence Service.
Yes Secret? You can use the initials.
Oh, don't write MI6, though.
Write SIS instead.
You sure like to joke around.
That aside, you're quite the drinker.
I always get an urge to drink after work.
That night club's a joke.
How can they employ hosts that get drunk before a customer does? Geez.
Sorry! Pick up the phone, November.
Thank you for calling.
This is your beloved Jack Simon.
Sorry I can't come to the phone right now.
Let me leave you with a joke instead.
The shepherd said to the minister, "My wife is" This is April.
I've found February, our top priority.
Kabuki Street - Best in town How is she? She'll live.
She hasn't regained consciousness yet.
Is the rumor about her appearance in Tokyo true? You have one saved message.
This is April.
I've found February, our top priority.
She's being accompanied by a Caucasian boy with heterochromatic eyes.
Where to? Follow the car ahead of us.
4:04 A.
End of messages.
I thought about making a visit here after attending a funeral for an old navy friend in Hong Kong.
February, huh? Who would have thought she'd appear right in front of us after she went missing for five years? Who was accompanying her? The details, including the cause of the explosion, are unknown.
There's a saying in this country that goes "there's no use crying over spilt milk".
There's nothing we can do about the fact that she was a double agent who stole gate-related information from us and gave it to that syndicate.
We also can't do anything about the fact that Great Britain lost an advantage in contractor-related research because of her.
There's nothing we can do about what was spilt, but we can punish the maid who's responsible.
Why now, of all times? Do you think her appearance and the upcoming solar maximum are related in any way? I wouldn't know.
Suspend all other duties and prioritize the apprehension of February.
Solar maximum? Once every few years, the largest sunspots, classified by their Zurich number, appear in clusters on the surface of the sun.
It looks like a gigantic eyeball.
Eyeball? That sounds creepy.
This phenomenon wasn't observed before the emergence of the gate, so there's been a tense atmosphere around the observatory for the past few days.
Is something going to happen? Something might happen, but something might not.
There hasn't been any recent activity considered to be related.
To be honest, I don't know.
There's something that's been bothering me, though.
Five years ago, during the last solar maximum, the gate in South America disappeared.
"Please protect your smile.
" Why? No, I must express gratitude in these kinds of situations.
Thank you, and nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Li Shun Sheng.
I'm Maki.
Was that a gift from someone? I received it from somebody important to me.
I see.
You should take good care of it.
What was it doing in a place like that? Thank you.
Who would have thought District 45 would be targeted? Targeted? According to information from an informant in forensics, not even a sliver of the meteor fragment could be found.
Who did it? Footprints of a MI6 agent were left on the scene.
The same agent we came into contact with during the Havoc mission.
Retrieve it.
Why would MI6 do that? There aren't any limits of restraint as far as PANDORA is concerned.
In other words, it's a melting pot of countries with their own priorities.
I wouldn't be surprised if news about the stolen meteor fragment already reached the U.
What were you thinking, returning to the scene of the crime? I lost something important.
It landed in a tree during the explosion.
Amagiri, I met an interesting person.
He was nice to me.
For some reason, it felt strange.
Who was it? I don't know.
Were you being followed? Everything's fine.
We've obtained the meteor fragment.
We'll leave this town in a state of chaos and animosity.
Let's begin.
Where's Amber? Where did she go? She left to look for the final key.
Final key? In that case, I'll also You don't have to go.
Why not? Is she meeting with someone, by chance? That'll be 480 yen.
Episode Fifteen Memories of Betrayal in an Amber Smile (Part One) Of course, just because the solar maximum is occurring doesn't mean the phenomenon that took place in South America will occur here.
That's true, or Tokyo would have disappeared several times.
However, I do consider it to be one of the indicators for preliminary activity.
If multiple, simultaneous occurrences are confirmed Are there any other indicators? For example, during the last solar maximum that led to the disappearance of the South American gate, Hoshimi-sama Chief Ishizaki! Chief Ishizaki! Please return to the observation room immediately.
The stars are whispering.
The stars are whispering.
Happily, sorrowfully Glittering, shimmering I can hear it.
I can hear it.
Hoshimi-sama spoke No way! Saitou-san, that's Yeah, the Kanei Trade Building, where MI6's Tokyo branch is located.
The floor housing the British Intelligence Service was targeted.
It seems like they're growing restless.
Information about their initial course of action has been leaked all the way down to us.
Apparently, there were traces of CIA involvement.
That can't be.
Excuse us.
Lieutenant Kirihara Misaki, Chief of Foreign Affairs, Division Four, at your Mr.
Nishijima? Treat what I'm about to tell you as off the record.
Three weeks ago, a certain prohibited material was smuggled from the gate.
A CIA agent was believed to have been initially involved, but the people who smuggled it were from another organization.
That's what the CIA is speculating.
The U.
suddenly lost any advantage it once had regarding contractor-related research as a result of the information leak.
They have been visibly apprehensive in recent years.
Did the CIA blow up the MI6 branch in order to retrieve the gate-proprietary material? That is only an assumption.
First MI6, and now the CIA building? Don't tell me the English retaliated.
That's not it.
It looks like a different intelligence agency has been interfering.
What's going on? Who knows? Maybe all of them are trying to start a war.
Shinjyuku Shaken!! Reoccurring explosions of buildings a mystery.
Another explosion took place at the Pacific Central Tower, which occurred after the attack on the Kanei Trade Building.
Many survivors are still trapped inside the tower, unable to escape due to the ensuing fire.
I'm sorry! Who was responsible for it this time? I'm still waiting for the report from an undercover agent conducting espionage on the CIA.
I'm going to stop by the American embassy.
Continue with the search and apprehension of February.
Forget about periodic updates.
Call me when there's some kind of progress.
Give it back.
What are you talking about? The stolen meteor fragment.
"I don't know what you're talking about, ask somebody else" is what I should be telling you, but that aside, welcome.
I also have something I need to ask you.
Where's February? My information says she's in Tokyo.
Her code name within your organization is Amber, isn't it? Amber is in this city? I bet the Shinjuku explosion this morning was her work, since it was confirmed by one of our agents.
Did the agent see her? She was a victim of the explosion and is in critical condition as a result.
Tell me where she is now! I'm the one who's asking! The fact that she's a member of your organization is more than It can't be.
Were you also deceived by her? She's pretty bold for a cute girl.
A Lilith in disguise.
Why did Amber show up in Tokyo? What do you think? Don't lay a hand on her.
I'll take care of her! Not so fast! This is November.
I need the latest information on the bombing of the CIA building.
According to the undercover agent, there were traces of activity from the Chinese Ministry of State Security.
The next target is the Chinese embassy, huh? They're leaving an easy trail to follow.
Although we don't know their objectives, this works out in our favor.
She's being accompanied by a Caucasian boy with heterochromatic eyes.
Heterochromia If anything happens, be sure to contact her.
Where's February? Code name Amber.
Where is she? I won't tell you.
I guess I don't have any other choice but to force you to tell me.
We have no need for him if he was defeated that easily.
Use three recorders and get a backup ready, just in case.
Set the auxiliary organic media to recordable temperature.
Don't cut off the power.
Oh, set up a connection with the Crisis Management Center in the Prime Minister's Office.
This is the second time I've heard Hoshimi-sama speak.
The first time was during the solar maximum five years ago.
That was when Yes, when part of South America disappeared from the world as we knew it.
Shiny and bright, the stars are twinkling.
Strong and weak, they are singing.
I can hear it, just like that time.
It's almost here.
The beginning of the end.
The beginning of the end.
I can't find the bread knife.
Can I use it? I like the smell of freshly baked bread, spread with a generous serving of lime marmalade and topped with whipped cream.
Should we run away? Somewhere Somewhere far away.
You, Pai, and me, the three of us.
Where to? A place where we can see the stars.
It's a good luck charm.
"Please protect your smile.
" What? She appeared in Tokyo? Are you sure it's Amber, Hei? That bastard.
Maybe Yin knows where she is.
Hey, Mao! It may sound strange coming from me, Tobacco but I really like this name.
Nice to meet you, Yin.
It's been a while.
Amber The familiar name called out is silenced by a vengeful blade.
Trembling about a significant loss, crying over an irretrievable dream.
Revenge is the bread that sustains life.
Sorrow is a poisonous spice.
Envy, fear, and misunderstanding The unleashed trap is in the form of a human soul, Episode Sixteen Memories of Betrayal in an Amber Smile (Part Two) and something is on the verge of change.