Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e22 Episode Script

City Under Crackdown, Moist with Tears Part 2

1 It's common knowledge that contractors act rationally regardless of what kind of situation they're in.
They are able to remain calm and collected while devising a sensible solution.
Are you awake, kitty cat? Is it because they know no fear? No, contractors can get scared shitless, just like anyone else.
The only difference is that they don't act on their emotions.
Even in a situation where they've been taken to the enemy's hideout Where do you think you're going, kitty cat? I'm a contractor and a cat, for one reason or another.
However, I can still make a rational assessment of my situation.
I'm at the mercy of the enemy.
This is the best idea I can come up with.
Does it still hurt? Thanks.
I'm all right now.
Those lunatics from PANDORA are screwing around with us! They should have known that nothing would come out of searching you, boss.
It's surprising that the Cabinet Office ordered the dispatch of PANDORA.
It's probably because it would have become a diplomatic issue if the Japanese police went too far.
What a damn shame.
You're right.
They didn't have to yield investigation jurisdiction to PANDORA.
We're in Japan, for crying out loud.
External Affairs, Section Four.
Boss! The manager wants to see you.
It's Kirihara.
Come in.
I'm sure you're already familiar with the agents.
I believe we haven't met.
This gentleman is in charge of MI6's operations in the Far East.
The name is Decade.
I'm Kirihara.
I asked you to come here because of November 11.
What? I'll get straight to the point.
Do you know where he is? With all due respect, I'd like to ask you the same question.
In other words Wasn't he ordered to disappear from the scene? I had assumed it was related to the abduction of Dr.
I haven't heard a word from him in a week.
What do you mean? That's what we'd like to know.
Is he still MI6's best agent or has he become an instrument of the terrorists? You look younger every time I see you, February.
Excuse me, I should have said Amber.
You haven't changed at all, November 11.
I don't see the man from the other day.
Amagiri? That's too bad.
Did you take a liking to him? No, I don't have those kinds of interests.
That's good to know.
Since we're short on time, let's move on to the main topic.
Ask me whatever you'd like.
Anything at all? What's your favorite kind of food? Apples.
What a coincidence.
Me, too.
You're lying.
That makes two of us.
Let's get back on topic.
Be my guest.
There's only one question I'd like to ask.
What's the truth behind the syndicate you betrayed? Hold on.
In order for you to get a better idea about the situation, I've invited somebody else.
Please come in.
Schroeder Who are you? One of them? He might be, depending on what you have to say.
I told you, I'm just a scientist employed by PANDORA.
What you people refer to as the syndicate Tell him the entire story, including that.
How many normals are in this room? In other words, how many people here aren't contractors? Everybody here is a contractor.
My only ally is this cat, isn't it? He's a contractor, too.
Will you keep the promise we made earlier? You won't kill me, no matter what I say? You have my word.
My experimental hypothesis is very simple.
If I'm correct, every contractor will disappear from this planet.
What? Is that it? Yes.
Is Mao still alive? He was fine while the apparition was present.
What are Amber's objectives? Last time she abducted Yin, and now she's taken Mao.
That's not all.
The good-looking guy from MI6 is involved, too.
Yin, what did Amber talk about the other day? About you, Hei.
About your past and your future.
Hey, wait! Don't tell me you're going there by yourself.
There's no guarantee you'll make it back alive, even for somebody like you.
You'll have to give up on Mao.
He'd say the same thing if he was in my shoes.
Amber's after me.
I don't want to drag anyone else into this.
Aren't you going to look for him? Would you like one? There's no point in worrying about him.
There's no way that man would leave a trail.
By the way, why are you cooperating with us? Orders from above, or is it I just want to know the reason.
Reason? Why did he say that to me? "From here on out, the line that separates enemies from allies doesn't exist.
" "You must act on your own intuition.
" Dr.
Schroeder already obtained the solution to the formula referenced in the plan.
The Third Sector's research team has reached the same conclusion as well.
In other words, we no longer need Dr.
We now have a replacement for the meteor fragment.
What a ridiculous plan! Unfortunately, it isn't very ridiculous at all, although it failed in South America.
Were you responsible for the disappearance of Heaven's Gate? Well, we weren't the ones who made it disappear.
Technically speaking, it didn't really disappear, either.
There was a strange emission of light moments before we proceeded with the plan, and immediately after that happened, a 1,500 kilometer radius of Heaven's Gate in South America became a physically unapproachable, neutral territory.
Lancernoptic reactions, beta-Garching waves from the area, and the presence of a similar existence known as Hell's Gate are grounds for the hypothesis that Heaven's Gate still exists to this day.
However, it's out of our hands.
Then again, the fact that the plan went awry during that time, despite the accuracy of my calculations, means that something significant probably occurred.
Wouldn't you agree? Are you trying to recreate that occurrence in Tokyo as well? If we don't, we'll definitely disappear.
You make it sound as if you've seen the future.
Yes, I have.
I find that hard to believe.
I'll prove it to you.
How would you do that? You'll die shortly after you leave this building.
Hey, what do you think? How's he going to die? We've literally received a death sentence, too.
That man's no different from us.
That would be a problem.
I'm in the middle of an experiment.
If Amber's plan works, it'll be a huge blessing for contractors.
Hey, don't you have any friends who'll come to your rescue? Contractors are rational beings.
They aren't stupid enough to engage in a fight at the cost of their life.
I wouldn't, anyway.
The Black Grim Reaper has made his way inside.
What should we do? Nobody has to die here.
What about the professor? The syndicate doesn't need him anymore.
Got it? Episode Twenty-Two City Under Crackdown, Moist with Tears (Part Two) Sorry for making you go out of your way for our sake.
It's not a problem.
November I found him.
Where is he? What? What? Yin? It couldn't be.
Hei! Amber! Let us settle our differences while we have an opportunity to do so.
You can't do that.
Your job is to keep him busy.
Hei, behind you! What are you trying to do? What else are you going to take away from me? Ask your feline friend about the details.
I told him everything.
T-This is Hei! Onii-chan.
It looks like we aren't meant to be the protagonists of this story, no matter how it unfolds.
I'll leave the rest to you, kitty cat.
Freeze! Lie on your stomach, and slowly place your hands on the floor.
Now! Dr.
Schroeder! Dr.
Schroeder, are you all right? Dr.
Schroeder! I had a quick check done, and there aren't any traces of the professor's memory being altered.
His vitals are normal.
I see.
What the hell happened? I don't know.
Manager Good work.
Now I know why South America became like that! It was because of the masked contractor's powers! Let's resume the testing right away! If they beat us to it Professor, the tests are already being conducted.
What are you doing? Please escort the professor back to PANDORA.
We still have questions we need to ask the professor.
So do we.
Good day.
Manager! I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about it.
I see.
The professor told them everything.
As you said, it would be dangerous to defer the plan until the next solar maximum.
I know.
That man has been taken care of.
So long.
Where have you been all this time? I was finishing my mission.
What is that? A report on the so-called syndicate.
You were afraid that I'd uncover your secrets, weren't you? I was more afraid of losing my best agent.
Of all people, I didn't want you to find out.
Not until the very last moment of your kind's existence.
I'm sorry it had to be this way.
Me, too.
Please record your message within fifteen seconds after the beep.
It's me.
I thought I wouldn't bother you with a farewell message, but It looks like I've put you two in a life-threatening situation.
Let me emphasize that this isn't a jo I guess I don't have to complete my remuneration since I'm going to die.
Why? Why did he do something like this? Why? "You shouldn't get involved any further.
" That's why he sacrificed himself without telling you.
A rational decision, befitting of a contractor.
I appreciate your concern.
Thanks, Misaki.
I've finally gathered the necessary amount of dolls.
I see.
We can't turn back the hands of time anymore.
Why did you rescue me? The most sensible course of action was to leave you to die.
It doesn't take the rational mindset of a contractor to understand something as simple as that.
You're a bunch of idiots.
He's the only idiot among us.
That aside, what was the urgent matter? Oh, the GQ model from MI6 died.
Are you serious, Huang? Yeah, he took his boss and their associates with him.
Knowing how the syndicate works, it's only a matter of time before they find out Mao was there.
You need to tell me everything before they do.
What exactly happened over there? That man He knew he was going to die.
It looks like there's a reason why I survived.
I heard it from Amber.
The syndicate's trying to erase every single contractor from the face of the Earth.
What? Amber and her allies are establishing a resistance.
That's why they concealed the gate in South America five years ago.
Hold on.
What the hell are you talking about? Wrong! Her actions can't be justified! She's only only She's not that kind of person.
What the hell is going on? Two people, wandering the city with nowhere to go, meet each other where the man died.
The two of them walk together.
They do not mention the doubts they have in their hearts, and time simply passes, along with the faint twilight of feelings.
The countdown to the end had begun, before they even realized it.
Episode Twenty-Three God is In His Heaven And then, she says goodbye.