Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e21 Episode Script

City Under Crackdown, Moist with Tears Part 1

1 So that's what it was.
I've solved it! I've solved it! I must be really tired.
I need to take a break after I finish this.
What is it? Is the analysis finished? No, sir.
Schroeder's been Hold it right there! Stop! Shit! The suspect's heading toward Meiji-dori Avenue.
They sure are making us work hard from the start of the day.
Good work.
Boss They were instructed to target the U.
Is it them? E.
, the group of contractors responsible for the terrorist attacks.
The man we arrested confessed to being a member.
Did he have any information about the leader? He's being interrogated about it as we speak.
We might not learn anything at all, though.
There were signs of his memory being altered.
According to their previous statement, the objective of the E.
is to attain public recognition and acquire greater rights.
Aside from their methods of achieving those goals, I don't have a problem understanding that ideal.
However, all of the suspects in question are unable to remember one specific memory, as well as any information about the leader.
What are you implying? I have a strange feeling that a different person who wasn't involved in previous cases is who we're after.
I see.
How troublesome.
In any case, we must immediately persuade the U.
embassy to raise their terror alert level.
You're to go directly to the embassy and meet with the Chief of Security, Harris Bonham, and deliberate on their intended course of action.
Excuse me.
It's me.
Public Safety Division Foreign Affairs Department 4 This was the report made by the Department of Astronomy.
After analyzing the three suspects and the celestial data, it was concluded that they weren't responsible for the eleven detections that were made two days ago.
Do you think the serial bombings had any influence on contractor-related activity? These numbers are astronomically high in comparison to the past few years.
It's probably due to the effects of the solar maximum and the Gulfind wavelength.
You meant to say Gulhinde, Matsumoto-san.
It's Gullfinger, morons.
Is something on your mind? No, it's nothing.
In any case, three more days Three more days until the end of the solar maximum.
If everything goes as scheduled, contractor-related incidents should start to subside.
Stay alert until then.
Roger! Strange incidents have been occurring recently, haven't they? I think it's related to the solar maximum, as well as the existence of the rumored supernatural The government, police, or Supernatural, huh? I'd like to be one.
Don't you? Not really.
They can probably move things around without using their hands.
I bet it's really convenient.
Whenever it gets busy around here, I'd be able to stay behind the counter and do the dishes at the same time! I bet you think it never gets busy in here.
N-No Thanks for the meal.
You're welcome.
Waiting for your food? Don't be ridiculous.
I was waiting for you.
It's time for work.
American Embassy The security here is flawless.
Ever since the bombing incidents occurred, we've increased the number of security guards and sent the ambassador back to our homeland as a precautionary measure.
Five out of ten cases occurred on extraterritorial soil, though.
In other words, you're telling us that our security outside the embassy is insufficient, which is why you want to deploy officers inside? Out of the question.
If you want us to take action, pressure your own government into doing so first.
If they can negotiate with the U.
government and receive permission, we'll welcome you with open arms.
As long as permission is granted, of course.
They don't trust us at all.
This isn't the first time they've treated us like this.
What are we supposed to do? Hey, it's him! How are your injuries? I feel as great as I look.
That's good to hear.
By the way, what are you doing here? I received information that the attacks would continue.
You were hurt in the line of duty, so I understand why you can't ignore the situation.
Leave the rest to us.
I just wanted to get a good view of the explosion.
Just kidding.
Actually, I received some additional embassy-related information.
I wanted to let you in on a secret as a token of my appreciation for the other day.
What's it about? Do you happen to know a scientist by the name of Robert Schroeder, Misaki? He researched gate-related information, if I recall.
He became famous for solving some mystery.
I haven't heard about him lately.
He was actually quarantined deep within PANDORA until just recently.
Why? The E.
was after him.
I don't know why.
Despite PANDORA's efforts, he was abducted the night before yesterday.
Are you implying that the U.
embassy was involved? I wouldn't go that far.
A doll was assigned to monitor him since he was still an important figure.
However, the location where the observer apparition disappeared was I don't believe it.
I didn't expect you to.
The possibility of E.
members masquerading within the U.
embassy can't be discarded.
I'm sure you already know, but February, the leader of the E.
, used to work by my side as a fellow agent.
Isn't that still true? What do you think? Oh, sorry.
I couldn't restrain myself at the sight of that wrinkle.
What is it? From here on out, the line that separates enemies from allies doesn't exist.
You must act on your own intuition.
I'll see you later.
The Japanese officers finally left.
What was that all about? They said that the terrorists responsible for the previous attacks are targeting us.
I see.
What else? That's it.
They didn't have any evidence to back their claim.
Did they think we'd cooperate and risk compromising federal secrets over an intuition? Doesn't that sound dangerous, though? Isn't that group responsible for the attacks made against the CIA? There's no need to worry.
I'm the head of security.
Everything has been accounted for.
Are you scared? I'll help you forget about it, like always.
Brita? I'm going to deliver these important documents before you help me forget about it.
Brita, I'll be waiting for you, honey.
It looks like we've finally found the real Dr.
Intelligence is on the move.
They're saying that the E.
is targeting this place.
I haven't heard Amber talk about any attacks on the embassy.
Neither have I.
The syndicate might have spread that rumor themselves so they could infiltrate the premises.
More than likely.
With the assistance of an accelerator, anti-gate particles tend to gather centripetally in order to alter the stability of the gate.
The possibility of his memories being implanted onto the body double can't be ruled out.
However, there's no doubt that the information was extracted from him.
I think it'd be worthwhile to arrange a meeting with her.
Let's be a little more patient.
If he's the real professor, they'll do just about anything to infiltrate the grounds.
If that's what Amber wants.
Episode Twenty-One City Under Crackdown, Moist with Tears (Part One) There are more cops than usual.
Here, too.
Can you make it? Not a problem.
I'll leave the timing to you.
Are you ready? Whenever you are.
I'm only a decoy.
You're the one who has to bomb the embassy.
Let's go.
Saitou-san, what is this? Anpan and milk is the meal of choice when it comes to undercover work, you know.
I've never heard that before.
You have bad taste.
You don't have to eat it if you don't want to! Boss, here's your share.
Give me another one.
Do they even sell milk from a bottle these days? Don't you know that glass bottles are the best type of container for the environment? Recycle, man! Recycle! He's here! Shit! I'm in.
Yin Move forward twenty meters.
There are two guards at the front entrance.
Head to your right.
Follow the road at the next turn.
The first window is unlocked.
Okay, they're gone.
Five minutes until detonation.
Got it.
Get out of there.
Who's there? I didn't think we would meet again so soon.
I'm glad I chose Amber.
As I said earlier, there's no need for concern.
It's probably a prank.
Besides, the smoke screen landed within your jurisdiction.
It doesn't have anything to do with us.
That was obviously a decoy! Even as we speak, security within the embassy's grounds already has its hands full and Don't test my patience.
Call the Fire Defense Agency! Sir! T-This must be an accident! There must be some kind of mistake Mr.
Bonham! Don't let them in! Yes? This is Kirihara.
They beat us.
I'm sorry.
How are things at the embassy? I can't confirm anything without setting foot on the premises.
Manager, I need to ask you for a favor.
On the grounds of preserving public order, please grant us permission to enter the embassy.
What? At this rate, we won't be able to rescue the survivors, and we'll lose our lead on the suspects! Understood.
Give me five minutes.
It's just as you heard.
Do you have the permission of the Chief Cabinet Secretary? Yes, as long as foreign relations with the U.
are not compromised in the process.
From a diplomatic perspective, you have a justifiable case.
I can address the details to a friend in the U.
in order to ward off the hawks.
In that case Yes, we'll move onto the next scenario.
Transport the wounded to the paramedics at once! Why are people so self-absorbed in these kinds of situations? What's he trying to do? Damn.
Orders to abandon the professor and engage in a fight weren't issued, if I recall.
Is that him? The man Amber has coveted after.
It is, unfortunately.
All the more reason to call a truce, if that's the case.
See you later, Black Grim Reaper.
You're the one who abducted the professor after all.
It's been a while, November 11.
I'd like to meet February.
Of course.
She would like to meet you as well.
Drop the gun and place your hands behind your head! I'm Lieutenant Kirihara from the Intelligence Department, Division of Foreign Affairs, Section Four.
Who are you people? We're from PANDORA.
PANDORA? Don't move! Don't move! Hei's late.
Can you talk, kitty cat? The strange, white-haired man talked about the principles of the world to the strange people who were around him.
People dressed as beasts, people who predicted the future, people who received the death sentence.
Fate is an inevitability, but resisting it is one way of life.
Episode Twenty-Two City Under Crackdown, Moist with Tears (Part Two) The purple haze lingers.