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Gacy House (2010)Gadajace glowy (Talking Heads) (1980)Gadgetgang in Outerspace (2017)Gadjo Dilo (The Crazy Stranger) (1997)Gafla (2006)Gaga Five Foot Two (2017)Gagman (1989)Gags The Clown (2018)Gake no ue no Ponyo (Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea) (2008)Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks (2014)Galaxy of Horrors (2017)Galaxy of Terror (1981)Galaxy Quest (1999)Galaxy Turnpike (2015)Gali Gali Chor Hai (2012)Gallant Ladies (1990)Gallipoli (1981)
Movie script count: 26,510