Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e19 Episode Script

Dreaming Shallow, Uninebriated Part 1

1 What's with that face, Shihoko? This isn't like you.
Hey, what's wrong? Damn.
Kuno-san? What are they going to do about that? What do you mean? They're going to build a wall, that's all.
Tokyo is crowded as it is.
They're just making life more difficult.
Whatever we did, we blew it.
They ditched this place before we were ready to raid it.
What do you think about the rumor saying they were affiliated with the terrorists in South America? Who knows? That's the reason we came here in the first place.
What is that? Is something wrong? A hag, huh? Do you think she's related to this case? I'm not sure.
In any case, I'll take it with me and report it to my superior.
"Don't bring useless stuff", huh? As I thought.
They didn't even make an effort to investigate it.
It's cold.
Want to go out for a drink? Well, I told my wife I'd be home early.
What's with that? You're so stubborn.
That's it! Kuno-san, why don't you come over? Ah, thanks.
Please make yourself at home.
Oh, don't go out of your way for my sake.
There's nothing fancy about this.
Geez, don't be ridiculous.
You just wanted to show off your pretty wife, didn't you? You may be right.
You could at least make an attempt to deny it.
How about you, Kuno-san? It's pretty nice.
Are you trying to pick a fight? Do you think any woman would be interested in someone with my looks? That's not true.
You're a charming man.
You're a wonderful wife who's too good for a man like him.
You can handle your share of alcohol, can't you? It's probably because of my physical build.
There are times when I wish I could get as drunk as a fish.
Police work requires a person who won't carelessly get drunk and disclose important details, right? I'd feel safer with someone who could handle his booze.
Is that how it is? You don't get it, Isozaki.
Unlike you, your wife knows what she's talking about.
My Do you want another bottle? No, I'm drunk.
There you go again.
I'd like to see you actually get drunk for once, Kuno-san.
My body won't let me get drunk.
Isn't that good? You're making an honest living, aren't you? You're being sarcastic.
Was he also like that? My husband Did Isozaki handle alcohol well? Yeah I guess so.
Oh, do you live here? Yes.
Talk about great timing.
This must be a sign of Her divine guidance.
Of course! We've come to tell you about something wonderful.
Do you believe in anything? Um I don't understand much Japanese.
Nonsense! If you understand that much, it's more than enough.
Where are you from? Um I need to bring my things inside.
Let us hold it for you, then.
B-But Think nothing of it.
What an admirable young man! You actually cook instead of eating pre-packaged food.
Um Like I said, I need to put this inside the refrigerator.
Shall we cook it for you? What were you going to make? A kimchi pot dish? As a Korean, he probably will.
I never said I was Korean Oh, my! Are you from China? Ni hao! Good! Kawakami-san, hand him a pamphlet.
That's right! There happens to be a Chinese edition.
See? Isn't she beautiful? She's the guru.
You're a lucky one.
This was certainly the guidance of Gate-sama.
Gate? Are you interested in Gate-sama? Really? You must listen to what we have to say.
We worship Gate-sama, who is an embodiment of our faith.
Have you heard about the Fellowship of the Gate Fundamentalists, also known as In this world where the moon has vanished and the stars have changed, we must not be frightened or intimidated.
Let us pray instead.
The Brotherhood of the Gate? It's one of those new cults.
It's a recent fad.
Have you ever heard about them? Yeah.
You're to infiltrate the cult and kill the star of Arma, their guru.
Those are your orders.
Fortunately, there'll be an initiation for non-members next week.
The woman in the picture is the undercover source.
You're to work with her.
Shihoko, you were a part of the syndicate after all.
Hey! Let go! Hey! What's with you? Don't make a scene.
If you're going to pick somebody's pocket, choose your targets wisely.
I'm not some pigeon, you know.
Ow! Hey! Anything else? Is there anything else you need? I told you I'm fine.
I see.
You're a nice person.
I don't really have a choice, do I? I'm sort of responsible for what happened.
Sort of? You accused me of being a thief.
There's no way I made a mistake about that.
I didn't take your wallet, did I? I guess not.
What do you mean by that? I understand the position you're in.
That's why I settled the details of the accident out of court.
Besides, I missed my audition because of that incident.
You've caused me a lot of trouble.
Audition? It was for a play.
I see.
I only had a one-in-a-million shot, though.
Not that I care.
When I get released from here, you're going to make up for it.
Why are you so quiet? Don't worry.
The penalty won't be anything excessive.
You know I'm surprised by how many changes in expressions you make.
Does that come from your acting background? What's so funny? You're no fun! Why aren't you drunk after drinking that much? I told you I can't get drunk.
That's no fun, Kiyopii! Come on.
Stop calling me that.
Your name's Kiyoshi.
What's wrong with calling you Kiyopii? Geez, give me a break.
Hey, where are you going? Your house is this way.
You crazy drunk.
It's not because I'm drunk, even though I'm pretty buzzed.
Which is it? It's obvious I did it because I like you.
Don't joke around with me.
How could you like me? You hardly know who I am.
It's not an issue about knowing more about you.
Good things can come out of not knowing too much.
Right? There's a limit to how much you can hide.
Right, Shihoko? Episode Nineteen Dreaming Shallow, Uninebriated (Part One) When the wild spirit descends upon this land, misery of colossal proportions will accompany it.
Gate-sama is not the wall built by the efforts of the lecherous, but the pristine spirit hidden within it.
That ray will light the world.
The guru makes an appearance before her apostles during an event that only occurs once a year.
It'll be difficult to locate her.
What about the woman? She's scheduled to instruct the initiates tomorrow.
Huang, reporting periodically will be difficult.
Leave everything to me.
Why do you want to be constantly updated anyway? Is there something you're worried about? It's nothing.
The guru continued to witness the impending misery for days.
One day, She had attained enlightenment.
Very good.
We'll move on to page 201, The Dark Gospel.
Yes? Please read it.
Sanctification Room, 1:00 am The Dark Gospel, verse seven.
The moon was spirited away.
On this night, misery descended upon the sacred land.
The moon disappeared, and the stellar constellation was renewed.
Do you know what this means? Sit down.
Everything's fine.
This room is the equivalent of a confessional.
Respect of privacy is the rule of thumb here.
I've already inspected the room anyway.
Underneath the main chamber lies a secret area that only the guru and her trusted apostles know about.
You'll be able to find the entry route with that.
The guru will be meeting an important person on the day after tomorrow at 2 A.
What'll happen at that time? I'll deal with the guru.
However, since I can't use my power repeatedly, you'll have to take care of the others.
We cannot afford to fail.
It took me three years to get this far.
Why? It was necessary to gain the trust of the cult, as well as identify the guru.
Identify? Does she have a body double? Yes, but that's not all.
I'm sure you've been informed that the guru is a contractor, but were you told about her ability? No.
Do you remember the incident that occurred six years ago, when a politician named Hirose was assassinated? He was killed by his female secretary.
There were witnesses who saw her in the act.
The politician had connections with the syndicate.
He had taken initial steps in an attempt to disband the cult.
What the syndicate learned through a subsequent investigation was that the person who killed him wasn't his secretary, but her look-alike.
They weren't twins, were they? The punch line's even worse than that.
The murderer transformed into the secretary and murdered Hirose.
That is the ability of Arma the guru.
Please come again.
Are you closing soon? Take your time.
I'm glad you come to visit on his memorial day every year.
During the afternoon, a relative of his stopped by and talked about Isozaki.
Our conversation didn't last very long, and I felt vexed by it.
Didn't you tell me these kinds of things happen frequently? When a family member is killed, you lose your memory out of shock.
You said it happened all the time.
Yeah, I might have.
Could that be true? Was I that distant from him? What are you talking about? I even have faint memories of you, Kuno-san.
The man I lived with for two years, however I don't remember him at all.
You can't do anything about what you've forgotten.
Some things are better left that way.
It's okay.
I know how to get to the station.
It's the third time.
I won't get lost this time.
I need to get some fresh air anyway.
Take care.
Shihoko? Is she an acquaintance of yours? Kuno-san? What are you doing here? Hey! What's wrong? Isozaki! Darling? Dear! What's wrong? Honey! Get a hold of yourself! Shi zu ka Honey! Isozaki! Wait, Shihoko! Isozaki! Isozaki! Isozaki! Isozaki! The case was closed? Letter of resignation Investigations have been concluded? Due to the abnormal nature of the crime, it was categorized with the other special cases that have been occurring recently.
Special cases? I'm sure you've heard about it.
Those with supernatural powers, referred to as contractors, have been at large.
Isn't that just a rumor? At the gate during the turmoil in South America, there were stories about the same kinds of people being involved.
This is the autopsy report on Isozaki.
He died from complications resulting from deterioration of his internal organs.
Although we know what took place, we still don't know how it happened.
We're not prepared to deal with these kinds of cases at this moment in time.
That is all I can tell you right now.
I don't know why you submitted this, but this case has been dealt with internally.
There's no reason for you to resign.
That's what I wanted to tell you.
Shihoko, what exactly are you? Kuno-san? Who are you? Did you know that it's standard procedure to erase the memories of those who have witnessed a contractor? You saw her when Isozaki-san was killed, didn't you? That's why your memories will be erased in due time.
There are some people who have voiced regrets about this, citing your proficiency as an intelligence officer who could be of some use to us.
Who the hell are you? Parts of Mrs.
Isozaki's memories have already been erased.
What? Won't you consider joining the syndicate? It's the only way you'll be able to prevent the erasure of your memories.
Oh, my.
It's starting to rain.
I would commend you on assembling this many, but it's not enough.
It's not that easy.
It doesn't look like you can handle it.
Arma the guru better be available today.
She's waiting in another room.
I'm drenched.
That man He was there with Amber.
How are the preparations going? It's ready.
What an unenthusiastic reply.
Don't treat dolls like tools.
Is this in accordance with Amber's wishes? It's for the sake of E.
Kishida, was it? It looks like you're able to see observer apparitions.
Are you a contractor? What? Who sent you? Turn on the lights! Guru! Are you the contractor who was sent to kill me? Go ahead.
Do as you please.
Damn, he shouldn't be too far away.
Find him! Sir! You blew it? How? Did you order Yin to send an observer apparition? Yeah.
I was worried about the situation.
Why did you do something like that? That isn't like you at all.
The woman What happened to the undercover agent? She was caught, no thanks to you.
Did you hear what I said, Huang? Huang! A friend who was erased, a memory likewise erased.
Thoughts that won't disappear, a woman who disappeared.
Contractors don't have a sense of guilt.
Their memories simply remain.
The muzzle shines a somber color of rust.
Putting an end to what was smoldered in the past, basking in joy, you wake up from a dream that vanishes as easily as a mirage.
However, you wanted to get drunk.
Episode Twenty Dreaming Shallow, Uninebriated (Part Two)