Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e18 Episode Script

A Love Song Sung from a Trash Heap Part 2

1 It's me.
I see.
Good work.
It's the beginning of a war.
Why did you come here? I'm sorry.
You're the only person I know outside of the organization, Li-san.
Do you have any idea who that girl is? Aniki told me she was some sort of merchandise.
Why did you bring her here if you already knew that? I'm infatuated with her! I've decided to make her happy! How? How? Well, that's I'll find a way.
Why Why are you so upset? What are you going to do about the organization? I don't have any other choice but to leave.
I'm sure Aniki's angry.
I'm going to run away from Tokyo with her.
There's no way you could pull that off.
I won't know until I try! I'm an idiot who doesn't know how the world works, but I believe she'll never be happy if she stays here.
You don't understand anything at all.
Did Kenji do this to you? Yes.
Did he run away with the doll? Probably.
That punk He did this at the worst possible moment.
What are you going to do? Ask the customer to wait a little longer.
Tell him I'll think about giving him a discount depending on how things turn out.
But Why do you think I had the old man killed? I'm more concerned about how many officials I can extort before the turmoil subsides.
I need the money.
If you understand what I'm saying, leave! Sir! Listen, you guys.
Find them at once! Don't lay a finger on the girl.
Kill the guy if you have to.
Roger! Oh, doesn't that sweater look cute? Hey, aren't you done shopping? Geez.
BK201? Don't move.
Slowly turn this way.
Li-kun? Oh, Kirihara-san.
It's been a while.
It really has.
How have you been? Um This is Who's he? Um How should I explain this? Good question.
It's okay.
Say no more.
Hey, don't misunderstand.
I'd understand if he was buying clothes as a present for his girlfriend, but underwear and a wig? Are you jealous? I told you Yeah, yeah.
Why do you think it's a present? Thank you for helping me with the decision.
Li-kun, those things weren't for you, were they? Idiot.
N-No way! A friend asked me for a favor.
He asked me to find a present for his girlfriend since he didn't have any time.
Oh, I see.
O-Of course.
Please excuse me.
Aren't you glad it wasn't a present for his girlfriend? That's enough.
Really? The way you were looking at him didn't seem normal.
That's because Li-san, you're back! I do live here.
What is this? A change of clothes.
There's no way she'd get very far in that outfit.
Li-san Thank you very much.
Why are you here? Is she your girlfriend, Li-san? She came into the room without saying a word.
Were you monitoring me? Huang's instructions? Why? Hei, you seemed a little different today.
Is something wrong? No.
Help her change.
Are you okay with that person? I apologize for the trouble I'm causing you.
Are you serious about this? Of course.
Always on the run, living in fear of pursuers who might come at any moment You're going to have to run for the rest of your life.
I'm aware of that.
What about money? Housing? Even if you're lucky enough to find a job, how are you going to take care of her? She's not even toilet trained.
I'll find a way.
Why her? She doesn't understand your words or your reasoning.
Why are you so concerned about her? Hi! Oh, you're here again.
You're dressed up, aren't you? I'm off to work, after all.
I don't sit around and drink all day, you know.
Have a good day.
Li-san, do you know why Eileen came to Japan? She's here to earn money for her brother and sister back in her homeland.
She wasn't able to get a decent education, which is why she doesn't want her siblings to be in the same situation.
That's because they're related by blood.
What difference does that make? I was abandoned by my parents.
Eileen isn't the only one.
Louis, Joshua, and Babo Everyone has a reason for living.
Li-san, don't you have it as well? Something you want to protect from the bottom of your heart Sorry, I said a little too much.
You can't help being lovestruck, though.
I'll take you to the station.
I'll take you to Shinjuku Station.
Li-san Tickets to the first express out of here! Any destination is fine! I need two tickets now! O-Okay.
The earliest departure is an express bound for Matsumoto.
I'll take it.
Kenji! Let's go.
Sir, your change! Hold it! Don't.
You guys go after them.
I'm going to call Hitotsubashi-san.
Roger! This is an announcement addressed to the following customer This way.
You two go on ahead.
What about you, Li-san? We'll manage.
Li-san! Let's go, Yin.
Episode Eighteen A Love Song Sung from a Trash Heap (Part Two) It's only the broad? Where did the others go? You Bastard Wait! Open up! Are you okay? Open up! Open the door, bastards! Good.
I think we're It's dangerous to run out like that, Kenji.
A-Aniki If you're looking for the kid and the doll, they were caught.
How long have you been watching? It's about time to pull out.
The kid's going to die and the doll's going to be sold.
When that happens, they're going to find out about your involvement.
It'll be impossible for you to continue your mission.
You guys better run away at once.
If you're involved with that kid any longer, it'll be seen as betrayal against the syndicate.
Are you going to report this to Huang? Give me some credit.
What would I gain out of telling him? I'm just here to kill time, since you never fail to amuse me.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Yes, since we were the ones at fault, I'll give you a discount.
Allow us to continue providing our services in the future.
Shit, open up! I'll open it soon enough.
It'll be the last thing you'll see.
Damn! Is it the doll's observer apparition? Is it spying on us? No.
She's calling us.
She's saying, "Kenji will be killed Save him.
" What? Are you saying that the doll sent its observer apparition on its own? That's hard to believe.
The yakuza using the doll must have set a trap.
There's no other explanation.
What do you think? You were the one who said I seemed different today.
Why did you think so? Ask where it is.
Never a dull moment with you.
That was stupid of you, Kenji.
You're throwing your life away for the sake of a doll.
What are you saying, Aniki? She isn't an object She's a girl, not a doll.
How long are you going to continue acting delusional? I've decided to risk my life for her sake.
I can do anything as long as I have this will.
I dare you to find a way out of this situation, then.
Aniki Why are you so upset? What? You're the one who said it a long time ago, Aniki.
Have you forgotten? A stun gun? Shoot.
Aniki, stand up.
Get into the car, please.
Li-san, will you have my motorbike? Please take care of it.
Where do you want me to go? Shinjuku Station.
All right.
This is the second time you've sat in the back, Yeah, it is.
although the last time was on a motorcycle.
That was my first time on a bike, and it was the first time I met you.
Yeah, it was.
Listen, a motorcycle isn't just a machine.
If you take good care of it, it'll listen to your wishes.
It'll never let you down.
Understand? You probably don't.
I understand! You do? Listen, kid.
Find something you want to protect with your life.
When you do, there isn't anything in this world you'll be afraid of.
You'll be able to do anything.
Why did you let him go? What are you talking about? There wasn't any ammunition left in that gun, but you already knew that.
I wasn't aware.
Hey Is there something you want to protect with your life? I don't have anything like that.
I did in the past, though.
I see.
Hey It might be a little too late to say this, but You don't have to stay with me, you know.
If you don't like me, feel free to leave whenever you want to.
Hitotsubashi is dead.
It looks like a guy named Ohshita will take over the family.
What about our mission? The trafficking route ceased to exist the moment Hitotsubashi was killed.
Our mission has been canceled.
I see.
What's wrong, Hei? Nothing.
There was a response from BK201? Y-Yes, but it was really faint.
Time and location? Several minutes, starting from 19:12 last night.
The exact location hasn't been confirmed, but it was probably Shinjuku.
He was in the vicinity after all.
Was there any other news worth mentioning during that time? It occurred a little later, but there was a shooting incident at Shinjuku Station's south exit, believed to be part of a gang war.
A mob official was killed.
Shooting incident? Anything else? Nothing else has been reported.
I see.
All right.
When will you make your next appearance, BK201? Coming! Sorry for all the trouble.
Don't worry about it.
It's part of my job as a landlord.
Kiritanpo? Don't you know what that is? It's an Akita dish.
Is that boy in Akita? Yes.
This is a lot for one person.
I think he wanted to share this with everybody.
Can you distribute it to everyone? What are you saying? Hand it out yourself.
What's with that face? That's common courtesy, you know.
The faces of those who are gone float beyond the bubble that glitters of gold.
The woman who lost her memory serves a smile.
The man who lost his love drinks a glass of despair.
His unabated indignity won't melt away, so he continues to drink.
However, he cannot get drunk.
Episode Nineteen Dreaming Shallow, Uninebriated (Part One)